Flashing, Spanking , Wanking! No. 08


I entered the toilet early and saw that Mark had put up a sign.

“Twenty pounds a wank. All erect cocks out will be serviced first.”

I boldly walked down the line, inspecting all the erect cocks before me. I was like an erection, Sargent major, as I passed all the boys, their trousers around their ankles and arms behind their backs. Thrusting their aroused appendages towards me.

Some boys were shy, others proud, and they were usually the biggest.

“I hope none of you boys has been wanking this morning?” I shouted, only to get a light mummer as my inspection continued.

“I said, I hope none of you little wankers has been playing with yourself this morning?” I repeated as I studied the beckoning hard-ons before me.

“No!” Came the reply from all.

One boy had a big smirk on his freckled face, proud of his enormous dick.

“Wipe that smirk off your face. You wouldn’t be here if you were any good at using it, you wanker!”

Some boys had trouble maintaining their erections and occasionally gave their cocks a quick rub as soon as I passed them.

I quickly turned on my heels to catch one boy tossing.

“Hey! No wanking in the queue!” I admonished, “Get to the end of the line!” With that, he shuffled ungainly with his trousers around his ankles, taking his dick in his hand to rub more life into it.

“Careful,” whispered Mark, who was following behind me, “we don’t want to lose any trade.”

“I know,” I replied, “but he’ll be trouble to get off if he’s struggling now.”

Earlier that morning, I quickly ran to Mark. “Mark, can you set me up with some more customers?” I asked.

Mark turned and smiled, “That’s a coincidence, Julie, as words got around and I’ve already got over twenty willing lambs want to go to the slaughter.”

“Really?” I asked in surprise, wondering how Mark knew I would need some quick money. As lady luck was indeed working in my favour, I wasn’t going to ask too many questions.

“Oh yes, and all willing to pay twenty quid for a hand job,”

beamed Mark.

“Twenty! Bloody hell, that’s four hundred quid for an hour’s work!”

“Do you want me to help you out,” offered Mark?

“Thanks. I’ll need it with a randy mob present.”

“Good thinking”, He reasoned with care, “They could overpower you.”

He was right. “Okay, but make sure they are all in line with their cocks out,” I asked.

I stood in the cubicle doorway and stared down the line of bottomless, erect boys, ready for my attention.

“Right In you come!” I shouted to the first in line as I began loosening up both wrists. After all, this was going to be a two-handed job.

The first boy ungainly shuffled up to me with his trousers around his ankles. His stiff cock wobbled from side to side until he took it in hand and sneakily rubbed some life into it.

I dragged him into the cubicle, and he would have overbalanced if I had not expertly grabbed him by the shoulders. I quickly twisted him around and grabbed his stiffy from behind him.

I reached around him with one hand on his shoulder, the other on his dick and rapidly started tossing him.

“Careful!” He blurted as I pulled his foreskin back to the maximum from the off!

“Sorry, sweetheart, I thought you were already loosened up,” as I shortened my strokes.

It was only three more strokes before ejaculated wildly against the cubicle wall. His fresh white virgin sperm splattered hard with every shot from his healthy young cock. I milked off the last of his semen from his quickly receding arousal and pushed him towards the door.

“Next!” I yelled, and my line of boys willing to be tossed off shuffled nearer my door.

The next three cocks were rapidly brought off and rudely shoved out of the cubicle as soon as they ejaculated their last bolt. The cubicle wall was now a waterfall of cum, giving it a smelly white sheen.


“Sorry, love lots of cocks to get through,” I explained as I pushed my gasping wanked off boy out of the cubicle.

At first, I took time to glimpse at my prey shooting onto the toilet wall. I put my head over their shuddering shoulder as they cried out their first bolt of cum. A loud cheer came from the boys in the queue as they shuffled up, closer to their turn to be milked.


The next boy was a bit more experienced, taking at least twenty shuffles to get him off. He gasped and exploded onto the cubicle wall, and I urgently pushed him out, wringing some life into my aching wrist. If all the boys were as hard to get off as him, I would be in for a torrid time.

“Next!” I shouted, beginning to worry if I had too many boys who weren’t so delicate about having their cock’s tossed off. It was not as if I could ask Mark to help out. I would have to send them home with an, I O U, note, I blackly joked to myself. “I, Julie, promise you one orgasm by my own face hand!” with my signature.

The next three boys were challenging to get off, and I noticed their cocks were already slightly red before I started.

