Freedom and Consequences Ch. 03

Freedom and Consequences Ch. 03


(Disclaimer, all characters in this story are 18 years old, or older)


“What can we do?” asked Karen.

“I’ve got the food but you could make a pitcher of ice tea and bring out the cheese, condiments, and all that kind of stuff.”

“Got it” and they had both walked up to me by then. I was mesmerized by the movement of their breasts.

“Take a picture it will last longer”

“Would you girls let me take a picture? I’m mean this is to perfect and you girls are to beautiful. I would . . . “

“You promise never to show them to anyone?” asked Karen, “Then it’s alright by me.”

“I would like that also.” says Linda, “I would also like a picture of you and all of us together.”

“Cool. Can you go get my camera bag and bring it out?”

I have a digital SLR that takes great pictures.

I was cooking when I saw the flashes start in the kitchen window. Pretty soon they walked out with all the ‘stuff’.

“Right on time. The burgers are done and the beans are hot.”

As I said earlier, neither I nor Linda had been eating a lot. This is the first time I had an appetite and between the three of us we ate everything on the table. Karen watched us put away the food. Once I started eating I hardly noticed their tits at all. My dick even softened a little bit.

“Wow you two must have been starved.”

“Well I was a little bit hungry for some reason.” I answered.

“So was I.”

“Let’s clean up and get in the hot tub” I suggested.

It took us one trip to get everything back into the kitchen and sorted into the dish washer and the trash can. Then I grabbed the camera and jumped out the door in front of the girls. When they came out, they held hands and walked toward me in their towels and all their beauty. I took several pictures as the walked toward me smiling and holding hands. At about ten feet I asked them to stop and kiss.

They both smiled at me click, turned to each other and quite lovingly kissed. click click click click click I took picture after picture. When they were done they turned to me and with a smile noticed that my dick was straining to lift the towel straight out from my body.

“I’d sure like a picture of all three of us together but I’m not sure if the hard-on would add anything to the picture.” says Linda.

“Oh I don’t know,” says Karen. “I think it would look good. All four of us standing up proud and tall. Showing off our good posture.”

“We could just stand in front of him and hide it.”

“Hmmmm, after what happened earlier, do you think he can be trusted behind us with that thing primed and ready?” asks Karen.

“I sure hope not,” answered a giggling Linda.

My heart soared to hear her giggling again.

“You girls are so funny. Stand over in front of the grape bower.”

While they arranged themselves in front of the bower I set the timer to take a picture every minute and propped it up so that I had them centered from head to toe. Then I rushed over to them and stood behind them.

“OK, it’s set to take picture every 60 seconds. Get ready the red light will start blinking very fast right before it fires. Like that.” click

“Ok change places” says Linda.

We quickly shuffle around and I end up on one knee in front of both of them. click

“Change again” says Linda.

Karen immediately sits on my knee and Linda move right in front of her. I end up trying to look around them when …click As an aside. I couldn’t keep my eyes off their bouncing breasts as we were jockeying for position.

“Change!” says Karen.

This time I stand up and both girls pull my arms around their shoulders and place my hands on their breasts. As the light hit fast speed, Karen jerks my towel off. click

I went to get her back when she just yanks her own towel off and plasters her body against mine. Grabbing my head she pulls it down and lays a kiss on me that should have chipped my teeth. click Linda is caught unawares on that one and the picture shows her just throwing her towel off to the side. The next picture no-one really moved. I was entwined with Karen kissing her still and Linda was plastered equally tight against my other side. click

I turned my head to Linda and started kissing her. This let my erection spring free. It had been trapped between Karen’s and my bodies. Neither girl wasted anytime and both grabbed it. Stroking click Karen dropped to her knees and pulled my dick into her mouth. Oh fuck click Linda soon followed when she realized where Karen was and both girls started sucking my dick click They were taking turns trying to see who could get the most into their own mouths. click It was incredible. I couldn’t take much of this click

“I’ve got to sit down.” I managed to croak out. click

With a sigh of regret from one of them they got up and Karen grabbed my hand click and led me to the hot tub. click

“Get the camera Linda” says Karen.

