Georgia Plays The Game Ch. 06

Georgia Plays The Game Ch. 06


At Silky’s

Georgia’s eyes adjusted to the light inside the bar. She looked around her but, even as she did so, she realised that it wouldn’t do her any good. She was looking for her Master but she really had no idea what he looked like. She had heard his voice and seen his hands and his ‘package’ on camera but…


His orders and her GPS had brought her out here to this place. It didn’t look much from the outside though she did notice that it seemed to have had a new coat of paint applied recently. She’d parked up and gone to meet the well-built African American stood at the door. With every step she had examined him more and more closely – wondering if he might be her Master. When he gave her a smile of greeting she felt a wave of desire run through her body. If this was her Master and he wanted her ‘hot to trot’ then he seriously knew his business.

“You’d be Georgia”, his voice was thick with an accent, perhaps West African? At that moment she knew that he wasn’t her Master but it also didn’t escape her notice that he DID know who she was.

“How do you…”

“Not so many white girls come to Silky’s – hardly none that are looking anything like you.”

She felt the slight warmth in her cheeks. It never failed to get to her when a hot Black guy showed his interest. Of course her Master must have asked him to keep an eye out for her. He had prepared the way for her and not for the first time.

“Will my car be alright?” She gestured back towards her vehicle.

He gave a little laugh at her naivety. “Don’t you know Shaka owns this place? Who’s gonna mess with Shaka or his people?”

It hadn’t surprised Georgia that she’d been sent to a place like this but she was, after all, just a white girl originally from the South and who’d spent most of her recent years in a leafy suburb. Despite the last few months she still felt a reaction when she found herself in a neighborhood like this one. A year ago she would have run a mile. Now, there was still a frisson of danger but it was mixed with a much more powerful dose of excitement and desire.

The man gestured at the open door. Georgia stepped inside.


It was an old-style neighborhood dive. A few booths at the back and a long bar. There were plenty of customers in and the noise of talk and laughter competing with a sound-track of ‘contemporary urban.’ Georgia realised that she recognised the track – something else she could never have done a year ago.

The racial profile of the bar’s occupants didn’t surprise her. This was an African-American district of an African-American city. Besides herself there were only three other white folk there. Two were young girls – probably College students – working the bar alongside an aging Black man with an impressive mane of silver-grey hair. Georgia presumed that just HAD to be Silky. The other white was a woman of about her own age. She was perhaps 5′ 4″ with blonde hair and a good figure, obviously the result of gym work. Georgia’s eyes and mind processed all that in a split-second – recognising the other woman as a potential rival after she’d noticed who the woman was with.

The man with her was very dark-skinned and had to stand at least 6′ 10″. He quite literally stood out from the other men surrounding him but it was more than that. Georgia quickly observed that all the other men were looking at him, listening to him, following his lead. This was, without doubt, an alpha male among alpha males. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and noticed that he had finished his story and was smiling quietly as the men around him laughed their appreciation. His hand was casually resting on the white woman’s butt. Well of course it was…

Maybe he sensed her staring at him. Either way, he glanced over the heads of his audience and his eyes met hers. His eyebrows flicked up in momentary appreciation and then he smiled at her. It was the smile of a lion noticing a particularly juicy antelope. Georgia felt her mouth go dry. He leaned down and spoke in the woman’s ear. Now she was looking at Georgia and she was looking daggers.

Georgia soon found out why. The man broke away from his crowd of admirers and came across to her. All the way his eyes were admiring her and her outfit – selected specially to please her master. She wore a white top held up by shoulder straps that flared down to form covering for each of her breasts. It didn’t hide the fact that she was not wearing a bra. It also left her neck, arms and toned stomach exposed. Or they would have been but for the short jacket she was wearing. She wore a tight skirt in purple leather – calculated to show off her legs to their finest. On her feet were a pair of her highest heels encrusted in brilliants. She ‘d taken care over her make-up and accessories. She wasn’t a vain woman but before setting out that evening a glance in the mirror had told her that she looked damned good. It seemed the alpha male was in agreement.

“I’m Shaka – we haven’t met or I’d have remembered. I’m assuming you’re Georgia.”

Georgia Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort felt a moment’s panic. Shaka’s voice was deep and powerful but it was most definitely not the voice that she had come to know so well over months of cam sessions. Whoever Shaka was – he was not her Master.

