Fun With The Orells Ch. 05-06

Fun With The Orells Ch. 05-06

He Tai

My apologies for the long delay in getting these next chapters posted. Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed this story and sent your kind comments. More to come, but for now, enjoy the next installment… – WankRus

Chapter 5 — Let the Games Begin

As I made my way through the family room and out the patio doors I could see and hear why Charlie was so upset and concerned. Jeanine and Miss Freezel were going at it tooth and nail. Though a full head shorter than Honey Freezel, Jeanine had a firm grip of Miss Freezel’s hair in one hand and was frantically slapping at her with the other. Freezel was trying to defend herself as best she could from my daughter the “she-wolf” but Jeanine was aroused like a Tasmanian Devil, screaming obscenities, snarling, and flailing wildly. The other youngsters were standing far enough back to stay out of the fray. They looked on helplessly as Jeanine and Honey Freezel bitterly wrestled.

“You bitch!” Jeanine hollered. “You fucking bossy bitch! Why don’t you leave me alone! Why did you come here anyway?” Slap… Slap… Slap…

“Eeeeiiii,” screamed Honey in reply, “You’re still the – slut that I thought – you were, AEEIIIEEE! You little spoiled bitch!”

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate yoooouuuu!” Jeanine shouted as she grabbed hold of the neckline of Miss Freezel’s blouse and tore it wide open, sending buttons spraying in all directions. With her blouse now rent, Honey Freezel’s black lacey bra was exposed on her left side, giving full view to her substantial meaty cleavage. Her breast flesh quivered actively while she sparred with my daughter. Jeanine’s top got pulled down in the struggle, her cone-shaped tits exposed and quivering.

“Shit!” I cursed, “All right you two, break it up!” I carefully worked myself close enough to get my arm around Jeanine’s waste and pulled her off her prey. Jeanine’s arms were still flailing wildly and her legs were kicking in the air as she tried to loose herself from my grip. “Hey! Jeanine! Stop!” I shouted as I set her down and gripped her shoulders, restraining her. She was breathing hard and trembling and it took her several moments to calm down but she finally did. She looked up into my face with a tense and frightened expression, then wrapped her arms around me and began to weep convulsively.

“Oh, God! Daddy! I’m so sorry… Oh! God!” She wept. While I stroked here hair, I glanced over my shoulder to check on our assaulted guest. “You alright, Miss Freezel? Are you hurt?” I did not get an answer. She looked stunned and shaken but basically unhurt. Here hair, which was so nicely set when she walked in, was tossed and wild. Her blouse was torn and hanging off one shoulder, her bra exposed, her chest heaving from exerted breathing. She too was crying, quivering miserably as she did. Glistening streams of tears ran down her cheeks as she just stood there and trembled.

By this time, all the adults had hastily slipped on some clothing and joined the excitement in the back yard. Helen burst through the small crowd and immediately went to the aid of Honey Freezel. Taking her by the arm, she lead the once stately but now disheveled black woman through the patio doors and seated her on the family room sofa. Miss Freezel buried her face in Helen’s neck and began to weep openly, intensely, as Helen held her hand and tried to comfort her guest. “I loved h-h-er, I d-d-did. Oh, g-g-god!” She stammered as the tears flowed. “That’s all right now, Honey, that’s alright. Let it out sweetie…” Helen cooed as she stroked Miss Freezel and tried to soothe her. Meanwhile, Jeanine had finally settled down and I was trying to get the whole story of what happened out of her.

“All right Kiddo, what going on? What happened? And I want it straight.” I insisted.

