First Jane, then Her Mother

First Jane, then Her Mother

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Written with another author called Chris, here’s another group sex story for you all. Enjoy.


Jane stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror admiring her svelte form. She hated to admit it, but she looked damn fine.

Her hair was light brown, shiny and long, just like the character that she was dressing up as, Princess Leia as a slave from Star Wars – Return of the Jedi.

Her outfit was sitting in its bag and at first she considered going without any knickers, but as some of her relatives were coming, maybe some underpants would be sensible.

Three days ago she’d turned 21, and tonight it was her birthday party.

So far there were forty people on the list and her mother, forty year old Margot, didn’t mind at all.

As for her father, Jane had no idea, and to be honest, neither did Margot.

Margot fell pregnant to Jane after a torrid few months of lascivious behaviour that never really ended until she met Paul, a man that seemed to have Margot’s behaviour under control.

Although Paul had brought stability, finance and damn good food to the household, he also brought religion.

For the past three years, since Margot met Paul at Jane’s 18th birthday, Paul has been a part of the family.

Paul’s introduction came after they left their old town five years ago and moved two hours south, well away from the prying eyes and gossip of their old town.

It was a new leaf for Margot. Jane was becoming aware of the constant flow of men that visited on and off, and Margot was becoming careless.

The tipping point was a wild affair with the wealthy business owning mayor of their old town.

With $10,000 in hush money in her bank account, Margot and Jane disappeared to the mountains to start again.

Tonight’s fancy dress party was coming courtesy of Paul, who enjoyed all that life had to offer, but was guided, as he claimed, by the lord.

The bar was well stocked, the food was prepared by his catering company and the decorations were a tax deduction.

Everything was under control, except for two people that had never met, two people that Jane was going to have to manage.

Mark and Chris were her two fuck buddies of the moment. Problem was she’d invited both and they’d never met. They also both said they were bringing a mate because they didn’t know anyone else.

So now she had four blokes coming to the party to distract, and keep away from the prying eyes of Margot and Paul.

“Oh well,” she thought, “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”

She pulled on some “nude” underwear and opened the bag with the costume.

“For a mainstream film back then, this was pretty racy!” she thought, putting the metallic bra over her pert 32C breasts.

Putting on the matching bottom and the flimsy, burgundy skirt, she admired herself again.

“I can see why this was many a geek’s fantasy!”

She plaited her hair and put on her strappy, metallic gold high heels to complete the look.

“Mmm, there’ll be a few eyes on me tonight, that’s for sure!”

She opened the door to her room and was greeted by her mother exiting her room.

“Fuck mum!” exclaimed Jane. “You know tonight’s supposed to be my night, right! How the hell am I supposed to be the centre of attention when you’re dressed like that!”

“You will be centre of attention honey.” said Margot. “It’s just that there was only one thought in my mind when we decided on film characters as the theme for tonight, and that was this one.”

Jane’s mother was dressed like Jessica Rabbit. She was wearing a flowing red wig, a tight, red latex dress hugged the curves of her body all the way down to matching red stilettos. The slit up the side exposed Margot’s long legs, and her big 38D tits were practically spilling over the top of the dress. The long purple gloves were there, but Jane could barely take her eyes from her mother’s cleavage.

“Yeah, right mum!” she grumbled. “Jessica fucking Rabbit! I don’t have the assets to compete with that!”

“Come on Jane. I’ll be behind the scenes for most of tonight, this is all about you. Sure, I might be bigger up top, but that Leia outfit accentuates everything that you have over me. That young body, most of it on show… you’re going to have every guy in the place looking at you.”

Margot kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“Come on sweetie, let’s go get this party started!”

The two women went downstairs to the large lounge of the house. Paul was at one end that had been turned into a bar, talking to the staff behind it. He’d dressed as Doc Brown from the Back To The Future movies, a look that suited him well, although the large whiskey he had in his hand ruined the illusion somewhat.

“There are my two beauties!” he exclaimed, when he saw Jane and Margot enter the room. He walked over to them, planting a peck on Jane’s cheek and a bigger kiss on Margot’s lips. “Margot, you look stunning! But Jane!! Wow, this might be your birthday, but it’s everyone else who’s getting the present!”

“Thanks mardin escort Paul,” said Jane. “A little creepy, but thanks all the same.”

