Fed Up with Tiny Tom

Fed Up with Tiny Tom

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Synopsis: Tom Williams let himself go, and after 12 years of marriage, his beautiful wife had only increased in beauty, and needed more, which she found in her 20 year old lover and her pathetic short dicked husband.


Thirty-two year old Shannon Williams stood naked at the bathroom vanity looking at her taut bronzed body, shimmering with sweat from the aerobics session she just finished. At 5’9″ 145 pound of solid feminine muscle, she was the picture of perfection. She put her hair up in a bun, ready to hit the shower as she watched Tom, her husband drag his body in, lower the front of his undies and fish out his 1 ¼ inch penis for his morning pee.

She looked at his bald head, his tiny wrinkled dick and balls, his protruding belly, carrying 50 pounds of excess weight, and his scrawny little arms and legs. It was amazing how 12 years of marriage had made him lazy and turned him into a college hunk into a pudgy pussy. She looked at the slow yellow dribble coming from his tiny boy cock and thought to herself it’s never been good for sex, but it doesn’t do much better in the pissing department.

The more she looked at his fat belly and dribbling little pud, the more disgusted she became and that is when she decided to take matters in her hand.

Just as he finished his last little dribble and flushed the toilet, he was ready to tuck away his meager penis, but Shannon turned to him with her hands on her hips, pissed and fed up.

“Take Antep Bayan Escort off those damned under pants and hand them to me.”

Tom looked at her shocked and said, “Why dear?”

“Don’t question me you little dweeb. Just give me your freakin’ underwear…now!”

Tom had never seen his beautiful wife so pissed and it kind of scared him, making him grasp the sides of his briefs and push them down over his legs and hand them to her.

Taking them in her hands, she turned them inside out, showing both of them the dark brown poop stains.

“Do you see that, you slimey slug? I have had 12 years of washing your shit stained underwear, and I have had enough. You will from now on wash all of both yours and my underwear, until you can learn to wipe your smelly dirty ass.”….. ” I want you to smell it, and apologize to me for all the years you have put me through washing your crappy undies and putting up with your poor excuse for a dick.”

Tom turned beat red as he tried to push the panties away from his nose, but she had become too strong for him, and was unable to defend himself, having to smell his own stench for at least a minute as she continued to berate him.

“That takes care of that little problem. Now I am going to lay down the rest of the rules.”

Tom could barely breathe as the horrible smell and his undies continued to block his airways, but he was too frightened to move, and nervously stood against the wall as she continued her verbal and physical assault. Pinching his excess fat from around his waist, she said, “I am sick and tired of looking at your lard belly, and want you starting from this point on, to lose it and gain some muscle. Within 6 months, I want you to have dropped 50 pounds. Understood?”

Tom nervously shook his head yes, then was shocked an drew in a huge breath as she roughly grabbed his balls and cock.

“You can do something about that disgusting gut, but I know you can’t do anything about your tiny pindick. That is why I have decided to take a lover. I need more than you have been able to give me in the last 12 years. I’m am inviting David Walker, our 20 year old office intern over tonight, so you can see what a real man should be build like, and see how a real man fucks, with a real dick. Got it Dweeb?”

She removed the dirty disgusting underpants from his nose finally allowing him to suck in air.

“I said you got it?” “Yeah. I got it.”

“I want you naked with an apron to wait on us when he arrives, so I want you to clean that disgusting smelly ass of yours. You aren’t getting shit stains on any of my furniture.”

Mortified, he took the roll of toilet paper she shoved at him and nervously tore off a big wad and proceeded to wipe himself as she stared daggers into him. She inspected the dirty toilet paper with each wipe, and was not satisfied until it came up clean on his third wad of toilet paper.

“Okay fat boy; move out of the way. I need to relieve myself before I shower.”

She straddled the toilet facing backward and instructed Tom to sit on the tub edge and stare at her ass and pussy. I want you to observe me as I take a dump and piss. Clenching her abdominal muscles, she bore down until very slowly a long dark brown log emerged from her opening, falling with a loud plop into the toilet, followed by a strong steam of piss. Finishing up, she stood from the toilet and bent over.

“Clean me thoroughly dipshit.”

Tom began to panic as he looked at the brown stained crack of her ass and yellow droplets of pee.

“Please Shannon. I will do anything you ask, but please don’t make me do that.”

“I don’t think you understand that from now on, you don’t have a say in matters, so unless you want me to kick your ass to make the instructions clearer, get licking.”

Tom looked at her muscular strong body and knew there was no point in trying to resist or reason with her, and slowly approached her dirty ass. Kneeling down, he gingerly grabbed the firm round globes of her ass and parted them. As he approached her opening he could smell the strong scent of female poop, but it wasn’t offensive like the shit stains of his undies and as he slowly and nervously began to lick and clean, his tiny dick became aroused to reach his full 3 and ¼ inches. After 10 minutes of licking her dirty crack and sticking his tongue deep into her puckered opening as instructed, she was satisfied.

I’m going to grab a shower now, then I am going to call Dave over. I expect for you to cater to our every whim and serve us dinner. You have two hours to start. Don’t disappoint me little man.

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