Game of Sexcraft

Game of Sexcraft

Double Penetration

I’d like to thank my editor for helping me with this story. His edits were very much appreciated.


Maria was sitting on a small chair in the kitchen and was looking out in the rainy dark October weather. She drummed a little irritated with her fingers, nearly at the same pace as the rain. The raindrops seemed to throw themselves on the window-glass and then wetting the glass downwards and at last forming themselves into small streams towards the bottom of the window.

She once again lost herself in thoughts. Well perhaps she was not only irritated, but a little moody too. She was thinking about her 19 years old son, who once again had withdrawn to his room, as fast as he could after dinner, to play his damn games.

Why couldn’t he spend some quality time with her? They used to have a good relationship before. She doesn’t look bad for her age she thinks as she looks down at her curvy figure. He could need a good hug she thinks and giggles to herself. She has big breasts but they still don’t hang down too much and her ass is a little big, but still firm.

She had heard on an adversity program on TV, that one way to come closer to your own children, who had more or less been caught in video games, was to try to be more interested in their games. To ask about the game and try to understand it, instead of complaining or restricting time spent on games.

Well her son Andrew was too full-grown for her to influence him very much. This was not only in age, but also in height. He was more than 180 cm tall and looked very good with his dark rampant hair, big black eyes that you maybe could drown yourself into if you looked too long into them. When he sometimes smiled, his fine white teeth flashed in a charming smile.

The problem was, she thought, how would she be able to come closer to Andrew and talk to him about his playing problem. He was difficult to approach, when he withdraw himself to the inside of his room for his game-playing. Her ex-partner didn’t help much either. Andrew was with his dad only temporary and Maria suspected that he let Andrew play as much as he wanted at those times.

Thanks to a good economic support from her ex (well the only support he gave), Maria didn’t need to work so much. She worked some evenings and some whole days in the hospital as a nurse, but could spend a lot of time at home to take care of the home and her two grown up children, who still lived at home and studied. She was not so worried about her oldest child, her daughter Bertha. Bertha was very sociable and spent most of her time in the dorm at high school and only came home on weekends and still had good marks. The problem was Andrew she sighed.

Maria decided that if she could find out what kind of game Andrew was playing and get to know it, she could talk more easily about it with her son. That would bring them closer. As it was now, she felt like they were getting more and more apart from each other and that Andrew isolated himself more and more from the world… and from her… with his playing.

One day when Andrew was in school Maria went up into his room and turned on his computer. After it had started she saw that there was a link to a game on the home screen; ‘Game of Sexcraft’. Ah, she thought, this must be the game he plays so much.

Maria clicked on the link and noticed that she must log on. She choose, maybe not so witty, Maria002 as a log-in name. There must be many with the name Maria, she thought. After that she must choose an Avatar that apparently is supposed to be her.

Maria chose a mature curvy woman figure, that she thinks can represent her 42 years old womanly and a curvy figure. She noticed that the game had really good graphics, which made her happy. Poor graphics is boring, she says to herself. It seems to her that the graphics have really developed from when she was young.

It took some time and puttering and frustrations, before she managed to get the Avatar to look rather like herself, with long black hair, ample breast and a round bottom.

Maria chose to let the Avatar have a Brazilian wax down there. Then she put on red half seensee-through underwear from a clothes menu and lastly put on green dress that was skintight around the Avatars curvy body. When at last she was ready, she apparently had to choose a weapon. She could only choose between an axe or a sword, so she chose a sword.

Now appeared a button; ‘Play’. She clicked on it and suddenly she was in a kind of round arena with her weapon and she had a helmet on her.

Out on the arena comes a brutal guy. He is over two meter tall, has black trousers and a naked hairy torso. He has a gigantic axe that he seems to play with. He looks more like an Orc than a man. Help, Maria thinks, do I have to duel with him? Well I can’t do worse than lose, she giggles to herself.