She had her head buried in my chest as she answered. “We, um…, we were lovers once, daddy, me and Miss Freezel… my senior year at school… for a couple of months.” I didn’t reply but I know that I must have had a ‘what the fuck?’ look on my face when I heard it. This certainly was news to me. “I was so afraid we’d get caught, daddy. I didn’t want to get kicked out of school and didn’t want her to lose her job. She kept getting more and more demanding, and clingy, so I finally broke it off,” Jeanine continued. “Ever since then, she’s been a queen bitch to me and all my friends. Then when she found out that Margie and I were dating, she really put the hammer down on all of us. She was so mean to me, daddy. But… but, we did love each other once. That’s what made it so hard, daddy. I’m so sorry I slap her… Is she OK?”

As Jeanine was speaking I was watching Helen and Honey Freezel through the patio glass doors. It looked like Miss Freezel had settled down a bit and she and Helen were having a heart to heart talk. “Well, Jeanine, I think it’s time you and Miss Freezel buried the hatchet… uh, but not in each other’s heads, OK? And while you’re at it, your mom could use an apology… You kind of made a mess of her party.”

Jeanine took a deep breath, looked up at me, sniffed with resolve, wiped her nose with the back of her hand, reached up on tecavüz porno tip-toes, and gave me a kiss. Resolved to make things right, she took a deep breath, sheepishly crossed the patio, and entered the family room. As soon as Miss Freezel saw Jeanine she flinched and recoiled and buried her face in Helen’s neck again like a scared rabbit, concerned that she might again be attached by the young she-cat. Helen glared at Jeanine and flashed a look that could have turned her to stone, silently mouthing the words, “I am so angry with you!”

“I’m so sorry, mom, “Jeanine cried anew, “I’m such a horrible, wicked person. Please forgive me?” Helen nodded towards Honey Freezel indicating that additional apologies were required. Jeanine knelt at Honey’s feet and tried to take her hand but the assailed woman recoiled from the attempt and shrank away. “Please Honey, please… I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry…,” Jeanine begged as she hugged and kissed Honey’s knees. Once again she reached for Freezel’s hand, found it and held it tightly, and kissed it, as new tears streamed down her face. “Please, Honey, please, please, forgive me…”

“I-I loved you s-s-so much, Jeanine,” Miss Freezel wept, “You’re s-so beautiful and I j-just wanted to l-love y-you…” Honey wept openly.

Jeanine kept kissing Honey’s hand and stroking it against her face, murmuring her renewed affection for her one time lover. Slowly, she raised herself up so that she could embrace the lovely black woman full on. Honey could resist longer. Jeanine and Honey swept into each other’s arms. They were kissing each other furiously, hungrily, wantonly, and weeping without restraint. “I love you, Jeanine,” proclaimed Miss Freezel between passionate kisses. “You know I love you, baby.”

“Oh god, Honey, yes, yes, please, kiss me, please…”

Helen had slinked away from the sofa and herded all the on-lookers out the patio door so that the reunited lovers could get reacquainted. “So, since when am I left out of the loop about Freezel and Jeanine being lovers?” I asked Helen. “You knew about this all along didn’t you? That’s why you invited Freezel here tonight isn’t it, you fox?” I confronted Helen with my assumptions and I could see by the smirk on her face that I was correct.

“Well, David, sometimes a mother and daughter share secret girlie stuff that just doesn’t make sense to guys. I just thought that if I could get them in the same room together we could get some sparks to fly again. And I was right! Look how happy they seem!”

“Sparks!” I exclaimed, “Those two could have burned the house down the way they were at each other.” Through the patio door, we could see that Jeanine and Honey Freezel were definitely mending some fences. Jeanine had her hands all over Honey’s breasts, kissing and licking her cleavage before returning to hungrily suck at her mature lover’s mouth.

“They do still love each other, you know,” Helen proclaimed. “There’s no denying that something beautiful is happening in there.” I took Helen in my arms and kissed her warmly. “You’re amazing, my sweet. Simply amazing,” I said.

“Nice to be appreciated,” Helen said with a wink, “now let’s get this party rolling. The night is still young.”

******************************************** Chapter 6 — Mrs. McFarland’s Youngest Boy

Just when I thought things were going to settle back to a smooth evening of fun, I heard the doorbell ring again. “Oh, great,” I lamented out loud, “Now what?”

