Good Boy


I flew in the day before and was still a little groggy. Sitting in the kitchen with my father, I was explaining why I didn’t make it home for Christmas day, but a few days after. I had enlisted in the Navy, and decided that I would take leave after Christmas, and be home for New Year’s so that the married guys could spend time with their wives and children. I even stood duty on Christmas Eve and Christmas day for a couple of guys who couldn’t get leave. My father proclaimed he raised me right after listening to my explanation.

We continued to talk, and I started washing the breakfast dishes, and there was a knock at the door. Dad answers the door and returned a couple of moments later. Coming into the kitchen he tells me I have a visitor. It was Miss Snyder, my high school geometry teacher. Dad pours her a cup of coffee. As she sat down, she apologized for disturbing us, but she didn’t know who else to ask for help.

Turns out she had a pipe burst in a wall, and tried calling several plumbers, but none were available. We lived a small town, and people knew that I was pretty handy. I made quite a bit of money fixing things for people during high school, and had a good reputation. So I followed her to her home to see what was going on. I told her I could fix the leak, but wouldn’t be able to repair the hole I needed to make in the wall. She had an older house with actual plaster walls, and I knew absolutely nothing about plaster.

I returned about an hour later, with the materials I needed to accomplish the task, and started cutting a hole in her wall. I got pretty lucky and almost cut directly where the leak was at. Took about 2 hours to repair, test, and clean up my mess. I told Miss Snyder that there was only about $10 in materials, so that was what I was going to charge her. She insisted that I stay for lunch, more like a command than anything, so I did. After finishing, she handed me a fifty, and told me to not even think about trying to take less.

Back in high school I was one of the few people who would admit to liking Miss Snyder. I hated geometry, but did like her. I simply thought she was a nice lady, but I never had a crush on her or anything like that. She just wasn’t the type of girl/woman that I was attracted to.

Miss Snyder was a small woman in every sense of the word. I guess she was about 5 feet tall and small proportioned. Best guess her measurements were 34A, 22, 30, and she always wore a dress. I don’t think I ever saw her wear anything else. When I still lived at home, friends and I would pass her house while we were going to the park, and she would be planting flowers wearing a dress. I never thought anything about it, it was just Miss Snyder.

A few days later I ran into Miss Snyder, and she asked me if I would come over to her house to look at her bathroom sink that started leaking. So off we went. Turns out it was the master bath, and when I went into the bathroom, the sink wasn’t leaking. Confused, I turned around to ask if she was mistaking the sink, and Miss Snyder was staring at me, almost like she was waiting for an answer to a question she didn’t ask. She had already unzipped her dress, and started to pull the sleeves off her shoulders.

I’m a 19 year old guy, standing in a 50 year old woman’s bathroom, and she is taking her dress off. I did what I think most guys my age would. I stared open mouthed and started getting an erection. I guess she started seeing my dick crawling down my left pant leg, because she started to smile. Getting her arms free of the garment, she lowered the front of her dress to waist high. She had very pale skin, and was wearing a satin looking dark green corset with no bra. Her small breasts had golf ball sized areolas, and huge nipples, as round as an AA battery, and sticking out about 2 inches. I never thought the sight of huge nipples could be such a turn on, but my dick really liked them.

“You like”; Miss Snyder asked?

I think I had my mouth closed by now, but really can’t remember. I just nodded like a complete idiot.

The smile faded and with a stern look on her face she said; “Take your shirt off”.

I did as instructed. I’ve always been a small guy, 5 feet 7, and probably about 120 pounds at the time, with a runners type body. I removed my shirt and dropped it to the floor.

“Good boy” said Miss Snyder. “You always paid attention and followed instructions in my class.” Holding her dress with her right hand, she pointed to a chair with her left and said: “Sit. Remove your shoes and socks”.

I guess I didn’t move quickly enough for her because she stomped her right foot and barked; “Now!’

Walking quickly over to the chair I sat down and took off my shoes and socks. When I finished I looked at Miss Snyder, and saw her grinning. I say this because it wasn’t a happy sort of grin, but more of a sinister type of grin. Then she removed her right hand and let her dress fall to the floor. Turning to face me, I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Back in the 80’s, clean shaved crotches Bycasino were rare. Miss Snyder had the hairiest pussy I have ever seen. She started running her fingers through her crotch hair, and at some points her fingers disappeared from sight. She might have weighed 100 pounds, if that, and probably 2 pounds of that was golden blonde pussy hair. Her legs were very shapely, like a dancers legs. Well toned, and slightly muscular. Her heels and pantyhose only helped accentuate her figure.

