Fiona, Eager to Please

Fiona, Eager to Please

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I woke up sometime around 11:30 in the morning after such an eventful morning spent with my mother in law Fiona. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and laptop and plugged in the cable ready to download the footage I’d obtained that morning. It didn’t take me to long to do as I had a very good laptop and within half an hour the video and photos were safely locked away in a special folder that I pin protected just in case.

I sat back on the bed once I’d made a light breakfast and got a cup of tea and flicked the video on. Oh my I thought to myself as I watched and listened to my mother in law fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit, whilst at the same time answering questions I was throwing at her. The footage was dynamite but I hadn’t made the video to blackmail Fiona, I’d taken the footage as a little insurance policy for myself just in case. I already knew that Fiona was a willing participant in our secret affair as it was her that couldn’t resist entering my room originally.

What I wanted to do with the phone was see if Fiona would let me photograph her and when she showed signs of submissiveness I found it hard to stop pushing her to do more and say more to the extent where I ended up fucking her arse on film. I was just getting to this point now and my cock was rock solid again so I picked up my phone to text Fiona. It had now become exciting for me to see just how far and how willing or under my control I could make Fiona.

I’ve just been watching our fun from this morning and my cock is bulging again! What time is your dinner break I want to meet? X

I hit send and flicked through some of the images I’d taken waiting for her reply.

I didn’t have to wait long only about 3 minutes which was a lot quicker than I expected and I considered whether this was a sign of Fiona’s keenness or whether she just had access to her phone all the time. I opened up the text which read;

I can’t believe you had me do that this morning I was so embarrassed. My lunch is 12:30 for an hour x

It was now just gone 12 so had to move fast if I was going to test her willingness so I text back.

I’ll meet you in the corner of the car park in the nature area on your development at 12:30 x

I’d dropped Fiona at work a couple of times at a new business park on the outskirts of the city; it seems that not only her company but at least 10 other major companies from the area had used the new site as a base for their headquarters. Along with the new two storey office blocks came an area the size of around 5 football fields that had been landscaped to a very high standard. On one such occasion when dropping Fiona off I’d noticed that the area was used by business types to eat lunch or stroll around smoking whilst Antep Bayan Escort on the phone. Picnic tables and park benches were dotted around the park area and well matured gardens. Over in the corner was a small car park that was seldom used as most of the people that used the area walked from their respective office, the car park for me offered an ideal meeting point for Fiona.

At my work!! Why at my work? X

Her text was a little panicked but that is where I wanted to meet as we didn’t have long with her dinner break only being an hour long.

Because it’s convenient for such a short meeting during a dinner break, 12:30 in the corner x

I heard the phone beep indicating her response but I was busy chucking on a pair of jogging bottoms and t-shirt as I was in a hurry to be there in time. It would take me half an hour to get to her work if the traffic was bad so I was hoping for a clear run. I checked her text as I screeched out the road heading towards town.

Ok x

Her text had said enough for me and I hammered it to the Grove business park and skidded to a halt on the loose gravel of the small car park. I’d parked right on the far left under a big tree and out of sight to the best of my knowledge of the office blocks. A fair few bushes obscured most of the view from the nearest picnic benches and there was only 1 other car but that was behind me and to the right near the entrance and was unoccupied. I looked at the clock and saw I’d made great time as it was only 12:25 so had a few minutes to kill till Fiona arrived.

I looked around at the clock again when I saw a few people walk over and into the park, it was just a minute after 12:30 when two women and three men walked in to the park all on their phones and sat separately on various benches I could just see. At least six other people came walking over and went about taking their lunches but well away from the car park.

Fiona’s Ford Fiesta pulled up alongside my Mondeo at 12:38 and I looked across at her and signalled with my finger to join me in my car. She was a little apprehensive at first and took a few furtive glances around before jumping out and pinged her alarm and joined me in my car in the passenger seat.

I got straight to the point as the door closed as I was aware of the time, “We don’t have much time Fiona so got my cock out and give me one of your wonderful blowjobs”.

“What, Here, Right now!?” she asked in a horrified tone of voice with a shocked look on her face.

“Yes Fiona,” I said a little annoyed, “You’re running out of time so you best hurry up because before you go you’ll be swallowing my come,” I said looking at her then at my groin.

“What if somebody sees us?” she asked still nervous about sucking me here.

“Don’t worry I’ll slide the seat back and you’ll just have to be careful and quick wont you?”

