Fred, Mary , Jessica again


Fred couldn’t remember how he got into the city the next morning. In fact when he realised he was in the city he couldn’t remember waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and getting into the car. He even glanced down guiltily to make sure he was dressed.

He had gone to the city, he decided, because it was about the time he usually went there. He tried to remember what he usually bought in the hypermarket and in this way he slowly managed to work his way around to the checkout. He noticed that he had remembered to buy more Cava to replace yesterday’s consumption.

He was standing in line at the checkout when he felt a smooth palm stroke over his buttock. He whirled around to see Hilary standing behind him. After the initial shock he grinned at her and she moved close to him and slid her hand on to his naked thigh tight against his crack.

“Hi Fred,” she laughed, “are you any closer to selling yet?”

“After the shock you’ve just given me I think I am,” he smiled. “I nearly had a fatal heart attack.”

Hilary didn’t move her hand as they neared the head of the queue. Soon it was Fred’s turn and the checkout girl noticed his best feature in his shorts and smiled at him. He paid and waited for Hilary as she paid for her few items.

“Can I buy you a coffee?” he asked, looking at her fully for the first time. Hilary was carefully made up for business but was still provocatively dressed in a blue top today which was a twin of the lemon one of a few days ago. Today her shorts were cream with lots of pockets. High-heeled white sandals completed her dress.

“Best offer I’ve had today”, she laughed and looked directly down at his full shorts.

They retired to the coffee shop and quietly watched the people passing by. Truth to tell Fred spent more time watching Hilary’s body as it moved beneath her minimal outfit; he bet she wasn’t wearing a bra again.

“Do you like it Fred,” she laughed. “I must say I like you looking at me.”

“Yeah,” growled Fred. “I was just wondering if you are wearing a bra today. I want to suck your nipples.”

“I almost never wear a bra Fred. I’ll have to come and see you again soon and prove it. I have to go; are you parked underground here?”

“Yes, I’ve got to go too. I’ll come with you. By the way, is there a Mr. Van thingy?”

Hilary laughed out loud as they walked down the escalator together. She took his hand and rubbed it between her legs, over her pussy.

“I’m divorced Fred so there’s no angry husband watching me.”

“Just lots of salivating boyfriends, I expect. God, you’re hot Hilary. To put it bluntly, I would love to fuck you. Could you fancy a cock that’s thirty years older than you are?”

“Of course I could. Don’t forget I’ve already seen what it can do. There’s nothing wrong with your penis Fred. I want it to fuck me soon. There, how’s that?”

They had reached her car. Fred took her key and as he bent down to insert it into the lock Hilary inserted her long fingers into the hem of his shorts and unerringly grasped his prick. Fred turned slowly and in the middle of a busy car park raised Hilary’s top to reveal her juicy breasts. She didn’t flinch; just gazed into his eyes and squeezed his cock some more.

“I’ll be over as soon as I can get another appointment near to you. I definitely want that fuck now. OK?”

“Oh fuckin’ Kay,” said Fred as he restored Hilary’s modesty. They kissed firmly, tongues playing, and then separated.

Fred drove home thinking of Hilary, relishing the feel of his erection in his shorts. As he neared home his thoughts returned to Jessica and his cock hardened up even more.

As he opened his gates and parked his Jeep he thought that she hadn’t come and he felt acute disappointment. Then he saw Prince sitting outside the washhouse loo and knew that he had a visitor.

Then he saw her! Jessica! She came through the poolside door and waved to him. She was naked! ‘Christ she is so beautiful’ he thought and quickened to meet her. She flung herself into his arms and kissed him full on the lips.

“Oh Fred, I’ve been waiting ages for you. I walked here so I was hot when I arrived. I stripped off straight away to cool off. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath today ‘cos I left my bikini here didn’t I? Did you see it? How do I look?”

“Oh Christ Jessica, you are the most beautiful creature on this earth. If my cock could possibly grow another centimetre at the sight of you it would. Please stay all day and let me feast my eyes on your beauty!”

Jessica’s arms had remained around Fred’s neck and now she kissed him again.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes and let’s have a nice cool drink,” she smiled. “I’ve just been for a pee. I wanted to do it in front of you like yesterday but I couldn’t wait. I went to the loo ‘cos it seemed a bit pointless doing it outside if there was no one else to see it. I’ll have a few drinks then I’ll be able to do it for you. Will you like that?”

“I’ll like everything and anything you do, you Ankara travesti beautiful nymph you. Come on, help me carry these groceries into the casa and then we’ll get that drink.”