Wicked grin still on her face she said; “I know you’ve seen a girl’s pussy. I’ve overheard a few of them talking about you when you were in school, so you’re not innocent.” Sitting on her bed, and spreading her leg she continued; “This is a pussy that has been aged to perfection. Do you think my golden triangle is sexy, David”?

“Yes”; I stammered.

“Yes what?” Miss Snyder demanded.

“Yes Miss Snyder”; I replied.

“That’s better. Now stand up;” she commanded.

I stood and left my hands at my side, almost like the position of attention, just not as rigid. Miss Snyder just looked at me for a moment, no expression on her face what so ever.

“Strip”; she hissed.

I did as she instructed, dropping my jeans and briefs as quickly as possible. Standing straight up when I finished, I found myself only partially erect. I guess I was more nervous than I thought. Then I saw Miss Snyder start to grin.

“Come here boy!”

I went to her, and stopped about a foot in front of her.

Grabbing my semi-erection she asked; “What’s this? This thing is pathetic. Just think, when I heard those little sluts talking about you I was thinking that you may be a worthy student. I was actually going to teach you how to pleasure me.”

While saying this I felt her hand alternately squeezing and relaxing her grip on my shaft, which made it start growing. She stopped talking for a while, and continued as she had, until I was finally erect once again. She let go and stared at my erect penis for what seemed like a long while, but was probably 2 or 3 seconds.

Looking at my face she said; “Well Davie, I guess I was mistaken. It appears those little girls are a pretty good judge of a penis. You actually have a very nice looking one. Do you want to please me Davie?”

“Yes Miss Snyder.”

“Will you do as instructed, when instructed?”

“Yes Miss Snyder.”

“Good, on your knees, and remove my shoes.”

Dropping to my knees, I removed both her shoes as she lifted one after another.

“Take the heel of my left foot in your hands, and place all of my toes in your mouth. I want to feel your tongue caressing them.”

Looking at Miss Snyder, and wondering what the hell she was talking about, I asked; “What?”

“David, I’m only going to say this one time, because I’m beginning to run out of patience with you. Your job is to give me pleasure. If you’re a good boy and do as I say, I’ll give you a reward. You have to earn the reward, and the only way to do that is follow my instructions. It’s really simple. Right now I want my dainty feet to be given the attention they deserve. You will start by placing my toes in your mouth and bathing my toes with your tongue. Later you will lick and kiss them. If you understand what I’m telling you; start worshipping my feet or get the hell out of my house.”

For the next 10 minutes I sucked her toes and licked all over her stocking feet. Every once in a while she commented on what a good job I was doing, while I started feeling like a complete fool. The only weird thing I noticed is that my erection didn’t totally disappear.

Finally she had enough, and told me her wet feet were beginning to get chilly. She then instructed me on how to properly remove her panty hose. I rolled first on down her leg, removed it from her foot, unrolled it, and laid it across the chair. After repeating the process with the other, I returned to my kneeling position in front of her.

“Do you think I have sexy legs Davie? Take a look at them and tell me truthfully what you think.”

“I like your legs Miss Snyder. “

“Do you mean that, or are you just being sweet?”

“I really mean it Miss Snyder. You have some of the prettiest legs I’ve ever seen.”

“Prove it;” she commanded. “Show me how pretty you think my legs are.”

Thinking for a second, I began to kiss her left calf. Starting in the center, I worked down, and back to her knee. Lightly kissing and licking. I went back and forth, from knee to heel a few times, and switched to the right one.

“Good boy;” she said. Placing her hand on my head, and pushing it back, she lifted her legs, spun around, and lay down on the bed. “Now come here and finish showing me how much you like my legs.”

By now I was fully erect, and I started at her right knee, and began moving up her inner thigh. This is something that a couple of girls had me do, and I remembered what they liked. Once I was about mid thigh, I began to lightly nibble every so often. Each time I Bycasino giriş did, I heard her inhale abruptly, and make a moaning sound. When I was an inch or so from the crease between her thigh and crotch, she stiffened. Then I started back down, adding a few more nibbles as I went. When I was a little more than half way down her right thigh, I abruptly started at her left knee, and repeated the routine.