Their pricks smelt different, and there was kilis escort a distinct smell of cheese in the air. I could smell them over the cubicle wall, which was already taking on a spunky sheen from the blast of their erupting cocks

The next boy was big, and I struggled to get my hands around his mighty girth. I set off at a fast pace hoping to catch him off guard, but after twenty quick tugs, he was far from orgasm.

I looked up and saw his smug smiling face.

I rocked on, and soon my wrist was aching, so I swapped hands. He laughed at my struggle as I moved to his other side to get extra tug leverage.

“Face it, you’re beaten,” he boasted.

So he was here for a challenge.

“If I don’t cum I want my money back,” he threatened.

I licked my finger and gave him the eyes. He hardened up by my re-enactment of oral sex, sucking the fingers of my free hand and licking my red lips. As soon I felt his extra interest, I whipped my finger out, dived down the back of his pants and quickly speared my finger up his ass.

“Oh! You bitch,” he cried, as I caught him off guard as he shot his hard-fought cum as it streamed in escape to the wall!

“You’re not that experienced fat boy!” With that, I pushed him out of the cubicle, his sore ass on display and his cock shooting sperm into the air.


The next boy walked delicately into the cubical. His cock was straining as he was already fighting to hold his semen.

‘Just what I needed,’ I said to myself as I rubbed some life into my aching wrist.

“Ohh! Gasped the boy, without me even touching him.

I smiled, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” he croaked. Through grinding teeth, his eyes watering through his closed eyelids as he fought to hold onto his spunk.

“Are you sure?” I teased.

“Yes, yes, just hurry!” He urgently gasped.

He was there for the taking, so I posed as seductively as possible.

“Nice cock!” I teased.

“Please hurry!” He begged.

I saw his eyelids flutter and his breathing quicken and thought I’d better touch him before he cum.

His cock was straining and leaking pre-cum. I quickly put my fingernail just above his balls, lightly dragged it up his shaft onto his sensitive spot, and then dug my five sharp red talons into his hard purple helmet. He blew immediately with a shriek. He took me by surprise as he shot high a rocket of pure white spunk, making me duck to avoid a face splattering.

I stood still in shock as there was a momentary pause after his first blow. I quickly came to my senses and dived to the cubicle wall to be clear of his next shot.

It was a wreaking ball of white cum, and I pressed my back to the wall to avoid the spread of his juicy ejaculation.

He cried in ecstasy as he shot high again, his spunk plopping down heavily over the toilet, splashing in its water.

Alarmingly he turned to me. I was in the line of fire. His cock aiming toward me. I jumped forward, grabbed him by the shoulders, and turned him just in time for his third blast.

He spurted hard again against the cubicle wall as I held him for all I was worth, keeping clear of his blasts.

I could feel his chest pounding and heard his loud groans as I squeezed him tight. I quickly put my hand to his spurting cock and wanked out what spunk was left.

His cock died after age, and I released my grip, laughing now that the danger had passed. The boy looked ashamed as his body crumpled in my arms.

“I’m sorry,” he bumbled.

“Don’t worry, you had to wait a long time. I promise I’ll do you first next time. You’ll see you’ll last a lot longer.”

The boy sighed and slowly put his dick away. He looked sad, and so I tried to placate him.

“Of all the boys I’ve tossed off, none has produced as much spunk as you,” I praised as he looked dejected over his ability to last long.

“You’re just saying that,” he moaned.

“I swear, and none of them has shot so high.”


“Really, A bull would be proud of the blast you do,” I laughed. “That’s why I was laughing, you caught me by surprise, and that takes some doing after all the cocks I’ve tossed off.”

His red face was bowed in embarrassment, but I was still able to detect a smile.

“What’s your name?” I asked, caring for my delicate tossed-off boy.


“See you tomorrow maybe and I’ll do you for free,” I offered.


“Yes, but let me get behind you next time so you don’t take my eye out!”

Peter laughed and started to leave, a happy customer.

“Next!” I hollered, causing Peter to wince as I accidentally yelled down his ear.

“Sorry!” I apologised as he winced and held his ear.

The last three cocks had been waiting so long they were bursting at the seams. They were all brought off quickly without any interaction with the owner. My aching wrist was dying for the tossing to end.

As the last of my prey moved out of my cubicle, I rubbed some life into my aching wrist.

“How did we do?” Inquired Mark. Money kilis escort bayan was more on his mind than the welfare of my well-worked wrist.

“I finished them all just in time, but it was hard work. Most of them take longer to cum, and it’s only their second visit.”

“There’s a rumour going around that they’re pre-wanking so it takes longer to cum?” Said Mark, “Have you noticed their cocks being a bit raw?”

“Yes, I have. Oh god, how do we get around that?”