“You’d better get that, dear,” said Helen, “I’ve only got this baggy tee shirt on and don’t want to flash whoever’s at the door.”

I only had on a pair of shorts and was bare chested and bare foot. “Since when don’t you want to flash someone?” I joked. The doorbell rang again and Helen pushed me toward the front hallway while she waltzed away to care for her other guests. When I opened the door there, on my front stoop, stood a curious little gnome of a woman I had never seen before. She was quite short, not quite five feet tall I guessed, and build roundish like a small barrel, supported by 2 sturdy, thick and hairy, stubby legs. She wore a dull colored print house dress over which she wore an equally dull colored print apron. Her red hair was streaked with grey, pinned up and somewhat frazzled looking, her complexion was pale and freckled, but she sported round, rosy cheeks, big grey eyes, and a broad, friendly smile. I noticed a slight mustache. Of all her features though, the thing I noticed above all else was her enormous, full bosom that road high on her chest which, I’m sure, obscured her ability to see her own shoes. As to her age, I guessed she was about 60 years old. She was carrying a crumpled paper sack.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Sure and you can,” she replied with a Celtic lilt, “Would you be Mr. Orell then?” She was looking me up and down, and made me feel a little overly conscious of my scant attire.

“I would,” I said, “I mean, yes, I am.”

“Well, then, I’ll be please to make your acquaintance, I’m sure.” She reached out her small stubby-fingered hand. “I’d be Mrs. McFarland… 18 porno Colleen… Clarence’s mum.”

“Oh, sure, how are you?” I said, taking her moist hand in my own. She gave it a firm, strong shake.

“He said he was comin’ dis way to a party and spendin’ da night but he forgot his pajamas, so I brung ’em for ‘im.”

“Oh, well,” I said, looking over my shoulder and thumbing toward the backyard, “He’s just in the back, so I can take…” Before I could finish, Mrs. McFarland, slipped past me, toddling down the hall, toward the back of the house. “Oh, um, Mrs. McFarland… Colleen…” I called as I chased after her. What would she think or do once she realized what kind of party and sleep-over we were really having? How would I possibly explain? I had the feeling that something very bad was going to happen. I was hoping beyond hope that everyone at least had their clothes on and they were engaged in ‘normal’ activities. I finally caught up with her as she came to an abrupt halt in the family room doorway, but my hopes were quickly dashed. I was quite certain she was shocked at that she saw.

Everyone had congregated in the family room once again. Jeanine and Honey Freezel were still rolling around on the sofa, kissing and groping. Both women were more revealed more flesh than they did a few minutes ago. Honey’s torn blouse had been removed, fully exposing her large-cupped, lacey, black brassier and Jeanine’s tube top was pushed down to her waste. They were groping each other frantically, hungrily kissing. Janey and her grandfather had their lips locked and she was strumming my dad’s exposed thick cock with twiddling fingers. Erika and Granny O were on their knees busily taking turns on Brian’s cock, while pinching each other’s excited nipples. Charlie was fondling my wife’s big hanging breasts under her tee shirt, admiring how fluidly they moved, Helen had her hand under her belly and between her thighs, rooting around in her pussy. From this angle, the lower portion of Helen’s robust ass cheeks could be plainly seen peeking from under her shirt. And over to the side, Petra was showing her newly sprouted tittie-bumps to Clarence McFarland, a.k.a. Chubby. He was watching Petra’s show-and-tell with lewd intent, and rubbing a huge bulge in his shorts. ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘It didn’t take long for everyone to get back into the swing of things.’ I was extremely nervous about what Mrs. McFarland would conclude about all of this sexual merriment. “Uh, Mrs. McFarland,” I began, “I can explain… Um, wow, this is a bit awkward, but…”

“Oh, my,” she sighed, “Oh, my dear lord…” She made the sign of the cross across her substantial bosom.