Back and forth I continued. Nibbling her skin, and quickly flicking my tongue. Each time I neared her essence, I felt heat pulsing from deep within. It kept getting warmer, and she was stiffening a little sooner than the first time. Finally I decided to continue up the right crease, and continue upward to the top of her thigh. Glancing upward I saw her tightly clenching the sheets. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing through her mouth. As I traced my way up her crease, I felt her hips move slightly towards me, as if trying to guide me to a specific place.

Traveling my way back down the right crease, I stopped in the center, and began flicking my tongue back and forth. This caused a different reaction; she began lifting her as slightly off the bed and started moaning. When I finally knew she was thrusting in the air, as if to actually try to fuck some invisible cock, and traced my way to the top of her furry jungle, and began licking her between her pubic hair and belly button, until she began breathing more regular.

Then I stared towards the left side. Teasing her sensitive area until she was once again bucking under my face, I could smell her womanhood. Truth of the matter is, I had always held my breath when I did this to the other girls. This is about the time I would put my fingers inside them, and start ramming in and out. This time though, I wanted to do more, keep going where she was trying to guide me. Just as I was about to allow my mouth to the center of her heat, I remembered what she said. Do as she said.

I decided that if I was going to disobey, I would take a safer route. I traced my way back to her navel, and glided my tongue to those huge nipples sticking up from her chest. Popping the right nipple in my mouth, I felt her hands clamp around my head.

“You naughty boy, I didn’t tell you to do that;” she whispered.

I froze, and she began to giggle.

“Keep going my good boy;” she said. “Don’t be shy, my tits like it rough.”

I placed my lips back around her nipple and began to suck them.

“Mmmmmmm, harder my sweet boy, harder;” she moaned.

Sucking harder, she moaned; “Bite it.”

Following her instruction, I placed my teeth around the base of her nipple, and tightened around it as I started flicking my tongue quickly over the top.

“Harder;” she said again. “Treat me like a woman.”

Taking a second to open my mouth as wide as possible, I engulfed her golf ball sized areola in my mouth, and bit fairly hard. Her body jerked, and her right hand pushed down on the back of my head.

“Yeees;” she hissed! “Such a good boy. Don’t stop, keep going. Make me feel like a woman again. Miss Snyder needs to feel like a woman.”

I had her tiny breasts pulsing in my mouth as I tightened and loosened my teeth around her breast flesh. Reaching over and grabbing her left nipple I began to play with it.

God YES;” she screamed! “Rip that fucking thing off.”

Tightening my grip, I began twisting back and forth. Concentrating on my mouth chewing on her right tit as my tongue danced around her huge nipple, and twisting her left nipple, it was a while before I felt her arm under my stomach. It was a couple of moments later that I felt the muscles in her forearm flexing and realized that she was playing with herself.

Finally I heard a wet sound in between moans, and I knew she was fingering her pussy. My dick went to a whole other state of hard on. I was so hard that my mushroom began to ache. I also figured this would be a good time to switch tits. I moved my mouth to the left breast, and began twisting the right nipple.

It wasn’t long after I switched attention from the original breasts manipulation that Miss Snyder got real quiet. I felt her arm flexing faster, and her thighs began to lift and tighten around my hips. Faster she flexed, and I heard her take a deep breath of air. There was a slight whimper, her body tensed, and her thighs tightened around my hips, and then I felt hot liquid splash against my pelvis.

At this point Miss Snyder screamed; “Fuck yes, I’m Cumming!”

She continued to work her fingers for a few seconds after announcing her climax, and I began easing up on her breasts. By the time she had finished her orgasm, and was beginning to breathe more normally, I had a chance to look at the object of my attention for the last few minutes. I could see the redness as well as a few teeth marks caused by my mouth, and hoped she wouldn’t be really pissed off at my, when I felt her arms around my shoulder.

“Mmmmmm, you are a good boy. I think I beginning to remember what Bycasino güncel giriş it feels like to be a woman again. For being such a good boy, I’ll let you have your first reward. Would you like that Davie?”

Yes Miss Snyder.”

“Good, now on your knees, and straddle my waist;” she said.

Doing as I was told she continued; “Masterbate for me.”

“What;” I questioned?

Grabbing a couple of pillows and placing them under her head she said; “Masterbate. Grab your dick and start stroking it for me. I want to watch you cum.”

“Couldn’t you do that for me Miss Snyder;” I pleaded?