“Grab yourself a drink my dear. I need to run through a couple of things with your mother in the kitchen.”

He took Margot’s hand and the two of them disappeared into the corridor.

Jane made her way over to the bar and ordered a vodka and tonic. There were three staff behind the bar, two men and a woman, all probably about her age. She’d noticed them watching her as she walked over, and she was positive that all three were checking her out, something that sent a tingle through her body.

The one barman handed her her drink.

“Happy Birthday!” he said, and she was sure she saw him wink at her, although it was so quick there was a small doubt in her mind.

“Hmm,” she thought to herself, “maybe if things don’t go well with Mark and Chris I could just have found my back up plan!”

Jane knocked back the drink in two quick gulps before the barman quickly created another and handed it over, and this time he certainly winked as he did so.

And it was a wink that was caught by his female workmate who quickly admonished him, albeit, jokingly.

“Shane,” she slapped him on the arm, “Don’t start flirting with the hosts again, or Paul might not let you work at these do’s anymore.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he flicked her arse with a towel, “You’re just jealous, aren’t you Bree?”

Bree just smiled at Jane and gave her a quick glance up and down.

“Ignore him,” she said. “He thinks he’s all that.”

Jane giggled in a nervous way that was unusual for her. The rapid effect of the vodka and the suppressed nervous energy were starting to take effect and she found herself suddenly worrying about the Chris and Mark situation. Not to mention that now Shane and his male workmate were obviously talking about her as the stood polishing glasses.

Jane was about to say something when the first of the guests, dressed as smurfs, stepped into the backyard and headed straight into the living room.

For the next hour or so Jane and Margot worked the crowd, giving out compliments in equal quantity as they received.

In particular it was Margot who was the recipient of the attention of many of Jane’s friends, particularly the male ones.

“I have to say it Jane,” one of them said. “And please don’t take it the wrong way, but your mum is looking amazing tonight.”

Jane didn’t respond straight away, but just stood there staring at two men standing nervously at the entrance to the yard.

Chris and another bloke were searching for her and as soon as Chris copped an eyeful of her in her outfit, he felt blood run down south.

He adjusted his Marty McFly red puffer vest before tapping his mate on the arm and nodding towards her.

Rather than go to him, Jane put her arm through that of her male friend and said, “Clearly, sexy genes run in the family.”

Being a tease, Jane stepped away from him before he could place his hand around her naked waist.

“Jane,” Chris called out from afar. “I need to introduce you to Pete.”

“Hi,” Pete said as he held his palm out for a handshake, a move that Jane ignored and went forward for a full peck on the lips. It was a move that took Pete by surprise.

“Oh, right, okay,” he uncomfortably said as he too felt blood rushing everywhere but his head.

With a long nondescript cocktail in her hand, Margot sauntered over to Jane and her gathering of male admirers and said, “here you are birthday girl! I should have known you’d be where the eye candy was. Nice to see you again Chris!”

She leaned forward to give him a peck in the cheek.

“And who’s this young hunk?”

“Lovely to see you too Margot.” Replied Chris. “Pete, this is Margot, Jane’s mum. Margot, meet Pete.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs…?” Said Pete, holding out his hand again.

“Call me Margot,” she interjected, “Mrs anything makes me feel so old! Nice to meet you too.”

As with Jane, Pete’s outstretched hand was overlooked as the older woman leant in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Wow!” he spluttered. “You’re really Jane’s mum? You don’t look old enough to have a 21 year old daughter! I mean, you look, well, hot!”

Margot let out a small laugh.

“Thank you for the compliment Pete, but you should see me first thing in the morning when I’ve just got out of bed!”

“I’d like to do that… er… I mean… ” he turned bright red as Chris punched him on the arm.

“Stop flirting with Margot man! She doesn’t let just anyone see her first thing in the morning, isn’t that right? And besides, we’re here to celebrate Jane.”

“Right on both accounts,” replied Margot. “I shall leave you to make the most of my daughter.”

She turned and wandered in the direction of some new arrivals.

“Oh we plan to do that alright!” answered Chris, slipping his arm around Jane’s naked waist and squeezing her close. “Right Pete?”

“Yeah, absolutely!” van escort said Pete, although one eye was on Margot’s arse as she sashayed away from them.

“Jeez!” exclaimed Jane. “Why does she always have to upstage me?”

