Exchanging Gifts Ch. 02

Exchanging Gifts Ch. 02



Phil was at the Miller’s home for their big annual 4th of July party looking for Andrea Laine.

Randi had given him her cell number and told him that she would be expecting his call, but before he got up the courage, he was pleasantly suprised to see Andrea and her husband show up for the celebration. The weather was not co-operating, so the party moved indoors and the massive compound was more than equipped to handle the crowd.

Spying Mrs. Laine talking with a group of other ladies, Phil tried not to stare as he waited for an opening. But it was hard to keep his eyes off the sexy wife and mother. She was maybe an inch or two taller than Randi, but still very petite, with a wonderfully slim body and a great set of jugs which, Randi had advised, were the courtesy of the same plastic surgeon responsible for her luscious set. Her brunette hair had an auburn tinge and was cut just below her neck, sweeping at a downward angle over her shoulders.

She was crazy hot, rocking a pair of low rise, slightly faded skinny jeans and some sexy T-strap sandals with a 4 inch heel. Her wonderful augmented breasts were on glorious display, barely being covered by a metallic silver sequin camisole top with spaghetti straps, a tiny strip of her flat midriff peeking out above her jeans.

As he watched, Mrs. Laine excused herself and walked over to her purse pulling out a hard pack of Marlboro Light 100s. Phil felt his pulse jump when she disappeared out of the back of the house, shutting the heavy sliding doors behind her.

After a few moments, making sure she wasn’t being joined by any of the other ladies, Phil quickly followed. Andrea had moved off the large outdoor deck and was standing towards the back of the large, well-manicured property, and as Phil watched, he saw the brief flash of a lighter being struck.

Feeling the blood rush to his temples, he approached. When he was just a few feet away, he called out in a low voice. “Aaah . . . Hello? . . . Mrs. Laine?”

Andrea turned to face him and Phil noticed that her lips were covered in a thick coat of shiny gloss in a lovely red shade. Her big green eyes were highlighted by a soft brown shadow, the overall effect was absolutely stunning.

Holding her cigarette to her side, she smiled in a friendly manner. “Yes . . . Can I help you?”

Phil thought he saw her give him a quick once over and he relaxed a little when it was apparent that she liked what she had seen.

“Umm . . . Hi, I’m Phil Grange . . . I went to school with your sons.” he managed to get out haltingly.

“Okay . . .?” Andrea answered slowly, a questioning inflection in her voice. Becoming nervous all over again, Phil charged on.

“I’m also friends with Randi Boehmon . . . I mean . . . Did she say anything to you about me?” Phil thought he sounded like a complete idiot and he felt his stomach drop when Andrea’s brow furrowed.

“Randi . . . No . . . No she hasn’t mentioned you at all . . . What was she supposed to tell me?”

Phil swallowed hard. Was Randi playing a joke on him? How the fuck was he going to get out of this? As his mind raced, Andrea flashed him a mischievous grin and sputtered as she stifled a laugh, covering her mouth.

“I’m sorry . . . that was so mean.” She was clearly tickled with herself. “Yes . . . Randi spoke to me. And I saw you staring at me earlier. Why do you think I came out here, Phil Grange, or should I call you ‘Football Star’?” her eyes twinkling.

Phil let out a long breathe he didn’t even realize that he had been holding, grinning himself in appreciation of the joke. Now he was much more relaxed but not sure where to take the conversation. Looking more closely at the sexy soccer mommy he noted her high, sharp cheekbones and it appeared that her eye shadow had flecks of glitter mixed in. Before he said anything, Andrea stepped much closer to him, her perfume was intoxicating, and ran her index finger lightly down the center of his thick chest.

“Mmmmm . . . Randi sure can pick ’em. I’ll give her that. Now what is it that you have on your mind?” she said in a low, seductive tone. “I want to hear you ask me.” her eyes alight with interest,

“Umm . . . ” Phil stammered. “Well Randi . . . She said that you’ve got this big birthday coming up . . . and she wanted to . . .” He was struggling for the right words before deciding to just come out with it.

“Look . . . Randi wants me to fuck you . . . as a present . . . from her to you . . . I know that sounds . . . ” Andrea put a finger gently to his lips to quiet him.

