Exhibitionism Leads to Incest


Ever since I gave birth to our daughter at the age of 26, my marital sex with my hubby, Joy became stale. Strangely, I and Joy had only completed two years of our marriage. Even before our daughter was born, we had only intermittent physical intimacy as Joy avoided sex most of the time but whenever Joy was physically and psychologically in the right mood and we indulged in sex, it happened to be quite hot even though Joy couldn’t retain himself for long. But both of us played wild and Joy compensated his shortcomings by fingering my pussy and I enjoyed the pleasure his fingers provided.

After the birth of our daughter, Joy seemed to have totally lost interest in sex. My cravings for sexual intimacy with him were still high and I wanted him to atleast finger me to satisfy my cravings. But he was no longer interested. I had crazy and secret fantasy of oral sex with him and we two doing 69 but could never express it to Joy, who even considered the idea of kissing genitals as dirty.

I had a voluptuous body that could make any male turn his glances to watch my curves and my craving for sex was also much higher than Joy. Even though pregnancy and child birth had affected my features, with regular visit to gym, I was able to restore my glamorous body features. By the time our daughter was two years old, I had restored my sexy feature with a fatless tummy, 36″ boobs, 32″ waist and 36″ butts. My friends would often compliment me, “Dola, no one can tell that you have mothered a baby. You have maintained your figure so perfectly that you can be married off again as a maid.”

An intimate friend of mine even expressed her apprehension, “Dola, you look so sexy and beautiful with your slender figure and youthful curves that I must advise Joy to keep you away from the eyes of men lest they fall in love with you.”

Saddest thing that I had to conceal from my friends was that despite maintaining my body like that, I failed to attract my husband towards me. Yes, we indulged in sex sometimes but it was always I who took the initiative and Joy was rather a passive participant. I discussed once with Joy, who regretted his fatigue and loss of interest in sex due to stress in his job and his long history of medical complications. Mostly Joy had erection but he was not hard enough to penetrate. Naturally, he avoided sex.

Well, what Joy said had basis of it. Joy was a high level executive who had to handle delicate affairs of his company being the in charge of the location where he was posted, and even before marriage, he was suffering from high sugar, thyroidism and high blood pressure. He was sickly from his childhood having suffered from many serious and life threatening ailments in his school days. So I remained happy with the memories of our sex life that we had immediately after marriage till our daughter was born.

However, I secretly started enjoying the lustful glances that men of various age groups would cast on my voluptuous body, an act that previously I considered to be offensive. I derived a kind of self assurance when I noticed that men were watching me with lust in their glances. I noticed it discreetly giving the onlookers the impression that I was not aware of their dirty glances that surveyed my body with desires in their minds. It became such an obsession that unconsciously I encouraged voyeurism in others.

Soon exhibitionism became my favourite pastime and I enjoyed to slightly expose my curves, my cleavage to the strangers and delighted in their voyeuristic glances, the lust in their eyes. The way men of various ages ogled at my youthful body made me discharge my love juice. In the years that followed, I enjoyed the wetness between my legs, caused by the lustful glances of many men to whom I had exposed my luscious body curves at one time or other though I pretended that the exposure was accidental. Those who ogled at me included colleagues and sub-ordinates of Joy, shop keepers, some neighbours, vendors who sold items house to house and the college going boys of the locality. My husband continued to be busy with his career and jobs and had no idea of my exhibitionist nature. Sex between us became the rarest thing.

My in-laws lived in a nearby village and we visited them once in a while. They lived in a double storied palatial house covering acres of land. Apart from my parents-in-law, Joy’s elder brother, Jivan, his wife Tina and their kids, Joy’s younger brother, Suryya, 22 years also lived in that house. Jivan was around 45 years and his wife Tina was around 40. Since the birth of their second child about seven years back, Tina grew sick and was almost bed ridden.

The palatial house had separate rooms for us and also for Joy’s sister Nita, her husband and their kids. Nita was married to Ajay of the adjacent village and visited her paternal home during some rituals.

The most fascinating thing about that house was the large pond inside the campus at the northern corner of the boundary. It was at a distance of about hundred feet from the genç gaziantep escort house. Its water level remained more or less the same through out the year. During scorching summer a variety of birds came to play in it. Many times the family considered about filling it up and utilising the land for domestic cultivation of vegetables. But none in the family could think of the house without the pond and eventually the plan was always dismissed.

