Family Fun Ch. 4

Family Fun Ch. 4

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Big Tits

Some time during the night, I roused enough to realize that we were getting cold. I led the others upstairs and put Bob and Brenda in Kelly’s bed, then took Kelly and Sue with me to the master bedroom.

When we were all snuggled up under the blankets, Kelly reached between her thighs and found my prick waiting for her. With a sigh, she pushed back on it until I was completely lodged in my daughter’s cunt, then we fell asleep. My neighbor’s wife, Sue, was snuggled up to my back. Until she drifted off a couple of minutes later, she was reaching around me to tickle my daughter’s pussy and scratch my balls.

Waking up with your daughter’s tight pussy on your prick has to be one of the greatest pleasures known to man. It must be why they made it taboo. If every man could fuck his daughter, how would the genes ever get spread around? She was so tight and so hot! When I first became aware of the new day, my prick was only half hard. After realizing why it felt so good, it stiffened and drilled to the bottom of my daughter’s cunt on it’s own.

Kelly stirred and began to push back in her sleep. I hoped that she was having a great dream to go with our morning fuck. I began pulling back and pushing deeper into her pussy.

My movements woke Sue, who gave me a sleepy, “Good morning”, and reached around me again to finish what we had started as we drifted off to sleep.

This woke Kelly at last. She began fucking back in earnest.

“Good morning, Princess. Did you sleep well?”

“Is this how Princesses get treated? Woken up with the King’s dick already fucking them?

“Only the daughters of lucky kings”, I answered.

“Well, fuck me, then, you lucky bastard. Oooh, Aunt Sue, that feels so good. Why don’t you come over here so I can suck your pussy while Daddy fucks me? If I know Daddy, he can fuck you, too, as soon as he finishes with me. Isn’t that right, Daddy? Can’t you fuck Aunt Sue as soon as you finish fucking your own daughter?”

“Hush, you little minx, or I’ll flood your cunt with sticky goo.”

“Do it! Do it and I’ll suck it out of her cunt while you fuck me, Wyden.”

Now, who could turn down such an invitation? I gave up my first load of the day, which was rather copious. I love a good wake-up fuck and this was the first time it had been my daughter on my dick at this time. It was not going to be the last.

I was still cumming when the girls switched places. Sue pushed her sweet ass back at me so I could feel her ass cheeks against my belly when I slammed my prick to the bottom of her cunt. This position also allowed her to suck my cum out of Kelly’s box, as she had promised.

“Ooooh, Aunt Sue. You eat pussy so well. You and your mother must have had a good time while your father was away.”

“I guess we did, Kelly, but I had blanked it out in my mind until last night. Do you enjoy eating your mother’s pussy, too?”

“Sure do. Is Daddy fucking you good? I think he’s a great fucker, but I don’t have much experience.”

“You probably have more than I do, dear. Except for my father raping my ass, Bob is the only many who has ever had a prick in me. Until last night, that is”, she amended with a smile. “Your father is the only man besides my husband who has ever had his dick in my pussy.”

“Do you like it when Daddy fucks you?”

“Oh, I see. You like to talk dirty?”

“Yeah!”, my daughter breathed. I like to say things like, fuck me daddy, fuck your sweet baby’s hot cunt until she comes all over your big, hairy balls. Ram your big, fat dick all the way to the bottom of my hot, hungry snatch, you incestuous fucker. Hump me, Daddy. Blow your wad down my throat. Oooh, I’m cumming. I’m going. I’m going to cum. Cum with me, Aunt Sue. Fuck her full of cum, Daddy so I can suck her cunt dry like she is doing mine.”

Kelly got her wish. I filled Sue’s pussy to overflowing. Kelly sucked the last drops from my half-wilted root and pulled our neighbor on top of her to get the rest from yalova escort her dripping pussy.

“Well, well. It looks like our threesome has been busy.”

My wife, Brenda, stood at the end of the bed, holding our neighbor, Bob’s, prick in a viselike grip. The head of his prick looked purplish. Maybe she was holding it too tight?

“Good morning!”, I answered brightly. It’s barely nine o’clock, Bob. How many times has my wife gotten you off this morning, so far?” I noted that her hand had never stopped moving on his prick.

“Three”, he admitted somewhat sheepishly.

“Three?” I cocked an eyebrow at my wife.

“Once in my mouth when I woke him up. Once in my pussy after he was awake, and once more in my ass to prove it wasn’t merely a fantasy.”

“Oh? You like fucking my wife in the ass, do you, neighbor?”

“Yes, I do, neighbor, but I still haven’t had a chance for a real fuck in my wife’s ass. How about it, honey. Can we start over?”

“If you’ve got the tool, you fool. Slam it to me.” Sue backed up to the edge of the bed and Brenda guided Bob’s newly restored weapon first to Sue’s cunt, still sloppy with my cum and Kelly’s saliva and then to the little red pucker.

