Filling Up Jenny

Filling Up Jenny


Jenny looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t unattractive so why was it she couldn’t get a man. She was big, granted, tall, and wore glasses, but seriously, there’s got to be at least one man out there who’s willing to take a chance on her.

She started to strip down out of her work gear, an above the knee skirt and shirt which seemed to fit a bit tighter than she’d remembered. It hadn’t helped that the button maintaining her modesty had popped off on the tube and whilst no-one actually saw the incident she had noticed a few of the guys couldn’t bring themselves to look away from her gaping cleavage. At 44GG her breasts complimented her size well, but they were obvious and she was used to guys taking a sneaky peek, although sneaky often didn’t describe the blatant luring. She didn’t mind, or at least she wouldn’t if any of them actually had the balls to come up to her and find out what more she had to offer.

She’d had a few encounters with guys, usually after a night in the bar, and usually they were drunk. She’d taken them home and they’d been right into her, or at least her tits. They couldn’t get enough of them. And when it came down to it she had found most men just didn’t fufill her in the way that she needed them to. They’d fumble their way between her legs, grasping at her ample flesh for purchase, slide in, and she’d be left wanting. Almost without fail they’d give up and find their way to her chest, sliding their average cocks between her huge mammaries and pounding her chest until they burst, drenching her in warm salty juice. She wouldn’t have minded that even but they couldn’t even reach her mouth to give her a gullet full of the thick tasty semen she was hungry to swallow if only given the chance.

So here she was, on a Wednesday night feeling a little horny after all those beady eyes mentally ripping her shirt to pieces. It was cold and dark outside but she decided that her little battery-operated friend could have a night off. She’d try her luck in the bar.

Sat at the end of the bar surveying the room she began to realise that a Wednesday night was maybe not the best night to go out with sordid intentions. The few men in the bar were either in for the football or were old soaks who probably never left. The barman, a stocky, tall and quite attractive guy, had on-off been chatting to her and she’d found out his name was John. newcratos He was probably about the same height as her, about 6ft, and she was enjoying chatting to him. He occasionally went to serve someone but he had made a habit of coming back to her, which she was happy with. And she’d noticed that he kept on sneaking his own peek at her cleavage. At least this time it wasn’t due to some accident, she wanted to show off what she had, and it was having the desired effect.

It wasn’t that she wanted to be fat or tried to eat herself bigger, not like those internet girls and their feeders. Jenny just enjoyed what she ate and wasn’t going to waste time with some diet. She was happy with her size, she just needed to find someone else who liked it too. And by the looks of his gaze it wasn’t just her tits that John was interested in. She’d caught him glancing at her midriff and her big thighs half-hidden by the short dress she’d chosen. Maybe he was into bigger, no, more real women.

John left the bar to collect some glasses, but instead of coming back round to the other side he reached around Jenny and placed the glasses down. By instinct she grabbed his arm. “I saw you taking me in earlier” she said in hushed tones as he pressed in a little closer to her back. “I’d love to show you more if you’d like it”.

She could feel the bulge in his trousers as he pressed in to her, and to her delight he agreed. He finished tidying the bar, kicked out the punters as it was well passed closing time and invited her back to his place. It was just round the corner and she was happy to take a slight detour from her walk home for the man she was beginning to find more and more alluring.

He opened the door and she stepped inside. Turning round to see him shut the door she stepped forward to meet him. She pushed her lips against his and they embraced passionately as if the sexual tension had been building for months. Jenny felt a tingle between her legs as she came to the realisation that this guy was actually into her.

Within seconds she had ripped his shirt off and he was unzipping her dress. He led her to his bedroom, threw the bed-covers and all that had been left on them to one side, whipped her dress over her head and pushed at her to fall. She didn’t, but instead stood firm. He looked down to find that her massive breasts were cradled between them waiting, aching newcratos giriş to be touched. He showed restraint and respect as he began by touching her ample belly, moving his hands slowly over her flesh and slowly working his way up towards her breasts.

