Gardening with Granddad Ch. 12

Gardening with Granddad Ch. 12


“You fucking piece of trash GET UP,” he ordered.

I knew there was about to be trouble. His cock was harder than I remembered it had been and it was already at full growth. He gabbed at my hair and hollered, “get on your fucking hands and knees you cock hungry little slut,”

I obeyed shaking with fear. His hands bore into my hips. His cock was deep inside me in one thrust.

“NNNNooooooooooooooooooooo,” I screamed as his hand muffled my mouth.

“Shut the fucker up you cock hungry faggot,” he demanded, “I gave you cock but that wasn’t good enough was it?”

“Now you’re gonna be sorry for fuckin around,” he said, “know you’re gonna see what a stoned motherfuckin cock can do to your tight little boy cunt,”

I could feel the delivery man’s cum being pushed deep inside me. Steve needed no lube. I was loaded with cum. And now I was loaded with straight cock for the second time in twenty minutes. I thought I would pass out.

But Steve was enraged. I could feel his fingers and hands pressing into my hips and ass. There was no escaping. His cock was locked into my ass and he was brutally fucking me like it was his first time.

“God I want that cock fuck me harder you bastard,” I screamed at him.

“That’s right you cock hungry bitch you want me fucking you,” he said, “you’d let anyone fuck you by the looks of things,”

“Oh man fuck me no one fucks like you man no one I want that tattooed man cock all the way in me,” I begged.

“And you’re gonna fuckin take it all the way whore,” he rammed inside me, “no fuckin woman ever rode like you do bitch and you’re gonna take care of anything I need from here on in you got that,”

“Yes yes just fuck me hard Steve fuck me like you’ve never fucked any bitch ever,” I whimpered.

His cock rammed into my ripped open ass. Cum from my last straight fucking was running down my legs. Steve started smacking my ass with each thrust deep inside me.

My cheeks started to burn with each new hit. He was relentless.

“I’ll show you who fucks best,” he moaned as he rode deep inside my young pussy.

“I will own that tight pink boy cunt better than any delivery man, better than even your fucking old grandfather,”

The words weren’t out of his mouth when I heard, “we’ll see about that,”


Steve didn’t miss a beat. His cock just kept pounding my ass.

“Sorry man,” he said to Granddad after seeing the way this kid takes cock I had to try his sweet little ass for myself,”

Granddad was in front on me and the next thing I knew his hard rock was in front of my face.

“Comon boy let’s fill you at both ends,” Granddad roared at me. There I was being plugged at both ends by two magnificent macho studs.

They each forced their cocks deep inside – one down my throat, the other up my ass. To me this was as close to heaven as a boy could get.

“You fucker who’d a guessed you’d be into boy hole,” said Grandad.

“Yeah well, the way this whore’s been struttin around I’m surprised she hasn’t been fucked by every guy on the crew,” Steve laughed.

“Yeah and then some,” Grandad laughed back, “I think we outta teach the boy here a lesson or two about cock teasin and what happens when two old fuckers are fucked with,”

“Yeah man your own,” said Steve pulling his cock out of my ass and coming around to Granddad, “my turn,”

Granddad hauled his hard meat out of my throat and then Steve’s cock began pounding my face while Granddad entered my well-used fuckhole.

Steve’s cock was covered in the deliveryman’s spunk as well as my own juice. It was the most incredible taste I had ever been fed. Plus, I could taste Steve’s cock oozing precum.

Meanwhile at my backend Granddad was ramming his thick old cock deep inside me. His was the third cock I had taken within the hour and I was loving the pounding they were giving me.

“That’s it you little slut, show Steve what a hot little cocksucker you’ve turned out to be,” moaned Granddad, “and show him how much you like getting fucked by Granddad baby,”

“I’ve already seen how much he likes his old man’s meat dude,” Steve grinned, “you should be careful who’s watchin when you’re fuckin your grandson,”

“I already know how much the boy likes cum,” Steve boasted, “and let’s just say he likes recycled man beer too,”

“Well, well I can see I have some catchin up to do with you two,” Granddad complained, “but it’s fuckin hot seeing my boy go down on that big inked cock man,”

Again Steve pulled out of me and came around to where Granddad was fucking my ass.