Sitting me down on the edge of the tub, click Karen kneels between my legs and takes my cloud storage dick back into her mouth click I lay back and close my eyes to revel in this. I know I’m not going to last much longer. click

“Karen I’m close to cumming.” click

“Cum in my mouth. You’ve cum in Linda twice tonight and not me at all.” click

Sucking my dick back into her mouth. Worming a finger into my asshole wet with her spit. click

I open my eyes when I sense Linda near and see her pussy coming down onto my face. I just have time to move my arms so that they aren’t trapped with my head. click Her pussy settles on my mouth and I am amazed at how good she feels. soft, swollen, hot, wet, needy. She is rocking on my face. click I am trying to lick everywhere. My hands travel up her body and cup her tits again. Soon however, Karen’s insistent mouth and finger have taken my attention. click I can feel it coming from 5 minutes away. My hips are thrusting into her mouth and settling my asshole back on her finger. click Faster and faster I am hunching her face. With a mighty shove and a heavily muffled groan, click I start shooting my sperm into Karen’s sucking mouth. click I can’t seem to stop and with each thrust into her mouth a shoot another load of sperm down her throat and into her stomach. click

Oh shit, That was incredible. Linda slips off my face and pulls Karen up onto the edge of the hot tub and crawls between her legs.

“It’s your turn.” she whispers.

She is in between Karen’s legs and her face is buried in her pussy. I am catching my breath watching all this. My dick is still hard as diamond. Picking the camera up I start snapping pictures of my sister giving my girlfriend head. I can zoom in and capture every microscopic detail of her tongue buried in Karen’s cunt. Her lips wrapped around Karen’s clit sucking it and pulling it till it pops out of her mouth then attacking it with her tongue.

I catch Karen’s tits as they jiggle and wobble laying on her chest. Still remarkably upright. Shit I can’t take it anymore. I know that Linda is on the pill (and that Karen isn’t?). Moving behind Linda I lean over and ask her,

“Linda, is this all right?”

“Yes, Mike fuck me. Please fuck me.”

She is swollen and wet. Her pussy is pretty much at a peak. My dick is slick from Karen’s mouth. I set the tip of my dick against her pussy and push right in. Her cunt is fever hot. In a night of all superlatives, this was the epitome. I had to savor this. I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen again. I drove my dick into her repeatedly. Fast and hard. When I got close I would stop and just grind my groin into her ass. Rotating my dick inside her cunt until the feeling lessened and I was able to fuck her again. Reaching under her and rubbing her clit. Milking her dangling tits. Sensory overload.!!

I started cumming in her cunt. Driving my dick into that hot, hot, hot tight velvet glove she has for a pussy. Smashing my groin into her ass while I shot a load of cum into her with every deep thrust.

“Oh shit, don’t stop.” she gasps. Unable to pay attention to Karen she was laying her head in Karen’s crotch. I couldn’t have stopped even if I wanted to. I started fucking her even harder. Timing my ejaculations with my thrusts deep into her body. Reaching around her I rubbed her clit then lightly pinched it. That was it. I felt her cunt convulsively start squeezing my dick. Within seconds she was falling into the water. Moving her to the side I stepped into the gab of Karen’s legs and pushed my still hard dick into her pussy. What had I done to be this lucky.

I leaned in on top of her and told her I wasn’t going to cum in her. To enjoy it.

She wrapped her arms around me and we started fucking like to rabbits. It didn’t take long and Karen was cumming also. Her pussy spasming around my thrusting dick. I rode her through her orgasm. Finally, she was spent. As was Linda, it seemed. I still had a hard dick, but it was not accompanied by any real urgency. I eventually rolled over and laid beside her.

“Wow!” says Karen.

Smiling I slide into the hot tub and pulled her in with me. Linda moves over and plasters her body against Karen’s. I smile at her and we lean into each other and kiss. Karen plants little kisses on us as we were kissing. We both turned to her and we all tried to kiss each other. While it may not have been successful in the actual physical act of kissing, it was extremely successful at expressing our feelings.

“Shit! Who’d of thought it?” asks Linda.

“Thought what?” I asked.

“That it could be this good.” she replied. “With someone you love. It makes the difference.”

Linda’s hand crept to my dick under the water and when she felt it was still hard looked at me and “Fuck, Mike your still hard.”

“How could anyone not be hard with you two? You do realize that this is 99% of all men’s most consistent fantasy? But I’ve got to ask. You girls have been together before haven’t you?”

Giggling from both of them.

“It cloud file storage shows huh?” asks Karen. “We may have spent a night or two together.”

