Fiona’s Favourite Girl is Zoey…

With great gratitude and thanks to the ever patient Literot for his edit and persistence.

All characters are of course over the age of consent.

This is directly following my last chapter about myself and Zoey.



4:29 am

I woke early, subconsciously wanting to savour the feeling of sharing my bed with someone instead of just my vibrator. It wasn’t just anyone though. It was Zoey. I watched her as she slept peacefully. Did she have a slightly satisfied smile on her face, or was that just wishful thinking? Her hair was a tangled mess; she looked like she’d had a night of wild sex … and she had!

It was hard to resist a slight peek under the covers to marvel at her gorgeous breasts, thinking how only a few hours ago I was sucking, kissing and playing with them.

These moments were truly wonderful although at the back of my mind there was a real fear. This was her first time and she had always been adamant that she was 100% straight. What was going to happen when she woke up? Would she regret everything we had done and run for the hills? Would this destroy our friendship? Why was I so stupid to sleep with my best friend? I had totally overstepped the line in a moment of weakness. This had all happened before and it had haunted me for years.

When I was much younger (perhaps to some, too young), my best friend and I spent time, in fact a lot of time, experimenting with each other, getting more intimate every time. It was regular full on multi orgasmic sex. I loved every second of it. It was my first experience of sex and of love and I was head over heels in love with her. The problem was that whilst indulging in our favourite thing of her grinding on my face whilst she rubbed my pussy, naked of course and just as we were reaching orgasm, her older sister walked in on us. Oh shit. Amongst a string of other abuse, she called us a couple of disgusting dykes and left.

The next Monday morning at school was possibly the worst day of my entire life. Everybody knew. Even the teachers; her bitch sister had told all. Even my former best friend distanced herself from me. It totally broke my heart and seemingly let her off the hook. I became the joke of the school and a total social outcast. Even the nerdy kids didn’t want anything to do with me. I also struggled with my own demons.

Was I gay? I knew I liked looking at girls in the locker room after gym. I also used them in my own private masturbation fantasies. I convinced myself that this was normal. I struggled with these feelings and thoughts for a long time, eventually locking them up tight in the back of my mind. Eventually, slowly, things started to get back to near normal.

I dated a couple of guys. I lost my virginity to one of the popular guys at school, although it was rather unpleasant and uncomfortable and he then went around bragging how he had converted the lesbian.

Anyway, finally school was over and university started. A clean slate. I eventually learned, after many, many wrong turns, that it was okay to feel these things, to like girls as more than friends. I had casual relationships but could never really open up after my broken heart.

Anyway, back to my best friend, lying in my bed, naked after a night of possibly the best sex I have ever experienced.

I gently rolled onto my back and closed my eyes in an attempt to stop the tears from the impending doom of losing my best friend again. When I opened them, she was lying on her side, looking at me. She smiled and said good morning. We laid there for quite some time, looking at each other and not knowing where to go from there.

I broke the ice with the offer of breakfast which received a hearty nod and another bright smile. I could see confusion and doubt in her eyes; it didn’t seem good but at least she was still talking to me and hadn’t run away.


Had I made a huge mistake? I so wanted to try sex with Fiona. I had been having fantasies about it, not thinking I would ever in a million years actually go through with it. I felt a little uncomfortable about it now, lying naked next to her. She was so beautiful and sexy that I was having a hard time trying not to jump her again at that moment. The big problem was that I was straight … totally. Or was I as straight as I thought?

Does everyone have these types of feeling? Maybe I was curious all along. I didn’t know. What I do know now, is that night blew my mind completely. I had never, ever, bursa escort had sex quite like it and Fiona took me to places I never knew existed or even imagined. I usually struggle to cum through sex unless I take matters into my own hands so to speak. But Fiona had me screaming with ease (I never even knew I was a screamer!). It was quite amazing. So much so that I felt like I wanted more. The question was, ‘what does this make me’?

I felt totally confused. I was definitely not ready to answer these thoughts at that moment. How should I act with Fiona? What should I say? Should I talk about it, or just try and act normally? Clearly I wasn’t normal anymore; I had just had a wild night of the best sex ever with my best friend.

“I am in need of tea”, I said, in an attempt at being normal, “and the toilet right now!” before leaping out of bed to the bathroom completely forgetting my state of undress. I felt embarrassed and a bit bashful. Fiona just sat there looking at me with a smile. She knew how silly I felt.

“I am naked too you know”, she added, just to make me feel even more silly. I had to laugh.

Sitting on the toilet I was smiling. I felt pretty good.

When I came downstairs for breakfast, Fiona was in the kitchen cooking up some eggs wearing only a pair of knickers and a small, tight vest top. It was struggling to contain her very ample cleavage. She looked really sexy and I just stared at her knowing how good her body felt. What was happening to me?

Breakfast and tea was eaten and drunk and we chatted as if we hadn’t fucked last night, both ignoring the great pink elephant that had joined us for breakfast.

I had a family get together to attend, so I had to get going. I was anxious about how to leave things as I was still very confused about these new feelings, but also concerned that I could hurt Fiona.