“Just remember to go slow at first, baby.”

“I’ll remember, honey. I don’t ever want to remind you of the past.”

Bob slowly slid in, an inch at a time and rested between inches. It took a visible effort on Sue’s part, but she gradually fought down her slowly dying instincts and pushed back.

Soon, she was a wild woman, slamming her ass back so hard that I feared for Bob’s balls and pubic bone. “Is that all you’ve got, fucker? Is that all?”

“Relax, honey. I’m not your dad. I’m your loving husband.”

“Oh. Sorry, dear. Guess I got carried away. Tell you what. Let me finish you off in the car. I want to go over to dad’s house right now and clear this up, so I can enjoy my husband’s dick in my ass. Are you with me?”

“Yay! We’re with you all the way, Sue.”

We slung on some clothes and hurried out to the car. Kelly sat up front between Brenda and myself to give Sue plenty room to get Bob off, as advertised. I pulled into the parking lot at Pancake Heaven to get us some breakfast and got a kick out of the looks from the guys getting into the car next to us.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. A normal-looking family getting out of the front seat and a blonde giving a great blow job in the back seat. Sue saw them watching and redoubled her efforts to bring Bob off. When he filled her mouth with cum, she gave the watchers a wink and opened her mouth to show them her reward for a good blow job.

One of the guys started toward the car, but I looked him off. With a shrug of his shoulders that said, “Can’t blame a guy for trying”, he got in the car with his friends and they sped away. They were going to have a hell of a story for the other guys at the shop.

“How are we going to do this?”

“Well, for one thing, did anybody bring a strap-on?” The couple at the next table gave us a funny look.

“Ok, we better go by and pick one up. Do we know if he’s home?”

“Now there’s a good question. I’ll go call Mom.”

Kelly was leaning over her plate quite far. I started to tell her to straighten up until I realized that it was the only way she could reach my crotch and Bob’s at the same time. If the couple next to us had realized what my daughter was doing, they wouldn’t have been so concerned about the strap-on.

“He’s there, passed out. Mom said she would leave the front door unlocked. We can come on in as soon as we get there.”

“Great! Let’s go!”

“Uh, you’ll have to give Bob and I a second to zip up”, I whispered.

A smile spread across Brenda’s face as she realized why that would be. “Have you been naughty, baby?”

“No, mommy. I’ve been a good little girl.”

“A very, very good little girl, I might add”, Bob added.

We eventually found a zonguldak escort porn shop that was open in the middle of the morning and bought the biggest, nastiest-looking strap-on they had.

“Hey! Is she legal?”, yelled the attendant, pointing at Kelly who was examining the dildo selection with particular attention to the biggest, blackest ones.

“Does this look legal to you, mother-fucker?” Kelly lifted her skirt as high as it would go and stuck her naked, shaven cunt toward him.

“You ain’t got no pussy hair.”

“That’s because my daddy pulled all the hair out with his teeth, didn’t you, Daddy?” Kelly stood beside me and openly rubbed my crotch.

I grinned. “Let’s get out of here while we can, you little bitch.” I paid the guy for the dildo and we whizzed across town. This time, all the girls were in the back with Bob, fussing over his prick and rubbing their tits all over him. “Next time we take your car, sumbitch!”

“I’ll drive on the way back.”


We arrived at the rundown cottage Sue directed us to and went right in, as instructed. Sue led us back to his bedroom. Her mother was nervously wringing her hands. She became even more nervous when she saw Sue take the ugly dildo from the bag and strap it on.

“What are you going to do?”

“Get revenge, mama. As soon as these two men have tied him down, why don’t you go in the living room with them and show them what a tight snatch you still have?”

“I’ll be glad to show them my snatch, but I would sure like to see Harold get his ass reamed. That’s what you’re planning, isn’t it?”

“That’s it, Mom.”

“Well, I want to ream it some, too. That ugly bastard has knocked me around for the last time. I’m leaving when you do.”

“Good. You can live with us, can’t she honey?”

“You bet! Let’s get this bastard tied up. I can’t wait to see you get back at him.”

Harold woke in his normal mood. “Who the fuck are you people? Get the fuck out of my room. What the fuck are you doing here, cunt? I told you to leave and never come back.”

“Shut up, ‘Daddy’. Bob wanted to kill you when I was finally able to tell him why I had been so screwed up for the last twenty years. Brenda, here, suggested a way to get even with you that wouldn’t put Bob in jail. If you don’t shut up and get on your knees, we’re going with Bob’s solution.”

“This is my house! You can’t come into my house and assault me. I’ll call the fucking police!”

“Ok. Do it.”

“Well, maybe not the police. I’ll call my buddies to come over and kick you—–“

He never got to the end of his sentence. Bob couldn’t stand one more syllable from the old man’s mouth. He merely stepped over and slugged him, knocking a couple of teeth onto the floor.