When our daughter was 4 years old, my mother-in-law died. We went to the village for funeral rites and once the rites were over, Joy returned to our place while I with my daughter decided to stay a few more days there. My daughter became very friendly with her uncles, aunts, cousins and her grandfather.

It was a week after Joy had left, all the rituals were over and the family was more or less settled after the death of the mother that I decided to teach swimming to our daughter. The kids of Jivan and Tina, and Nita and Ajay were already experts in swimming. Since I was also born in rural area, I too knew swimming though it was perhaps seven years back that I had last swimming. So with the kids of the family I went to the pond to teach swimming to our daughter.

We were in water for about two hours. As I was coming in wet clothes from the pond to the make shift changing room about five yards from the pond, I noticed my father-in-law watching my body clad in wet clothes. Though incestuous, I felt so excited to be observed by him that next day I went to the pond again and just wearing a housecoat without any undergarment. I knew that without undergarments, the wet fabric of the housecoat would give him a better view of my youthful body.

But my father-in-law was not nearby while I got out of the pond. The exhibitionist in me was slightly disappointed. But then I noticed him in the garden behind a bamboo fence and he was not doing any gardening job but ogling at my body under wet housecoat. The fact that he was ogling at me created heat inside me and my nipples got erect. Instead of getting angry or upset at the peeping nature of my father-in-law, I rather enjoyed it and as if unaware of his presence, I lifted the lower edge of the housecoat just above my knees and bent forward on the plea of squeezing water from the wet housecoat. This exposed my cleavage and a fair portion of my big boobs without bra and a portion of my smooth legs. I did it intentionally knowing that my father-in-law was ogling at me.

I then entered inside the rectangular area, formally known as changing room, covered by tightly knit bamboo fences on four sides. The changing room had no cover on the top and had five fences on four sides. It had a distinctive style. The first bamboo fencing was about four feet in length, the second fence that covered the right side was six feet, the third side just opposite to the first fence was longer than its counterpart and covered five feet. The fourth fence opposite to the second one covering the left side was longer and seven feet in length. From the edge of the fourth fencing started the four feet long fifth fencing that ended a foot shorter than the first fence. This junction, where the fifth ended shorter covering the outer part of the first, was the entrance of the makeshift changing room. It was a passage of about one foot width without any door. The height of the fence was five feet so that anyone from outside would know if someone was inside and would avoid entering. Everyone changed dress inside this room after swimming.

As I was changing my wet dress inside the make shift changing room, I was thinking how exciting it would be if someone watched me getting out of my wet housecoat completely nude and putting on my dresses. My exhibitionist self fantasized that somebody was watching me and while I was completely nude, I decided to play bold to fondle my boobs lovingly and to finger my love spot. And lo, my fantasy became a reality.

After dressing properly, as I came out of the changing room, I noticed movement of branches of a nearby mango tree. The man was pretending to pluck mangoes. He could have easily kept himself hidden behind the bushy leaves. But he wanted me to know that he had watched me while I was changing my dress. So when I looked upward, a bit startled at the sound of leafy movement, he clearly revealed his face and smiled mischievously at me. It was Ajay, my sister-in-law Nita’s husband. I felt exhilarated at making my father-in-law and brother-in-law (Ajay) to have enjoyed the sight of my luscious body.

I was returning from the changing room to the main house fully dressed. On my way back to the main house, I came across Suryya, my brother-in-law. Suryya surveyed me openly looking from toes to head and smilingly whispered “Bhavi you are wonderful. I can’t forget two big raisins I saw.”

I blushed realising that Suryya was referring to my swollen nipples. I pretended to be angry and asked, “You peeping tom, ogling at gaziantep genç escort your own bhavi?”

“There was no need too peep,” replied Surayya with a wink, “It was clearly visible when the cloth was wet and dripping with water.”

I hurriedly moved away from Surayya without any reply. Once inside the house, I found my cunt dripping at the comment of Surayya. Inwardly I felt satisfied. Three male members of the family had enjoyed my exhibitionism. I was wondering whether my elder brother-in-law, Jivan had also had taken his turn or not.

