Family Home Stay Ch. 15

Family Home Stay Ch. 15

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“She said she wants to fuck you again, Dad,” Jim said.

“Uh-huh. What else did she say?”

“Well, you know that Japanese girl that’s staying with us, Mariko?”

“Yeah, I heard you talk about her.”

“She’s hot to do it too. And you knew about me and Rupert, didn’t you?”

“That you two are getting it on? I think you might have mentioned it. It certainly sounds like your sex life is perking up.”

“Right. I’d like you to be in on it too. I’d like you to do it with Mariko and Rupert. And of course me and Mom.”

“Wow, sounds like quite a party. Umm, Japanese pussy sounds sweet. And Rupert is a pretty good looking kid, and yes, I’d like to fuck your Mom again. I always loved doing her.”

“And me.”

“Yes, you too, you horny little fucker.”

“And sucker.”

“Yes, my son the cocksucker.”

“And mother fucker.”

“You’re getting me hot just talking about it. Okay, I can see you’ve put some thought into this. I’m game.”

It took a little time to arrange everything, but finally all the pieces fell into place. Jim was glad to be getting his mother and father back together again. He knew the sex was going to be great, but he hoped it would turn into something more, that eventually they’d decide to get back together again. Then, not only would he get to fuck both of them all the time, but it’d seem like a family again. Maybe not a usual family, but a loving family all the same.

Rupert and Todd showed up just about the same time. Mariko and Julia were putting their finishing touches on, helping each other as only women can. The guys all sat around waiting for them to put in their appearance. They weren’t disappointed when they did.

Mariko looked absolutely stunning. Her natural beauty with her high cheekbones, rosy cheeks, shiny black hair, soft brown eyes and creamy complexion were enough in themselves. Her slim, almost boyish body with her smooth legs, narrow waist and high small breasts added to her appeal. Tonight she was dressed in almost nothing. Her top was a band of stretchy material that left her shoulders and midriff bare. Her bottom was another band that clung to her so tightly and was so short that it practically blended into her hips. She looked like a walking sex machine.

Julia was also dressed sexily. Her features were different, she was a little taller, her breasts a little larger, and her hair and eyes were lighter. She was wearing a flimsy top that was so thin it only added a bit of color to her skin. Underneath it she had on a lacy, translucent bra that emphasized the round shape of her breasts, holding them at a perky angle. She had on shorts that clung to her hips and were so tight it was clear she didn’t have any underwear on beneath them.

The two of them hooked arms and posed for the three men as they entered the room. The men stared appreciatively, almost drooling over the sexy show. All of them sprouted hard-ons. Jim looked at his best friend and father, checking out their states of arousal.

“You boys ready for some action tonight?” Julia said.

They nodded in unison, and Julia strolled in with Mariko on her arm. “Well, first we girls are going to have some fun. Then you guys can join in wherever you want.”

“Sounds great,” Todd said. Julia looked steadily at him. Jim tried to read her expression, but she turned away and put her arms around Mariko, pulling the Japanese woman into a sexy kiss that lasted long moments.

As they stood there kissing, showing lots of tongue action, Julia started stripping off Mariko’s twin bands. In moments the garments were in a pile on the floor. In not many more moments, her own clothes had joined them.

The guys followed suit, shedding their clothes as they watched the hot show unfolding before them. Julia led them all into the bedroom, her arm around Mariko’s waist. Mariko leaned on the older woman’s shoulder, her black hair contrasting with Julia’s light skin.

Julia sat Mariko down on the edge of the bed and kneeled between her legs, spreading her thighs slowly. Mariko put her hands on Julia’s shoulders and ran her fingers through her hair as Julia started licking her, kissing her inner thighs, then her outer pussy lips.

Mariko gasped as Julia kissed her pussy and slid her tongue inside. Her mouth came open and she threw her head back. Her little titties bounced on her chest. Jim nudged his father.

“Looks great doesn’t she?” he said.

“They both look great,” Todd said. “I love watching your mother eat pussy. And that little Japanese looks like she loves it too.”

“Yes,” Mariko hissed, turning her head toward the guys gathered around the bed. “I like get pussy eat. I like dick suck too.”

