First Time with Older is a Blast Ch. 02


As I came back to earth after that mind blowing orgasm into my hot co-worker’s throat, I was more desperate than ever to fill her small body up with my thick hard cock. Rachel’s cluttered back seat left no room for us to continue our fun so I suggested going back to my apartment about 10 miles away. Rachel said there was no way she had time to go back with me tonight, as her husband and children would worry about where she was, and they would start calling her soon anyway since it was getting late. There was no doubt in my mind that she wanted to get fucked; I just didn’t know where we could go in a short time.

In the meantime, I noticed that Rachel’s small hands had remained on my stiff prick, slowly pumping it for me in her fist. My hands went right to her chest, and I squeezed her sexy tits and rubbed her fat nipples which were stiff as my dick. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in to her chest, forcing my tongue to devour her slightly sagging boobs as they hung down. I took careful pleasure in licking around each nipple, running my warm tongue along the little bumps, before slowly blowing on her nipples and then finally sucking each tit into my mouth. I could tell this tit play was getting her even hotter and her grip on my cock tightened.

Then it hit me. The office was right around the corner! There would be no one there this late, and we had our ID cards so access wouldn’t gaziantep bayan escort be a problem. I told her my idea, and she grinned sexily at me and then immediately turned the key and took off toward the office. When we got there, our hands roamed all over each other’s hungry bodies, and my dick tented out in front of me, eager to fuck this hot piece of ass that teases me every day of the week!

We got inside and headed right for her desk, where she swept away all of the paperwork from her desktop and laid down on it, offering her body to me to do as I please. The location itself was a huge rush and turn on for me, as I had often imagined this situation in my mind. Rachel pulled her shirt off, and since her bra was left behind in the car, her beautiful tits flopped out in front of my face. I fondled them as she reached for my zipper and expertly fished out my thick meat. She practically ripped them down from my waist before I could help her loosen them, and she grabbed my cock, pulling me close to her. I slid her skirt up to her waist, revealing a very wet pair of light blue panties. Their wetness forced them to cling to her cuntlips, and my excited hands reached down and traced her pussy outline through her panties.

Rachel told me she needed to get fucked right now, and she lifted her hips, sliding down her soaked panties. I saw her wet pussy gaziantep bayan escort ilanları in plain view, her lips were meaty and her snatch was surprisingly hairless. I wanted so badly to taste her, and lick her pussy until she exploded in my face, but right now we had limited time, and Rachel made it clear that she needed my cock, not my tongue!

I moved between her legs, my rock hard dick rubbing against her glistening slit. I grabbed her smooth thighs and eased my cock head into her mature hole, letting it sink in slowly into her tight twat. Her hands gripped her desk as I held her legs apart, and began to thrust myself into her with increasing speed and intensity. Rachel moaned in approval, thrusting her crotch up to meet my dick for even better penetration. Her tightness created such friction around my cock, and I started to fuck Rachel as hard as I could. My heavy balls kept slapping against her ass as I plowed into her dripping wet pussy. Her medium sized tits bounced wildly and her eyes were closed as we fucked each other passionately on her desk.

I decided before this ended that I had to see that sexy ass of hers so I stopped fucking her, pulled out my slick cock, and turned Rachel around. It took a second for her to realize what I wanted, but then she smiled and placed her hands down on her desk, her gorgeous ass gaziantep bayan escort reklamları sticking out for me. I reached in front of her and massaged her hanging tits as my dick lined up with her tight pussy from behind. I moved my hands to that unbelievable ass and used it for balance as I slid back inside my older woman fantasy come true. Staring at her ass somehow made my prick get even harder and I nailed her pussy for all I was worth, our actions shaking her desk. I slammed Rachel’s cunt with my thick young tool as she screamed freely in the empty office. I could feel her juices creaming out of her hole and covering my crotch, dripping onto the floor as well.

At this angle, I was really able to fill Rachel up and I felt my cock and balls begin to tense up. I told her I was going to cum, offering her the chance to tell me where she wanted my load, but her response to my comment was simply thrusting her ass at me even more, encouraging me to fill her up. I needed no further egging on as my body convulsed and an explosion went off inside Rachel’s hot wet vagina. My cum gushed up into her slimy snatch which was now reeking of her juices, and it began to seep out of her and onto the floor, joining her own juices that dripped there earlier. I continued to hold her ass as the last of my load dripped out of my penis deep inside this sexy slut of a woman.

As we gathered our clothing and cleaned up, we both at the same time caught sight of the picture of her family that she had up at her desk. I imagined that she must have felt some guilt as she saw the picture, but all I saw was a daughter who seemed to be barely legal, and taking after her beautiful mother in the looks department, yet with a much larger chest. My cock twitched in my pants as we grabbed our coats and left.

As I came back to earth after that mind blowing orgasm into my hot co-worker’s throat, I was more desperate than ever to fill her small body up with my thick hard cock. Rachel’s cluttered back seat left no room for us to continue our fun so I suggested going back to my apartment about…

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