Fred was thirsty so he grabbed a bottle of cold water out of the fridge as they were carrying the goods indoors. When they had finished he went down to the bedroom and discarded his shopping clothes and put on a clean pair of swimming shorts. He returned to the naya and picked up his water.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” complained Jessica. “I’m naked for you. Why have you got shorts on? I’m going to take them off you!”

She was surprised that Fred didn’t try to stop her. All he did was pour cold water all over her breasts as she dropped his shorts to reveal his semi hard prick. She stood up and grabbed his arms and then collapsed against him as he began to drink the spilt water off her generous breasts. He licked her long warm slopes with the hard nub at the top. Every time he reached a nipple he sucked on it and nipped it with his teeth.

Jessica rubbed herself against Fred, pressing her beautiful body to his more than mature one. He kissed her again and released her.

“Now Jessica darling,” he said. “I want you to go over to your sun bed again. I’m going to get my coffee and then I’ll open us a bottle of Cava. I’ll come over to you and put your sun cream on all over you. I’m going to indulge myself by just looking at you. We’ll have a few drinks and a nice time. OK?”

“Sounds fantastic as far as it goes,” Jessica answered. “But Fred, you know that I want to touch your cock, don’t you? I only had a quick grope of it in the pool yesterday afternoon. I want to make it come all over me again and then I want you to make me orgasm again like you did yesterday. Can we do that?”

“We’ll see how it goes,” said Fred. “Now go and get ready for me.”

Jessica happily skipped off to the pool and Fred went into the kitchen. He prepared the drinks and took a deep breath before venturing outside again. His cock was ramrod stiff.

Jessica was lying on her front when he got to the pool. Her fantastic back and gorgeous buttocks were spread for him to admire and he did just that. Jessica heard him approach, bare feet or not.

“Please oil my back and bum now Fred. Then I can turn over and you can do my front while I drink my Cava.”

Fred picked up the bottle of oil. He tipped it up and squeezed. A thin stream of oil left the neck of the bottle and Fred guided it across Jessica’s shoulders, down her spine and then into circles over her glorious buttocks. Fred breathed deeply and applied his palms to her skin, gently but firmly stroking the oil into her body.

Her shoulder blades rippled under his touch. He was firm with the thinner flesh covering her spine. She squirmed a little as he tickled her waist and sighed loudly as he firmly stroked circles around her buttocks.

“Don’t forget the sides of my breasts and my bum crack,” Jessica murmured sleepily.”

Fred breathed deeply again. This time he poured the oil into his palm. He rubbed both palms together and then touched Jessica’s breasts for the first time. His cock shot up ramrod stiff and he had to take care to keep it from touching Jessica’s skin.

Then he touched the crack of her arse. Jessica moaned and spread her thighs to give him ease of access. He gazed in awe at her little puckered arsehole and the wet juicy crack of her pussy. He groaned audibly and smacked her bottom quite hard.

“Turn over Missy,” Fred groaned again. “If I don’t stop looking at your beautiful arse I’ll come all over it.” Jessica rolled over. “Ohhhh my God, I think I’ll come all over your breasts and cunt anyway.”

“Now that is proper grown up talk Fred,” giggled Jessica happily. “I decided while I was lying in bed last night playing with my pussy that I wanted you to be my next lover so it doesn’t matter how many times you come on me. Make it before Mummy comes though ‘cos I want to have you on my own for a while.”

Jessica reached for and passed Fred his Cava and then picked up her own.

“Cheers,” they toasted each other.

Fred couldn’t help himself. He began to wank his cock again and Jessica open her eyes wide to watch. She spilled some of her wine on to her breasts and they both watched as the excess trickled down to her bejewelled belly button.

“Don’t waste that drop,” whispered Jessica. “Drink it off me!”

Fred threw his leg over her thighs and sat on them. He stuck his tongue into her belly button and licked. Jessica bucked and pulled his head down to her. Fred headed upwards, licking Cava from the valley between her breasts. When he had removed it all he rested his head on her breasts and licked gently.

“My nipples please Fred, suck my nipples and play with my titties. They are aching for your tongue and your hands. Ohhhh yess my darling, that’s soooo goooood!”

Fred’s cock and balls were now resting on Jessica’s shaved pussy; her juice was evident to him as he pressed Konya travesti down gently. He groaned and begged to her.

“Now you can touch my cock Jessica darling. It’s ready to burst all over you. I’m going to come all over your body again.”

Jessica carefully took his cock in her hands, her long slender fingers around his shaft. She just naturally started frigging him slowly. Fred groaned again.