“No-one’s upstaging you babe,” replied Chris, his hand slipping from her waist to her arse cheek. “You’re the hottest woman here. Now why don’t you say hello to me properly.”

“You’re just saying that because you want to fuck me!” answered Jane as she turned to kiss him hard on the lips.

Chris felt his shaft pressing painfully against his jeans as their tongues jousted. Pete was experiencing a similar reaction as he watched them. His mind wandered to what Chris had told him about this hot fuck bunny he’d been seeing, and what had been promised for the night. Judging by the display in front of him this was going to be one hell of a party.

Eventually the pair broke their kiss.

“Why don’t you two go and get a drink?” said Jane. “I need to go fix my lipstick, so I’ll come and find you both later.”

“Sounds good to me. We’ll catch you in a bit.”

The two men wandered over in the direction of the bar while Jane headed to the bathroom. There she re-applied her lipstick and adjusted her skirt from where it had been shifted by Chris’ wandering hands. When she was finished, she headed back into the living room, chatting to a few guests along the way. After a few moments she spied her mother on the far side of the room talking to two younger men. They were blocked slightly from her view, but she assumed it was Chris and Pete.

“If she’s flirting with them,” she thought to herself, “I’ll kill her!”

As she walked over in the direction of the threesome her angle changed enough for her to see an even worse situation than she’d imagined. It wasn’t Chris and Pete that Margot was speaking to, but Mark and another guy.

Her stomach flipped.

“OK, keep calm.” She thought. “All you need to do is keep these two on this side of the room, and Chris and Pete out in the yard or something. You can manage that…”

Both Mark and the other guy were dressed in green flight suits over a white T-shirt, aviator shades completed the look.

As they spotted Jane approaching they took the sunglasses off, prompting Margot to turn around.

“Here she is, the start of the night!” exclaimed her mother. “I believe these two young men were waiting for you to appear.” Continued Margot, with a knowing glint in her eye. “I shall leave you with Maverick and Goose here then darling.”

Margot leaned in to apparently give Jane a peck on the cheek, but instead whispered to her daughter, “four men, my my girl, you have got a busy night ahead of you, haven’t you!”

There was no way Jane could reply to her mother, however she was happy to see that Mark’s friend was clearly casting an appreciative eye over her and not Margot.

“Hey Jane,” said Mark, “this is James.”

“Pleasure to meet you James.” She leant in and kissed him briefly on the lips, as she had done with Pete.

James was as surprised as the other man at how forward Jane was in her welcome and was sure there must have been a quite obvious tent in his flight suit crotch!

“Thank God there aren’t many people over here!” he thought.

“The pleasure is all mine,” he said out loud. “Mark has told me a lot about you.”

“Has he now?” replied Jane, glancing down towards the bulge in his groin. She turned slightly towards Mark. “All good I assume?”

“Apart from what a bad girl you are, you mean?” retorted Mark. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Jane’s knickers had been damp from her previous clinch with Chris and she felt them moistening again.

“Damn it!” she thought as her tongue tangled with Mark’s, “Why do they both have such an effect on me! How the hell am I going to deal with this?!”

For the next hour and a half Jane was able to control not only her own rampant desires, but convince both Mark and Chris that she had to go mingle with the relatives and others, rather than just flitting backwards and forwards as she was so busily doing.

As the night wore on the crowds of relatives diminished and the younger crowd took to the makeshift dance floor and began grinding their inebriated bodies against one another, a signal that went straight out to both Chris and Mark to join in.

With a few too many drinks circulating in her system, Jane was caught unawares when suddenly she saw Mark and Chris, who were both only a foot away from each other, approaching her.

Her smile dropped and a startled expression fell upon it as she realised the inevitable was about to occur.

Rather than just panic though, Jane sashayed between them and keeping her distance flirted with them until the opportunity arose to, with a wink and a nod outside, she managed to lure Chris out from the pack as Mark relieved himself in the toilet.

What Jane didn’t realise was that Mark’s mate James watched her disappear ankara escort and alerted Mark when he returned.

“Where did she go?” Mark tucked his head around the corner but the backyard was now bare.

“Well,” James paused, “Maybe they went in those rooms over there, the old granny flat.”

Mark considered it for a while and decided to bide his time, for a few minutes anyway. A few minutes in which Jane had succumbed to Chris’ charms and was now rubbing his hard cock through his outfit as he fingered her wet cunt.

