Extra Credit Ch. 02

Extra Credit Ch. 02

Ariana Marie

Carleigh had just agreed with me that the level of her work thus far was not worthy of an A, and that she was willing to put in a little extra work to get one…

“So, then, I said to her, “I guess we have more work to do, don’t you think?”

“I try not to, Sir; thinking gives me a headache.”

I laughed at her clever joke, even funnier given the situation. “Yes, well. I believe I need to examine you very closely, and indeed give you an oral test to determine your level of understanding. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir, I am.”

“Fine. Then sit here on my desk.”

I pushed the papers aside I had been grading, such pedagogical tasks well beyond my concern any more, and Carleigh sat down on my desk with her legs spread wide.

Her pussy was the very image of perfection. Her pussy hair was completely shaven, something that has always turned me on immensely and made me want to dive right in to the pussy in question. The soft pink of her pouty pussy lips stood out in stark contrast to the white skin around it, and turned on as she was at this point, it glistened softly from her juices. She had a thick little clit that stood above the surrounded curves, almost beckoning me to lick and suck it. I approached her pussy slowly, not so much wanting to draw this out for her or tease her — although I could hear her breathing becomes faster as I did and her body tense in delicious anticipation of the feeling — but simply because I was so struck by the beauty the thing. I rubbed her clit gently, and she gasped, then I slowly traced the outline of her pussy lips with my fingers, gaping open mouthed at the perfection of her hot, wet cunt.

Being able to wait not one second more, I gently flicked my tongue across her clit, and she let out a long, low moan as I did so. Carleigh’s pussy tasted delicious, making me want more and more. I sucked her entire clit into my mouth as I slowly slid first one finger, then two into her slick wet pussy; with my other hand I began stroking my cock, getting it hard quickly again. Carleigh was moaning loudly now, in time with the thrusts from my fingers.

She began to Alanya Esmer Escort buck her hips hard and to moan even more loudly, so I switched things around a bit. I now began to lick the length of pussy, from clit to ass, stopping along the way to slide my tongue in and out giving her a nice tongue fuck, while I now used my fingers to rub her clit hard. This switch seemed to push her to an even higher level of ecstasy as she began to moan even louder and breathe in raspy little coughs.

My cock was now good and hard again, so I took my free and slide two fingers deep into her pussy, so I was now licking her cunt, finger fucking her, and massaging her clit. Her body began to tense rigidly and her moans turned into one long groan, indicating she would soon cum. I now began to lick, suck, rub, and fuck as hard as I could, looking forward to her finally exploding.

“I…I…I’m gonna…gonna…,” she stuttered, sounding similar to the way she did when she first arrived, but now for a whole different reason. “Cum…cum…cum….”

Her body tensed one final time, and her legs locked around my head for a moment with such force that I feared for a moment that my eyeballs would pop out, then she let out what was a combined shriek and groan, like nothing I had ever heard before. Carleigh also let out a hot wet stream of pussy juice which squirted right into my face; at first I was surprised, but was instantly aroused by having a hot little squirter cumming right on my face, and happily opened my mouth to try to catch as my of the stream as I could.

Her glorious orgasm lasted for a few moments, and then she slowly began to slow down and relax, the once strong stream of pussy juice now dribbling down to a trickle. As she did, I methodically began to kiss and nibble my way up from her pussy, along her bronzed and toned stomach, to her firm white breasts, where I lingered to play with her hard nipples for a time. I then nibbled my way to her mouth, where we engaged in a deep, passionate kiss, out tongues dancing around each other’s, swapping the remnants of our own cum.

“Now,” I said, Alanya Eve Gelen Escort pulling away somewhat unwillingly from our kiss, “I believe your grade has risen to, shall we say, a B?”

“Yes, Sir, I’d say.”

“But that’s not good enough for you, is it Miss Simms?” I asked, as I clutched my now rock hard cock and rubbed it gently against her soaking wet pussy. “You deserve an A.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, “please give me an A.”

I guided the head of my cock into her waiting pussy, then slid the rest of if in until it hit bottom. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and moaned again as I did so, and I knew it would not be long before she same again. Because Carleigh had so thoughtfully taken the edge off my need to explode with that fabulous blow job, I felt like I could last a good long while and so would be able to give her a magnificent fuck that was all about her needs.

“You like it hard right?” I asked her.

“Yes, Sir,” said, squeezing me even more tightly, “I love to get fucked hard.”

So with that I launched into a hammering of her pussy that littering made the walls shake. I felt like an animal, a wild sexual beast here only to fuck and to cum, and I was happily throwing all of my sexual energy into this fuck. I pounded away at Carleigh’s pussy, fucking her as hard, deep, and fast as I could, and was encouraged by the sound of her breathing again becoming irregular and ragged. I knew what that meant from before, so with whatever energy I had left I increased my tempo even more, trying to exhaust myself with this fuck.

Carleigh again shrieked that strange combined sound, the sort that only sex is capable of producing. I could feel her squirting again, with her juiced now flowing all over my balls and down my leg. I continued to fuck her as hard as possible while she came, even though my muscles were burning. As she came her pussy clamped tightly around my cock, and with the increased tightness and my own wild fucking, I knew it would not be long before I joined Carleigh in the happy land of orgasms.

Carleigh’s orgasm waned, Alanya Evi Olan Escort but I kept fucking like a rabid animal; at this point I could scarcely stop. I pulled out suddenly, stroking my cock as I did so, and said to her “Get on your knees.” She did so, happily opening her mouth and craning her neck back to catch what she knew was coming. The site of a lovely young lady, on her knees with her soft mouth opened and her tongue sticking out slightly, eagerly waiting for a shot of cum, always makes me ready to explode, and today was no different. I stroked my cock now just as hard as I had been fucking Carleigh, and I soon felt that delicious pressure build within me again.

The cum absolutely exploded out of my cock, and I made no effort to aim it into her mouth. I shot string after string of thick white cum onto Carleigh’s bathing suit-model beautiful face, which she accepted with a sexy little giggle. I think this orgasm may have perhaps even been more explosive than the first, and my hot thick cum seemed to have an endless supply. When my cum eventually waned into a mere dribble, Carleigh’s face was well covered, making her look perhaps even lovelier than even before.

Panting hard, with my legs weak, I stumbled back into my desk chair. Carleigh merely remained where she was, on her knees, with a face covered with my cum. Once I caught my breath well enough to speak, I said, “Well, Miss Simms. I believe you have convinced my that you do, indeed, deserve an A for my class.”


It was well into the summer semester, and while I had certainly not forgotten about my late night-liaison with Carleigh, I accepted the fact that we had used each other to get something we wanted. Me, sex with a rich 20-year-old; Carleigh, a Benz. I knew she had remained on campus for the summer classes to get ahead on credits, but I neither expected nor made an effort to see her again. I didn’t have her for any classes, and that actually suited me rather well.

You can imagine my surprise when, on one hot summer day, she knocked on my office door.

“Mr. Wills?” she asked.

Shocked by her unexpected appearance, I practically shouted out, “Yes?!”

She sauntered into my office with one graceful move, and closed the door behind her. “I was wondering,” she said now, locking my office door and looking at me ravenously, “if maybe we could discuss my doing some extra credit work for you again…”

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