Fire of Lust II – Ch. 16

Reeva and Sonali joined the three women on the bed, running their hands over their still cooling bodies.

“That was so hot.” Reeva said, kissing her sister-in-law softly on the lips.

“You guys looked so good together.” Sonali agreed, laying her body on top of Jina.

Seema rose from the bed and picked up the backpack she had brought, rummaging inside she started to pull out her sex toys. The other women watched with wide eyes as Seema continued to bring out her toys.

“Jesus, Seema! Where did you get all those?” Sonali asked.

“You would be surprised how big the sex toy industry is in India. The girls at my hostel all have multiple toys. I may have more than average.” Seema replied as she put the last piece on the bed.

Sonali and Reeva looked at each other, both of them left the bed and returned with their own sex toys that had been gifted to them by their teacher, Ms. Maliya. The five of them sat around in silence looking at all the toys, just looking at them was raised their arousal, the room filled with the scent of pussy juices.

“I have only seen most of these in porn.” Nikita said, her voice quite and filled with wonder.

“Most?” Jina asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I have had a few female lovers in the past.” Reeva replied, grinning.

“What is this thing?” Reeva asked as she picked up a string of beads.

“They are called anal beads.” Seema said.

“Won’t that hurt?” Reeva asked.

“A little at the start, but then it feels wonderful. Jina had one of these in her anus yesterday.” Seema said as she picked up a butt plug.

Reeva and Nikita looked at Jina in awe. Jina blushed at the attention.

“I have never tried anything like that.” Nikita said.

“Neither had I, but it was…nice.” Jina replied.

“Nice, hah, she slept with it and didn’t take it out until the next morning.” Seema said.

Jina blushed harder, “Okay it felt great.” she admitted.

Nikita wrapped an arm around Jina, looking at the blushing beauty she smiled at her.

“I think that is hot, I want to see it again.” She said.

Jina looked into the other woman’s eyes and saw only acceptance and lust there. Smiling back she nodded her agreement. The three girls watched the moment between the two older women and exchanged knowing looks with each other.

“Well, I guess we have our first volunteer.” Seema said.

Picking up one of the butt plugs she held in out to Jina, who took it hesitantly. As she looked at it unsure what to do, Nikita took it out of her hand.

“Here let me.” She said, softly.

Jina nodded at her, relieved at the help. Nikita kissed Jina on the lips, the kiss became deeper as they tongues dueled with each other.

“Mmmm…” Nikita moaned, as she broke the kiss, “Here sweetheart why don’t you turn around and show me that incredible ass.”

Jina gave a sexy smile as she leaned down on her elbows with her ass raised in the air, Nikita ran her hand over her body and then kissed her on the neck, moving down her body she planted soft kissed on her back, reaching Jina’s ass she planted a kiss on each cheek.

As Nikita kissed down Jina’s body, the three younger girls moved in. Moving behind Nikita, Seema cupped her breasts and squeezed the firm flesh. Sonali laid done below Jina and nuzzled her breasts, nipping on her aroused nipples and licking her flesh meanwhile Reeva reached between the writhing beauty’s thighs and massaged her pussy lips.

“Unhhh” Jina moaned, as her body was caressed and licked.

Reeva parted Jina’s ass cheeks exposing her rosebud, her breathing deepened as Seema hand sneaked between her thighs rubbing her pussy slit.

“We need a lubricant.” Reeva said.

Seema brought her fingers, now covered in Reeva’s juices, and lathered the butt plug with it. Getting the idea Reeva reached towards Jina’s crotch, wetting her fingers with her juices are and proceeded to cover the butt plug in their juices.

“Unghhh…” Jina moaned as she felt the butt plug push against her sphincter.

“Try to relax.” Seema said.

Jina nodded her as she tried to relax her sphincter against the invading butt plug. Nikita watched in wonder as the Jina’s loosened to accommodate the butt plug, as the broadest part passed the anal ring the rest of the plug slipped in easily.

“Ahhhh…” Jina moaned, experiencing an orgasm as the feeling of fullness combined with the teasing her body was getting from the other girls pushed her over the edge.

The other four watched Jina as she experienced her orgasm, her body shaking in release, her sexy moans filling the room. Nikita bursa escort hugged Jina her hands running over her body. Looking into the other woman’s eyes Jina smiled at Nikita, who proceeded to capture her lips in a soft kiss.

