Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 28

Big Tits

Richard carried Lisa along the landing, his huge erection sliding against and pressing into her smooth tanned stomach as he sucked her tongue into his mouth and mauled her enormous tits with his hands. Both were naked as he paraded towards the room Keith had converted into an office, the innocent husband working away behind the closed solid door whilst his wife’s spectacular body with her lover’s cum plastered all over her back and tight shapely butt was carried ever closer to the office door.

“Fucking you isn’t enough, I need to conquer you with my cock,” Richard whispered in her ear.

“I know you like your pretty girls with big tits but be honest Richard, you are obsessed with my big tanned firm married tits,” Lisa said arching her back and allowing her firm tits to jut into Richard’s face. Richard did not answer but simply buried his face into her tits and started sucking and slobbering all over them.

His hands gripped her smooth tanned shapely legs and he allowed his straining cock to stretch and slide over her flat stomach and his huge cockhead bumped against her tits. Her hand reached down and gripped his straining solid meat that had fucked her twice already in the last hour and a half. “Your wife is an ordinary woman, quite plain. An aging ugly saggy…”

Richard pulled his face out of her tits and stared at her, challenging her. Staring into Lisa’s eyes intensely. Had she overstepped the mark? Tweaked some loyalty in Richard towards his ailing wife?

Lisa pushed on: “She simply doesn’t deserve this,” she said tugging on his cock, gripping it tightly.

Still staring into her eyes he said: “She is ill Lisa, she is in and out of hospital as regularly as…”

“You are in and out of me,” she said giggling like a mischievous bitch.

“She is suffering, the condition makes her… uhh Lisa,” he groaned as she tightened her grip on his huge cock and twisted her wrist as the huge member throbbed.

“She is getting even uglier is she, saggy tits wasting away. I have never had a woman look at my Ankara travesti arse, my legs, my tits and my face with such envy. It was as if she knew she had met a woman worthy of her husband.”

“I fuck you behind her back whilst she suffers…”

Lisa stared at him with passion and anger in her eyes: ” I deserve more. I want to smoother her ugly face with my huge tits whilst you drill my arse and plead with her to fuck off and die so we can have all her money; admit it her cash is all you married her for.”

“You are a bad girl Lisa. I love it. I want to humiliate her with you, all my loyalty is to your big tits and this silky smooth arse,” he whispered as her arse bumped the door behind which her loving husband worked quietly.

He positioned his huge smooth shaft against her fantastic stomach and lowered himself so that his cock, rearing upwards with potent intent moved dangerously into position. Lisa’s shapely thighs snaked around his waist and she arched her back, offering her huge firm tits up to his face. Those instinctive movements but Lisa in the position Richard wanted, her back pressed firmly against the office door, his thick spunk from their very recent fuck sticking her in place, high on the door above his rampant cock.

They heard the phone going and being answered quickly by Keith. Lisa could only just make out that it was Keith’s mum. She told him he mustn’t work too hard, that Lisa was his priority and that he needed to focus more time on her.

Keith answered by saying: “I know, I know but I just want her to have the best of everything so I need to work hard. I am so lucky and we are so in love. We have had a difficult year but things are looking up and I think we will have a great future. She is so fantastic and I trust her and love her so much…”

The office door creaked but Keith thought nothing of it and continued his phone call. It groaned under the strain, well something had to as over a foot of huge hard cock drove repeatedly up into that loving, trustworthy wife. Antalya travesti Her mind was trying to listen to a call which was muffled by the heavy closed door; her body was lost in a world of intense pleasure as Richard worked himself deep into her, relentlessly, remorselessly thrusting up and into her.

Her eyes met his and she was shocked by the calm, arrogant smile on his face as he claimed ownership of her. She wanted to scream “Stop, I love my husband, I really do” and then this huge smooth piston filled her again and her body accepted that this was far better than what hubby’s little thing could do.

The turmoil for Lisa grew as he fucked her to orgasm after orgasm with no intention of stopping. The door gave away the odd secret of what was happening to her marriage whilst Keith chatted with his mum, the door gave voice to the power of 2 magnificent fucking creatures betraying him in the most callous way and the need for silence simply heightened their pleasure.

“Mum, she is my pride and joy. I would do anything for her,” Keith babbled into the phone.

Lisa smiled down at her powerful stud and arched her back thrusting her huge firm tits into his face. She took hold of her tits and offered them to him:

“Fuck his pride and joy,” she whispered. “Suck on them, show me who deserves these big tits.”

For the next 10 to 15 minutes he worshipped her body and drilled his cock deep into her. She stifled moans of pleasure as she pressed her mouth against his shoulder as he fucked her. She could feel how deep his dick was inside of her, rearing up like a relentless piston. His cock was so hard and yet he used it with such arrogant skill that it was far more than just a relentless drilling. He genuinely wanted her to love his cock more than she loved Keith and she knew that Richard got off on the fact that this sexy wife was prepared to risk everything to have his dick in her.

He released his hands and eased her locked legs from around his waist and suddenly she was held against the door İstanbul travesti by 3 things:

1.Richard’s thick gooey spunk glued her smooth sexy back to the white door and she felt the adhesion as she started to sink;

2.Richard’s hips held her up, his powerful hips driving up into her and doing more than just holding her in place, they lifted her up higher as she pushed her big full tanned tits out at him; and

3.His cock. Over a foot of solid smooth cock slicing into her. As she felt his hands no longer supporting her and her legs no longer held her against his waist she sunk onto his spear. Only his hips and cock drilled up higher into her and lifted her. Surely a woman was not designed to have something this big so far inside of her but it was all she wanted.

He felt his balls churn and he stared into her pretty eyes. The intensity in their stare was incredible and then he closed his eyes and stifled a deep groan and his cock spurted the first volley of cum deep into Lisa. She knew what she was in for and her body was racked with another orgasm as he unloaded shot after shot of cum deep into her.

Keith was getting worked up on the phone. “I am in business with him, I have committed everything and then I realised I don’t trust him. I don’t like the way he looked at Lisa and I just want him out of our lives. I trust Lisa of course and we will take his shares and put him in his place, he is an arrogant man mum and he deserves this…”

Richard’s spunk continued to shoot into Keith’s wife, his hands went to her toned arse and he gripped it as he continued to fuck her. Her hands went to his shoulders and she lifted her magnificent body high against his and her tight cunt muscles flexed and gripped his huge manhood as she ground her hips up and down on his pole as he continued to dump his load into her.

“My husband is going to try to defeat you,” she whispered with a smile.

“I am going to crush him, financially, mentally and physically,” and you are going to help,” he said. “As I said, fucking you isn’t enough, I need you to betray him and break him. My cock or his love? Only one of us can have what we want.”


The next chapter depends on the comments I get. Should Richard get everything he wants or should Lisa turn back to Keith? I am waiting to hear from you.

Richard carried Lisa along the landing, his huge erection sliding against and pressing into her smooth tanned stomach as he sucked her tongue into his mouth and mauled her enormous tits with his hands. Both were naked as he paraded towards the room Keith had converted into an office, the innocent husband working away behind…

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