“No;” she firmly stated. “Now wrap your hand around your dick, and start jerking that damn thing. The next time I have to repeat myself you will find yourself alone, beating your fucking meat, and wishing you were back her doing as I instructed. Do you understand me, David!”

Grabbing my shaft, and pulling my hand toward the base of my swollen I replied; “Yes Miss Snyder.”

This is the day I learned the definition of premature ejaculation. Call it 100 strokes or 90 seconds, that’s all it took until I felt that tingling sensation. My grip was so tight and hand moving so fast, I thought my junk was going to be torn away. My balls started to tighten up, and my head began to get even larger. Feeling my cock head begin to throb, and my ass hole tighten I sucked in a deep breath and held it. My piss hole locked to prolong the sensation for as long as possible, which is 2 strokes on a good day, and my cum started to make its way up my shaft. This was intense. The palm my hand could actually feel the hot thick liquid pass by as I continued my death grip stroke.

I lost all track of time as the first burst of relief left my body. The initial release of pressure that built up was just that, a release. There have been occasions that my first rope has shot so hard, that when lying on my back, I’ve found sticky drops on the headboard of my bed. I couldn’t guess how far it would have shot this time, as my dick was pointed towards Miss Snyder’s body, but I’m sure I would have had to wash my face, at the very least.

The second release is, for lack of better description, intense. This is the one where the feeling of euphoria begins to encompass my whole body. The moment it starts to spurt from the head, it feels like pins and needles from the tip of my mushroom head, down the underside of my shaft, shooting through the center of my balls, and pricking just the inside of my ass hole.

Very seldom do I continue to stroke past this point, but today I did. The third rope of warm liquid lands on Miss Snyder’s body with an audible plop. Now I feel a tingle up my spine as well as down the back of my legs, and into my toes causing them to curl. Not being able to stand it any more I let my spurting dick go, and l was just enjoy the sensation of the last few shots leaving my body.

Miss Snyder obviously had a different idea. Before the third shot completely left my body, Miss Snyder wrapped her small hands around my squirting shaft. Opening my eyes I see her small hand wrapped around my shaft.

Not missing a stroke, she sits up and stares at my cum spewing cock. Her eyes are open wide, and a lustful grin forms on her lips.

“That’s a good boy, give me your boy cum;” she huskily whispers.

A fifth rope shoots out, and lands on her tiny left breast. I’ve never shot a fifth rope, and it traveled farther that the one before it. Is this woman a witch; I think to myself.

Gripping my shaft even tighter, pulling harder, but more slowly, she continues; “Give me the last of your boy cum.”

By now my cum is just oozing out of my cock head, collecting at the bottom of the head, and dripping onto Miss Snyder’s furry bush.

Satisfied, she finally stopped stroking me. Looking up she said; “Davie, you’ve been a good boy. Miss Snyder is really proud of you.” Then she kissed the head of my rapidly softening dick head. She stuck her tongue out, licked her lips and moaned. “I’ve only did that to one other man.”

“Did what Miss Snyder;” I asked?

“Placed my lips on his penis, you silly boy. Why don’t we get cleaned up, you made a mess.”

I had an erection before we stepped into the shower. Miss Snyder leaned over to turn the water on. She had a shower/bath combination, and the knobs were pretty low. As she leaned over with her legs spread slightly apart, I didn’t see a 50 year old woman. What I saw was a small perky ass with cheeks spread slightly, and a golden path of fur disappearing between.

She turned, smiled, and asked; “Where did that come from”?

Blushing I stammered; “Sorry, it’s just sometimes I can’t help it.”

Laughing, she took my hand, stepped into the tub, and said; “Come on. I’m starting to feel sticky.”

She had me wash her body twice, no wash cloth allowed. After I was finished with that, she had me use shampoo and conditioner on her pubic hair. Even though I thought it strange, I didn’t argue. I was so horny that I wouldn’t have given a second thought to brushing it if asked. When I was finished, she washed me.

She spent a good deal of time cleaning my cock and balls, and after rinsing them thoroughly, sat on the edge of the tub. Grabbing my hard dick and pulling she said; “Come here”.

I flew in the day before and was still a little groggy. Sitting in the kitchen with my father, I was explaining why I didn’t make it home for Christmas day, but a few days after. I had enlisted in the Navy, and decided that I would take leave after Christmas, and be home for…

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