“Chris,” Jane broke away from their kiss to finally tell him about Mark. “There’s something I need to talk about.”

Thinking that Jane was about to either break him off or ask for a commitment, which he wanted nought to do with either, he changed the subject.

“Look at this place,” Chris said. “This room is just made for a discrete fuck.”

The single bed, covered in boxes and bags of clothes was next to a crowded desk, some gardening equipment and the ubiquitous unused exercise bike.

Thinking that it might be better to tell him about Mark after he’d cum, Jane made the call.

“How about a discrete blow-job instead, I can’t go disappearing for too long,” she said as she hooked her thumbs around his pants and slid them slowly down.

“That’ll do, for a start anyway, you delightful little slahhtt,” his voice rose as she slipped her tongue around his knob.

Jane excelled at blowjobs and it was deep-throating Chris that always kept him coming back.

“Yeah swallow that cock baby,” he whispered, “Take it all down your dirty throat.”

Two things that both he and Mark had in common were sizeable cocks and a liking for dirty talk.

Holding the back of Princess Leia’s head he pounded his cock into her mouth as she mumbled and groaned around it.

Jane couldn’t help but begin a fervent frigging of her clit as she swallowed his cock.

“Wanna fuck now babe, wanna feel my cock in your cunt?”

Jane thought about where they were and the possibility of discovery, and also about how damn wet and horny her pussy felt, and decided that the risk was worthwhile, plus Chris was a stayer and he only ever blew after fucking anyway.

Mark was also a stayer and after waiting long enough he and James exited from the dancefloor, stood out in the backyard and lit up a joint.

“Where the fuck did they go,” James asked as he took a deep drag of the weed.

“Maybe they’re in there,” Mark nodded to the dark granny flat.

James winked at Mark and took a quick look inside the house, “Let’s investigate shall we?”

“If they’re at it,” Mark elbowed him in the side, “Everything I said about her, and her slutty mum, are true.”

“Her mum as well?”

“Yeah, my cousin knows here from her time out in the bush where she was the local bike, everyone rode her.”

James looked back at Margot who was now dancing with a group of girls and guys, and he liked what he saw.

With no one watching, the pair slipped around the corner and stood outside the door where from inside they could hear the distinct sound of fucking.

Chris had barely been able to wait when Jane removed her warm mouth from his shaft. He bent her over the end of the bent, yanked the bottom of her costume to the floor and buried his long shaft deep in her cunt in one hard thrust.

“FUCK YEEEESSSS!!” Jane cried out as he bottomed out. “Stick that dick deep inside me!!”

He took hold of her hair and tugged her head back as he thrust hard into her soaking wet folds.

“No worries there Jane, I’ll give you the force alright!”

“Don’t fucking joke Chris, just fuck me so we can get back to the party before anyone notices!”

Mark and James took that as their cue. Walking into the room they took in the exceptionally hot sight of Jane bent at the waist, skirt, bikini bottoms and knickers around her ankles with Chris balls deep inside her.

“Too late for that you little slut!” said Mark as he walked further into the room.

Jane froze, but Chris kept ploughing away.

“But if you were that desperate for a fuck, why did you come out here with whoever this is? I told you I was bringing James over tonight to help give you a proper birthday seeing to.”

“What do you mean ‘whoever this is’?” replied Chris, not missing a stroke. “Jane and I have been fuck buddies for the last couple of months. Who are you?”

“I’m also her fuck buddy.”

Mark looked from Chris to Jane and back again. The feel of Chris’ cock plunging deep into her pink hole was bringing Jane out of her shock and also to the brink of orgasm.

“Fucking hell Jane,” Mark continued, “I knew you were one horny little tart, but didn’t realise it needed two of us to keep you satisfied!”

“Four.” panted Jane.

“Huh?” said Mark.

“Four! You, Chris, James and Chris bought a mate along as well! Oh fuuuuccckkk I’m cummmmiiinnng!!”

“Oh shit! I completely forgot about Pete!” exclaimed Chris as he fucked Jane through her orgasm.

As she came down he pulled out and stepped away.

“I guess you guys know what to do here.”

Mark and James were out of their clothes in seconds and moving in on Jane.

“Mate, you’ve got to let her deep throat you. She’s amazing at it.” said Mark.

“Just as long as I get to fuck her as well.” replied James.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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