Freedom In Slavery Ch. 05

Freedom In Slavery Ch. 05

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I started crying and he looked at me so tenderly. Sighing with surrender he dropped to his knees. My Mistress whispered, “Good choice, now enjoy yourself!” then returned to the wheel. He looked at me one more time then opened his mouth to take in my nipple. My body felt the pain begin. Just out of the clamps they were still sensitive and sore. I felt his tongue caress the dimpled flesh, sticking out further so everyone could see his wet tongue lavishing my skin. He clamped his mouth over my breast and began a rhythmic sucking. Ignoring the shouts from the guests my body started moving along with his head. I cried out as his teeth sank into my flesh. He pulled back, stretching my nipple away from my body, to my Mistress’s approval. She clapped her hands then spun the wheel again.

My lover stood up and we both watched the spinning to see what would happen next. When it stopped, she read it aloud, “Oh beautiful! My dear girl you are to suck on his already impressively hard cock and swallow every bit! If you miss any I will paddle you both black and blue! Now begin!”

It was my turn to drop to my knees. I kissed the large head; it was hot to the touch. I licked my lips the slowly pushes my way onto his shaft. His cock was so large it stretched my mouth until I thought the corners would tear. I ran my tongue along the hot member inside my mouth and began to suck/ I heard him moan so I pulled back until he popped out, dangling before my eyes. I flicked my tongue over the tip, sending shudders through his body, then plunged my mouth completely over his shaft. He groaned and I started moving my head back and forth, pumping his thick cock inside my mouth. My lips clenched each time I withdrew then I used my tongue as pressure when I took the shaft in again. My rhythm was almost hypnotic.

I heard ooohs and aaaahs from the people fulya escort around us. His body tensed and he reached down and grabbed my hair, forcing me to go at his pace, using my mouth to fuck as he needed, and I was happy to oblige. His ball slapped noisily against my chin as I heard his breathing turn to panting, and felt his shaft pulsate within my mouth. I knew he was ready to cum. Fear slowly crept within me, hoping I would not spill a drop, but he was quick to grab more handfuls of hair and pull my head roughly to him. I readied myself and as he grunted deeply I felt his seed fill my mouth. I did all I could to swallow everything that he gave me, the thick salty liquid pouring down my throat as spurt after spurt he came. Finally it subsided and he pulled away, steadying himself against my shoulder.

“Oh well, it had a wonderful beginning, but I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the ending. My paddle was hungry for a bare ass.” I stood and smiled at my lover, who took me into a tight embrace, kissing me passionately. My Mistress growled deeply within her throat and spun the wheel again. We stopped kissing to watch what next befell us. It stopped on ‘go down on the girl’ but my Mistress scowled and kicked the wheel so it moved over onto ‘anal sex’. “Oh looky there, it moved. I guess anal sex it is! So be a good bitch and get on all fours.” My lover pulled away from me and shouted, “It didn’t land there! You pushed it!”

She walked forward slowly and looked around at her guests. She smiled at one in particular, my lovers eyes followed to look at the man. I turn to see and there stands a behemoth, standing almost 8 feet tall, muscles bulging almost out of his clothes, scars lining his face, a grin so wicked it would bring chills even on the hottest summer day. My Mistress spoke bebek escort again, but this time so everyone could hear, “He has been eyeing you my dear. Would like to show you what real pain is. I have said no because he can get quite rough, and I wouldn’t want you to be scarred…like he is. Keep in mind I am your Mistress, your protector, and it is I who you need to appease,”

She turned to look at me, “Do you really feel you deserve to come? Or has your tryst with this boy made you feel that you are deserving of free pleasure at your own will? You came to me seeking to serve, but you failed. I am giving you a chance to make it up to me. Do this and I will show you that pleasing me will lead to your own pleasure. If not, I will cast you out with the garbage. It is your choice.”

I thought about this for a while. My heart was already becoming attached to my lover, but my soul needed to serve, she had captured that part of me that needed to please her, and I thought maybe if I did then she would allow me some liberties. I looked at her and dropped to my knees, bending down I kissed her boots softly over and over again until I felt her fingers running through my hair. “Very good, girl,” she cooed, “Now show me you are ready to obey.” And she returned to her seat and pointed at the wheel.

I remained on my knees and planted my hands on the ground. I turned to look at my lover and nodded. He seemed to understand and smiled at me, running his fingers over my smooth ass before positioning it at its entrance. He inserted his fingers inside my dripping went slit and was about to apply it to his shaft when my Mistress said, “No, that is not what the wheel says. It says anal sex, that is it! Now begin!” My lover removed his hand and pressed the head of his cock at my dry asshole. He leaned in and florya escort whispered, “I’m sorry” then started pushing inside me. The dryness of my flesh resisted the penetration, but he resisted and I felt my skin stretching on the verge of tearing.

Finally he was in me to the hilt. I turned to look at him and nodded, then he began pulling out slowly. His rhythm quickened, aided by the lubrication of his precum, but still the pain was immense, it washed over me making me feel like passing out. It took all my strength to keep on hands and knees. My lover lost his inhibitions about it and dug his fingers into my back, thrusting harder and faster. I was feeling like I was in a dream, full of pain and pleasure mixing within me, and I needed them both. Finally the thrusting stopped, his body spasmed, and he filled my burning ass with his hot seed. I waited until he pulls out before collapsing to the floor. He quickly bent down to cradle me in his arms, uttering, “I’m sorry” over and over into my ear as he caressed my hair. I looked up at him and smiled weakly, then lifted my head enough to kiss him.

We were lost in each other’s gaze until my Mistress’s clicking heels caused us to startle and we both knelt before her. I bent down and instinctively started kissing her boots. She smiles and pulled my chin up, “Oh my sweet dear, did you take that for me?” I answered softly, “Yes Mistress.” She bent down and kissed me, she smelled so wonderful. “Well my dear you have done well, I am very proud of you. I will have my servants take you to the baths and sooth your pains a little, and will even allow them to be gentle and loving with you now. Then you will be allowed to sleep.”

I smiled, feeling the warmth rise within me, watching her walk back to her seat at the head table. Then she added, “You will need your sleep my girl, because I have decided to allow my guests to have their fun with you anyway, since you love to cum so much.” My jaw dropped as two guards came and took me and my lover to separate rooms, him to who knows were, and me for a bath and an assured restless sleep, and then…back to the dinner party.

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