“Just what I was edirne escort wanting to hear,” Todd said, grinning and starting toward the bed.

He crawled up beside the Japanese slut and put his hands in her hair, drawing her head back as he brought his hard cock up close to her face. She looked into his eyes as he pulled her head toward his cock. Her red lips parted and he penetrated her, sighing as her lips closed over his hard-on.

“That’s it, suck it baby. Suck it deep down your throat.” He shoved his hips forward and Mariko opened to him, letting him thrust into her willing mouth.

Julia looked up and saw her husband fucking Mariko’s mouth as she gobbled up her pussy. She stuck two fingers up inside the hot Japanese cunt and wriggled them around. Then she took out the juice-slicked digits and poked one up her asshole, reaming her deep and hard as she clamped her lips onto the bud of her swollen clit.

Mariko’s eyes went wide, but she was trapped between the two ends, getting her mouth stuffed with a huge pole of a cock and her pussy and ass reamed, as well as her clit being attacked ferociously. Todd pumped into her, increasing his pace and holding on to her head with both of his hands as he jammed himself deeper and deeper into her mouth, his cock sliding down her throat and throbbing for release.

Julia increased the tempo of her attack as well, keeping pace with the furious attack that Todd was making on her mouth. Soon Mariko was starting to gush pussy juice, her thighs trembling as the cum flooded out of her and into Julia’s gulping mouth. She was moaning and her own lips started to go slack around Todd’s cock, but he held on to her and jammed straight down her constricted throat.

Cum started rushing out of him, filling her mouth, shooting straight down to her stomach as he fucked her relentlessly, draining his balls in jolt after jolt. His fingers were locked tight in her hair so he could jam all the way in. He rocked her with the force of his ejaculation and cum overflowed her mouth and streamed down her chin, dripping onto her heaving tits.

“Look at that,” Jim said. “Dad came in her mouth and she came in Mom’s mouth at the same time.”

“Yeah, you’ve sure got a hot family,” Rupert said. “Super fuckers.”

“Uh huh. Let’s see if we can get in on it now.”

The two guys moved closer to the spent threesome as they came down from their tumultuous climax. Jim bent to lick his father’s cum off Mariko’s little titties, sucking them into his mouth and gulping down the musky taste. Rupert kneeled beside Julia and kissed her, tasting the sweet pussy juice filling her luscious mouth.

Mariko was sighing softly, the last ripples of her orgasm flooding over her. She took Jim’s head in her hands as he swirled his tongue over her small pert breasts. He looked up into her lust satiated eyes. She opened her red lips and he could see some of his father’s cum still floating there.

“He taste good,” she said. “Your father cum good. You taste.”

“Uh-huh,” Jim said. “I like to taste Dad’s cum.”

“You taste in me,” she said.

Jim kissed her, fishing his tongue into her mouth and swishing it into the cum filling her. He drank in the honey taste of his father’s cum soaking in her sweet mouth. It was the most delicious sensation he could ever remember. She tickled the back of his neck with her delicate fingers as he took in the heady feel and taste of her.

“Good family,” she said breathlessly. “Good fucking family.”

“Yes, and now I want to fuck you,” he said. He said it softly, tenderly, like a lover in a romance novel saying, “I love you.”

She opened her legs to him and he pulled her knees up over her head, massaging her soft thighs in his hands. He slid the fingers of one hand into her sopping cunt, working them in slow and deep, juicing her up for the fucking he was about to give her. Her black hair was splayed out on the sheets, her red lips swollen with desire, and her eyes closed to mere slits as the passion swept through her, the passionate feeling of wanting to get fucked.

Slowly he lowered his blood engorged cock to the opening of her pussy and slipped it inside the clinging outer lips. She moved her head sensuously from side to side as he sank into her. He bore down steadily, pushing his dick in all the way to the base on his initial thrust. He held it there for long moments as her pussy adjusted to his cock. Then slowly he started feeding it to her, fucking her little pussy with his big dick.

Rupert brought his cock to Julia’s mouth, the mouth he had just kissed after she had eaten Mariko’s sweet pussy. She immediately started gulping at his huge prick, taking more of it into her mouth with each elazığ escort thrust of his hips. She moved toward the base of his shaft, wanting him to penetrate her completely, wanting him to drive every bit of his cock into her mouth, wanting him to fuck her face like it was a pussy.