Seema, Reeva and Sonali watched the tender moment with the two older women with a smirk, and shared a look. It was clear to them that Jina and Nikita were connecting at a deeper level.

“Ahem.” Seema said, “So who is next? Nikita”

Jina and Nikita broke their kiss and looked at the three girls.

“I don’t think I am ready for that right now.” Nikita said, her hands still roaming over Jina’s body.

“Well, you two enjoy yourself.” Reeva said as she moved over to Seema, kissing the girl on the lips, “But I am ready to try out one of those dildos.”

Reaching out Reeva grabbed the strap on that she had been given by her teacher and put it on. Seema and Sonali watched their friend push one end of the double headed dildo inside herself while securing the straps around her waist. Taking Seema’s hand Reeva pulled the smaller girl towards herself. Wrapping her in her arms she kissed her as her hands roamed down her back to squeeze her ass.

Sonali joined Reeva and Seema embracing Reeva from behind she took her breasts in her hands and squeezed, plucking at her nipples making her moan into Seema’s mouth, moving one of her hands to Seema’s breasts, Sonali repeated it on her breasts. The three girls writhed against each other kissing and fondling each other’s bodies.

“Unhhh…” Reeva moaned, breaking the kiss, “I am going to fuck you now.” she said, pushing Seema on to her back.

Seema lay back, biting her lower lip her eyes smoky with desire as she spread her legs, her cunt lips glistening with her arousal. Reeva settled between Seema’s thighs and positioned the head of the dildo against her pussy lips.

“Unhhh…” Seema moaned.

Reeva looked down at the compact, perfect body below him. Reeva reached up and drew Reeva in tight, kissing her softly on the lips before she let out a little moan as their tongues darted together. They we broke off the kiss, Reeva stared deeply into Seema’s eyes. Reeva nuzzled her nose behind Seema’s ear and licked her way around her earlobe while she softly moaned.

Seema kissed Reeva’s neck and ran her fingers along her back she kissed her way along her neck. Seema twined her feet around Reeva’s ankles and rubbed her legs against hers. Seema raised her hips as Reeva thrust forward.

“Unnhh…” Seema groaned as the rubber cock sank deep inside her tight pussy.

Seema flexed her pussy, clamping down on the invading cock. Digging her heels into Reeva’s ass and coiling her hands around the back of her neck, she leveraged her hips.

“Fuck me.” Seema said.

Reeva started with slow, then with a single powerful driving thrust, she rammed into Seema. Seema let out a sharp gasp, and her eyes washed over with pleasure. Reeva pumped inside her again and again, grunting as she worked the strap on. Seema’s lips parted and her breathing turned ragged. She grunted with every thrust.

Reeva piston fucked the lithe body below her, watching her tits roll atop her chest, slapping together as she plowed her. He thighs slapped against Seema’s tight little ass, and her grunts merged with hers. The bed squeaked as the two girls made love.

Sonali lay down next to the two girls and ran her hands over their hot bodies. She lowered her lips to Seema’s nipple and sucked the spongy tip between her lips. Swirling her tongue around it she gave her nipple a gentle love bite, then opened her mouth, covering her entire areola with her lips and sucked, savoring her sweet flesh.

“Oh…yes…,” Seema moaned, as she dragged her fingertips down Sonali’s spine.

Sonali gave her nipple a gentle tug with her teeth, let it go, and it snapped back into place. Moving to her other breast she inhaled her other nipple, gently sucking while she kneaded her tits between her open fingers. Seema was a ten-course meal rolled into one pixie package of pure sexual dynamite.

“Oh godddd…just like that…” Seema moaned as Seema sucked on her nipples while Reeva plowed into her.

Grabbing Reeva hair Sonali turned her head towards her and kissed her best friend deeply, her tongue slithered into her mouth, their breath mingled together. Dipping her head, she captured Reeva’s puffy nipples in her mouth licking and sucking on her delicious flesh.

“Yes, Sonali…more…suck my tits.” Reeva moaned even as she continued to push the dildo in and out Seema.

Moving further down Sonali pushed her bursa escort bayan face into the Reeva’s crotch and started to lick both hers and Seema’s aroused clit as they fucked each other with the dildo. Reeva’s hand sneaked into Sonali’s weeping cunt and she started to finger her friend, Seema’s fingers joined her to play with her engorged clit.