“Well . . . I have to admit . . . You do get right to the point, don’t you!” she teased.

“I’m sorry . . . that didn’t come out right.” Phil quickly responded. “It’s just . . . I didn’t really know how . . . to . . . you know?”

Andrea threw back her head and let out a throaty laugh. “It’s okay . . . . really. Randi is such a slut . . . God, do I love her for that! And I can’t imagine a better gift than what you are suggesting.” she added, her voice taking on a more intimate tone. “Fucking you sounds like a wonderful idea!”

Andrea, Ankara travesti her gorgeous eyes locked onto Phil’s, took a long, slow drag off her cigarette, before turning her head slightly, raising her chin and releasing a thin stream up into the night air.

Phil looked at her and teased. “You know . . . that’s a really bad habit.”

Andrea looked at the glowing tip of her cigarette and glanced quickly back towards the house to make sure that they didn’t have any company. Hooking her finger on the top of Phil’s T-shirt, she pulled him roughly down towards her face, kissing him quickly on the lips, her tongue darting into his mouth, before pulling away.

“Well . . . ” she told him matter-of-factly “I’m a really bad girl!


Phil hunched his shoulders and hurried towards the front door of the Laine residence. The brick and cut stone structure was lit up impressively. The night air was cool on his skin, but Phil could feel his anxiety rising as it always did in these situations.

Although Mrs. Laine had assured him that her husband had taken their children out-of-town, and that they would have plenty of time together, Phil was still on edge, feeling like he was in the lockerroom before a big game. In a way, maybe he was.

He rang the doorbell and took a quick look around to see if there was any activity on the street and felt a sense of relief wash over him when the door cracked open. Andrea leaned against the side of the door, a warm smile on her beautiful face.

Phil couldn’t help but run his eyes appreciatively up and down her sexy frame, the lovely MILF was wearing an embroidered ivory corset with a matching pair of low rise bikini shorts. Sheer black thigh highs held up by a garter belt showed off her long, slender legs and he was suprised she wasn’t teetering on a pair of ankle strap platforms with a 5 inch heel.

She wore her auburn hair up, pulled back from her face, soft ringlets above big hooped earrings, her trademark eye shadow with a hint of glitter prominently displayed, her full lips shining wetly.

Andrea allowed Phil to get a good look before letting him in, closing the door behind them. Standing next to him, she put both hands on his chest, staring longingly into his eyes, as he lowered his lips to hers for a few, soft, wet kisses.

Taking a step back, she spun in a pirouette, an athletic move for certain in her stiletto heels, her eyebrows arched, she asked. “You like?”

Phil grinned and shook his head. “Oh yeah . . . You look incredible!!”

Andrea smiled in satisfaction stating “Randi says you like slutty . . . I can do slutty!!” she laughed.

Taking him by the hand she led him into the large, expensively decorated living room, a 60 inch flatscreen mounted above the hearth, the walls covered in art work.

“Can I get you anything?” she asked sweetly as they sat down on the couch.

“No thanks . . . I’m good.” Phil responded, his eyes falling to her lovely breasts spilling over the top of her lingerie.

Andrea smiled cooly, her eyes lit with lust, and said in a low, breathless tone. “Oh . . . I hear you’re much better than good!!”


Randi settled into the large, overstuffed chair in her hotel suite after pouring herself of glass of Pinot and lighting a cigarette. She felt her heart race with excitement a few minutes later when she heard a light tap at her door. Quickly getting to her feet, she opened the door and was greeted by a tall, handsome muscular young man, strong white teeth flashing in a confident grin. His ebony skin shone, his long braided hair pulled back in a thick ponytail.

N’keese Richards had earned a athletic scholarship to play at L.S.U. after a stellar career at outside linebacker at Middleton High. At 6’4″, the young man was over 240 pounds of solid muscle, his chest and shoulders straining against a white V-neck T-shirt.

“Hello.” he smiled at Randi, his dark brown eyes sparkling. “I’m N’keese.”

“Yes . . . yes . . . I know who you are . . . I’m Randi Boehmon. I’ve seen a number of your games. I’m so glad to finally meet you.”

Randi threw her arms up around his broad shoulders and gave him a quick hug, sliding her hands down the back of his massive tatooed arms, gently squeezing the horseshoe sized triceps.