He worked a finger between Jenny’s skin and the lacy cup in which her massive breast sat nestled. Gently he traced a path over the huge mound, along the light blue veins that only become evident on truly large women. He marvelled at the size, shape and texture of her pale freckled flesh as he slid his fingers deep inside the cup to liberate what he desired. Her tit flopped down a little but he was amazed how they held their shape as he felt a his cock grow inside his pants. He released the huge bra to let her other breast join the first in beauteous poise above her captivating belly.

“Suck them” she said, “I want you to suck at my nipples”.

He raised one of the huge bulbs of flesh to his mouth, noticing the large dark areola surrounding her puffy protruding nipple. He sucked it into his mouth as she began to release his belt. Tasting an unexpected treat as he sucked, he worked her nipples, one then the other, being careful to pay each an equal amount of attention. She moaned as droplets of the milk that she had inexplicably produced since her late teens formed on her teats and were deliciously devoured by John’s enthusiastic attention.

Now in very little clothing they came together again. She enjoyed the idea that his tongue had just been probing her nipple and was now working its way around hers. She tasted her own milk in his mouth and this sent her into overdrive. She pulled away, knelt and released John’s throbbing members from his underwear. It sprang to attention and she marvelled at its girth and length. She’d never seen a cock so big, so exciting. She felt her panties becoming wet between her legs. She needed this cock inside her but she wasn’t about to let this chance go to waste. She pursed her lips and brought them to the tip of his solid penis. Parting the flesh with the tip of her tongue she slid her lips of his head and pushed the skin down with her teeth, raking his glans and producing a moan from the object of her oral affections.

In moments she had swallowed as much of the massive throbbing member as she could bear. I thrust in and out of her mouth, pushing against her gullet and probing the depths of her throat. She worked slow and fast enjoy the feast of meat he presented to her. She felt her pussy, soaking and aching for John to fill her – she knew he could satisfy her needs, but she wanted to taste and drink at his rod. She pulled away caught in indecision, a long trail of pre-cum hanging between her lips and the head of his penis. He moaned and pushed her head back towards him. With little hesitation she gobbled his hard cock back into her mouth and he immediately fired hot salty semen deep into the back of her throat. She drunk it down, lapping at his seeping rod before rising to bring his own juices to his mouth. He licked around her lips before plunging his tongue into her mouth tasting his own juices and mixing with the residue of her own milky gift.

His light touch travelled down her body as they embraced, paying attention to her captivating tits, the luscious folds of her midriff and finally rested at the cusp of her panties. Sodden with her juices he slid a finger over her engorged mound to find the slit in which he would soon reap further reward. He slid her panties down and pushed her down on the bed. Still with her knee-high boots on she wrapped her legs around his body pulling him close to her. He needed no invitation. His huge rod slid between the folds of her pussy. She squealed in pain and delight as the huge rod of solid flesh penetrated her most intimate parts. She felt as if she would split apart as he rammed his enormous rod deeper and deeper inside her. Her tits began leaking and John obligingly suckled at the huge mammaries enjoying all she had to offer.

With one huge thrust they came together, the hot fluid filling her aching pussy and granting a brief respite from the relentless pounding she had received over the last … she didn’t know … it had felt like hours as he’d taken her to the brink and back so many times. ‘Long enough for him to reload’ she thought, ‘I think I might have to keep this one’.

He fell away from her exhausted. “I’ve never been with a woman who can take as much of a pounding as you, and for so long” he whispered to her as she rolled over and nestled into his welcoming arms. He gently held her as she drift off into a sated, restful sleep. As she drifted off she could feel the remnants of John’s solidity fading to limpness and she though to herself ‘maybe Wednesday nights are good for finding fulfilment – not that that’ll matter now’ and with that she drifted off to sleep with thoughts about how she might be woken up buzzing about in her eager mind.

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