Suddenly the Orc runs forward and attacks her with the axe. Before Maria manages to work out how to control the sword, her Avatar is down for a countdown travesti porno and seems unconscious. She cursed the Orc and hopes no one hears her. The Orc goes back to his side and waits and Maria sees her Avatar slowly wake up and rise. Now Maria has found out how to swing the sword using her mouse, so when the Orc attacks again, she bravely meets him with her sword.

It takes two to three hits and then to her frustrations, her avatar is down again. This time the Orc sits down on her Avatar and to her big dismay, he pulls down the top of her dress on her Avatar as it lay down helpless. He then walks back to his corner.

Now she must meet him with her big breast swinging in a red bra. Maria sees how they swing for every hit she parries, but her Avatar is soon down again. Frustrated she sees how the Orc removes her dress completely as he sits on her and she can’t do anything to stop him. Now she must meet him in only underwear and she begins to worry about how this match will end.

When he has pulled off both her bra and panties she thinks the match is over, but it isn’t. Now her Avatar must fight on completely nude. Her fairly nice breasts, outstanding nipples and a snatch that is no longer hidden by her short black hair are all on show.

Maria felt frustrated, a little sweaty and aroused. What will happens now?

After some more hits, her Avatar is down again, as usual. Now the Orc takes off his trousers and she suddenly sees an impressive cock with an erection. He sat on her to hold her down and she can’t do anything. She screams with anger as no buttons works. He turns her so she lies on her back and lifts her legs and pushes them up to her shoulders, he easily pushes his whole cock deep inside her. He fucks her avatar hard for a long time and squeezes her breasts hard. Her Avatar screams, wiggles and tries fruitlessly to fight back and escape.

Afterwards he leaves her and her Avatar is laying there with his sperm running out of her pussy. Maria succeeded to get the Avatar to stand up and get dressed, before she logs out frustrated.

Maria sits down and thinks it over. She is upset over the game and she now understands what kind of game Andrew is playing. Is it this game my son is playing every evening, she thought? What kind of attitude towards women will this game give him? That you can, as a brute, fight a weaker women and then fuck them hard?

Still, she has to admit, it was a little arousing and she feels she is a little damp between her legs, even if the fight was very frustrating.

When Andrew comes home she looks at him thoughtfully, yes even a little irritated and he begins to wonder what he has done now.

“Hi mum,” he said as usual, before putting down his jacket and school-stuff.

His mother had the dinner ready a little later than usual, but that was nothing he gave a deeper thought too. After dinner he, as usual, withdrew to his room.

He turned on his computer and then logged into his favorite game, Sexcraft, he noticed something unusual; the program suggested another log-in name. This really disturbed Andrew. Someone had been on his computer! And more, someone had logged into his favorite game on his computer! He sees the user-name Maria002 pop up, who the hell could that be? Well, he ponders, the only one at home today has been his mother, Maria, as his older sister only came home at weekends. Well, why has she suddenly started to play Sexcraft on his computer? Can he ask her? His thoughts whirled around the subject for some time but he found no good way to go further. He didn’t dare to ask her, as he was a little ashamed of his gaming habits. He decided to wait and try to find out more.

The next day Maria was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee with lots of milk in it, thinking about that game, Sexcraft, which Andrew plays. She had to admit that it had given her a little thrill and had got her a little damp between her legs. She wondered what would happen if she had won that fight. Would she have been forced to strip that Orc and do more to him? She blushed a little and giggled. Or would it be another outcome if a woman wins?

She ponders about it for awhile and came to the conclusion that she was still curious about the game, but needed to be cautious. She decided that it were better and safer if she could play it from her computer. She went to her bedroom and looked for the game. It cost a small amount of money to download it and she soon had it installed and logged in.

Her avatar came up with a green dress on it. She looks around the game and now saw that she could go to a place and buy things. She clicked on the link and was transported to a kind of big warehouse. She walked around and saw an advertisement for a kind of mesh skin that looked really beautiful. It seemed like you could change a lot with it, so Maria decided that she would buy it. She first had to get Goblin-money and had to add her credit-card number to purchase güzel porno some. After that she also found some nice medieval dresses that she bought. After a while she stumbled upon a lot of weapons. One of them was a kind of “kicking skin” that helped you to kick your opponents. This was interesting! She instantly tried to buy it, but found she was short of Goblin-money. She purchased a lot of more Goblin-money and bought the “kicking skin”. Farther away she saw a shield that she also bought. Now she was well equipped!