“Please . . . Have a seat.” she said, her tiny fingers lost in his big mitt, guiding him into the suite. “Can I get you anything?” she asked, her voice lowering into her sexiest tone. “Anything at all?”

N’keese let out a deep, baritone chuckle as he sat on the chair across from her, clearly impressed by what he was seeing. Randi was wearing a long sleeved, french cuffed shirt, a shirt leather mini, and some peep toe pumps with 4 inch heels, her painted toes evidenced a very recent pedicure. Her stunning blue eyes were set against smoky eyeshadow, her lips glistening wetly in a sexy red shade.

“Why don’t you slide out of those clothes, Mrs. Boehmon.”

Randi smiled back, appreciating his directness. She was pretty sure this one wasn’t going Antalya travesti to need any coaxing or encouragement, the way some of her young lovers did. She took a last drag off her cigarette, exhaling as she crushed it out.

Raising her hands to her throat, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her big breasts barely contained by a lacy black bra, shrugging it from her shoulders and dropping it on the floor. She stood to unzip the side of her tight, tiny skirt, working it down over her hips and shapely legs before kicking it away with flick of her foot, raising up to reveal a matching black G-string.

She stood with her shoulders back, perched on her sexy spiked heels, chest pushed forward invitingly, a leg turned and slightly bent, clearly inviting the young bull’s scrutiny. N’keese had seen Randi before, she was a popular subject in the lockerrom when the guys would put together their MILF lists, but she was even more striking up close. The mature wife and mother had a hard, firm tummy and tight little buns bisected by the string of her panties. She looked twenty years younger than her true age, and he couldn’t wait to tap that ass.

N’keese nodded in approval, throwing his arm over the back of the chair, spreading his legs as he pushed his feet forward. He noticed Randi staring at the fat bulge of his crotch and began to tease her.

“What you lookin’ at?” he grinned.

Randi smiled. “I’m looking at your package . . . Can I see it?

“See what?” he continued in a playful tone.

“Your cock . . . I want to see it.”

” I gotta know you’re ready for me . . . are you? Why don’t you play with your pussy . . . let me know if you’re wet!”

Randi pushed her big tits together, squeezing them between her french-manicured fingers, before sliding one hand down her firm stomach towards her panties. She began to slowly rub and squeeze her pussy, feeling that her juices had begun to soak through the thin material. She felt her breathing get heavier as she worked her clit, her other hand spread out against her flat bellly.

N’keese was mesmerized by the sexy cougar playing with herself, and reached down to unsnap his jeans, pulling out his thick cock as he got to his feet.

“Come here.” he told her, his voice thick with passion.

Randi walked slowly into his arms, crossing her wrists behind his neck as he lowered his lips to hers. They kissed softly at first, their lips smacking, as their tongues touched, sending electric sparks through her boddy.

Randi pressed her forehead against N’keese, after coming up for air, staring lustily into his eyes, the tip of her tongue running along her lips. She reached down to stroke his long, hard rod loving the silky smoothness of his erection.

“What you wanna’ to do?” he whispered.

“I want to suck your fat cock!” she responded, her practiced grip becoming more firm. N’keese could feel her hard nipples pressed against his chest. He kissed her hard on the lips,and when she threw her head back, he sucked on her lithe neck, causing her to sqirm in delight.

Getting to her knees, she kept her eyes locked on his, grabbing his impressively long, heavily veined shaft in both of her hands and extended her tongue, lightly licking at the pre-cum that had pooled at the head of his dick, before dropping her jaw as widely as she could and easing his ebony shaft past her wetly shining lips. She watched as N’keese bent his head back, one big paw grabbing her platinum blonde mane as she began to bob her head back and forth, her eyes now closed in concentration, a loud moan spilling from her cock-stuffed mouth.


Phil was sitting on the couch, his hips thrust forward, his legs pushed straight out in front of him. Andrea had peeled off all his clothes, in a slow, sensual routine, his lust building rapidly as she kissed and licked each area of his body that was exposed.

Andrea knelt on the floor between his knees, dragging her tongue lightly up the inside of his leg, driving the young boy crazy, his fully erect cock laying across his flat and muscular stomach.

