Ghost Memories Ch. 02


Nancy stopped her retreat. Looking into Bill’s eyes she accepted the truth, compassion and understanding of his words. Laying her head on his shoulder Nancy embraced Bill lightly but firmly. Nancy’s mind was strangely quiet while her body experienced sensations never felt with her female lovers. Her breasts felt incredibly swollen and hot. The nipples atop those breasts were pebble hard as they scraped across the terry cloth beneath them. A groan escaped her lips as Nancy felt each band of muscle in her abdomen contract. The amount of lubricant flowing down her inner thighs astonished Nancy. Just then a clear mental image of Bill’s manhood popped into her head. She realized that her body was producing the juices in order to allow safe entry of an organ that large. Nancy’s orgasm crested at that point. With rapid contractions her pussy milked the phantom cock. “AAIIYYEE!” soared out of Nancy’s throat as she hung on to Bill.

Bill, acting like a pillar of stone, stood firm and placed his arms around Nancy in a supportive role. Concrete would be harder than water. When he looked up Bill saw Teri standing in the doorway. Acknowledging her presence with a small nod Bill saw Teri’s odd smile. When Teri’s hand stroked her pussy Bill know that she was playing the imp. Bill blinked his eyes once for a negative. He then glanced down at Nancy and back at Teri. Blinking twice Bill saw a Cheshire cat grin appear on her face. Abruptly Teri was gone from view.

With a soft groan and a final shiver Nancy straightened up, lowered her arms, and stepped away from Bill. “WOW!” was the only word she said. Stepping to Bill’s side Nancy dropped an arm across her shoulders. In silence Bill and Nancy walked slowly across the concrete and into the house.

Teri came out of the bedroom carrying two fluffy towels as Nancy and Bill approached the dining table. “I don’t see any knives protruding from your backs,” she said, “so I take it that you are both willing to test the waters of friendship?” Handing a towel to Nancy Teri said, “These vinyl seats are cold. You can sit with your back to the window. Bill, please sit here.” and indicated the chair at the foot of the table.

“Am I being put in the proper place?” Bill said showing a Cheshire cat grin.

Smiling at Nancy Teri replied, “Absolutely not. Two beautiful roses are allowing a thorn to sit between them.”

“Thank you for the clarification.” Bill said, “But, remember that a blunt thorn can often achieve better and unexpected results than a sharp thorn which can only prick the surface.”

Nancy couldn’t prevent the groan that escaped her lips while her pussy unleashed a flood of juices. Her body had reacted to the word play between Bill and Teri as well as the sight of Teri’s nipples hardening atop her swollen breasts. It was the sight of Teri’s juices flowing down her inner thighs that pushed Nancy over the edge.

Bill, now seated, said, “When the two most beautiful women in my life are sufficiently recovered from their sexy and erotic display I would like to eat… dinner.”

Teri and Nancy burst into laughter. Nancy blushed while Teri went into the kitchen and returned with three dinner plates still warm from their stay in the oven. When Teri set the last plate down Bill offered her the forgotten towel. “These vinyl seats are cold.” he said with a straight face.

“Nancy before you think of me as a gourmet cook,” Teri said, “what you are about to eat is the product of Harry and Andy.”

“Whoever cooked it,” Nancy said in response, “it looks and smells delicious.” Picking up her fork she started to eat with gusto.

Bill had paused not knowing whether Nancy still said grace before meals. He now picked up his own fork to begin eating his own dinner.

Teri, letting her concern show through her voice said, “Bill, are you doing okay? Do you want me to get your pain medication?”

“Teri,” Bill answered, “I won’t lie to you. I am tolerating the pain but don’t want to take too much medication. After dinner and some quiet conversation I will take another pill. You can see me safely in bed then have a good chat with Nancy.”

Pausing her eating Nancy said, “Bill, why don’t you let Teri use her therapeutic skills on your back?”

Teri spoke up before Bill could reply, “He won’t let me touch him.”

“Tell Nancy why you aren’t allowed to lay your healing hands on my person,” Bill replied tartly.

“Bill feels that the use of my therapeutic touch would dampen my empathy for other patients. It might also have an effect on our bond for each other.” Teri said while looking at Nancy. “I must reluctantly agree with the first half of the statement. I heartily disagree with the second half. Bill can tell the difference in my touch and stops me when I try.”

Nancy looked at Bill then said, “How is it that you know about healing hands?”