“Yes, lick my clit!” Reeva moaned.

“Oh yeah, just like that…” Seema whispered.

Nikita and Jina watched the three girls pleasure each other. Nikita’s hand was between Jina legs as she softly caressed her aroused pussy. Jina sat between Nikita’s legs her back resting against the other woman’s chest, her head resting on her shoulder as she observed the three girls through hooded eyes.

“Watching them is making me so hot.” Jina whispered.

“I thought I was the one who was making you hot.” Nikita replied, as she planted a soft kiss on Jina’s cheek.

“Unhhh!. You always make me hot; I can’t believe how turned on I get when you put your hands on me.” Jina moaned as Nikita’s fingers played with her clit.

“Same here, I have never felt this way with another woman.” Nikita replied her other hands squeezing Jina’s breasts.

“I have never felt this way about anyone.” Jina said.

Turning Jina’s face towards her Nikita kissed her, their tongues running against each other, their breathe mingling. As they kissed, Nikita’s gently rubbed a finger along Jina’s pussy slit. Thrilling at the soft moans that her action elicited from the beauty.

Jina coasted on a wave of pleasure, her eyes half closed, as she watched the girls in front of her elicit pleasure from each other’s bodies, while Niktia continued to run her hands over her body, tweaking her engorged nipples, running her fingers across her moist pussy lips.


“Aahhh!” Jina moaned, when Nikita slapped her pussy.

Before Jina could protest, Nikita did it again, the pain followed by the pleasure made her moan again. No one had done this to her before, and she discovered that he enjoyed the mixture of pain and pleasure. Watching Jina’s reaction closely Nikita smiled as the woman in her arms moaned. Encouraged by her reaction Niktia continued to slap Jina’s pussy lips, occasionally dipping a finger inside her hot pussy to gather some liquid to spread over her pussy lips. Grabbing one of Seema’s vibrating dildo, Nikita turned it on touched it against Jina’s clit.

Jina’s eyes hot open when the vibrator touched her clit, the sensations from her crotch washed over her entire body. Looking down she saw Niktia running the vibrating dildo along her pussy lips.

“Oh God, that feels amazing.” Jina moaned; her ass clenched around the butt plug adding to her pleasure.

“Mmm…we are just getting started.” Nikita murmured, turning the dildo around she started to push it inside Jina pussy.

“What…Nikita, no…I have never had something in both…” Jina started to protest, trying to close her legs.

Grabbing Jina by her hair, Nikita pulled her head back to look into her eyes. Her action caused Jina to arch her back pushing her breasts out, her aroused nipples standing at attention. The sight of Jina’s body caused Nikita to loose her concentration, but she quickly brought her eyes back to Jina’s.

“Shhh…don’t…it will be fine.” Nikita said.

“Are you sure? Have you ever…?” Jina asked.

“No…but I have seen others. It will be okay. You can do this. You think I will do anything that hurts you?” Nikita said.

Jina shook her head, slowly relaxing her thighs as the vibrator ran over her pussy. As she considered letting Nikita penetrate her pussy with the dildo she felt her own excitement rising at the prospect of having both her holes filled. Her breasts painfully full and her nipples throbbed in excitement as she finally opened her thighs fully.

“Mmm…that’s my girl.” Niktia whispered in her ears, “You are such a wanton slut, aren’t you? I can’t wait to make you scream in pleasure.”

Jina moaned at Nikita’s words, her breathing becoming deeper as the head of the dildo pushed against her pussy lips and the tip entered her. He ass clenched around the plug in her rectum which increased her pleasure.

“Try to relax honey.” Niktia whispered, Jina nodded her head, pleased at being called honey by Nikita.

“Oh god, I may be falling in love with this woman.” Jina thought, as she tried to regulate her breathing to relax her body.

“That’s my girl.” Nikita said, as she pushed the dildo further inside Jina, “How does it feel?”

“Unhhh…I feel so full.” Jina görükle escort bayan moaned, her breasts rising up and down as her breathing deepened. The dildo working its way inside her hot cunt felt incredible the feeling was unlike anything she had ever imagined.