She looked over all the different menus and found a “home button” that she clicked on. Suddenly she was in a small room. Maria spent some time try to understand how the mesh skin worked and at last she was able to produce a sexier, younger version of herself. She put on a nice red-green medieval dress, the kicking skin and shield.

When she looked at the menu again, she now found a button called Training.

She clicked and came to a sort of Arena. In the middle of the Arena was a kind of figure standing motionless. She let her Avatar walk to it. Over the figure there was a menu where it seems she could change how well it fought. She put all variables to easiest and clicked start. The figure counted down from three and started to chase her. She managed to get some kick on the figure, but after some time she lost. The figure went to the center and stopped, and her Avatar jumped up much faster this time. Well, she thought, here I need training! Time seemed to pass quickly as she trained and suddenly it was time for her to start the dinner.

She felt a little ashamed when Andrew came home and she still wasn’t ready with the dinner. Well, if he noticed, he didn’t say anything. He only said his usual “Hi mum” and put down his jacket and school stuff.

That evening Andrew played his favorite game, Sexcraft, as usual. He looked around for a new player to play with. He began to think about the user Maria002 and searched for it. There was one with that name, but there was no data about her other than that she was a newbie. Suddenly he saw her log in. Interested, he made contact with her.

“Hi there,” he mailed her. No answer. Well, he thought, it was at least worth a try. Then suddenly, the reply came:

“Hi, who are you?”

“I’m And99,” he answered. “Are you new here?”

“Well, yes,” she answered. “How did you know?”

“LOL,” he answered, “I can see your age. Wanna come here?”

“Well,” she answered, “if it’s not for a fight. How do I come where you are?”

“I promise you, I will not fight you, at least not now, ha ha. You will see a new box coming up and if you accept, you will come to my place.”

Maria was curious about this guy making contact with her. Suddenly up pops a message from a guy called And99. It was nice to make friends in this new game, so she accepted his invitation to go to his place.

Suddenly her avatar stood in a big sleeping-room in front of a handsome avatar. It was a tall avatar with black hair and dark eyes. And99 was dressed in a dark-blue robe that reminded her of a prince. She looked around. She seemed to be in a kind of house and she was in a sleeping-room.

“Wanna dance,” he asked and suddenly there came soft music from the speakers. He walked to a kind of small ball and began to take some dance-step. He instructed her to do the same and after some tries they were dancing together. It looked really nice, even when And99 held her close or threw her up. They took a lot of dance-steps that she didn’t know or dared to do in real life and she giggled to herself. He asked a little about her and she answered vaguely that she was a middle-aged woman with two children.

After some time he asked if they could cuddle in the bed. She laughed to herself, but thought, why not? She was here to try this game out. He showed her the ‘bed-ball’ and now there were their two avatars lying in bed holding each other. It looked kind of cute. He wrote that he kissed her and she smiled.

Andrew didn’t dare to take it further. He smiled as he looked at the two avatars in bed. He thought that Maria002 looked very good and nearly looked like his real mum.

Wow, he thought, I’m in bed with my mum. Well, only as avatars and they still had clothes on, but still. He grinned as he thought about how he could slowly seduce her next time. They talked a little and then he logged out.

Andrew went to the living-room to watch TV and after some time his mother came and joined him. He stole some glances at her. She was curvy and despite her age, she was still looking really good, he thought. He had not thought of her sexually earlier, she was his mum, but now he began to think more of her as a sexy woman. He looked at her great bosom and her curvy bottom and felt that he began to get hard, so he had to adjust himself. She went into kitchen, wiggling her sexy ass and came back with two coffees. She positioned herself closer, so she could put the two cups anal porno in front of them. Andrew put an arm over her shoulders, trying to make it looks like he was comforting her. She looked a little surprised, but didn’t say anything.