Bill put his fork down and captured Teri’s hand in his. “Nancy,” he said, “for several years I had a friend with the gift. She would regularly use apply her gift Ankara travesti on my back. The relationship wasn’t a close, intimate relationship but one of those brought about through my recovery. Caroline had to stop when a personal crisis diluted the benefit of her gift. I refuse to dilute Teri’s gift because our bonding is so deep.”

Nancy smiled as she looked at Teri. “Teri, I have no desire to take sides,” she said, “but the logic Bill presents is compelling.”

Bill squeezed Teri’s hand and released it. Picking up his fork he resumed eating his dinner. Nancy and Teri also began to eat the remainder of their dinners. Shortly dinner was over with and at the suggestion of dessert Teri said, “Bill, take yourself out to the pool area. With Nancy’s help this mess can be taken care of in a few minutes. We’ll bring out dessert and fresh coffee.”

Slowly rising Bill said, “Okay, I won’t argue.” Walking with a pronounced limp Bill made his way back to the chaise lounge.

When Teri turned back to the table to start the clean up she noted the tears rimming Nancy’s eyes. “Don’t even think about apologizing, Nancy. We have a kitchen to tidy up and coffee to prepare. Bill is shielding a lot of his pain but I have seen him go through much worse.”

Nancy wiped her eyes and began picking up dirty dishes. “Where is the dish soap? She said approaching the sink.

Teri chuckled as she placed her own dishes on the counter. “We may be out in the sticks,” she said, “but this house has a dish washer and many other amenities. Open the freezer and grab the coffee beans. I’ll instruct you on the coffee making as this is your first time here.”

Shortly the table was clean and set for breakfast. The kitchen was tidy and fresh coffee made. Nancy was leaning against the counter watching Teri in her domestic role. “Teri,” she said, “you mentioned that Bill was shielding a lot of his pain. Is he psychic?”

“The simple answer is yes.” Teri said, “Can he read minds or levitate solid objects, I don’t know. Bill changes his limbic system to deaden pain. He can’t explain how he does what he does. I can tell you that his sixth sense if finely tuned and always on. What happened when you approached Bill after you recovered from your faint?”

Pausing to think back before answering Nancy closed her eyes. Opening them she said, “His head turned towards me but he didn’t open his eyes. When we shook hands I felt a mild shock go through my whole body. The same thing happened when I gave Bill a hug and kiss for saving my life. Because of the body contact the shock was more intense.” Knowing that she couldn’t lie to her friend and lover Nancy continued, “The orgasm I had produced sensations that I never experienced with my female lovers, including you. Bill said I shouldn’t deny myself twice in one day and to let it happen and acknowledge the feelings.”

Teri smiled at Nancy. Opening the frig she took out three dishes of cherry cobbler and put them on the counter. Retrieving a serving platter from atop the frig Teri put the cobbler on it as well as the sugar bowl and spoons. “I’ll handle this if you carry the coffee carafe. Oh, don’t forget to get a cup for yourself. Your other one is still at the bottom of the pool.”

Bill turned his head towards Teri and Nancy as they approached. “Ah! Beauty arrives with dessert and coffee.” Teri thrust her breasts forward and Nancy blushed. Using his left hand Bill quickly made room for the serving platter and coffee.

Teri set the platter down and sat down on the vacant chaise. Patting the cushion she indicated to Nancy that she should sit beside her. “Bill, light me a cigarette for me while I pour and poison your coffee.”

Bill tapped two cigarettes out of the pack on the table. He waited until Teri finished pouring the coffee and added the sugar they both used. Lighting the cigarettes Bill extended one to Teri. “I’m sorry Nancy,” he said extending his lit cigarette to her, “Would you like this one?”

“Yes, thank you.” Nancy replied, “I don’t usually smoke this brand but I have misplaced my handbag.” She looked towards the pool. Teri saw Nancy glance towards the pool so she quickly said, “Your handbag and its contents are in the master bedroom all safe and dry. You weren’t carrying it when you had your accident.”

“Thank you for reassuring me.” Nancy said as she her blush turned a healthy red, “Some of the items in my bag would be very difficult to replace.”

Bill had lit another cigarette and was enjoying the full flavor. Lowering his smoke Bill said, “If you find yourself needing some documents Nancy, call me. I have some friends who are exceedingly deft at replacing documents.”

“Be nice, William,” Teri said after sticking her tongue out at Bill, “Perhaps Nancy would like to hear the short version of your recent change in circumstances.”

Nancy laughed at the exchange then quickly she said, “If the two of you are normal smokers why don’t I smell the residue?”

