Getting Off Early

Getting Off Early


My name is Amanda. I am a 24-year old redhead blessed with a cute face and a hot body, and cursed with a thirst for sex that can’t be quenched. But I’ve never met a man that could say no to me. I work as a receptionist at a software company in Chicago. My job is torture because all day long I alternate between fielding phone calls from sexy men and women and watching totally hot men and women in their sexy business suits walk past the glass walls in front of me. I fantasize about the people on the phone and those who strut by, and use every bit of willpower I possess to stop myself from openly propositioning them.

My only relief is found in the fact that I sit behind a large wrap-around desk. When I see a particularly sexy person walk by or take a phone call from a person that turns me on with his or her dusky voice, I relieve myself by scooting farther under my desk and slipping my fingers into my wet cunt, while pretending to work on the computer. It gets me really hot to think about sucking big, hard cocks or having my steaming pussy licked while I pinch my clit and finger myself.

After work I usually have so much pent up sexual desire that I race home, strip off my confining clothes, throw a frozen Lean Cuisine into the oven, and hop into the shower where I slowly lather myself. I run my hands all over myself, everywhere that is, except my pussy. I purposely avoid that area to heighten the sensation when I finally give in. I soap up my pert breasts and twiddle my nipples to excruciating hardness. I squeeze my ass and sometimes even slap it. Then, when I’m good and hot, I rinse off and take “Bruno” off the shower shelf. Bruno is my pet name for my big, translucent blue dildo. I close my eyes and slowly push Bruno against my throbbing pussy lips. I wiggle him against my engorged clit. Then I slowly slide him in, inch by agonizing inch. I have gotten very good at knowing just how to tease myself into ecstasy until finally, I just can’t hold back any longer. I pump Bruno into my burning snatch hard, fast and deep, while rubbing my hypersensitive clit with my fingers. Very soon, the waves of pleasure wash over me and, for the moment, I am satiated.

Now I have built up a voracious appetite and devour my dinner, washing it down with a glass or two of my favorite wine. Leaning back from my dinner table, swishing the last sip of wine around in my mouth to wash down my dinner, I begin to feel that familiar tingling sensation that tells me that pussy is waking up from her nap and needs to be filled again. But this time, by the real thing. Thank God for Porter’s. That’s a totally hot dance club less than a block from my apartment. I am a regular there and becoming quite well known for my nightly escapades.

I have a bevy of five or six young guys that I have chosen to make my “personal harem’. These are guys who meet all my criteria. First they are good looking and in good shape. Second they have beautiful cocks, stamina, and love to fuck. Third, they are more than willing to fuck me whenever I beckon them, but they fully understand that I am not interested in any long term relationships, and they agree to these terms.

Tonight, I choose to go bra-less in a silk blouse. To cover my hot cunt, I wear a silk g-string beneath spandex pants. Low heel sandals that are easy to dance in complete the ensemble. I know I look slutty, but the guys still treat me like a lady. They know that if they don’t behave like gentlemen and attend to my every desire, they have no chance of being chosen to go home with me tonight.

I check myself in the bathroom mirror on my way out and smile at what I see – a very sexy and desirable lady, but one who is undoubtedly looking to get the living daylights fucked out of her tonight. I skip downstairs and down the street to Porter’s. The doorman, Eddie, spots me and immediately beckons me to come right in, past the line of hopefuls already collecting outside the door. Eddie knows what’s good for him and is hoping that he is chosen tonight. I stop in front of him and sidle in between his legs as his impressive form sits on a stool in front of the club. I kiss him and say, “Hi Eddie.” One hand caresses his stubbly cheek while the other rubs the inside of his thigh feeling for that familiar bulge that forms instantly. “Ooooh,” I coo to him as I rub his growing cock. “I’ve missed this big guy.”

“And he’s missed you, sweet cheeks.” Eddie mumbles.

I give him one last squeeze and tease him, “Maybe tonight!” And I saunter into the club.

“I hope so,” Eddie says and gives my ass a soft pat as it disappears through the door. Once inside, I am assaulted by the sights, sounds, and smells. It’s dark all around the edges of the large room, but in the center, pulsing colored lights flash in time to the thumping rhythms illuminating gyrating bodies. The dancers are oblivious to their surroundings, lost in the mating ritual of dance. The combined scent of smoke, alcohol, sweat, and sexual stimulation combine to tuzla escort make my pussy lips swell beneath the confining silk and spandex surrounding my cunt. I’m not sure but I think I recognize my own scent rising from between my legs, but stand there perplexed, thinking that can’t be possible.