“Watch this man,” said Steve motioning Granddad to withdraw.

With that xslot Steve plunged his big tattooed cock deep inside so Granddad could watch me devour another man’s meat.

“Holy fuck! I never thought I’d be seein my own grandson get fucked by another man,” beamed Granddad, “then again I never dreamt the boy would be my own little fuck whore,”

“Yeah and now that I’ve discovered how tight and eep this little slut’s holes are you’re gonna be sharing em with me,” commanded Steve.

“By the looks of things, he can handle more than one cock at a time,”

I just moaned and enjoyed the pleasure these two hot studs were providing to me. Steve pulled and and Granddad went back into action. Now Steve was enjoying the view of watching another man fuck my boy hole.

I never wanted this to end. It was the perfect ending to a day I had imagined in my mind for weeks. I never dreamt another guy from the crew would be fucking me. I never dreamt it would be WITH my grandfather especially.

They kept alternating cocks inside my ass. I loved every inch of their flesh inside me. Then Steve said, “lay down I wanna see the boy ride your cock,”

Granddad obeyed and got down on the patio. I mounted his throbbing cock knowing Steve could see every inch of it disappear up my well used pink hole. Riding the old fucker’s cock was easier and I took every inch of it deep inside.

I could feel Steve’s presence behind me. He kept saying over and over, “yeah baby eat that big ol man cock common ride granddaddy real good boy,”

I was so excited to know I was pleasuring both men at the same time I didn’t realize Steve’s sense of excitement. I felt his breath on my back. Then I could feel his beard on by shoulder and back. His cock was rubbing against my ass cheek. I knew I was driving him wild with the show I was putting on. I knew it was a huge turn on to see my grandfather fucking the boy hole he had just had his cock in.

And then I felt it. Steve’s cock was next to my hole. His monstrous cock was right next to Granddad’s. Obviously he was hot for my hole and I was eager to give it to him once again. I had never seen Granddad go so long without cumming. As soon as he did Steve could slide right in.

Steve had other intentions.

Each time Granddad pulled out Steve’s cock pressed harder against my boy pussy.

“O baby that hole is getting used tonight nice and hard by your two daddies,” Steve whispered in my ear.

I could feel his meat pressing with all its force against my hole next to Granddad’s cock. I was going nuts. I reached for the poppers on the ground and started inhaling. Steve grabbed them from me after I had taken three strong whiffs. Then he passed them to Granddad. He practically drank them.

Steve grabbed them back, snorted and handed them to me, “I suggest you swallow em slut,” he ordered. I took the bottle and did as told inhaling over and over.

The next thing I knew Steve was pushing the head of his cock into my used cunt. He was ripping me open and the size of these two men surpassed even the width of the delivery man’s meat. I was being rammed fucked by both of my studs. Steve pounded his cock into my hole until I could feel both cocks, side by side, filling my whole cavity.

“You mother fuckin pig,” screamed Granddad, “show the boy how to take real cock,”

“yeah, he’s never gonna walk again if I have my way,” Steve gloated keepingt he exact same rythym as Granddad and his cock. I finished the poppers and my head was spinning. I had to turn and look at Steve to make sure this was really happening.

Yup, these two macho men were ramming my hole with every inch of their cock. I was their total whore. A pig for both cocks.

“Jesus you’re gonna kill me,” I screamed out, “I can’t take any more please you gotta stop,”

They both laughed in unison.

“Stop, we’ll stop when we decide you’ve had enough fuckin boy,” smirked Granddad, “and I can tell ya that’s not gonna happenin anytime soon,”

“That’s right bitch,” agreed Steve, “We are gonna fuck you all night and teach you how to take cock real good,”

“Oh yeah,” I gave in, “common then ride my fuckin hole good and show me what you both got,”

“Give me those two big fuck sticks,” I begged reaching back and spreading my ass apart with my hands.

My hole was wide open and I had eaten every inch of cock they could offer. Inside me was over 18 inches of prime beef. And together it was almost 120 years old. This was perfect.

Two masculine men – a dad and a granddad having their way with my juiced up ass.