“Tell them 50 wanks, and if they don’t cum they get their money back.” Suggested Mark.

“50! I think most of them would do that easily.”

“Ha!” laughed Mark, “You don’t know cocks, do you? If you tell a cock to go up, it stays down. If you say to a cock stay down, it goes up, and if you tell it not to cum?

“It cums?”

“That’s right?”

“Are you sure?

“You’ve got to take it slow on the way up to the 50 though, it’ll take longer to toss them off, but you will get your money.”

The following day I added to my notice:

“Any boy suspected of pre-wanking will be rejected.”

After inspecting all the boys who required my service, I marched to the cubicle. The ones at the front had their cocks out and were shamelessly wanking to ensure they kept their spot at the front of the queue.

“Careful, don’t cum too early,” I smiled, happy to let them toss themselves to make my job easier.

I got the boy who proved troublesome a few days before and started him off slowly. He counted the number of strokes I gave him, determined to get a quick fondle and his money back.

“Oh, he’s looking nice and big today,” I teased. By the tenth stroke, he was already on the back foot, grinding his teeth and grimacing. Has his cock teetering on my slow strokes, intermittently raked by my newly acquired red nails.

“Oh! Cum for mummy,” I smirked, and on the twentieth stroke, he was shooting hard against the cubicle wall.

The slow strokes helped my wrist, and only one client got up to 40 strokes. He was struggling and holding on to his cum for all his worth. By stroke 45. I held him in limbo.

“My, your balls are hard, and so is this big purple cock head, just dying to cum,” I chuckled tantalisingly, his rigid, shiny bell end as I raked my nails over it! The boy grimaced and went onto his tiptoes.

“Ohh! Good boy! Cum good and hard for little ‘ole me!” I teased with a little girl’s lost voice, and he immediately shot hard against the cubicle wall. His sperm splattered, causing me to take a bit of splash back on my fingers as I rapidly milked him dry.

The next boy took everything I could throw at him. I squeezed, rapier wanked, scrapped his shaft, poked his hard helmet with my sharp nails, and used all my provocative, encouraging spiel, yet still, he wouldn’t cum.

“Oh, Julie, I don’t care about the money. I just want to cum,” he cried, leaning back against the wall, his cock close to spewing,

“Let me feel your tits to take me over the edge, ” he pleaded.

He had been a friendly, polite client and was sincere in his desire.

I took his hand and placed it on my breast. “Go on then. They’re all yours.”

He groaned in ecstasy as he heavily groped my boobs. He went to my breasts two-handed and solidly kneaded them.

“Fucking lovely!” He drooled as I went to toss his cock. His whole body reacted to the sensation of feeling my tits. His cock rapidly hardened as I took advantage of having him mesmerised by the pert hardness of my boobs. He cum hard and painfully squeezed my tits hard one last time!

“Oh, thank you, Julie!” He cried as I milked his cock for all its worth.

“Another satisfied customer,” I squeaked as he caught my nipples.

The next day the head came to the college common room and stated before all the pupils.

“It’s been brought to my attention by the cleaning ladies that there is a large..er stain in the boy’s toilets, and would those responsible please stop it.”

There was a wave of titters and gasps, and I felt the eyes of the college looking at me.

Suddenly I was deprived of my money and urgently sought Mark for advice.

“We could use the girl’s toilets?” He ventured.

“Two problems, one, it’s the same cleaning ladies, and two, there will be girls in there.

“We fell into defeated slumber until Mark suddenly had an idea.

“I know the toilets down the park. We’ll only be there an hour, and hardly anyone uses them anyway.”

The park toilet was a bit cold, damp and dilapidated, and reeked of disinfectant. But when did that stop a boy from getting his rocks off? The cubicles had glory holes, and the walls were smothered with phone numbers and offers of homosexual sex.

The toilets soon became the park of dreams. “Wank, and they shall cum!” And come they did.

The problem was that the grungy dank sleazy surrounding with its offset, pungent smell of Chlorine and piss didn’t make for the best erotic surroundings.

To my surprise, I saw Caroline,

“I’ve come to give you a hand,” she laughed, escort kilis “Or two if my right-hand starts to ache.”

Great to see you. Come on, let’s get going.

We went into a cubicle each.

“First victims I shouted.”

As Caroline had the bigger boobs, it was apparent they would go for her cubicle, so we quickly sorted out that problem.

You get what you’re given. It’s a boob lottery. If you don’t like it, you can leave,” I loudly informed the awaiting aroused throng.

