Girlfriend Taken and Impregnated


Laura was the queen at senior high school. She was a stunner. Tall, with a smooth athletic figure gained from playing basketball and netball, long blonde hair, smooth firm round breasts and an awesome pert arse, she was desired by a great many guys. But she had a notorious for being very icy when it came to guys. So Joseph considered himself extremely lucky when he worked up the courage to ask her out, and she accepted. Even with Joseph she was still frosty. As such their sexual relationship was strained at times, but generally they were a happy couple, the perfect couple.

Joseph and Laura were sitting at the table in their flat when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it.”

Joseph rose from the table and grabbed the phone.


“Hey little bro.”

It was Joseph’s older brother, Mike.

“Hi bro, long time no see.”

Mike had joined the Navy straight out of high school, and he had not seen Joseph in a while.

“Hey, I’m coming down your way for a few days to see about officer training. Heard from Mom and Dad that you had a flat of your own, thought I’d come say hi and stay for a few days. That OK with you?”

Joseph looked over at Laura. She nodded.

“Sure man we can make it work.”

“Cheers bro. I gotta go. I’ll see you on Wednesday OK?”

“Cool. Nice talking to you.”

Joseph replaced the phone. Laura smiled.

“Soooo… your brothers coming to stay? I’ve never met him.”

Joseph smiled.

“You’ll like him. He’s awesome.”

Mike arrived with a huge smile on his face. There was much back slapping between the brothers, who had not seen each other for over a year. Mike stopped dead when he saw Laura standing in the hallway.

“Bloody hell mate. When dad said you had a girlfriend he didn’t say what a stunner she was!”

She giggled and shook the offered hand. They moved to the living room, where they all sat in chairs.

I’m afraid you’ll have to sleep in here on the couch. We’ve only got one room.”

Joseph said apologetically.

“No sweat bro. Your couch looks nicer than a ships bunk anyhow.”

Joseph and Laura burst out laughing. Still laughing, Joseph reached for the phone.

“I’ll order some pizza, since its my turn to make dinner.”

Laura looked highly offended.

“What!?! I don’t get to do that!”

Mike laughed.

“Pizza sounds good.”

Joseph found some beer and over pizza they chatted for over an hour. Later, when the alcohol had fuddled their minds, they turned to games. Mike brought out a pack of cards and suggested blackjack.

“We should bet on it.”

He said.

Joseph was unsure.

“We don’t have money to waste on stuff like this.”

“Tell you what, I’ll bet 10 grand a round I can beat you. If you lose, I get to fuck Laura.”

There was a dead silence as the opportunity was digested. Laura stood up and pulled Joseph into the hallway.

“What do you think? Should we?.”

Joseph gaped at her.

“You even need to ask? No way!”

“We need that money, Jo. Think of what we could do with 10 grand. I have faith in your skills.”

Joseph grumbled. His uncle had taught him some blackjack when he was younger, but not enough to be good.

“And if I lose? What then?”

Laura flashed him a sultry smile then moved back into the lounge.

“No offense man, but I need to see the cash before we play. To know you have it is all.”

“None taken Resim Yükle bro.”

And with that he pulled out several wads of cash. Joseph had a sudden conviction that this had been the whole reason why his brother had come down. No one carried that much cash around just casually.

“Now I need to see what I’m playing for.”

Mike gestured at Laura. She flicked a glance at Jo before slowly stripping, leaving her underwear on. She looked magnificent. Both guys immediately got boners, but Laura was fixated by the sudden bulge in Mike’s trousers. Jo dealt out cards for the first round. He gained a 3 and a 9. Taking 2 cards, he boosted his hand to 18. Mike had an excellent poker face, giving nothing away. He took 3 cards. They showed each other their hands. Laura squealed. Jo had won. Mike pushed one of the bundles over. He did not appear unduly concerned. To his complete astonishment, he won another two rounds, netting him a total of $30,000. As they moved into the fourth round, Jo felt lethargic. $30,000. More money than he had ever spent. Why was Mike doing this? Where did all the money come from?

His hand totalled 19, an excellent hand. Mike showed his hand. 21. A perfect hand. Jo stared as Mike grinned.

“Looks like I win.”