“Comon guys fill me up,” I screamed at them, “I need cock bad I need both of you fucking xslot Giriş me hard,”

“I will give you my ass anytime you want just fuck me hard please fuck me both of you fill my ass with those big straight fuckin cocks. Ride me like a bitch,”

They both grunted and rammed their meat into time after time again and again. Even in my fantasies I hadn’t thought about two men fucking me at the same time. This was the most incredible thing ever.

My ass had been so well used the natural lube was running out and I was tightening around their cocks. It felt amazing as they filled me even more as the friction grew stronger and stronger. I never wanted this to end.

Then it started to happen. Granddad’s cock stiffened first. Steve’s was right behind. They expanded and filled me to within an inch of my life. I moaned loud and long, “Jesus fuck me know fuck me with those cocks!”

Then Steve erupted. Then Granddad let loose. The two of them pounded like wild animals fucking for their lives. They kept pounding against the back of my ass. The cum gushed through me. My cock hardened. It was out of control. I didn’t even touch it.

I came like a volcano. My cock exploded over Granddad’s chest and stomach. It flew through the air and landed on him without me even rubbing it.

Their cream was exploding in my boy hole. I was being seeded by these two masculine beasts. Both of them were dumping steamy white cum inside me. Three men had fucked me in one night. I was now a pig and there was no turning back. The three of us slumped in a pile on the patio. Too exhausted to speak. Cum running out of my hole down my legs and thighs.

I wrapped one arm against each man’s neck.

“I love you,” I whispered softly, “I love you both,”

They just looked at one another not speaking.

Gardening with Granddad – Chapter 13

Granddad didn’t go back to his room with Mitch. Instead the three of us crashed together in my room. We were wiped and covered in sweat. I slept in the middle.

Morning came only hours later. I woke up with Steve’s cock buried in my hole. It stung bad. But I would never refuse him. I had no choice. He rode me and I could smell last night’s sex on our bodies. He came quickly.

“Baby that is one fine ass you have,” He said lowly.

I just smiled and put my hand around his back. Granddad stirred not knowing what had just happened. I went down on his already erect cock. Steve watched me give my grandfather a morning blowjob. My two lovers were satisfied, for now.

When we got to the kitchen Sam and Mark were already there.

“Our coffee’s not ready Jimmy,” Sam piped up, “and Christ after yesterday we could use some nice and strong,”

I smiled and went to work. There was no way I wouldn’t do anything to please any of these guys. Everyone was feeling the effects of the previous day. I was thrilled. Last night might not have happened if it weren’t for my exploits and I grinned, very pleased with my results.

Steve spent every night that week with me, staying even after Granddad had gone home. Granddad didn’t mind – he got his, Steve was happy and I was the most satisfied. It was an amazing conquest having two of the hottest man studs at my service and I intended to make the best of it.

One morning Steve asked what would happen when my parents got back from Europe.

“Oh that’s still 3 weeks away,” I replied, “I think you and Granddad need to discuss that matter,”

“Well, I can guarantee there needs to be a solution cause my cock needs that ass on a regular basis and I’m havin nothing including your parents stop that,” he shot back.

When Granddad arrived Steve didn’t waste a second, “I was askin Jimmy what would happen when the parents get back – we gotta make arrangements,”

“Taken care of man,” Granddad chuckled.

“How so?”

“Let’s the 3 of us take a little drive after work tonight,” Granddad finished the conversation.

For the first time in days the weather took a break and work continued on the garden. The day passed quickly and no one seemed to mind the labour given the new found camaraderie of the crew.

Everyone enjoyed a beer at the end of the afternoon and then headed home.

Granddad said to Steve and me, “OK fellas time for our fieldtrip,”

We loaded in his truck for the 15 minute drive. I sensed Steve’s interest as we drove over and also Granddad’s pride in having this little secret up his sleeve.

“Ain’t this ‘bout where you live boss?” Steve questioned.

“Yup the back alley,” said Granddad, “hope you like my surprise,”

We piled out of the truck and Granddad did the same to Steve as he had xslot Güncel Giriş done to me two weeks earlier.

“Try this key Steve,”

With that Steve took the key, looked strangely up the stairs and headed to the top.

“What the hell is this?” he asked.

“Jimmy’s new fuck nest if I have it my way,” Granddad laughed.