A large male presence suddenly makes itself known as it brushes up against me. “Hello, Amanda. Mmmm,” he says as he leans in close. “You smell great. Are you wearing a new perfume, or is that just your steaming hot pussy?”

Oh my God, I think quickly, is this just a come on or is my sex that strong? “Hey, Freddie,” I reply casually. “It can’t be my pussy already. I just got here. But there sure is a lot of eligible snatch here tonight, don’t ya think?”

Freddie surveys the room and replies, “There sure is!”

He looks back, but I’m already walking away. Over my shoulder I say to him, “Good luck!”

He peers after me, disappointed. Shot down! As I move toward the bar I make a mental note: Eddie moves UP the list, Freddie moves down – if not off altogether. But then again, I make it a point never to burn a bridge completely. I know there could easily come a time when I need a nice hard cock to pound me senseless and Freddie’s may be the only one available. I look back over my shoulder to see Freddie staring longingly at my heart-shaped ass as it recedes into the crowd, and I smile at him.

Near the bar, I am intercepted by David, a tall, strong local artist whom I have had the pleasure to know in the past. He sidles alongside me and I slip my arm into his.

“Good evening, Amanda,” he says with a dazzling smile. “How about a cold drink, followed by a hot dance?”

Now, that’s more like it. “Sounds perfect,” I purr.

We share a quick shot of tequila and a cold beer chaser, then move to the floor to begin our own ritual. His deep eyes are locked on mine as we move together to the sensual beat. My pussy begins to stir again as I watch him circle me. He eyes stray from mine to gaze approvingly at my hardened nipples pushing on the soft silk blouse, then rove to my perfectly outlined camel toe. My pussy throbs with heat at his gaze and when his eyes return to mine, I give the alluring look that tells me I have chosen him.

We move closer to each other and begin to grind our hips together. His now bulging crotch presses against my creamy thigh as we ride one other. Our hands lightly trace each other’s torsos. Soon we are lost in the trance of sexual anticipation. After a half-hour of this torture, our bodies are sheathed in a thin film of sweat. His cock is straining within his black jeans. My nipples a scraping raw against the inside of my blouse, and my pussy is screaming for a hot fuck.

Without a word spoken, I take David by the hand and lead him toward the exit. Being a regular, we are able to duck out behind the bar and run down the alleyway to my place. I purposely choose this route so as not to be seen by Eddie and risk disappointing him. Besides, I think, I may have use for him later.

We are panting breathlessly as we reach my apartment via the rear fire escape. We climb through the unlocked window and turn to fully embrace. He buries his lips onto mine and tongues me deeply. I suck his tongue into my mouth as he grips my ass and pulls me closer. My breasts crush against his chest. I pull away and whisper breathlessly, “Let’s me strip for you, David.”

He stands in awe as I flick on the CD player and light a candle. Then, in the soft glow of the candle I dance slowly to the soft music. I slowly unbutton my blouse and run my hands over my titties, making my nipples even harder. I squeeze them lovingly and think, “soon my darlings, David’s talented tongue will be kissing you.” I peel off the silk blouse and fling it at him. He deeply inhales it as he gapes longingly at my luscious tits. I slowly slide my hands down my sides and dip them into my waistband. As I slowly turn away from him, I wiggle my ass and push them down. Kicking off my sandals, I remove the pants completely. Leaving the silk g-string in place, I rub the palm of my hand over my pubis, causing electric shocks to shoot through my body, and approach my prey.

I reach up and kiss David long and hard, exploring his mouth with my tongue, still tasting faintly of tequila. I pull away, but not before softly biting his lower lip. Now I am moving down his neck, covering his sweaty skin with light kisses. I begin to work my way down, unbuttoning his shirt. With each unfastened button, I kiss and nibble the newly exposed skin. Now the shirt is gone and I go to work finding my prize, his big beautiful cock. I unbutton the jeans, lower the zipper, and push them down as he wiggles his ass, and out it pops.

“Oh my,” I softy croon. “I’d almost forgotten what a beautiful cock you have David.”

I lick the entire length up one side and down the other, pausing to circle my tongue around the bulging purple head. I glory in every vein and pendik escort take special care to softly nibble and suck the soft tissue beneath the head. Now I’m really hungry and dive onto it with abandon. I force as much of his nine inches into my throat as I can before retreating to the head for more circling licks, soft nibbles and sucking on the swollen tip. David has kicked off his pants and basks in the candlelight. I am kneeling before him lost to the outside world, completely focused on his big, hard cock.