That evening all the adults of the family sat for gossiping over tea as was the regular custom of that household. Kids were busy among themselves in a different room with snacks and Suryya wad supervising them. I was attending that tea majlish ( gathering for gossips over tea) since our arrival there, but on that evening I noticed that in the midst of gossiping, all the males i.e. my father-in-law, and my brothers-in-law Ajay, Suryya and even Jivan were discreetly ogling at me. I enjoyed to see the hidden lust in the eyes of male in-laws of the family.

Something unexpected occurred after the family’s evening tea majlish was over. I had asked Tina (Jivan’s wife) to take rest as she was sickly and decided to cook the dinner myself. The kitchen, dining room and the toilets of a big palatial house are generally a bit away from the main building having bedrooms and drawing room. So was it in the house of my parents-in-law.

I was preparing dinner when the electricity supply of the area got disrupted plunging the entire house in darkness. Within minutes someone with flash light of the mobile on was coming towards the kitchen to provide me light. But just as it was about to enter in the kitchen, the flash light was put off and I heard someone locking the kitchen door. Before I could understood anything, my body was in the vicious grip of a powerful and stout male. His hands were roughly groping my boobs and asses and whispered to my ears, “I have seen your naked beauty, I could not resist myself.”

Though whispering, I could recognise that it was Ajay, groom of house and husband of Nita. I warned him, “I will scream. Go away before someone discovers us in this position. Nobody will tell anything of your lecherous behaviour and only I would be blamed.”

“You will never scream,” Ajay replied, “I know you’re a sexy bitch and was roaming at daytime showing your treasures. I am not to stay here. I just came to tell you that what I saw this morning as you were changing your wet swimming dress turned me crazy. Keep your bedroom door open. I will come to your room after 12.30 once everyone in the house is in deep sleep.”

While telling these words Ajay was exploring my privates like a crazy man. His hands went inside my blouse and bra and was kneading my flesh mounds passionately. My last sexual intimacy with Joy was perhaps more than two years ago and naturally Ajay’s forbidden advances put my body on fire. But I still reminded him that he was the groom of the house and the consequences of getting caught. Ajay was desperate. Without paying heed to my warning, he pushed me against the wall and his face descended on me. His lips touched my lips most wildly and started sucking my lower lip. Without caring for the surrounding we were in, he forced his tongue inside my mouth. I was whimpering in his mouth. I felt his fingers trying to get inside my petticoat. With much difficulty I managed to say, “Please stop.”

Ajay let me go without much fiasco but as if chewing the words said, “I have sparked the fire in your slutty body and it is up to you whether you allow to douse the fire.”

And Ajay was right. Though I despised the husband of my sister-in-law to have taken the chance to exploit me sexually, but his sudden and aggressive assault actually ignited the fire in my sex starved body. I could feel my nipples growing hard in excitement. But I maintained calm and just replied, “I’m not a slut as you think, get lost and don’t ever dare to come near me. Else I will tell Nita.” (Ajay’s wife)

The power supply was restored by then. Ajay seemed to have realised the seriousness of my words and looked at me nervously and by unlocking the kitchen door retreated from the kitchen. I was sweating and heaving at the suddenness of the incident. At the same time, I was smiling thinking the impact of Ajay’s watching my nude body in the changing room. Joy may not feel attracted to have physical intimacy with me, but my body could stimulate adrenaline in males. It boosted my confidence in my physical prowess. I was in a kind of reverie fantasizing how an aggressive male like Ajay would smash me on bed should he get the opportunity of finding me alone when a hoarse voice broke my reverie.

“What you and Ajay were doing in the kitchen locking the door from inside?” a rough voice of Joy’s elder brother, Jivan startled me.

I looked at him with awe and stammered to reply, gaziantep genç escort bayan “No…he…came when light went off…”

Jivan looked at me and I realised that my dress was partially dishevelled due to scuffle I had with Ajay minutes ago. I stammered again and said, “He…he was indecent…I drove him away…he was insisting…”

Jivan gave a sympathetic smile, “I understand. Ajay shouldn’t have done this. But with a figure like that, you’re bound to ignite passion in men. It is a different case with Joy, who had been sickly since his boyhood, if he doesn’t get attracted to you. But Ajay’s behaviour is more natural particularly when you display your body like a shameless whore.”