He was on his knees and she was facing him, fondling his balls as he forced his huge manhood toward the entrance to her throat. He watched as she gulped it, inching her lips toward his belly. A hard muscle pressed against the head of his cock, and then it opened and he thrust himself down her throat. It was such an incredible sensation that he started shivering, almost cumming instantly.

“Turn her over,” Todd said.

Rupert looked over at Jim’s father. He was nursing his hard-on back to erection. Rupert couldn’t exactly understand what he meant. His questioning look was obvious.

“Turn over on your back Julia,” Todd said. “Here drape your head over the pillow.”

He positioned the pillow under her neck and directed Rupert to turn around so he was facing her feet, like he was going to do a sixty-nine with her.

“See, that way her throat is stretched out. It matches the angle of your dick better.”

Rupert smiled as he saw the logic of the position. He pushed his dick back into Julia’s mouth and watched her take it in more easily this time. He pressed forward and slid down her throat. She relaxed her muscle and almost all of his cock went into her.

“It feels great,” he said. “I’m fucking her throat. It’s so tight, and she’s so hot.”

“Yes, she is,” Todd said. He eyed his son’s friend as he pumped his big cock into Julia’s willing mouth, watched her writhing under him. Her hips were thrashing back and forth and he could smell the sweetness of her pussy.

Crawling between her legs as she sucked on Rupert’s young cock, Todd moved himself up to the juncture of her thighs. He pressed the head of his cock against her wet pussy lips. She raised her legs so he could get inside easier, and he plunged his cock into his wife’s hot pussy. He started fucking her in time to the thrusts going into her mouth.

Rupert grinned at him as both men fucked her, one from each end. “She’s a hot cocksucker,” he said.

“And a hot fucker,” Todd replied.

Jim had Mariko’s legs bent almost double as he fucked into her sweet little pussy, pressing himself against them with every hard stroke of his bulging cock. He held it all the way inside her and put his face close to hers. He couldn’t quite kiss her because her legs were between them, so he whispered lustfully to her.

“What do you want now? What would you like to do now?” he said.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, putting her arms around his back as he held his cock all the way inside her. “I want fuck ass,” she said.

“Oh, you want it up the ass,” Jim said, smiling.

“Yes,” she said. “I like very much. Please fucking my ass.”

Jim slid his cock out of her pussy, hearing it make a plopping sound as it emerged. He pushed her legs a little more, rolling her ass up off the bed. He rubbed the head of his pussy wet cock against her puckered anus, feeling it open a little as he pressed. Taking the shaft of it in one hand to steady it, he pushed against her tight opening, and then he was inside her.

Her eyes opened wide as his dick pierced her tiny asshole. “Oh, feel good,” she said. “Fuck me more. Fuck my ass.”

Jim pushed harder and his dick slid up her clutching channel. He buried his thick prick in her tight buns and with trembling strokes started fucking her up her bung hole. It was so tight and so hot around his bulging member that he had to slow himself down to keep from cumming instantly. She was loving it, loving getting it up the ass, and she threw her head back and forth in pleasure as he pentrated her deeper and deeper, finally burying his dick all the way up her quivering asshole.

Julia was getting filled at both ends, and Rupert was fucking her mouth in a mad rush of lust, his dick going in and out in lightning flashes that went completely down her throat. His balls were tightening and he was holding on to her with both his hands as he struggled to fuck her even deeper. Suddenly his dam burst and a river of cum started flying out of his cockhead.

Julia moaned and slurped, gulping at the huge load he was delivering to her. His cum foamed around her lips, dribbling across her cheeks as he continued to fuck her at a furious pace. He wouldn’t loosen his hold on her face, but kept fucking her in long hard thrusts, pumping her full of his boiling cum. Sweat was streaming down his back and his cock was wet with her saliva and his cum as the waves crashed out of erzincan escort him like a fountainhead and down her throat like a waterfall.

Gradually his cum tapered off and his reddened dick slid from between Julia’s raw lips. She licked a few stray drops from around her mouth and gasped at the intensity of his throat fucking.