He leans backward, throws his head back and moans, “Oh yes, Amanda, you are truly the world’s greatest cock sucker!” He places his hands onto the sides of my head and he begins to fuck my face. He slams his cock deeper into my throat and I feel it begin to grow. I hold his balls with one hand and press on his rosebud with the other. He twitches, cries out, and erupts. He bucks against my face shooting hot jets of cum deep into my throat. His hot cum oozes out of the sides of my mouth and I lick and slurp voraciously to capture it all.

I am still milking his cock and drinking his cum as his cock begins to deflate. He tightens his grip on the sides of my head and yanks me to my feet.

“Get up here, you little slut!” he yells with a smirk on his face. “Get your hot, horny little ass on that bed. You’re gonna get yours now!”

I turn and scamper to my bed, which is the centerpiece of my studio apartment. I jump onto it and land on all fours, my ass facing David as he stalks purposely toward me.

“Fuck me from behind, David.” I call over my shoulder.

He glares at me and responds by giving me a sharp slap on my ass. “Ooh!” I scream in surprise.

“Shut up!” he orders. “I’m calling the shots here!”

He grabs my ankles and flips me onto by back. He rips the soaking g-string off sharply and commands, “Start fingering yourself. I’ll be right back.”

I willingly slide my finger into my dripping snatch as I look past my heaving breasts at his beautiful ass retreating into my bathroom. I am lost to the sensations of my finger pressing against my clit and hardly notice his return moments later when he kneels on the floor at the edge of my bed and softly blows on my burning cunt. Like wind fanning a flame, my engorged pussy grows hotter and wetter in anticipation. But my juices do nothing to extinguish the flame. They only make my cunt smolder hotter.

He brings his tongue to my slit and licks the entire length slowly, excruciatingly, from ass hole to clit. He pauses at my clit with each long stroke to nibble on my bean and suck it hard. I quiver with delight. He slowly inserts two fingers into my dripping cunt and I arch my back in pleasure, forcing my cunt onto his hand. He begins a building rhythm of sliding his long, thick and strong, but soft and sensitive fingers in and out of my hot hole. All the while, his expert tongue and lips are ravishing my aching clit. A delectable orgasm begins to build.

“Ooohhh, David,” I moan, “You’re licking my cunt so goood. Oh baby, you’re gonna make me cum. Yes David, suck on my clit. Oh, you’re fingers are so strong. Fuck me with your fingers. Oh Yes. OH YES!”

And the waves of ecstasy wash me into oblivion. My fevered pussy erupts, gushing hot juice over his hand and into his waiting mouth. Streaks of electricity race up and down my spine. My whole body convulses with sheer pleasure as fireworks explode behind my tightly closed eyes. I gasp and pant and thrust my ass high into the air as David grinds his fingers in and twists them about, hungrily lapping my gushing woman juices.

My ass plops back down and I am gasping for breath as he slowly withdraws his dripping fingers. He climbs up onto the bed and presses the tip of his now hard cock against my clit. I spasm in aftershock. He wiggles the plump head up and down my slit making me beg.

“I want that cock in me soooo bad. Stick that gigantic rod deep into my raging cunt. C’mon, David, pleeease. Fuck me with your big beautiful cock!”

Finally, thankfully, he complies and inches the head between my flaming pussy lips. “More, more!” I cry. “I want all of it!” He withdraws a little and I whimper “Give it to me, pleeease.” Now he’s pushing it back in and I grind my pussy toward it to take in more. With each thrust, he buries another inch slowly into me. Finally he’s all the way in and grinding his pubic bone against mine. I can feel his huge head deep in my tunnel. The long, slow strokes begin and he caresses my tits. I reach for his hands and suck the delicious juice off his fingers as his speed gradually increases.

I meet his thrusts with my own, slamming my pussy lips against his pubic bone. It feels soooo good in me. His cock is like a big hard bone and my pussy is gnawing on it hungrily. “Oh, fuck me soooo nice. Bury it soooo deep. It’s soooo hard. Now fuck me harder. C’mon, give it to me. All of it! C’mon! Fuck me hard!”