“Oh Fred, your cock feels beautiful. No wonder Mummy loves it inside her. I want it too. You’re so hot and I can fell it throbbing. Are you coming soon?”

“Yes Jessie darling, right this fucking second! Ohhh my God, here it comes!”

Jessica’s hands on Fred’s cock froze as she felt his spunk shoot through it. He ejaculated on to her breasts, splashing both with his first blast. Jessica recovered and tossed him again, this time directing his spurts on to her belly then back on to her breasts again with a final one reaching her mouth. Fred stopped spurting but Jessica didn’t let go of his cock, looking at the little eyehole in the end with a sense of wonderment. Then she pulled him nearer, opened her mouth and sucked his knob in, licking and sucking until it was clean. Only then did she release him and begin to collect his spunk from her belly and breasts, sucking it from her fingers as she worked. As she finished she pulled his head to her and they kissed, sharing the last of his spunk.

Jessica refilled their glasses, no mean feat as Fred was still sitting on her very hot pussy. She handed his glass to him and smiled.

“I saw a porno film once at a party and one of the girls in that film sucked the man’s cock after he’d shot his load all over her. I thought at the time that it was really horny and promised myself that I would do it to a favourite lover of mine. You are that lover, Fred my darling. Now, when do I get my orgasm?”

“Right now my angel,” replied Fred as he changed position so that he could comfortably get to Jessica’s pussy. He opened her thighs wider and plunged his tongue on to her pussy. He pushed his tongue into her crack as far as he could and sucked hard. He moved along the crack, sucking and nipping until he reached her clitoris. He had seen yesterday that her clitty was quite long when allowed to protrude from her crack so he now pulled it out with his lips, sucking firmly.

Jessica went off like a firecracker and thrashed and screamed into an orgasm the likes of which Fred had rarely seen. Coupled with her spasms came a veritable flood of cum juice. Fred set to, trying to drink as much as he could catch but quite a lot leaked through Jessica’s legs and on to the lounger. Jessica held his head to her mound and moaned and moaned, slowly relaxing and pulling her thighs together. Finally she lifted his head and smiled down at him.

“Fucking Hell, wasn’t that something,” she said. “I’m sorry Fred darling, but I think I’ve ruined your lounger cushion.”

“We’ll turn it over until I can get another,” he laughed. “It was worth every cent. Time for our pre lunch swim now my angel.”

They were still in the pool when Mary arrived. They didn’t hear her drive up and didn’t see her walk across the forecourt. Prince didn’t bark at one of his favourite people of course. They had forgotten to turn the lounger cushion over. Mary took a long look at that and walked to the edge of the pool, stripping off her top and shorts. She wore no bra or panties again so she stood and let her long hard stream of pee arc out before diving neatly into the pool and surfacing near Fred, grasping his cock.

“You need a new lounger cushion Fred,” she said. “My daughter seems to have ruined it!”

“Get me a supply of cushions my darling,” said Fred. “I think I’m going to need them!”

Mary stood in the pool and pressed her naked cunt against Fred’s flaccid cock. Flaccid or not, Fred loved the feeling and ground his crotch against his Mary’s cunt. He felt himself begin to grow; so did Mary.

“Jessica darling,” she said, “please go to the kitchen and find something to eat for lunch. Fred and I have to sort something out.”

Jessica climbed the steps out of the pool, both Fred and Mary watching the sight of her beautiful rear view as she ascended the steps. Fred grasped Mary’s bum and she in turn squeezed his cock. Jessica turned.

“I’ve found some, Fred darling,” she called. “Watch!”

After a few seconds her pee squirted out of her cunny, adding to her mothers drying puddle from a few minutes ago. Then she swayed across the forecourt, climbed the naya steps and disappeared into the villa.

“Ohhh Fred darling, you can’t resist her, can you?” sighed Mary. “Have you made love to her yet?”

“No, not yet, Mary my love,” he said. “She tossed me off or I would have about twenty minutes ago. She is just so beautiful and such a nice person too. Just like her mother!”

Fred pulled Mary to him and fondled her buttocks deep down into her crack with one hand and grasped her breasts and nipples with the other. Then İzmir travesti he pulled her to the steps and they climbed out into the warm sun. He pushed Mary under the poolside shower and turned on the tap. As the water descended he pointed his cock at her body and let fly. Then they embraced under the shower before he turned off the tap.

“Is it too soon after Jessica to get you hard again my darling?” asked Mary as she took his tool in hand again. Fred began to grow in her warm clasp.