Laura’s face held a mix of emotion. Shock, combined with a strange, hungry look. Her eyes were glued to his erection. Slowly, Mike stood up and said:

“I much prefer to do you in bed. Lead the way?”

Laura moved slowly down the hallway, before stepping into their bedroom. Mike and Joseph followed. Mike quickly stripped, and as his boxers dropped, Laura gasped. His cock was huge. 11 inches of magnificent, throbbing meat, with 2 huge ballsacks hanging below. Laura dropped to her knees, and engulfed the head of his cock inside her mouth, worshipping it. He removed her bra and groaned as he beheld her perfect breasts. He pulled her off his cock and she removed her pants, lying on the bed as she did so. He mounted her and rubbed his cockhead against Laura’s wet pussy. She moaned. Now Mike was ripped from Navy training, muscular and tanned from operations in far away places. The sight of his tanned, ripped body on top of his girlfriend’s almost caused Jo to orgasm right then and there. Something occurred to him in a flash.

“Condom. You need to put on a condom.”

Mike and Laura ignored him. Mike pushed the head of his cock into Laura’s pussy and she stiffened and moaned as his cockhead stretched her pussy lips. Jo moved forward and placed a hand on Mike’s shoulder.

“Seriously, dude, you need to put on a condom. She’s fertile and not on the pill.”

Mike said nothing.

“Oooooohhhh… it’ll be fine baby.”

Laura moaned. He pushed his cock slowly inside her, every inch of his veiny cock stretching Laura’s pussy. His balls were soon resting against her arse. Laura moaned at the feeling of him filling her completely. He leant over her hot body and hissed:

“I’m at your cervix now, fuck you feel good.”

Slowly, he pulled his cock from her pussy until only his head was still inside. His cock was coated in her thick, clear juices and her pussy lips clung to his shaft. He then pushed it all the way in, causing her to gasp as his balls slapped against her arse. They were soon fucking good, with his body moving up and down on hers, her hands clawing at his back and her long sexy legs flexing around his body. She orgasmed, crying out:

“Fuuuuck meeeee pleeeeease.”

With every thrust, his cockhead was shoved up against her cervix, the gateway to her fertile womb. Jo watched as the rutted on the carpet. He had been shocked and hurt when Laura had allowed his brother inside her bare, knowing she was fertile. She was loving it, her sexy body shuddering and orgasming under his, her fertile body driven by the desire to breed. They kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other mouths, one of his hands groping Laura’s breast firmly.

“Is my dick better?”

“Fuuuuuuccck… your dicks sooo much bigger, so deep, so thick.”

“Your body’s so good baby, gonna cum soon.”

“Oooooohhhh fuuuuucccckkk!”

Mike began to thrust harder and harder, causing the whole bed to shake. His grunts grew louder with each thrust and his hand mauled Laura’s tits. They had stopped kissing and Laura cried out every time he thrusted, as his cockhead was battering her cervix. Jo could see Mike’s swollen balls jiggling as they slapped against her body. Jo moved forward to grab Mike’s shoulder, about to ask him to pull out. But as he stepped forward, Mike growled, then slammed his cock as hard as he could into Laura, burying his cock as deep as he could. Laura let out a long moaning gasp as he came inside her. Jo, horror stricken, could clearly see Mikes balls pulsating against her body as he pumped load after load into her fertile belly. Laura wrapped her legs round his body and kissed him deeply, with his cock still throbbing inside her. They stayed like that for a while. Slowly, he pulled out his semi hard cock, coated in a layer of her and his juices, and a trickle of cum ran down from her pussy. He smiled down at her. Jo walked down the hallway, listening to the sound of his freshly inseminated girlfriend cleaning off his brothers cock. As he went to sleep on the couch, one thought occurred to him:

You let this happen, no one else

Jo woke up to a low moan. Struggling up from the couch, he saw Laura, naked, bent over the kitchen counter. Mike stood behind her, pumping about half of his huge cock into her.

“Hey man the deal was you could fuck her once. She might get pregnant.”

Mike looked over at him and smiled. He pushed himself hilt-deep inside Jo’s girlfriend. Laura arched her back and gasped.

“You didn’t specify how many times I could fuck her, you just said I could. You also didn’t mention contraception. I’m gonna be fucking Laura while I’m here and she’s gonna have my baby.”