I reached under my seat and slid my seat right back and cranked the lever at the side dropping the back down so that I was almost lying down. “Hurry up then Fiona you’ve not got all day,” I said.

She adjusted herself in the seat and also slid her seat back to allow herself more room and a resigned look fell across her face as she reached over and pulled my joggers down from the waistband. As they pulled over my cock it sprang up a little as the blood began to rush to it as the situation got me aroused. Fiona pulled my joggers until they were around my ankles and then looked at my cock before grasping it in her small right hand and she began to wank me off.

I then had another idea to push the boundaries and stopped her by pulling her hand away, “Open your blouse and take out your tits,” I said looking at her hard.

“Please,” she replied meekly.

“The quicker you get them out and get sucking my cock Fiona the quicker you’ll get my come and not be late back,” I told her abruptly, “Here I’ll do it for you if your nervous,” I said reaching up towards her buttons.

I popped the five buttons open with one hand easily and her blouse fell open revealing her beautiful lace black bra she’d selected to wear this morning. “Don’t take off your whole bra Fiona just pull the cups down then get your lips round my cock”.

She knew now what I was expecting and reached up with both hands and pulled the front of her bra down and letting her magnificent 36e’s flop out in front of me. I pinched her right nipple and watched as she looked around to make sure we hadn’t been seen before she lowered her head and lifted my slowly stiffening cock and fed it into her mouth.

I fell back in to the seat and let out a long groan to show my appreciation, “Arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh”. My dick was now rapidly growing as Fiona’s wet warm mouth began working its magic double quick time, “That’s it Fiona suck my cock in my car you dirty fucking whore,” I actually shocked myself at calling my mother in law a whore but I suppose that was how I was beginning to see her the more she willingly submitted to me.

In my eyes it was behaviour normally shown by whores, maybe Fiona was just so starved of cock she’d now do anything for it and I was going to see how much fun I could have finding out. Fiona was giving me the best blowjob she’d given me so far and was spending lots of time massaging my balls and licking my sensitive helmet in an attempt to get my come quicker; not that I minded though as the feeling of her tongue poking in and around my japs eye were heavenly and I let her know this by constantly telling her so.

I reached out with my left hand and grabbed at her big swinging right breast and took her already hard nipple between my finger and thumb and rolled it whilst giving it a little pinch.

“Ouch,” Fiona yelped leaving my cock briefly unattended giving her time to check the clock.


“You’ve got 18 minutes to get my come and get back to work Fiona,” I said as I raised my seat back up from lying down into a more upright position where I could see out the window and watch the workers preparing to head back to their respective offices. I noticed Fiona crouch down a little as she looked around and made sure she was not easily spotted, “You best get a move on,” I said pulling her head down on to my cock which I held firmly in both hands and began bobbing her head up and down my dick.

I was able to control the pace now in order to drag it out and make Fiona panic about being late back I took my time and slowly bounced her head up and down my shaft whilst watching the clock and other workers.

I looked at the clock and took great pleasure in telling Fiona that it was now twenty past one so she best hurry, and I felt her try to quicken the pace that she was sucking my length but still controlled her head with my hands to stop her.

When the clock clicked over to twenty five passed I lifted her head up and pushed her back so that she was upright in the car her big tits swinging naked as people returned to their offices, “You’ve got five minutes,” I said laughing at her as her head dived at my dick and her mouth engulfed me as I sat back smiling.

Fiona was working overtime now bouncing her head up and down my cock until her lips hit her own hand that was gripping my shaft whilst the other was working hard on my balls. She was also slobbering all over my dick making it as wet as possible; her work was doing the trick but I was holding off for as long as possible to show my control over Fiona and that she knew she had to stay until I’d come.


“Come on you whore you’ve got three minutes to get back, make me fucking come Fiona, come on you whore FUUUUCKKKING DRINK MY SPPPUUUUUNNNNKKKKK,” I shouted as my cock erupted and I held her head and filled her mouth and throat with what felt like gallons of sticky seed.

At 13:29 I pushed her off and she quickly scooped her tits back in her bra and jumped out the car letting a strand of my spunk drop on the floor as she went. I watched as she jumped in her car trying to button her blouse and sped off at a high speed. I flipped my cock back in my joggers and readjusted my seat with a big smile on my face.

I sent Fiona a text before I drove off which read;

Good mouth work Fiona your more of a whore than I imagined I can’t wait to meet you after work, come straight to the layby near the 24hr garage I’ll be waiting x

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