“Please, Colleen, let me explain, you see…” I started again.

“What a lovely party!” she exclaimed, “And is dat you, Miss Freezel?” She asked, “Aye, ’tis you, then. How very lovely ta see ya darlin’.”

Miss Freezel looked up in horror at the mention of her name. “Oh! My God!” She exclaimed and tried to cover her chest with her wide spread hands. “Mrs. McFarland! Wha-What… Oh, god… I-I… Oh, God…” she stammered as she tried to get out from under Jeanine. Jeanine, on the other hand, didn’t skip a beat. She continued to fondle Honey Freezel, kissing her smooth dark tummy.

“No, no, don’t get up, darlin’.” Mrs. McFarland dismissed her with a flip of her hand. “I’ve just fetched me Clarence’s pajamas for ‘im is all. Don’t you mind me, now, don’t mind me a’tall. You just go about your messin’ about. You know, Mr. Orell,” she said looking up at me, “I feel bad bustin’ in on your lovely evenin’. I won’t be stayin’ long, but I’ll tell ya, it surely is nice to see good folks celebratin’ like ya are. It reminds me o’ when Clarence’s pa was alive, god rest his soul,” she crossed herself again. “Me an’ Frank used to throw some bashes like this’n over at our place for our friends. It warms me heart to have the mem’ry again.” Colleen McFarland wiped away a bit of warm wetness from her eyes with the hem of her apron.

Helen finally noticed the new arrival and tried to pull her tee shirt down as far as possible to cover her prodigious ass but without much success. “Helen, this is Mrs. McFarland. Chubby – I mean – Clarence’s mom. Mrs. McFarland, my wife, Helen.”

“Oh, my, well, how lovely to meet you, Mrs. McFarland,” chirped Helen, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. “How nice to have you stop by.” She shot me a look that said ‘David, what the hell is going on?’

“I was fetchin’ me Clarence’s pajamas was all, my dear, but by the looks o’ t’ings I guess he won’t be needin’ ’em. I’ll just be gettin’ on home then.” Mrs. McFarland declared while she waved her hand in the air, trying to get Chubby’s attention.

“Oh, well you don’t have to rush off do you?” Helen inquired, “We’d love to have you stay awhile and join us, If- If you’d like.” I shot a worried ‘are you out of your mind?’ look at Helen, but she only shrugged with her eyes as if to say ‘What else can we do, we’re busted.’

“Well I wouldn’t want ta put ya out nor anythin’, that’s for sure. But you do all look like your havin’ a grand konulu porno time, and look, look at me darlin’ Clarence havin’ a nice chat wi’ the lovely wee collie. It does me ‘art good to see ‘im wit’ a nice young lady. He’s a wee bit shy, so’s ya might notice.”

“Nonsense,” said Helen, wrapping an arm around Colleen’s shoulder, “You’re more than welcome, and we’ve plenty of food and drinks for all.”

“Well, I’ll be thankin’ ya kindly then, Helen. Auch! Will you look at ‘im an’ dat sweet lassie!” Colleen sighed, motioning toward Clarence and Petra.

“That’s our neph… Uh, that’s our niece, Petra,” Helen corrected herself, “She is very sweet and she and Clarence seem to be hitting it off quite well.” Colleen McFarland noticed Charlie talking with my sister-in-law, Erika, and called out to him. “Wo-ho, Charlie, wo-ho,” she sang standing on her tip-toes and waving her hand. Charlie looked our way when his name was called and waved back. “Mother McFarland! Hello!” he exclaimed, returning the greeting.

“Now there’s a sweet lad, that Charlie Gibbons,” she offered, “such a nice friend for me Clarence. An’ such a long sweet willie,” she whispered impishly with a giggle and wink of her eye, holding her hands out about a foot apart.

“Uh… you’ve seen Charlie’s willie, Uh, I mean, penis?” I asked.