Nikita watched in fascination as the beauty in her arms writhed in pleasure at being filled in both of her holes, she looked for signs of pain but all she saw was pleasure. Jina’s entire body was flushed as she slowly writhed in her arms, the dildo pushing into her welcoming pussy. Her moans rising as the pleasure built. Having pushed more than half of the dildo inside, Nikita flicked the button at its base.

“Ohhh…Fuckkkk!!!” Jina nearly screamed as the dildo inside her started to vibrate.

As an orgasm ripping through her body, Jina’s entire body went rigid, arching, no sound coming from her mouth which was open in a silent scream. The three younger girls broke off their own lovemaking to watch, noticing the dildo in Nikita’s hand and the winking butt plug between her ass cheeks, they grinned as they watched Jina writhe in Nikita’s arm.

“Damn, that looks intense.” Seema said, the other two girls nodded their heads in agreement.

Finally, Jina’s orgasm passed and her body relaxed. Nikta leaned forward and kissed her on the shoulder.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Ohhh…I have never come like that…I feel like my entire body has turned to jelly.” Jina whispered, her throat dry, from her recent orgasm.

“Mmm…we will have to see if that is true.” Nikita said, as she turned on the vibrator again.

“Oh…gooodddd…Nikiiii…” Jina moaned as the cycle started again.

The girls watched in fascination as Jina once again started to moan and pant in arousal. Nikita kept turning the vibrators settings up and down keeping Jina arousal from reaching its peak. Jina’s felt her entire body was floating on a never ending tide of pleasure as Nikita played her like a violin, never allowing her to orgasm always pulling back at the last minute, her fingers tweaking her nipples sometime soft, sometime hard, breaking her coming orgasm.

Putting Jina on her side Nikita started to play with the butt plug also twisting it and pulling it out increasing the amount of pleasure that Jina was facing. She loved the sounds of pleasure, and begging coming from Jina’s lips as she begged her to let her come. But she felt an unnatural desire to push this woman until she completely possessed her sexually, nothing in her experience had ever made her feel this way, she had to have this woman in every way possible.

For her part Jina felt like she was having a near religious experience, her mind floated on a haze of pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced or imagined, it paled even in comparison to what she had experienced with Sonali. Nikita had a near supernatural ability to bring her pleasure. As the pleasure overwhelmed her mind, only one thought remained, she had to be with this woman.

“Nikki…please…no more…no more…let me…cuummmm…” Jina moaned.

Nikita twisted her fingers in Jina’s hair and turning her face towards herself she kissed her passionately putting all of her feelings and desire into the kiss. At the same time she turned the vibrator to full power and shoved it all the way inside Jina.

Jina returned Nikita’s kiss with equal passion, at the same time her body started to convulse as she to orgasmed. The build up had been excruciating but now that she was peaking the pleasure coursed through her body Jina could feel her entire body explode, the pleasure burning through every nerve.

“Oh…Oh…Oh…unh…gooddd…I can’t…” Jina babbled as the pleasure overwhelmed her and she lost all sense of time and place.

“Wow…” Seema whispered, in awe.

“Likewise.” said Sonali.

“I never thought anyone could cum that hard.” Reeva commented.

The three girls watched Jina go through a series of small mini orgasms in awe. Nikita gently pulled out the dildo and butt plug from Jina’s body and hugged her, speaking soothing words into her ear as she rolled through the pleasure.

“Wha…what happened?” Jina asked, coming to her senses.

“You passed out for a couple of seconds when you came.” Nikita said.

“Oh god, I didn’t think that was even possible.” Jina said.

Nikita kissed Jina’s cheek her fingers tweaking her still aroused nipples, “I had only heard about it, you have an amazing appetite for sex. I can’t wait to see what else you can do in the bedroom.”

Jina looked at the four women, looking at her with wonder and lust and felt her body flush, at the same time she also felt a sense of pride to have awed these women. She pondered Nikita’s words, she had always known that her sexual stamina and appetite were high, but she had no idea that it was something so outside the norm.

“Mmm…me too.” Jina said.

Reeva and Sonali joined the three women on the bed, running their hands over their still cooling bodies. “That was so hot.” Reeva said, kissing her sister-in-law softly on the lips. “You guys looked so good together.” Sonali agreed, laying her body on top of Jina. Seema rose from the bed and picked up the…

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