As Zoey left I gave her a quick kiss on the lips as a goodbye. I think it surprised her but she didn’t react badly.

“I’ll call you later”, she called over her shoulder as she got into her car.

I sat on the sofa wondering if I would ever see her again.

The whole day I spent between horny excitement at having great sex, and depression about the situation.

Zoey didn’t call or text or reply to my texts. I couldn’t help but fear the worst. That night I lay in my bed, alone, crying myself to sleep.

Monday came and went; no call.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday passed; no call.

I had calls from friends sorting a night out on the tiles but I declined as usual. I wondered why they stuck around such a bore.


I knew I owed Fiona an explanation as to my disappearance over the last whole week. I needed some time to think about things. I had no answers, but had to see her. She was still my best friend after all I hoped.

On Saturday, early, I knocked on her door. After several knocks, she finally opened the door to me. She looked tired but still beautiful. My heart started beating harder as I saw her and it dawned on me then that I must have had the hots for her in some way. I had never seen her looking more tired and bedraggled but still found her irresistible and beautiful.

“Can I come in?” I asked, rather meekly.

“Of course, you are always welcome here. Have you lost your key?” answered Fiona with a warm smile.

She seemed to have cheered up all of a sudden. Maybe it was me?

“We need to talk. I am really sorry not to have called. It was so wrong of me. I just didn’t know what to say or how to put it. I needed some time to think about things, to know how I felt, and maybe even to understand the confusion. Oh, I don’t know.”

My thoughts all just came rushing out at once. Fiona just smiled and gave me a gentle hug. It felt so good to be in her arms again.

“Have I messed things up between us?” I asked, while my face was nestled into her neck. I wanted to kiss it.

“Shh, you’re here now and we can talk, or maybe just draw a line in the sand and carry on as normal,” Fiona said very calmly.

“I love you totally as my best friend and I would never want to pressure you into anything you might be uncomfortable with. What happened the other night admittedly was really good and I can’t regret that, but I can’t not have you in my life. I need you as a friend.”

“I need you too,” I quickly replied, “I don’t want to spoil things. I don’t regret that night either and at least now I know escort bursa how good you are in bed.” I tried to lighten the mood, but it was more a truth. I strangely felt a pang of jealousy towards any future girl who was lucky enough to get a night with her.

“Are you busy today? Maybe we could hang out, get some lunch or something?” I asked, hoping to spend some much needed time with her.

“Sure, that sounds nice,” she replied.

We spent the day messing around as usual and it was fun and we laughed a lot. Things felt great and happy and we were our old selves again.

Late in the afternoon we went to the cinema and sat at the back like a pair of teenage lovers. I had to hold her hand as the film was scary (I’m not good at scary), but it felt nice, warm and soft. I liked it more than I should.

I was planning on staying at Fiona’s afterwards and we left the cinema hand in hand through town. It felt nice, like she was all mine.

We stopped off for a drink in her local on the way home and chatted to a few of her friends then left for her house. Fiona opened a bottle of wine and we sat on the sofa close together talking softly about our fun day.

After a few minutes of silence I turned to her and said, “Fiona, will you take me to bed?” It felt right – I wanted this.

“Will you disappear again after tomorrow?” Fiona’s voice showed concern but I also she knew she wanted it as much as me.

“I won’t. I don’t know what this all means, but right now, I really want it, more than anything. Please take me to bed and make love to me.” With that, I kissed her softly on the lips and Fiona’s hot, soft lips kissed me back tenderly. It was bliss.

The kissing built slowly, softly, with no rushing, just tenderness as our passions rose. Her fingers loosened the buttons on my shirt. Her warm hands slipped under the shirt and swept lightly across my bra covered breasts, teasing my nipples which were straining against the fabric. I felt dampness seep into my knickers. I was very quickly a hot, sexy mess.

Let’s get into bed,” Fiona suggested as we moved together from the sofa.

On the way, Fiona pushed me against the wall and kissed me with a fiery passion and it took my breath away, as she moved on to my neck. I let out a loud gasp and grabbed her hand and pressed it against my still covered breasts rubbing it around.

After a short moment she took my hand and quickly dragged me to the bedroom. While kissing frantically, we removed each other’s tops and bras (I was surprised how easy it was to remove someone else’s bra – why do guys struggle with them?) Once freed, we pressed up together, breast to breast. This wonderful feeling notched up my desire another 100%. My god, it was so good, soft, warm, smooth and sexy.

“Fiona, please take my knickers off,” I asked breathlessly between kisses. I could hardly wait any longer, surprised by the level of my desire. I had never wanted it this much, ever. This woman was driving me crazy. Lust or love I didn’t care, I was on fire.

My hands were on her large, soft breasts thumbs rubbing over her very hard nipples. They felt amazing and I suddenly knew why guys like boobs so much. As she bent to remove my jeans and knickers, she latched her mouth to my right breast and lapped gently I nearly exploded into orgasm. Wow! I felt on the verge and we were still half-dressed. This woman has found something in me I never knew existed. This was sexy beyond my wildest dreams.