Maria had noticed the glances that Andrew had cast over her and wondered what it was about. When he put his arm over her shoulder, she got surprised. He usually didn’t even notice her and now her handsome son was glancing at her and even put an arm over her shoulder. Well, she was not the one to complain, quite the opposite. She smiled a little and subtly leaned toward him. Not too much, just a little to make more contact. She felt his warm body against her big breast and started to breathe a little faster. After some time they went to their beds. Maria didn’t sleep well that night.

Next time Maria logged in, she clicked on Play. When she came to the same Arena as the first time, she quickly checked her weapons. Yes, she could kick and had a shield. After some time the same Orc came out. She was able to deflect his axe with her shield. Then she ran around him and kicked as much as she could. She could see a meter over his head that went red and after some time he lay down. She clicked on the Orc and she could see his axe disappear. After some time he rose and attacked her again, but without his axe. This time is was easier to win over him. After he went down a second time, he disappeared.

Maria stood there in the arena, very satisfied with herself. She had won!

She smiled to herself, well this worked out, she thought. She had improved.

Then a giant came out, dressed in green clothes. He had both a spear and an axe. Maria looked a little bit troubled. One more, she thought. Well, she managed the last one, so…

The giant attacked and Maria shielded. She noticed that when she tried to kick him, he held out the spear, so she couldn’t reach him. After some time it seems like her shield broke down after several attacks from the axe. Her meter went red and she was lying on the ground, oh no. The giant leaned over her and suddenly her blouse was gone, damn!

Now her shield worked a little again, but she can only kick the giant from behind. She managed a few times to run around him with her big breast jiggling in her bra, but he only went down to orange. Suddenly she was down again and he strips of her pants, damn. She begins to see where this match will end, even though she is a better fighter now.

She continued to fight in her underwear, but was soon down. As she was lying there he strips her nude. Now she continues to fight nude, but soon went down again. The giant held her down by her stomach and took out an impressive cock that he forced inside her pussy. She thinks that the avatar will be split in two. After some times he takes it out and ejaculates all over her. Frustrated she logged out.

When Andrew came home he saw his mum had cleaned the house like she was frustrated. He wondered what had happen but knew it was better to keep his mouth shut. Maria seemed morose all afternoon. After dinner they sat and watched TV and had a cup of coffee. Andrew put his free arm over her shoulders and Maria leant in, a little more at ease. After some time she snuggled closer and rested her head to his chest, happy from the attention and affection she had got. Andrew slowly played with a little curl of her hair at her neck, enjoying the softness of the skin under it. He felt her large breast being pressed to his side, as she has turned a little towards him. He felt her purr and smiled to himself. Suddenly he felt he had got a kitty nearly on his knee, instead of his mum. Not that he would complain, quite the contrary.

He felt his pulse rise slightly as he continued to play with her neck and now her ear. He started thinking what he wanted to do, what he could do, what SHE wanted him to do. Questions he didn’t have any answer to – not yet.

Maria only cuddled closer, so it seems to be up to him to guess what she wanted. Maybe she just wanted to cuddle? It would be crazy to destroy this fine moment with her by feeling her big soft boobs with his hand. Well, he could feel them clearly at his shoulder, even one nipple. He smirked.

After some time, trying to make it look accidental, he put his hand on her closest knee. She flinched a little but after that remained still. Andrew let his hand make small circles on her jeans covered knee. It was really cozy to be this close to mum and she was hot too. Andrew didn’t dare to go further and risk destroying their new closeness to each other. So after some time, he called it off, and after giving her a kiss on her cheek he went to his room.

He logged into his favorite game, Sexcraft, but had to wait a long time before Maria logged in. He immediately made contact with her.

“Hi :),” he said.

After some time she answered, “hi.”

“You don’t sound so happy, wanna come?”

“I haven’t found my clothes yet,” she answered.

“I don’t mind, he he,” he commented.

“Guess not,” giggles.

“I can close my eyes, while you dress.”

“Ha ha, wait, I found my underwear.”

“OK, here is your TP.”

Suddenly she was in my apartment in her red underwear. Wow, she really looked sexy.

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