“Oh,” she wheezed. “You really fucked me that time. What a huge load you gave me.”

“You’re such a hot cocksucker. I love doing it to you.”

“And I love eating you up baby. Now come here and clean me up. Eat up this cum on my face.”

Rupert gladly obliged, kissing her cheeks and chin and scooping up the errant cum that had foamed up out of her mouth as he violently poked her with his gushing cum stick. A few drops had dripped onto her chest and he kissed her there, taking her nipples into his mouth and sucking them hard, feeling the wonderful flesh in his mouth and tasting the delicious taste of his own cum coating them.

He kissed her on the lips and snaked his tongue inside her and she eagerly sought out the remaining drops of cum in his mouth. Then Todd started fucking her again, rocking her body.

She looked at the young man who had just fucked her mouth, then at her husband fucking her pussy. She was floating on a cloud of ecstasy.

“Now taste him,” she said to Rupert.

Todd grinned at the suggestion and slowed his pace, pulling his dick out of Julia’s sopping pussy as Rupert inched his way toward the juncture of the two joined bodies. He slid the length of it out and Rupert gazed at the pussy soaked cock in front of him. He put the head in his mouth and sucked the pussy juice from it, then Todd rammed forward, plunging his hard cock into the young man’s mouth.

Julia raised her head and watched Rupert eating her husband’s cock. It almost made her delirious with pleasure and she thrust her hips forward, urging him to fuck her again. Todd made a few more stabs into Rupert’s mouth, then put his dick back into Julia’s pussy. Rupert moved up and started sucking on Julia’s tits.

Mariko was nearing orgasm as Jim fucked into her ass. He had her legs high up in the air as he shoved himself deep inside her. She threw her head from side to side, her black hair flailing as she got ready to cum. Jim poured it on, fucking her ass with all his might, holding her legs up over her head and ramming his tool all the way down into her tight hot rear hole. His balls were slapping against her and his prick was heated up like a red hot poker.

Todd fucked his wife steadily, filling her pussy full with his hard-on as Rupert played with her tits and stuffed his cock into her mouth. Todd ordered Rupert to sit up on the bed and spread his legs wide. Rupert nursed his hard-on as Todd lifted Julia and moved her toward the cock springing up below her. Understanding dawned on her face as her husband pushed her down to squat over the piston of Rupert’s prick.

“Oh you horny bastard,” she hissed at him. “You’re getting him to DP me.”

“That’s right, one up the ass and one in the pussy at the same time.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I love getting it this way. Oh, you know just how to make me cum.”

She lowered herself onto Rupert’s stiff prick and he eased it up her sticky asshole. As her butt cheeks parted and his rod inched its way up inside her, she lay back on top of him. He put his hands on her tits, squeezing them from behind as Todd wormed himself back into his wife’s wide open pussy. He stuffed himself in and felt the younger man’s cock rub against his through the thin membrane separating the two openings.

Julia started going out of her head, sobbing and moaning and writhing on the two cocks pumping into her and nearly touching each other as they went. Rupert held her steady and barreled his cock deep inside her ass, wrenching on her tits and biting her on the ear and the neck. Todd fucked her pussy and shoved against her squirming hips as he drove in to her steaming pussy.

She screamed out his name, cried out in ecstasy as both men fucked her nearly senseless. She was trembling all over as her senses were attacked in a ruthless assault on her sexual organs.

Mariko started crying out too as her orgasm burst loose just as Julia was raising her voice in incomprehensible grunts and screams. Her fingers raked at her two assailants as her pussy juice started streaming out of her, coating Todd’s dick and running in rivulets down to Rupert’s pole that was stuffed tight up her quivering asshole.

The two women’s screams reverberated around the walls of the room, sending sensual echoes into Jim’s brain. He exploded into Mariko’s asshole as her orgasm swelled out of her. Everyone was moaning together now as they all came together. It was a massive, satisfying release and they all reveled in the incredible sensations swelling inside them and flooding out in wild cries of ecstasy.

“Ummm, ummm, um,” Julia sighed, her voice a low hum in her throat. “That was a great fuck.”

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