Teri responded, “I had the Konya travesti same question after I discovered Bill was a smoker. He had this neat little machine in his apartment that cleaned the air using ions and produced oxygen. We have several units discreetly hidden throughout the house and we make sure the cleaning includes the application of ‘Febrez’.

Bill added his two cents by saying, “Would you accept a couple of units as a gift from Teri and I?”

Nancy’s eyes filled with tears and she had to swallow several times before answering. “Yes Bill,” she said, “I will accept your gift of a unit or two.”

“Good!” Bill said, “I’ll give you the short version. Until a week before the Christmas party I was living on $881 a month. On that Friday I met with Harry and Andy. Teri was present because I asked her to provide moral support. As a result of investigations into my past several life changing events occurred. I found out that I had been divorced for several years. The divorce papers cemented my desire to ask Teri to marry me. The receipt of a unique gift that evening made my proposal even more pleasurable and memorable.” Teri held out her hand and showed Nancy her engagement ring.

“Oh Teri,” Nancy squealed with delight, “It’s beautiful. She then blushed and added, “I’m sorry Bill I interrupted you.”

Bill nodded and continued his story. “Harry and Andy along with numerous others had prevailed upon the VA, DOD and Congress to reexamine thousands of claims and medical discharges. As a result of the documentation provided by Harry and Andy’s network my discharge was changed to retirement. My pension from the VA changed to Service Connected vice Non Service Connected. The final touch was that my Social Security retirement will not be reduced.

Before Bill could continue Teri spoke up. “Break time, you two. I feel the need to stretch. Come on Nancy, a few laps in the pool will be relaxing. Bill, it might not be a bad idea for you to soak for a while.” Standing up Teri gave Nancy a little nudge. Nancy rose from her seat and walked beside Teri over to the pool and down into the warm refreshing water. Each of them began a slow sidestroke down the pool. As they neared the end Teri and Nancy heard a muffled splash. Quickly standing the two of them turned toward the far end. About two feet beneath the surface of the water Bill was gliding toward them with his arms stretched out in front of him. Upon reaching the far end he surfaced, placed his hands on the pool edging and slowly turned around.

“How dare you!” Teri screamed at him. “You could have crippled yourself.”

Blushing, Bill replied, “It was easier to dive in than walk down the steps. Besides all the stress was on my hands and arms.” Walking slowly to Teri he hugged and kissed her. “I apologize for frightening you. That was never my intent.” Looking directly at Nancy Bill said, “My apology extends to you as well my friend. I will go to the other end, sit on the stairs, and allow the warm water to sooth taut muscles.” Going to the poolside Bill used the edging as support while he made his way to the stairs.

Shortly Nancy and Teri were talking about their lives, the trials and tribulations each had experienced over the past few weeks, and the thought of retirement. Teri knew her future was secured but sensed that Nancy worried about her financial stability.

“I’m starting to get wrinkles on my wrinkles,” Teri said to Nancy, “Let’s go inside, dry off and have some coffee.” Nancy nodded her head in agreement.

When they turned towards the steps Bill’s absence was noticed. “Where did Bill go?” Nancy asked.

Scanning the pool area Teri saw the empty table and the slightly changed position of the chaise lounges. “Damn that man.” Teri said, “He’s cleaning the dessert dishes, etc. Bill won’t let himself be nurtured.”

Hearing a chuckle coming from behind her Teri swung around. Nancy had tears of laughter in her eyes as she said, “Sounds like somebody I know.” Teri stuck her tongue out at Nancy.

Walking into the house both women saw the carafe of coffee on the table along with a freshly opened pack of cigarettes. Two cigarettes lay atop the pack. Folded across the backs of two of the chairs were white, terry cloth robes.

Nancy burst out laughing. “I’ll bet that if we go into the bedroom there will be fresh linen on the bed, the covers turned down and mints on the pillows. “Did I miss anything?”

Teri said with a strange smile on her face, “Actually, yes! On the corner of the bed will be your freshly laundered clothes. They will be neatly folded. Slacks on the bottom, blouse next, followed by panties and bra. Bill probably left you a short note of welcome.”

“Were we in the water that long?” Nancy asked, her face filled with disbelief.

Grabbing Nancy’s hand in her own Teri said, “Come on, we need a quick rinse. Then I’m for a cup of coffee and a smoke.” During the passage through the bedroom Teri saw the neatly folded clothes and note. She failed to İzmir travesti see the antique toy box sitting on the other corner. As Teri passed the shower stall she swung the door open but proceeded to the toilet to relieve herself.

“I have to relieve myself too.” Nancy said standing by the door to the shower.

“Then I suggest turning on the water to muffle the sound.” Teri said with a chuckle.

