First Lover Pt. 03

First Lover Pt. 03


Between making out in cars and sneaking a quickie in my mother’s den, we had actually begun to develop a strong friendship. Since we were both going away to college in August, we decided early on that this was strictly friends with incredible benefits. No romantic attachments. Surprisingly, this arrangement worked well for both of us. Despite the fact that he did things to me that 30 years later still make my pussy swell with desire at the thought of them, our friendship was always paramount. I often wonder where he is and if he thinks of me…but that’s another story. Today, my mind wandered to the evening we spent at the drive in movie.

We grew up in a small midwestern town. In the early 90’s before cell phones and Netflix, we had drive-in movies. The concept was simple. You paid, by the car, to park outside, in front of a huge movie screen and watch a couple movies from your car. You would tune your radio to a special station so you could hear the audio of the movie. This was the perfect outing for girls like me, who would normally never be allowed to stay out as late as this. Plus, everyone understood it was the biggest public orgy in town. Most cars were rocking to something much harder and stronger than the movie. The car I was in that night was no exception.

He put up a pretense of actually being interested in watching the movie we had paid to see. I thought it was incredibly cute and a perfect example of the mixture of good dude and fuck boy he was. He fully intended to do the nastiest things he could think of to me and encourage me to be as sexually aggressive as he intended to be, but he also didn’t want me to feel like he was only with me because I would let him fuck me every way he could imagine.

I can admit now something I would never have admitted then…the idea of people getting off all around us made me so hot.

“Want some popcorn or snacks?” he asked. He was a little awkward, which was odd for him.

“Sure,” I replied and we walked to the get some snacks.

Despite it being summer, there was still a nip in the air. I decided to wear a linen sundress with thin straps. I couldn’t wear a bra, but my breasts were round and firm. They didn’t need the support of a bra. The thin linen of my dress did little to protect me from the chill.

“You cold…” he asked, keçiören escort as he glanced down at my erect nipples “…or excited to be with me?”

We both laughter and I replied honesty, “A little of both.”

“Let me keep you warm,” he said as he wrapped his armed around my neck from behind.

He pulled me close and we walked in sync to the popcorn stand. As he pulled me closer, I could feel I wasn’t the only one anticipating pleasure. We got inside, quickly purchased snacks and started our walk back to his car.

Now, as we walked past other cars, we could not help but see folks in various stages of carnal pleasure. One couple was clearly on third base, as we watched a girls head bob up and down on a guys lap. He was oblivious to anyone watching, as his head was reclined on the seat with his hand on her head, making sure she took every inch of him down her throat. I felt a tingle of excitement watching them quickly followed by a flood of embarrassment. My eyes darted towards him to see if he saw me staring, but I didn’t think he noticed.

The next car had couples in the front and back seat. The girl in the back seat was sitting on the guy she was with. Her shirt was opened and the guy was sucking one of her big tits and playing with the other with his hand. In the front seat, the guys head was buried in a girls pussy and her moans were so loud they made my pussy flood.

I must have slowed my pace to watch a little longer than I should, because he whispered in my ear, “you like to watch, huh?”

I quickly protested, but my body gave away my secret as he slid his hand up my dress and into my wet pussy. It was dark, so no one really noticed him fingering me out in the open.

He breathed in my neck and asked, “is it watching him suck her tits or the other guy eating her pussy that’s making you so wet?”

A new flood of juice spilled out of me onto his thick fingers. I couldn’t answer. My voice was trapped by the orgasm he was bringing me to with his fingers and nasty talk.

“Girl, did you just cum in my hand?!?!”

All I could do was nod my head.

He let out a little chuckle and said, “well, I guess you owe me one,” grabbed my hand and quickly walked me back to the car.

Slightly embarrassed, I got into the car. He looked kızılay escort at me with a devilish grin and said, “you are full of surprises.”

“Shut up,” I replied with a smirk.

“Let’s get to the business of settling the score.”

I reached for his belt buckle and he let out the tiniest gasp of shock. I did not care. Watching those folks lick and suck each other made my pussy throb harder than it ever had in my life. Coupled with the mastery of his agile fingers perfectly stroking my clit, I could not wait for my second cum. His dick was rock hard and hot. No words were exchanged, I just leaned over and took him as deep down my throat as I could without chocking. He was so big, my jaws stretched as wide as they could to accommodate all of his manhood. What I could not fit in my mouth, I massaged with my hand. He liked it, because he let out a sigh that indicated approval. I licked, sucked and jacked his massive cock for about 10 mins. Having my lips wrapped around his dick, with his hand in my hair guiding me, was almost more than I could stand.

“I need to be in your pussy.”

Without words, I climbed into the back seat. He followed. He pulled his pants around his knees and he practically tore my panties from my body. I looked him in his eyes as I lowered my dripping wet pussy on his big dick. I lowered myself slowly, because he was so big I was afraid of hurting myself. God, but feeling myself give way to his massive member was a pleasure that always felt like the first time.

As I slid rhythmically up and down, the thin straps of my dress slid off my shoulders. His arms wrapped around my waist thrusting himself deeper inside me and his moans of pleasure encouraged me to ride harder and faster.

“Slow down…I want to enjoy this view for as long as I can,” he said, as he slid his hands from my back and held onto my ankles while I slowed my pace to a sensual wave.

His hands around my ankles was surprisingly erotic and sent a flood of ecstasy all over my body. I’ve asked my partners since him to hold my ankles, but none have ever made me feel like he did.

By this point, my ample breasts have almost fully escaped my dress. It was at this exact moment I realized there were probably people watching me get fucked just like I had been watching earlier. sincan escort Maybe even someone getting fingered and climaxing enjoying the live porno he and I were performing. The thought of it made my pussy wetter. I was brought back to the moment when I felt his full lips wrap around my hard nipple and his tongue furiously lapping and rolling my big tit. His dick hairs rubbing my clit, coupled with the gentle biting of my nipple in his mouth and the pinching of the other, topped off by his massive dick stretching my pussy to the sweet spot between pleasure and pain was too much. I came so hard and called his name so loudly that I’m sure every girl in the drive in wished she was riding the dick I was riding.

“Fuck! The way your pussy feels coming is going to make me cum,” he said, muffled by his face being smothered between my DD girls.

“Hold it, baby, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“Talking like that isn’t helping me not to bust this nut, girl.”

We both laughed and I slid off him and landed on my knees in front of him. With his massive dick in my face, still hard as a rock and standing awaiting my full attention, glistening from the hard cum I just unleashed on him, it was clear he had more self control than he gave himself credit for.

Let’s get you cleaned up,” I said with a grin.

I leaned into him and wrapped my breasts around his manhood. He was slippery with my juices and the smell of my pussy on him made me hot.

“Fuck my tits,” I begged.

He complied, by taking them in his massive hands and stocking himself between them.

“Mmmm, you feel so soft and good. You like the way my dick feels between you big girls, baby?”

I could not respond because my mouth was full with the head of his dick. I could taste myself on him and wanted to suck him clean. After a couple more strokes, I knew he was enjoying my blowjob, because he put his hand on the back of my head so I could suck all of his massive dick.

“Damn, take this big dick, girl,” he moaned while forcing himself deeper down my throat.

Wanting only to please him, I took him as deep as I could, but gagged a little because of his girth. Hearing me struggle to suck his dick pushed him over the edge.

“I want to cum in your face.”

I think I literally came again just from him asking. I popped his dick from my mouth with a smacking sound just in time for him to bust his nut all over my lips, chin, and tits.

I can’t remember what the movie was, but I will never forget the Oscar worthy performance we gave at the drive in that night.

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