“Errr, pleased to meet you Shaka. I’m here to meet…a friend.”

Shaka looked around himself in an exaggerated fashion. “Don’t see him nowhere. I think I can help you make lots of new friends.” His smile was relaxed – he was in control.

Georgia’s heart was bumping in her chest now. “I thought I saw you’ve already got a friend with you.” She nodded towards the other woman – now surrounded by a group of Black men.

His smile was genuine now – he liked the fact she was showing some spirit. “You think I can’t please two women in a night?”

Georgia just looked into his eyes. She didn’t know what to say. She had no doubts whatsoever that this man was capable of that and a lot more. The thought was exhilarating but she knew that this situation was dangerous. As if to prove the fact she heard a smooth deep brown chocolate voice behind her.

“I see you’ve met my girl Shaka.”

That was the voice she had been listening for ever since she had arrived. It was her Master. She turned and saw him for the first time. He wasn’t as tall as Shaka but he was over six feet and just as powerfully-built. His skin was dark but at his wrists and his neck she could see the swirls and patters of intricate tattoo designs. His face showed no ink and had a handsome symmetry to it. Just now, however, his features were set in an expression of serious purpose.

Shaka didn’t seem fazed by his appearance. “Now now, Izeye, what’s that old saying about finders being keepers. Let me see…” He very carefully looked over Georgia from head to toe and then casually used a hand to flick up the rear of her jacket. He then held it up so Izeye could see the bare skin of Georgia’s lower back. “We both know the rules. Don’t see no mark on her…”

Georgia suddenly realised that the hum of talk in the bar had gone. She could only hear the music being played. Beyond Izeye she could see the other white woman watching, her eyes wide with shock and also … could it be fascination?

Shaka was still looking at his rival. Then he put one hand behind him and clicked his fingers. “Dee – come here.”

The other woman was nervous but she still came directly to Shaka’s side. The big man raised a hand and gently touched an ear-ring that Dee was wearing. They were big hoop ear-rings with an ‘S’ decorated by brilliants within the golden hoops. “See,” he said, “my bitch is wearing my mark. So everyone knows just who she belongs to. Got another pair in the office would look just right on Georgia here.”

“No doubt they would – but I have my own plans for her. That said I’m liking the look of your little bitch there – I’d be ready to put in a good offer for her.”

Georgia heard Dee give a gasp of surprise at the brazenness of the suggestion. That confirmed what Georgia had been thinking. The other woman was relatively new to this world. Looking at her Georgia was surprised she hadn’t seen that from the start. Aside from the gaudy ear-rings Dee wasn’t dressed like a snow-bunny or a hood-rat. She looked like what she no doubt was – a sexy white MILF. She’d been there herself. Sorting her respectable wardrobe to find something sexy enough for the occasion – artfully leaving that extra button undone to turn an outfit into something much more alluring.

Shaka’s response was to chuckle. “I only just started training her – having way too much fun to let her go just yet.” He gently moved up behind Dee and one hand found an erect nipple as it poked through her white blouse. The woman gave a little whimper but she didn’t resist even when his other hand reached down between her legs and pulled up her skirt. There was a flash of neatly trimmed pubic hair and then his hand was on her pussy. He murmured into her ear, “Yeah, teacher lady, good to know you learning yo’ lessons. No panties – just like the rules say. But it needs to be bare too – don’t care what you tell that limp-dicked White-boy husband of yours.”

‘Of course’, thought Georgia, ‘she’s a teacher. I should have known.’ Well she wasn’t teaching now – she was learning, learning all about another world of hot dark desire. The woman’s eyes snapped open as Shaka fingered her. Georgia saw that she seemed miles away. She might have only just begun her journey but Georgia knew the signs. Dee was already addicted to her new life just as Georgia herself had been. Career, reputation and marriage would all be weighed in the balance and found wanting. She’d risk almost anything for that next hit of Black sex.

“Looks like premium pussy” said Silky as he watched from the bar.

“Oh yes,” said Shaka, “you’d best believe it. Pussy made for the pleasure of a Black man. Warm and wet – seems my little bitch liked the idea of us fighting, or Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort maybe it was the idea of me selling her to a stranger.” It might have been his words or his expert fingers but Dee was whimpering again between short gasps for breath as Shaka’s skilled fingers worked on her. “You like the idea of being Izeye’s little slave girl?”