“I would guess that you’re bi then?”

“Well I guess so. But only a little bit. It’s easy for two girls to do it and it’s safe from a reputation and pregnancy point of view.”

“Come on.” says Linda. “Let’s go in and watch a movie.”

Soon, we were all on the couch. Our naked bodies all snuggled together under the cover we had over ourselves. My hands were very gently caressing every inch of their bodies. That their tits may have gotten a little bit more attention it was only because the way we were laying put their pussies and asses slightly out of my reach. On the other hand my dick was in reach of all four of their hands. It didn’t take all that long till I was only concerned with the feel of their tits in my hands and my dick in theirs.

“Shit that feels good.”

“You want to fuck one of us again?” asks Karen.


“Would you like to fuck me in the ass again?” asks Karen.

My dick lurched and grew even harder. Linda laughs and says,

“I guess that answers your question.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Watch and learn Oh studly brother of mine.”

So saying she scoots to the edge of the couch and Karen kneels in front of her with her ass in the air. Seeing the obviousness of the situation. I am kneeling behind Karen’s O’ so sweet ass as she is already busily licking Linda’s pussy.

“Be sure to lick her asshole and get it really wet.” says Linda.

So being instructed I lowered my mouth to her ass. Spreading her ass cheeks I started licking her asshole. Moving down to her pussy and using my fingers I started diddling her clit while laving her entire slit, from her pussy to her asshole, with my tongue.

She pulled her mouth from Linda’s pussy long enough to tell me, “Now’s good!”

So once more kneeling up behind her Linda tells me,

“Get your dick wet first. Stick it in her pussy for a minute then bring it to me so I can make sure it’s wet enough.”

Oh man did her pussy feel good. “Can you get on the pill?”

She didn’t or couldn’t answer. Linda had her head clamped to her pussy.

“Bring it here.” groaned Linda.

Standing and with one step I have one knee on the couch as I am feeding my pussy coated dick into my sister’s mouth. Karen’s pussy, Linda’s mouth and next Karen’s asshole. I almost blew it right then.

“Now work it into her ass. Then fuck her as hard as you want.”

Stepping back behind Karen, I put my dick right up to her asshole and pushed. It slips in with a little resistance and a groan from Karen. Linda is hunching her face and her tits are dancing all over her chest. Grabbing Karen’s hips I push the rest of the way in with a long slow slide. My balls swing and bump into her wet pussy. Linda has my camera and is taking pictures of Karen eating her pussy. I reach for it and she hands it to me. I quickly take several pictures of my dick fucking Karen’s asshole. Then I take a few of Linda in the throes of an intense orgasm. That was enough. Tossing the camera onto the couch I lean over and grab her dangling tits. Milking them, pinching her nipples and stretching them out to her sides. The whole time reveling in the way her ass is squeezing my dick.

Straightening back up I grab her hips and really start fucking her hard.

“Oh fuck, keep fucking me. I’m going to cum. Oh shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiittttttt!” groans Karen as she convulse on my dick buried in her ass.

The sensation is incredible and as her ass is milking my dick, I start cumming also. Filling her asshole up with my cum. She eventually crawls up Linda’s body and collapses in her arms. This pulls her off my dick and with a pop I slip from her clenching asshole, still hard.

“Damn, doesn’t that thing ever go down?” asked Linda.

“Hey I’m nineteen. I’m at my sexual peak, and you girls are so incredibly beautiful.”

Turning over and laying her head against Karen’s tits. (Wow what a nice couple of pillows). Parting Karen’s knees she kneels between them with her ass sticking up in the air.

“Can you fuck my ass again? Nice and slow until you cum again” she says.

Moving in I put my dick against her asshole and with a little push, the head of my dick pops back into my sister’s ass. She is so slick from before that all I get is heat and pressure. Fuck it feels great. I am once more fucking my gorgeous sister in her ass and doing it in a slow methodical way this time. Concentrating on the friction on my dick. the way Karen’s tits are shaking. The feel of my sister’s ass cheeks pressing into my groin with each thrust into her body. Leaning forward I trap Karen’s nipple in my mouth and suck it as my hand caressing and fondles the rest of her breast. Linda soon joins me and then I am kissing her and then we are both sucking Karen’s nipples. My urgency is starting to peak and this time I don’t try to stave it off. In fact with a little concentration file upload and a slight corkscrew movement, I am cumming in my sisters ass once more. Pulsing, straining, trying to empty my entire body into her asshole.