“I want you Mary,” gasped Fred. “I always want you. I used to want you when I saw you in the street or out and about with Graham. Oh God, that feels lovely; let me touch your pussy and lick your tits!”

Fred and Mary played with each other’s bodies, oblivious to the fact that they were visible to the outside world, even though it was unlikely as Fred’s villa was almost at the end of the road. Jessica watched from the naya as she brought out lunch from the kitchen. Her hand drifted between her thighs again.

Fred sat Mary on the balustrade and parted her thighs. Mary pulled his cock to her cunt entrance and watched as her lovers’ knob end slid between her lips on its way to heaven. They then both took a firm grip on each other’s buttocks and pulled hard into their bodies. Mary wrapped her legs around Fred’s waist. Soon Fred’s balls were slapping against Mary’s thighs and her pussy was making wet squelching noises.

God I’m going to come darling,” panted Fred. “Where do you want my spunk?”

“All the way up my cunny,” gasped Mary. “Show me you love me by filling me with your spunk; all the way up my passage.”

“Yes now darling, I’m coming nowww, nowwww, nowwwww! Fucking Hell, that’s a lot!”

“Ohhh yes my sweet, I can feel it. I can feel your lovely hot spunk shooting all the way up my cunt to the top! It’s making me come on you! Yesss, yessss, yesssss! Arghhhhhhhh!”

Gradually they stopped thrusting at one another. They smiled into each other’s eyes and then kissed, deeply and lovingly.

“Here you are, you guys,” said Jessica, handing them a glass of Cava each. “You’ve earned these. That was a beautiful and erotic sight. I love you both.”

Despite the fact that Fred was still deeply embedded in her mother’s pussy, Jessica kissed them both opened mouthed on the lips.

“Come and see what I found for lunch,” she laughed. “I’m hoping that it will give us energy for some more lovemaking afterwards.”

They all repaired to the naya but not before Mary had sucked their excess juices off Fred’s cock. There was plenty of salad and smoked salmon, with fruit and ice cream too. They soon drank the rest of the Cava and started on another bottle.

Fred was beginning to feel pleasantly drowsy when a soft hand aroused him by touching his soft cock. He opened his eyes to see Jessica kneeling before him, her magnificent breasts covered in cream and ice cream.

“I’m afraid I’ve made a bit of a mess Fred darling,” she said softly. “Could you help me by cleaning me up with your tongue.”

She sat on his knees and pushed her breasts towards his eager lips. Fred started licking the creamy substance off her breasts in long firm strokes, ending at a nipple each time. He gave each nipple a firm suck and a hard nip as he reached it. Jessica held his head in her hands and kept him tight against her, moaning with pleasure all the time.

Small drips of the nectar had dripped from her breasts and fallen on her newly shaved pussy lips. As Fred completed the breast-cleaning task Jessica stood and pulled his head to her pussy for him to finish the job. As soon as his tongue touched her crack she sobbed into a climax, grinding her soft warm pussy into Fred’s face.

“Fred darling, don’t forget me,” came Mary’s voice. “I need cleaning up too!”

Fred released himself from Jessica’s grasp and turned to Mary. She sat in her chair with her thighs wide apart. She had liberally spread cream and ice cream all over her naked snatch, her crack completely covered.

Fred bounded across the space between them and started work.

“I’ve got a lovely mixture for you darling,” she purred. “Cream, ice cream and mixed love juices from before lunch. Go on, lick me out and make me come again!”

Having found the crack at last Fred stuck his tongue in and scooped out the loving mixture. He then pulled Mary towards him and kissed her, mixing all the tastes together. He returned to the task in hand several times until she was clean of creams and empty of juices. Mary was thrashing and moaning as he licked deep into her vagina.

“Oh God yes Fred you horny bastard, I’m coming again. I love you, you fucker you. Ohhhh yes, I’m coming all over your lovely tongue. Ohhhhhhh!”

Fred cleared the table; he had to stand anyway after servicing Mary! The girls, mother and daughter, lay back in their chairs with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Fred returned to the naya and whispered into Jessica’s ear. “Off you go to your sunbathing now sweet darling. You’re neglecting your tan.”

Jessica uncoiled her splendid body out of the armchair, kissed Fred full on the lips, and sauntered across to the pool. Fred ran his fingers over Mary’s breasts to arouse her and then beckoned her to follow him indoors. He guided her to his bed.

Fred couldn’t remember how he got into the city the next morning. In fact when he realised he was in the city he couldn’t remember waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and getting into the car. He even glanced down guiltily to make sure he was dressed. He had gone to the city, he decided,…

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