“I’m gonna fuck you senseless you hot little bitch.” aydınlı escort He replies. “You’re a bitch in heat aren’t you? Well, here you go, baby.” And he increases his speed. His strong hands lock onto my hips and he begins pounding his rock hard nine inches deep into my wet cunt. I meet every thrust with my own and inwardly reach out for the orgasm that so near now. It envelops me and the sound of his balls slapping my ass is drowned out by a furious wind rushing through my head. Crackling electricity shoots through my entire body emanating from my well-filled pussy. I lock my legs behind him and hold him deep in my cunt while the spasms subside, and once again, I nearly pass out from the ecstasy of it all.

I lay there panting, his hard cock buried deep within me. As he starts to withdraw it, I gasp and jump at the sensation. I look at him through half-lidded eyes and whisper, “I want more.”

“You’re getting more, slut. I’m not through with you yet,” he replies, before gently but firmly rolling me onto my knees. Once again his cock tickles the entrance to my steaming cunt, dripping anew with my cum. He pushes his large erect cock into me while reaching around to stroke my clit and play with my nipples. I’m right back where I was moments ago and feel an orgasm building again.

“Oh, David, you’re fucking me soooo good tonight. Your cock is sooo big and hard and I’m sooo wet for you, baby.”

He’s sawing his stiff meat into me while his clit tweaking hand moves to my ass hole. He moistens the opening with my own pussy juices and begins to enter my ass. He rotates his finger and feels around the inside of the opening as his cock continues its long strokes in and out of my dripping cunt. He pulls his cock and fingers out with a pop and I gasp, feeling empty, “No! Put them back. Fuck me! Fuck me in my ass and my cunt! Fuck me hard.” I sigh with relief as he is back, pushing his big cock into me again and something almost as big pushes against my rosebud. My ass hole spreads to accept what feels like another cock. It’s Bruno, my precious dildo, I realize.

“Oh David, great idea. Now, fuck me hard you incredible hot stud. Give me every inch of your huge cock!” I continue to talk dirty to him while he slides Bruno in and out of my ass, and his massive cock in and out of my cunt. “Oh this is wonderful. I want to fuck you all night long. C’mon give it to me. Fuck me deep, and hard. Deep and hard. Oh God! Oh God,” I begin repeating as the pressure builds and the pleasure mounts. I can feel the head of his cock swell with each thrust and feel him twitch when he buries his cock to the hilt. He grunts and moans as his hot cum squirts deep into my cunt. He pulls it out to shoot a couple of jets onto my ass hole, lubricating Bruno even more. He jams his cock back into me and continues spurting his spunk. All the while I am deliriously swept up in the most intense orgasm of the night. My body is feverish and quaking. Spasms rock me and my breath comes in short gasps. David is grunting animalistically as he empties his seed into me and the pace of Bruno stabbing in and out of my ass slows to a halt.

I roll onto my back as David collapses onto me and we deeply embrace. We kiss passionately in appreciation for what we just shared. “My God, David,” I whisper. “That was a fantastic fuck.”

Remembering every detail of that wonderful experience from last night has my pussy dripping as I sit at my desk in rapture. My fingers are alternating between diving into my wet cunt and massaging my engorged clit. I lean against the back of my chair willing a small orgasm to relieve the burning desire, when the phone suddenly rings.

“Happy Holidays from Amalgamated Software!” I cheerfully say. “This is Amanda. How may I help you?”

The deep male voice on the other end replies, “Amanda, you have me entranced with your beauty and utter sexiness.” My pussy tingles.

“Whatever do you mean, sir?”

“You see, my little sex kitten, I’ve been watching you for the past half hour and you seem to have been completely lost in a dream world of sexual fantasy.”

“Oh really? Do tell?”

“I see your head lean back, your eyes roll up, and your body sway in your chair while you are, no doubt, fingering your sweet little tight pussy. Look across the hall.”

I look up, through the glass windows fronting our suite, across the hall, to the office of Certified Insurance. There at the reception desk, in place of the frumpy receptionist I had gotten used to seeing there is a tall, broad shouldered stud gazing at me. “Oh my!” I squeak. “What happened to the lady that’s usually there?”

“She retired. I’m Brian and I must say, I have quite enjoyed my first day on the job.”

We began a conversation of teasing that built to a pleasurable level of sexual tension, when I was interrupted by a stream of co-workers heading out the door.

“Merry Christmas, Amanda!” and “I hope Santa brings you everything you want!” Last to pass my desk was our branch manager, Todd, a bit of a hunk himself, though I hadn’t had the pleasure yet.

“Amanda, my sweet. The corporate office has called and told me to close early so everyone can enjoy Christmas Eve with their families.”

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