Finally, I finish and kind of roll onto the couch and sprawl there beside them. My dick has softened but would still be considered an erection by just about everyone.

“Again. I was wondering if it would still be hard.” says Linda. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“So do I” says Karen.

As they walk away from me I can’t help but watch their glorious asses swaying back and forth.

When they come back Karen kneels in front of me and starts cleaning my dick with a warm washcloth she has brought back from the bathroom. That got rid of any softness in my erection. Giggling she leans over and after sniffing my dick takes it into her mouth and sucks it for a couple of bobs of her head. Then straddling my hips she lowers her pussy down on my erection and once more I am imbedded in her pussy.

“Mike don’t cum in my pussy. When you’re ready you can use my ass again or my mouth.”


With that, she starts grinding her clit into my pelvic bone. Not really bouncing at all. I fill my hands with her dangling tits and just can’t get over how they feel. Like the finest suede leather perfectly fitted over a hot water bottle that is shaped like a tit and filled with hot pudding (but firmer). Her nipples were incredible. They were over a half inch long. When erect they had the consistency of firm rubber. You could pinch them and stretch them. I swear when she did it herself or when Linda did it to them I would swear it would have to hurt they stretched them so far out from her body. I felt Linda moving against me and with a smile at her and a passionate kiss, I held Karen’s tit out to her to suckle on. As she took over the tit nearest her I started kissing, sucking and caressing the other one. Linda also shoved her hand between us and started rubbing Karen’s clit.

Again I was holding back because I wanted Karen to cum with my dick in her pussy. The stimulation must have been good. Karen started cumming like she hadn’t had an orgasm all night. Her pussy was squeezing my dick like she had a hand in there. When her orgasm started she started raising almost off and then slamming back down on my dick. Finally, she collapsed in a trembling sweaty heap on my chest.

Brushing her hair out of the way both Linda and I started kissing her neck and shoulders. Finally, she raises up and with a happy glow and a sweet smile says,

“Wow, I’ve never felt anything like that. I’ve always loved anal sex and preferred it over pussy sex. Now I’m not so sure. I owe you, where and how do you want to cum?”

“Let me help.” says Linda.

“What ever you girls want is good for me. You both don’t realize just how happy I am just to be with you.”

“OK, kneel between his knees again.” Linda says to Karen. When Karen gets in position and starts to go down on me, Linda says,

“Not yet” grabbing my very wet and slippery dick in her hand, she stands it straight up and tells Karen, “OK, wrap your tits around his dick and fuck him with them.”

Karen, with a delighted smile on her face proceeds to do exactly that. Squeezing my dick between her tits she starts jacking me off with them. As my dickhead would pop out of her cleavage, it would almost bump into her chin click Linda had grabbed the camera again. click Oh shit.

“Can you let me know when you’re about ready to cum. click I want to get a picture of you shooting your cum on Karen’s tits?”

“OK, I’m pretty close now. This is so wild and you’ve click got to feel how good her tits feel wrapped around my dick”

“Whew, OK get ready click 3…2…now” click click click click click click click …

My cum was launching straight up. Hitting her in the chin and dripping/running down to her cleavage to pool around my erupting cock. Finally Linda leans in and captures the last several ejaculations in her mouth. Then raising up kisses Karen and passes it all to her. When she’s done she leans back and tells Karen to show me.

As Karen opens her mouth click to show me the cum Linda click had given her click Linda started taking pictures again.

“Now swallow it”

“Hey, it’s down” While not in it’s completely soft relaxed state, my dick was laying down on my thigh.

“Wow I feel good.” This time I got to be in the middle and we lay all cuddled up and started to fall asleep.

Rousing myself I suggested we go to bed. They both sort of mumbled something and snuggled further under the blankets.

Smiling I went and got a quick 3 minute rinse off in the shower pulled the covers back on my bed and went back to the two sleeping beauties. I first picked up Linda as she was on top and carried her up the stairs to my room. She opened her eyes, smiled at me and nestled back into my neck. After laying her down I returned and got Karen. I laid her down and being purely selfish laid down in the middle and went to sleep.

I still didn’t sleep well.

You know it’s a tough decision when you wake up with morning wood and just don’t know which beautiful women to fuck first. I wish all my days would start with that tough of a decision.

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