“Auch, sure I ‘ave many a time,” she replied with a flip of her hand. “Charlie an’ me are right well acquainted. If you catch my meanin’,” she said with another devilish wink.

Helen and I and Colleen McFarland were watching as Petra suddenly removed her top so that Chubby could get an unobstructed view of her slim naked torso. Her small tit-bumps were delicate little cones of pink flesh each crowed by a soft, pale, puffy nipple. Chubby stood there watching with rapt attention, dutifully rubbing the billowing bulge in his shorts as Petra twirled around and gave a small hop to show Chubby how her newly sprouted titties jiggled when she bounced. She was so proud of her newly developed womanhood.

“He’s the spirit an’ image of his dear departed pa, that’s for sure. You know, Clarence ain’t the brightest light in the room,” Colleen confided with a touch of sorrow, “He never was, likely never will be. But the good lord takes care o’ his own so he gave the lad somethin’ to make up for ‘is shortcomin’s.” She began to wave frantically and called out to her son. “Clarence, Clare, darlin’! Wo-ho, Clarence!” She finally got the boy’s attention, reluctantly tearing his eyes way from Petra’s floor show performance. “Clarence, darlin’ show everyone how the lord has blessed you, lad. Don’t be shy, now… Show us your blessin’, lad.” Colleen crossed herself again.

Clarence glanced sheepishly from side to side beneath his hooded brow, unsure if he could comply with his mother’s request in front of so many people. The boy was extremely shy. “Come now, lad, don’t be sheepish. Get on wit’ it,” Colleen encouraged her son.

Cautiously, Clarence, unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper and, bending over slightly, pushed his shorts to his ankles. The next few minutes seemed like an eternity, time seemed to stand still. The whole house suddenly became as quiet as a church, so quiet that I could hear the hall clock tick, ticking steadily. No one spoke for what seemed like minutes. Then from somewhere in the room I heard a gasp.

“Oh… my… god…,” Honey Freezel sighed in a whisper.

“Holy shit…,” offered Jeanine.

“Oh! Ohhhh, My…,” said Helen.

“He’s bigger than you, grandpa…,” mused Janey.

“The king is dead, long live the king,” said grandpa.

“Ah, herregud!, exclaimed Erika.

“Amazing,” said Brian.

“Lord, have mercy,” said Granny O.

“Oh! Ohhhh…,” chirped Petra.

“I told you so, Mr. Orell…” said Charlie.

I looked around the room noting everyone’s expressions. There wasn’t a closed mouth in the room, each was formed in a silent gasp. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” I said mostly to myself, “It’s… It’s… magnificent.”

“Aye… aye, ’tis indeed, Mr. Orell,” Colleen said proudly, “’tis a gift from god ‘imself, it is. There’s no mistake.” Colleen crossed herself again, twice.

None of us had ever before seen man-flesh that compared to what hung between Clarence’s chubby, hairy thighs. Nearly erect I reckoned his cock to be at least a foot long and as fat around as a man’s wrist at the base. A formidable, puckered foreskin shrouded the imposing tool’s business end. It reminded me of an animal’s long snout — an aardvark perhaps. Heavily veined and ominously proportioned, it swung lewdly from his groin and seemed to be throbbing, occasionally twitching ever so slightly, as sustaining blood fed the beefy beast. His balls were proportionately sized, low hanging and each carrying what looked like a large egg-sized nut. Now I clearly understood why his friends called him Chubby. Fisting the great monster, Clarence pulled back the skin to display a disproportionately smaller sized, spade-shaped glans. The blue-violet cock head was a little larger than normal size and somewhat pointed at the end, with a distinct flare around its fleshy base, like the bard of a fishhook. Overall, the shape of a Saturn 5 rocket came to mind, narrow tapering payload resting on a gradually thickening shaft. The heavens had indeed blessed this young man, and we were all awestruck, and in my case, envious.

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