Luckily, nobody left, and we quickly took our first lambs to the slaughter. The replacements made their way into our cubicles, unzipping and letting their erections out as they walked into our snare.

“Right turn to the wall!” I ordered, and he did as he was told

As I pulled his trousers down and latched onto his cock. I immediately wanked away at speed.


“Sorry lots of customers,” I explained as it was apparent his foreskin was still a little tight. I soon got him off though he gasped in delight as he cum against the cubicle wall.

“Good boy,” I commended,” Nice and quick!”

“It was then I heard Caroline scream.

“What’s the matter?’ I shouted over the cubicle wall.

“The dirty fuckers cum all over my jumper,” squealed Caroline in disgust. I started to laugh before giving my advice.

“You’ve got to turn them away and wank them off from behind. You don’t know when these horny little devils are going to spew.”

“Thanks for that,” said Caroline, “great advice, just one small criticism. A bit late,” she laughed as I heard her mopping sperm off her with toilet paper.

I could hear Caroline rubbing her jumper vigorously, trying to remove the spunk covering her massive tits.

“Next!” We both cried in tandem, and the next victims made their way toward us. Erect cocks already out.

“Can I have you, Julie,” said the spotty curly-haired youth.

I looked at Caroline, who was quite happy I took him on.

“Sure,” I accepted.

“I prefer small tits!” He added.

I laughed, “There’s a compliment in there somewhere.” As I shoved him into the cubicle

I spun him around so he was facing the cubicle wall with the streams of ejaculate already streaming down it.

“Do you have to wank me from behind? He mournfully asked as I tugged away at his cock. His loose for-skin was very evident.

“Sorry, I’ve got to keep my clothes spunk-free, “I explained.

“Oh, I suppose,” he depressingly gave in, and I could feel his cock soften. “It just that I’ve always been a big admirer of your tits.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” I said, speeding up my wrist action to regain his hardness. I stopped and thought a second. “What harm could it do,” I thought.

“As your such a fan of my boobies, I’ll let you turn around and have a feel of them but make sure you don’t cum on me, or I’ll rip your balls off,” I semi-joked.

“Oh, I won’t, I promise.” His face lighting up in surprise.

“Yeah, I’ve heard all you boy’s promises about cuming.”

“I promise.”

I flipped him around, and his eyes lit up true to form; he eyed my breast.

I started to wank him and fell in love with his puppy dog, admiration for my boobs.

His cock instantly pushed up in hardness, and I laughed, “Boy, you really do like them, don’t you?”

“Oh wow, to be this close to them and being tossed off by you!!! It’s just too much, a dream come true.”

I was a sucker for an admirer and was already falling for him. “Look, if I let you touch my boobs, they’ll all want to touch them,” I gasped,” and believe me, after three boys tweaking your nipples, you don’t want more.”

“What are you saying?” He croaked as my hand sped up on his shaft.

“You can have a feel, but please don’t tell anyone or you’ll never touch them again.”

“You’ll let me touch them again?” He lit up as he tried to push past my wanking hand to eagerly get to my boobs.

I soon realised my mistake but went along. “Any fan of my tits is always welcome back,” I lied as his hands delicately worked on a boob each. I was smitten by his admiration of my boobs, especially as he preferred them to ‘Big tits Hunt’ in the cubicle next door.

“Next!” I heard Caroline yell from next door.”

“That was quick,” I shouted as my admirer slowly gorged on my breast, his cock rapidly close to spurting.

“He grabbed my boobs,” yelled Caroline.

“You’ve got to turn them to the wall,” I laughed, “with your rack, your asking for it.” I was well aware of my hypocrisy as my admirer started to groan.

“Yeah, but he cum quicker. I should have brought my raincoat,” Caroline joked.

“Cumming, “my admirer squealed, and I quickly let go of his cock and turned him around by the shoulders. He groaned loudly as he ejaculated, and I kindly reached around and drained him right off.

“You’re getting the executive service,” I joked, “a feel of my boobs and an end of wank polish.”

“Oh, thanks!” He gasped as I pulled his loose foreskin over his cock head back and forth.

He looked very pleased with his orgasm and still looked at me with loving adoration.

“What’s your name?”

“Jeff,” he replied, his eyes lighting up because of my interest.

“Do you want to see me again?” I asked out of curiosity more than love. It was their third visit for some boys, and I wondered if any of them were starting to become attracted to me.

I entered the toilet early and saw that Mark had put up a sign. “Twenty pounds a wank. All erect cocks out will be serviced first.” I boldly walked down the line, inspecting all the erect cocks before me. I was like an erection, Sargent major, as I passed all the boys, their trousers around…

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