With that, he lifted one of Laura’s legs up onto the countertop, angling her so he could fuck her easier. He began to stroke in and out, one hand gripping her shoulder as he pumped her pussy. Jo could clearly see his big cock thrusting into his girlfriend. Laura was more vocal.

“Fuck me with your big cock, fuck me good, take me, knock me up, impregnate me.”

“Fuck yeah baby, take my cock.”

Their bodies banged gently against the countertop, with less urgency than last night. It was simply because they knew they could, and there was nothing Jo could do. With a groan, he came in Laura’s pussy, and she leant back against his cock, giving a soft gasp of pleasure. He pulled out and slapped Laura’s arse cheek with his semi hard cock. She giggled and moved over to allow Mike to head off to the bathroom. Laura came over and smiled at Jo:

“Hey babe.”

“Laura what are you doing? You’re letting him fuck and cum in you bare, you could get pregnant!”

“I know. It’s just that I’ve never had a cock that big before. Felt so good inside me, I want his baby. I want him to knock me up, impregnate me. No one will know, the baby will look like you, cause he’s your brother”

With that she went down the hall to the bathroom, where Mike was taking a shower. She was there for a while. Eventually Jo couldn’t control himself and followed her, already resigned to what he would see. Under the rushing water, Laura was down on her knees, sucking his mammoth cock. The slurping, sucking noises were mostly drowned out by the sound of the water. She stood up and smiled at Mike, who came behind her and groped her breasts. She arched her back and moaned as he tweaked her sensitive nipples. He moved one hand down and slid his cock inside her, before returning his hands to her breasts. He began to fuck her standing up, gripping her breasts to keep their bodies together as they fucked.

“Mmmmmmm… there’s gonna be a baby sucking on these soon… fuck yeah bitch you can’t stay away can you?”

“Yeeeeaaaahh… I need your cock so bad, want your baby so bad oh fuuuuccckkk.”

Laura trailed off as an orgasm hit, robbing her of her senses. He began to angle his thrusts more upwards into the hot blondes pussy, trying to get himself deeper in preparation for insemination. He growled and squeezed her breasts, forcing a whimper of pain from her, as he blasted her womb with yet more of his seed. Cum dripped down her thigh and mixed with the water in the shower. Jo walked down the hall, his pants soaked from the amount of times he had jacked off.

Laura stopped wearing clothes round the house and barely an hour passed in a day when Mike was not pumping another load of his seed inside her. Jo would go to the supermarket and find Laura riding Mike. Everywhere he went in the house, the couple could be heard, mating in a wide variety of positions. It was to Jo’s great relief then, when Mike left and returned home. Things returned almost to normal, but Laura wouldn’t allow him to do anything to her, as though he was the one in the wrong. As the months passed it became obvious that Mike’s seed had been well and truly planted in Laura’s womb. She was pregnant.

When she was 3 months pregnant, Mike came back. The first Jo knew of it was when he walked into their bedroom after work and found them both naked, fucking hard. Laura was taking him doggy style and her pregnant belly hung underneath her, making the pregnant blonde look even more hot. It took a moment to realise that Mike was actually fucking her arse, taking that once-virgin hole for himself. He came spurting, deep in her arse. Flipping Laura over onto her back, he knelt between her open legs, rubbing the mound in her belly.

“Fuck baby you look so hot pregnant with my baby.”

Laura giggled.

“Maybe you should try make me have twins.”

With that she opened her legs. Mike needed no convincing, plunging his cock in to the base in one movement. Keeping one hand on her 3 month pregnant belly, he fucked her. Laura had grown extremely sensitive as her pregnancy had developed, and she launched into an orgasm almost immediately.

“Fuck make me more pregnant baby, give me twins!”

He came again, filling her pregnant pussy. He stood up and walked towards the door, his cock hanging limp between his legs. He smirked at Jo. Then he turned to Laura.

“I’ll see you soon, babe gotta go.”

With that he left. The stunning hot blonde lay on the bed rubbing her 3 month pregnant belly and smiled.

“You were right, he is awesome.”

Laura was the queen at senior high school. She was a stunner. Tall, with a smooth athletic figure gained from playing basketball and netball, long blonde hair, smooth firm round breasts and an awesome pert arse, she was desired by a great many guys. But she had a notorious for being very icy when it…

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