I was shocked at his brazen words and protested, “I am your younger brother’s wife…”

“So what?” said Jivan as he moved menacingly towards me, “That did not prevent your nipples to get erect when you and Ajay engaged in cuddling…”

Jivan pulled my hand and forcibly pushed it inside his trousers to his crotch and finished his sentence, “Nor your sexy body prevented my cock from getting enraged watching your body.”

I was afraid somebody might come and see us, and in our society the entire blame would be on the woman. I tried to take away my hand but Jivan pulled my face towards his and looking at my eyes said, “Feel its hardness. You never got such a tool from Joy. I know a sexy bitch like you will love it.”

Jivan made me to take his hard dick in my palm while his lips explored my lips most passionately. I was actually amazed at his hardness. It seemed as if the hard and big rod of flesh and blood was throbbing. Jivan quickly pushed his hand inside my blouse and bra and started mauling roughly and pinching the already erect nipples. I couldn’t avoid moaning. Jivan looked at me and said, “Your husband Joy and my wife Tina are weak and sickly. Tina regularly takes sleeping medicine before going to bed and you can’t wake her up after she has fallen asleep and all the kids sleep in a different room. So at night come to my room, we will enjoy and cheat our sickly spouses.”

The way Jatin groped my privates, the way he made me to hold his dick in my palm, the brutal way he squeezed my boobs, made me wet between my thighs. Jivan groped my asses putting his hand in the crack between the asses and then his hand went to my most sensitive triangle and feeling the wetness there said, “Why don’t you kick Joy on his asses for depriving such a hot wife?”

I was still scuffling to get rid of Jivan. He looked at me and said, “Leaving for now, but remember if you don’t come to my room by yourself, I will drag you to my room.”

As Jivan left the kitchen, the first thing I did was to put my dress in order, to calm myself and tried to get out of the two consecutive traumatic experiences I had that evening. Slowly I completed cooking dinner for all. But all along I was pondering over my fate that night as two horny males, Ajay and Jivan, were after me and I was unsure of my own mind. On the one hand, a self of mine hated the idea of getting to the bed of any of the two men, who were not only my in-laws but were married. On the other hand, my body craved for sexual satisfaction and wanted to avenge Joy’s failure to satisfy me physically on bed. In fact, I was totally unsure of the night, how it was going to be and how to save me from the lustful wishes of Ajay and Jivan.

After everyone of the house completed dinner I was actually worried about the course of action I should take. I was looking for my daughter, Rimi, who was with other kids of the house. Suryya came to me and said, “Bhabi (customary address to the wife of elder brother), just come and see how calmly Rimi is sleeping. She fell asleep while on my lap.”

I went with Suryya to his room to pick up my sleeping daughter. Suryya’s bedroom was on the first floor. It was summer. Rimi was sleeping on a cradle like bed that was hanging on ropes on a bamboo from the backside balcony of Suryya’s bedroom. Suryya told me that he had made this arrangement so that Rimi gets night breezes outside. It was a bit odd to hang a sleeping child’s cradle like that. I questioningly looked at Suryya, who asked me to look below. What I saw made me freeze. At the ground just below the hanging cradle was the electrical transformer with high tension lines. In case of any accident, Rimi would just fall on that hazardous area nearly twenty-five feet below and there would be no chance of survival. I shivered and harshly asked Suryya, “What an irresponsible thing is this? Should it tear or fall for any reason, nobody can save her. She will die either for falling from such a height or getting electrocuted Bring her inside immediately and never play such games.”

Suryya smiled, “Nothing will happen to her. Just be nice to me. Show me those big sized raisins of your, let me taste them, be my slut tonight and take your daughter back.”

I was stunned at his cruelty and the meanest way to make me surrender. I was full of tears and pleaded for the life of my daughter. Suryya said, “Nothing will happen to Rimi if you co-oprate. The way you moved around in the house shows that you’re an unsatisfied sexy whore. So I thought of giving a trial if I can satisfy you. Now, don’t make noise, come to my bed quickly like a good girl and teach me the art of sex like a slut. We should be done before Rimi wakes up.”

Ever since I gave birth to our daughter at the age of 26, my marital sex with my hubby, Joy became stale. Strangely, I and Joy had only completed two years of our marriage. Even before our daughter was born, we had only intermittent physical intimacy as Joy avoided sex most of the time but…

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