Dee’s only response was a moan almost of despair. Georgia knew what that felt like too. Knowing that what you were doing was so foolish and so wrong and perhaps even so dangerous but also knowing that it felt so good that you could never live without it again.

Shaka was enjoying himself and suddenly a gleam came into his eye. He beckoned to Georgia. “Come see how wet this pussy is. Tell Dee what being Izeye’s slave entails.”

It took her by surprise but Georgia was pretty well trained by now. She took hold of Dee and kissed her hard. Her tongue found its way into Dee’s mouth and after a moment’s hesitation the other woman responded. Was it her first time for a long while – maybe her first time ever?

Even as she kissed Dee she heard Izeye chuckle – that chuckle she had heard so often from her Master through her head-phones. Then she realised that this was all part of his plan. The men were testing Dee but they were also testing her. Well she’d make damn sure to pass the test, whatever it was.

She gently spun Dee round so she could work on her as Shaka had. She unbuttoned Dee’s blouse and moved her hand inside feeling the warm flesh of her breast and then gently squeezing on her nipple. She put her other hand’s fingers into her own mouth and then reached down to Dee’s pussy – exposed as Shaka held her skirt out of the way. She began to speak softly into Dee’s ear – almost as a chant.

“Izeye is my Master and I am his slave. Izeye orders and I obey. It gives me pleasure to give him pleasure. When my Master is satisfied then, and only then, can I be satisfied. If he wants to fuck me then he can fuck me. If he wants me to fuck someone else, anyone else, then I will fuck them. He has made me what I am – a whore but a very willing and satisfied whore. My Master gives his orders and I obey. If he wants me to be Black-only then I will be. If he wants to give me his ink then he can. If he wants to give me his baby then he can. He is my Master and I exist to serve him and to give him pleasure.” As she spoke, almost unconsciously, Georgia’s fingers had been moving in and out of Dee’s pussy while her other hand roughly worked her nipples. “Are you ready Dee, ready to be a Black man’s slave? Now that you know what it means.” Georgia dropped her lips to Dee’s neck and sucked hard on the pale flesh even as the other woman screamed out her assent.

There was a silence for a moment and then the bar’s patrons roared their approval. Georgia noticed even the two white bar-girls joining in. She wondered what else they’d seen or experienced here. She was almost embarrassed when she looked down at the large love-bite she’d left on Dee’s neck. It’d just seemed the natural thing to do at the time!

Shaka moved and gently did up Dee’s blouse. “Need to get you home don’t we,” he informed her, “tell all the men here why I got to get you home.”

“So you can fuck me,” said Dee quietly.

“So everyone can hear,” said Shaka pausing.

“So you can fuck me,” said Dee in a loud clear voice.

He smiled and kissed her. “That’s right – then we can send you back to that loser husband of yours full of my strong nigger nut. That’s the way it’s gonna be from now on my sweet little white bitch.” He slapped her on the butt and then led her out into the night.

Husbands and Wives

Georgia was still a little awe-struck to find herself with her Master. No monitor screens or internet or blindfolds between them. He was right there, so close and she knew he’d get much closer before the end of the night.

“So tell me,” she asked him, “how long have you known Shaka?”

“We didn’t fool you then?”

“Oh for about thirty seconds – until I saw Silky smiling and still polishing beer glasses. Didn’t seem to me he’d be doing that if he thought you two were about to smash up the place.”

He chuckled. “See – some brothas like their girls young and dumb. I’m not a fool like that. I like them like you – smart and old enough to know what a man wants and how to deliver it.” He took a drink of his beer. “Known him a good fifteen years. He was some kind of a man back then – scary as shit I don’t mind telling you.”

“You mean he isn’t now!”

“He’s a fucking pussy-cat now. Back then I was just getting started on my own and he came to me. Told me that if I did a good job I’d be his friend for life and if I did a bad job then I wouldn’t be needing no mo’ friends. I told him to shut up or the needle would shake and we been friends ever since. Next time I’ll get him to show you the two full sleeves I did for him. Damn fine ink if I ain’t bragging saying so.”

“What about Dee – will she be OK with Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort him?”

“She’s chosen her path and he won’t force her to do anything. But she has commitments in her other life that won’t make it easy.”