“Tie him up”, he growled. “Hope I don’t get rabies from touching the son-of-a-bitch.”

We tied him up with his ass hanging over the edge of the bed. It was the perfect height for Sue to slam it to him.

She waited patiently for him to wake up, idly stroking her fake dick, with a dreamy look on her face.

Harold came awake again with a foul mouth, shouting what we could do and couldn’t do in his house.

Sue wasn’t listening. She spread his ankles with her feet, lined up the plastic dick with his stinky asshole and shoved.


The reverberations of his scream hung in the air and had almost died down when she shoved again. Every time she shoved he screamed. A look of utter bliss came over her face.

“Mom, you go pack what you want to take. I’m going to be a while. You can have a turn before we go and so will Kelly and Brenda. I don’t know if it will teach the son-of-a-bitch a lesson, but it sure is making me feel better. Take that! and that! and that!”

Sue’s mother left the room to the accompaniment of her husband’s agonized screams and began to pack.

Kelly dropped to her knees in front of me and reached for my zipper. “Well, it may be a zonguldak escort long wait. Might as well have something to eat.” She fished out her Daddy’s cock and began to munch.

Her mother followed suit.

Bob leaned back against a dresser and allowed my wife to swallow his sword. “Can’t think of a better way to wait”, he grinned.

Sue was still slamming the dry dildo in her father’s bleeding rectum when her mother returned.

“Give me a go at it for a few minutes, dear, while you rest. If these young men are up to fucking an old hag like me, then I’d like to get my revenge out of the way so we can get right to it.”

“Sure, Mom. I’ll help you put it on.”

Louise aimed the strap-on at her husband’s ass and gave him fair warning. I’ll give her that. “You dirty, stinking, foul-mouthed child molester. You dirty rotten son-of-a-bitch that thinks having muscles is enough reason to knock women and children around. You pathetic loser with a tiny little needle dick who can’t get off without abusing something, somewhere, some time. I hope you rot in hell. Close your eyes, prick, cause here it comes!”

She drew back as far as her limbs would permit and lunged at him with all her strength. The dildo wasn’t that well centered and it wasn’t at all slick. The tip hit his ass about an inch from the hole and tore it’s way in. Bright red blood gushed from the tear, but Louise never slowed down. She drew back again and gave him another wild shot, missing on the other side this time, tearing another strip of flesh before shoving flesh, blood and dildo far up his intestine.

“You lousy, good for nothing, low-life scoundrel. Why God ever let you live this long, I don’t know. I hope your soul rots in hell for all eternity.”

She was finished. Sobbing and sniffling, she unbuckled the strap-on, leaving it lodged in her husband’s asshole. Blood coursed down the back of his thighs in a steady stream. “Let’s go”, she said.

“Shouldn’t we untie him?”

“One of his asshole buddies will be by before long to beg a drink off him. He won’t die, but I sure would like for the word to get around about how he was found. Wait a minute!” She reached for the phone. “Bill? This is Louise. I’m leaving that scoundrel who has abused me all my life. I want you to come over here and tell everybody how you found him. Ok? Oh, and bring your camera.”

With a satisfied smirk on her face, Louise led us out of the house to the car. “All right, which of you stiff dicks is going to fuck me first?”

“I’ll drive, Mom. You get in the back with Bob and Wyden. They can both fuck you while we go home. Bob really enjoys ass fucking, so maybe you can talk him into trying yours. Take it easy on her, guys. She may be nearly sixty and she’s been married a long time, but my old man had a pencil dick and there’s a lot of pussy that she’s never used before.”

The mood was definitely lighter on the way home.

“They say that revenge is a meal better served cold, Sue. It’s been twenty years. Was it worth it? Did you really feel revenged? Are you glad we did it?”

“I feel so good I probably won’t stop singing for a month. I feel like fucking and being fucked–in the mouth, in the pussy and in the ass. Take my ass, boys, it’s free. Bob, you and Wyden better be up to the mark. Even with Brenda and Kelly to help out, I’m going to need more fucking than you can handle, I bet, and Mom is going to need taking care of, too. Not to mention Brenda and Kelly’s needs. How are you going to cope?”

“Well, Jimmy loves to fuck. He just gets off too quick. Maybe he can help out some.”

“Honey, when a guy gets off, you know he’s going to be ready again some time. It’s just a matter of time. If you catch him again as soon as he is able, he will last longer the second time, and even longer the third time. And so on. Isn’t that right, Wyden?”

“Sure is. When Brenda and I were dating, I would jack off two or three times before leaving the house so I would last longer when we did it.”

Somehow, I couldn’t imagine there being that much trouble to finding volunteers to keep four hot, horny women well fucked. Nearly every guy I knew complained about not getting enough pussy from his wife.

The future looked bright.

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