I felt my jeans falling to my ankles, and Fiona’s soft hands gliding up my thighs and across my bum, gently kneading the flesh. After pausing there, her hands moved up my back, under my arms and over my breasts, as she gently swept her thumbs repeatedly over my engorged nipples and then seamlessly slid them down to my over-heated sex. She teased momentarily, then slipped her hands around my thighs and lifted me up and gently laid me on the bed with her on top of me.

Her breast was pushed against my pussy. I could feel her hard nipple slowly rubbing against my clit. She slowly rubbed it in circles so lightly across and around, gathering the plentiful moisture, missing my clit every so often, teasing me to new heights. I wanted her to carry on, to stop, to finger me, to lick and suck me. I was a sex-crazed bundle of horniness, mostly though, I was acutely aware that she still had clothes on that HAD to be removed, right then.

I pulled her up to my level, feeling her moistened nipple dragging bursa escort bayan up my torso. We kissed more, passionately rubbing our breasts together, grinding against each other. My hands reached down and undid her jeans and I slipped my hands under the fabric across her panty-clad bottom and squeezed, hard. It was gorgeous. Soft, round and sexy. I brought my hands back out and grabbed the waistband of the jeans and pushed them down. Fiona lifted herself and helped take them off also taking her very damp knickers with her. Now we were both naked, in bed, passionately rubbing our bodies together. I had never known a feeling like it; it was beautiful. There was a sense of urgency right now for a lot, lot more. We both felt it and whilst so far it had been very unhurried and fluid (in more ways than one), we were both now desperate.

Fiona started kissing her way down my body, slowly and still with a teasing desire, down over my needy pussy and across my thighs. My pussy was on fire and I could feel the sticky wetness on my inner thighs. I needed more.

“Oh, Fiona, please, please lick my pussy, please?” I whimpered. She didn’t need asking twice and immediately went to work.

She ran her tongue gently and slowly from the very bottom right up to the top, over and past my clitoris and then travelled back down again. Up and down, up and down. She softly nibbled and sucked at my labia then slipped her tongue over my clit whist gently pressing two fingers up and into me lifting them up to my g spot. I exploded like an atom bomb.

“OH FUCK! YES, YES OH YYYER ARRGHH FUCK EEEEEGHHH,” noises that I didn’t even recognise as my own. Spent, I collapsed, gasping for breath. I could hardly move. Fiona still had her fingers deliciously buried in my vagina gently rocking them with no real pressure, whilst looking up at me, her face covered in my sticky girl cum. Keeping her fingers inside, she moved up the bed to lie next to me.

“You taste divine,” she said.

So I leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth, mixing her saliva with my cum. I often taste my fingers when masturbating, but it was much better from her mouth. She started rocking her fingers more, slipping them in and out in a steady rhythm making a sloshing sound from my incredible wetness. The desire rose in me very quickly and I felt an impending orgasm almost immediately. Up, up and over. A deep growling sound emerged from within me followed by a line of expletives, followed by blackness.

When I opened my eyes, Fiona was lying by my side, gently, lovingly, stroking my face. I felt good, and loved and totally, utterly, spent.

We lay together for a while, cuddling up. It was comfy and warm and there was no pressure for me to return anything. It was just soft and nice. At this point I became restless. Remembering how I licked Fiona last time and how much I enjoyed doing it, I realised I was pretty desperate to do it again. I wanted to taste Fiona and I wanted to make her cum.

With this renewed vigour, I set about it by kissing first her mouth, then sucking and nibbling lightly on her breasts, followed by lifting her on top of me and moving down to her surprisingly wet pussy. Before devouring her, I looked closely at her gorgeous flower. It was swollen and pinky-red with damp folds. It looked beautiful and although slightly nervous from my inexperience, I could hardly wait to taste her.

I tentatively lapped my tongue across her clitoris getting a sharp gasp from Fiona, and then slipped my tongue the full length from bottom to top several times. Whilst doing this I was squeezing her bottom with both hands. Egged on by Fiona’s moans, I built in confidence and lapped away. What I lacked in experience I made up for in enthusiasm. I pressed a finger into her as I sucked gently on her clit and I could hear her building, her breaths coming in quick succession as I slipped a finger up against her puckered anus (this is something I do sometimes when masturbating as it make me instantly cum). The response was a loud, guttural gasp as I then pushed and it slipped in up to the first knuckle. This had Fiona cumming hard, swearing and panting. I felt a light leak of fluid onto my face and she then flopped onto the bed gasping. Slowly, easing my fingers from her, I scooted up the bed next to her and we kissed lovingly and softly.

Satisfied and satiated we drifted off to sleep, leaving the difficult questions until the morning.


I woke and found myself cuddled up to Fiona’s beautiful naked form, looking directly into her sleeping face. I felt totally at peace and happy with no doubt whatsoever.

“Fiona, I think I love you,” I whispered. Then happily let myself drift off again, cuddled up and warm.

With great gratitude and thanks to the ever patient Literot for his edit and persistence. All characters are of course over the age of consent. This is directly following my last chapter about myself and Zoey. ***** FIONA 4:29 am I woke early, subconsciously wanting to savour the feeling of sharing my bed with someone…

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