“No fuckin way!” Steve responded.

“Yessssssss,” was my reply, “Granddad had this done in no time at all – built and furnished so we could be closer when I go to College,”

“Jesus like the 2 of you need to be closer!” laughed Steve.

“And, I have just the plan,” chimed in Granddad. The only partitioned space in the loft was a small den that contained closet space and the bathroom off it.

“Steve you will be Jimmy’s roommate – get rid of your place and Jimmy can use the rent to pay for phone, cable, heat,” suggested Granddad, “or at least that’s what people can think cause I’ll pay it all for you both,”

“Fuck man I don’t know I never thought about bein with a guy before until last night this is kinda sudden,” said Steve.

“And tell me you didn’t like it and want more?” questioned Granddad.

“Yeah well that’s one thing, livin together is another,” replied Steve.

I just looked at him almost heartbroken, “Was last night the best fuck of your life?”

“You fukin know it was Jesus babe you are one piece of ass,” Steve replied.

“Well then?” I asked.

“Puttin it that way kid just makes my cock hard and YEAH I want more and EVERYDAY,”

I turned and planted my lips on his for the first time. Then to Granddad doing the same thing. AS I did they hauled their cocks out and I took turns going down on their man cocks being fed the two cocks that would own me from here on in.

“Looks like everything is settled,” beamed Granddad, “Looks like you just made someone the happiest boy in the world,”

“Looks like the happiest boy in the world is gonna make us the happiest men in the world,” said Steve.

With their cum loads mixed inside me I said, “okay fellas I think we’re all pretty happy but my ass needs some fillin and bad!”

“Jesus Jimmy do you ever get enough?” asked Granddad.

“NOPE”I answered firmly.

“Well, I need to get home so I’ll drop you two back home and Steve can take care of that ass baby,”

Granddad drove Steve and me back to my parents and we ripped our clothes off on our way to the back deck.

“How about some scotch kid,” Steve asked.

“Comin right up stud,”

I got Steve his drink 10 ounces on the rocks, poured one for me and grabbed afew other necessities on the way. While the scotch went right to my head, it didn’t help that we smoked Steve’s giant joint before we had eaten.

The two of us were out of our mind when Steve grabbed me flipped me on the lounger and pounded his raw cock into my ass.

“Fuck me you bastard,” I screamed as he dragged on the new bottle of poppers.

“Take my whole cock now you little queer,” he ordered, “every fuckin inch of my man cock in your tight little boy hole, common baby,”

“Yeah daddy fuck your little boy fuck him real hard,” I begged my new lover.

“Jesus you’re one motherfuckin cock pig aren’t you boy?”

“Yes daddy for your cock I am ram it in my ass daddy fuck me so hard,” I kept begging.

“Yeah for my cock and Granddad’s cock baby you’re gonna belong to us forever you little whore aren’t you,”

“I already do daddy I belong to you my ass is yours forever,”
“Don’t ever call it that again bitch – it’s my pussy and you know it and no one fucks pussy like I do,” Steve ordered.

I was definitely in heaven. I now had two lovers to fuck me anytime I wanted it and I could give them the best hole to fuck and the best deep throat anywhere.

“O daddy yes please fuck my boy pussy fuck it hard I need you to ram your cock in me everyday and I want your cum seeding me everytime you fuck me,” I whimpered like a whore.

“You’re fuckin right you need my cum you little slut, that hungry hole needs to be juiced up real good every fuckin day by a real man,” Steve barked.

“O fuck yeah I need it now please fill my ass up daddy fill it with your cream I need it so bad I’ve waited all day for you to fuck me,” I begged him.

“Yeah boy, you want Daddy’s cream in that tight little pink pussy?” Steve asked riding me hard, “think you can handle this man juice my little slut?”

“YES YES PLEASE CUM DADDY CUM,” I screamed at him.

His cock exploded.

“You fucking bitch,” he hollered, “Squeeze that tight pussy hard take my cum like a whore, common you fuckin cum pig eat it up real good,”

I drank his cream in to my hole like I had never been man fucked before. It was perfect. He was any boy’s dream. This macho hung tattooed dream was in my hole and would be my new lover. Between Steve and Granddad I could want for nothing more.

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