Nancy stuck her tongue out at Teri but reached into the shower stall and after adjusting the showerhead towards the back corner turned on the water. Reaching out to test the temperature she found it comfortably warm. Stepping in Nancy closed the door and directed the nozzle down the front of her body. While relieving herself Nancy ducked her head and thoroughly rinsed her shoulder length blonde hair. In short order Nancy’s shower was complete and she was toweling off in front of the vanity mirror.

Teri having relieved herself before hand had completed her shower in less time than Nancy. Grabbing a towel she went into the bedroom to dry off. Upon approaching the bed Teri noticed the antique toy box. The towel that Teri had wrapped around her parted when she sat on the bed with a thump. Silent tears rolled down Teri’s cheeks, across her beautiful breasts and were absorbed by the towel covering her hips.

That was how Nancy found Teri when she stepped into the bedroom. “What’s wrong, Teri?” Nancy asked as she rushed to her friend and knelt in front of her.

“Nothing is wrong. Everything is right.” Teri said wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Then why such strong emotion over what is obviously an antique toy box?” Nancy asked her friend.

“Bill and I communicate on several levels.” Teri said, “This is Bill’s way of telling me that he acknowledges, understands, and accepts the special love you and I have for each other. It also tells me that the bond Bill and I share will only be stronger with my acknowledgment of the special love I have for you.”

“You know that just from the toy box being on the bed?” Nancy asked.

“Yes and my knowing what this box contains.” Teri replied, “Tell me in one word how you felt when Bill apologized to you specifically after diving into the pool?”

Nancy rocked back and blinked twice. “Honored.” she said.

“How did you feel when you saw your clothes and the note, which you haven’t read yet, lying on the corner of the bed?” Teri asked.

Nancy said, indicating a spot between her breasts. “I feel warm and fuzzy up here.” Dropping a hand down to cover her pubic area she continued, “I also felt soft and squishy down here.”

Teri allowed a small smile to decorate her face. “Before I show you the contents of this toy box why don’t you read Bill’s note.” Teri said.

Nancy stretched out and retrieved the note. Opening the note she made a decision to read it aloud. ‘Nancy, with this small gesture I want to acknowledge to you my understanding and acceptance of your special love with Teri. It is my hope that you and I can forge a deep friendship that will last our lifetimes. I look forward to our encounters on the battlefield we call life. Sincerely and respectfully, Bill B.’ the note slipped from Nancy’s fingers as hands covered her face in an attempt to stop the tears welling up around swollen eyes.

Teri was silently crying alongside her friend. The depth of her emotions threatened to burst from Teri’s chest. Taking a deep breath Teri opened the toy box and said, “Now is the appropriate time to show you the contents.” Turning toward Nancy Teri placed the box between them.

Lowering her hands Nancy saw the contents. “Oh my God!” was her startled response. Lying on a cushion of foam were the powders, lotions, and toys Teri and Bill used to enhance their sexual love life. Some of the items she recognized but other items Nancy had no intention of asking about. At least not right now or in the immediate future.

“Our toys are used to enhance our sexual love life.” Teri said, “After we finish we cleanse and sanitize them. There is no possibility of contracting an STD from either of us or our toys.”

Nancy was aghast at the veiled suggestion. “Are you even remotely suggesting that we use some of these items when we make love?”

Teri replied with a straight face. “I most certainly am! Bill’s willingness to share should be considered a compliment.” Standing up Teri said, “I’m running low on caffeine and nicotine. Care to join me?” Without waiting for a response Teri closed the toy box and left the bedroom.

When Nancy came out of the bedroom several minute later she found Teri wrapped in a white, terry cloth robe and sitting at table. In one hand Teri held a cup of coffee while her other hand was holding a lit cigarette.

“I apologize for my outburst, Teri.” Nancy said, “So many things have happened today that I’m having a hard time coping. I’ll need some time to adjust.” Picking up the unused robe Nancy put it on and secured the belt. In the time it took to perform that chore Teri had poured a cup of coffee and lit a cigarette for her friend and lover.

“Why don’t you sit down, relax, and enjoy your coffee and cigarette.” Teri said indicating the vacant chair next to her. “I have the rumblings of a plan that I want to run by you.”

Nancy stopped her retreat. Looking into Bill’s eyes she accepted the truth, compassion and understanding of his words. Laying her head on his shoulder Nancy embraced Bill lightly but firmly. Nancy’s mind was strangely quiet while her body experienced sensations never felt with her female lovers. Her breasts felt incredibly swollen and hot. The nipples…

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