“Her husband…”

Izeye snorted, “That useless piece of shit better hope he never inconveniences Shaka. No, she got children still in school.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Myself I try to make it a rule not to work with women who have children under a certain age. Sometimes tho it just happens and there’s nothing to be done about it. At the end of the day if that white boy had made the slightest effort to keep her happy do you think she’d ever have ended up here?”

Georgia just counted her blessings that when the time came for her she hadn’t had any young children or husband to hold her back. At the time she had regretted the fact but now she knew just how lucky she had been.

Izeye’s voice cut across her thoughts. “Talking of which…”

Silky move up the bar. “Izeye, your guests have arrived. I’ve put them in the private booth – his sort ain’t too popular round here.”

Izeye chuckled. “I thought you’d enjoy this Georgia. Just play along like I know you is good at. Since you know my name you want to use that from now on?”

Georgia responded without needing to think about it. “Whichever you prefer, Master.”

He chuckled, collected a brief-case from Silky, and led Georgia to the back booth.


The back, or private, booth was almost a self-contained little room in itself. It was essentially cut off from the rest of the bar and used only with Silky’s permission. It had room for about ten people but only two were waiting for them there.

The man was about thirty but already running to fat. His sandy-blonde hair seemed to be conducting a strategic withdrawal up his forehead leaving an ever greater expanse of pink flesh. His eyes were brown and had almost popped out of his head when he’d seen Georgia’s outfit. He himself wore a designer label work suit, expensive but practical. It couldn’t have been more obvious if he’d had ‘senior management’ tattooed on his forehead. He had to have something about him to have risen so high so relatively young. Either that or his Daddy had found him the job. Georgia knew which scenario seemed most likely to her.

The woman with him was a few years younger, perhaps twenty-five. She had blonde shoulder-length hair that looked good on her but that Georgia immediately suspected was not her natural color. Her eyes were blue-grey, almost green, and there was a scattering of freckles across her cheeks. Her hair had clearly been freshly cut, her make-up was sparingly but expertly applied and her eyebrows had been carefully sculpted. Georgia smiled to herself. The lady had come to make an impression and if she knew her Master’s tastes then the lady would not have failed.

Izeye didn’t bother hiding the fact. He smiled and nodded as he admired her. “Thank you for coming Anna, I appreciate it.”

Georgia noted Anna’s quick glance at Izeye and the slight blush appear on the pale skin of her cheeks. She was beautiful and such an exquisite contrast to Izeye. Male and Female, dark and fair, power and delicacy, strength and grace. Two halves of the same coin. She suddenly realised just how much she wanted to see them brought together – how much she wanted to help bring that about.

The white man got up and held out a hand. “Hi my name’s Kent…” His voice trailed off as Izeye merely raised an eyebrow. The two men’s eyes met and locked for a second. Kent sat back down in his chair.

Izeye placed his briefcase on the table in front of him. He removed a number of documents and handed one to Georgia. She took it and quickly ran her eyes over it. In essence it was an application form for Anna to join Izeye’s stable of white women. What struck Georgia, however, was the fact that the form had clearly not been filled in by Anna herself. Instead it had been completed by her husband. Georgia looked up at Kent again. What sort of a man would do that? Izeye seemed interested by that too.

“So, Kent, what brings you here?”

“We are here…”

He trailed off as Izeye held up a finger.

“With all respect Kent,” he said in a voice that conveyed no respect whatsoever, “I didn’t ask about Anna here. I asked about YOU.”

Georgia again observed that Anna was watching her husband as if expecting him to do something.

“I first contacted you” said Kent, “about..” His voice trailed off again under Izeye’s steady gaze.

“Yeah, I know you’re the one who suggested this. Generally I don’t have anything to do with that cuck shit but your wife there is something special.”

Georgia saw the little blush return to Anna’s cheeks. Kent’s wife had so far not spoken and in fact had barely moved since they had entered the room.

“I don’t like dealing with couples where the husband contacts me. The first and most important act of submission is consent. Without that it’s of no interest to me. So…”

Izeye looked at Anna.

The blond woman swallowed and then finally spoke. “I think I want to do this.”

Izeye smiled and shook his head. “That won’t do. There has to be commitment. My woman here will tell you that this isn’t necessarily something you can just try once and then walk away from. That right Georgia?”

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