Keeping her hands on his knees, Andrea continued to nuzzle the inside of his thighs, pausing only to gently lick and suck his fat, tight ball sack, obviously avoiding any contact with his hard, straining shaft.

Unable to take it any longer, Phil released a long, low groan and reached down to grab her head with one hand, while directing his cock towards her lips with the other.

With a knowing and pleased smile, Andrea opened her mouth, finally allowing the young boy to slide his engorged cock into her warm, wet mouth. Sucking hard, she slid one hand up to cup his balls, while she began to stroke him, the huge diamonds of her wedding band glittering in the light thrown by the end table lamp.

Phil’s body clenched up as she began to pick up the pace, her moans getting louder and more urgent, the vibrations adding to his pleasure. She then pulled her lips away with a loud pop, but continued to fist him.

Looking up from her knees with a playful look, she asked İstanbul travesti “What’s the most times you’ve cum with Randi . . . in a night, I mean?”

Phil was breathing heavily, still in a daze over the magnificent blow job the older woman been giving him. “What . . . times? Fuck I don’t know . . . ” he managed to gasp as she took him back into her hungry mouth. “Six . . . Seven? . . . Ahh . . . Fuck me!!!” he spat as her head began to piston, the wet, sloppy sounds of her performance rising to his ears.

Keeping him in the incredible warmth of her mouth, Andrea peeled the straps of her corset top off her lovely tanned and toned shoulders, allowing her wonderful tits to spill out. Pushing the lovely, pillowly mounds together, she leaned back slightly, positioning the helmet shaped head of his cock at the bottom of the valley she had created. His hard shaft, glistening with her saliva, slid easily between her breasts as she began to titty-fuck him, her chin thrust in at a sharp angle allowing his cock to push past her lips.

With the added pressure provided by her tits, Phil felt his balls clench before he shot a huge rope of his sticky seed into Andrea’s hungry mouth, a sizeable glob splattering across the top of her mounds. She gamely tried to swallow all of his cum, but the sheer amount of his load proved to be too much. Pulling his still jerking cock from her mouth, she took the last few jets on her tits, rubbing his cock against the sweet mess he had deposited on her.

With a long exhale, Phil was finally done and he slid further down the couch cushions and watched as Andrea took him lovingly back into her mouth, softly sucking the head of his cock, then playfully smacking his shaft against her cheeks.

Smiling sweetly behind all the cum covering her face, she told him “Well that’s one . . . I think we can do better than seven . . . Don’t ya think?!!”


Randi laid beneath N’keese, his thrusting bulk pounding hard between her legs as she looked up at the mirror positioned above their bed. This was one of her favorite hotels to use for her frequent trysts; the hotel staff was discreet, the suite lavish, the mattress frim. She loved the added touches like the mirrored ceiling as well as the fully stocked bar and the hot tub.

N’keese had spread his knees, causing Randi’s legs to splay about as widely as possible, naked except for her slutty heels, as his thick, long shaft filled her pussy. She could feel her juices flowing down between the cheeks of her ass to puddle beneath them.

She loved the contrast of his ebony skin against her modestly tanned body as she watched him fuck her in the mirror, his incredibly broad and muscular back, thick neck straining as his big, firm ass plunging down into her, drawing her swollen clit deep inside her faithless pussy with each hard downstroke.

She had one arm flung across his back, the fingernails of her other hand lightly trailing the valley of his spine which was formed by the muscles of his back, and she felt her eyelids flutter in ectasy.

Her breathing was fast and shallow, her ass squirming in time with his thrusts and she had already lost count of the times he had made her cum.

There was very little tenderness involved with the fucking he was giving her, but she didn’t mind one bit. It was clear that the young man found her very sexy, after busting his first nut in her, he didn’t even pull out. Instead he continued to pound away, working steadily towards his next explosion, never missing a beat.

Randi felt the first pulse of her orgasm spread through her over-heated body and slid her hand down to grab the rounded mass of his ass cheeks as he continued his relentless assault.

Reaching up behind his head, she pulled his lips to hers, her mouth open, sucking the tongue that was thrust between her teeth. Their lips smacking as he picked up the pace sensing that Randi was close.

“Oooooh . . . Baby . . . I love the way you make my pussy feel!!!” she whispered. “So . . . Full . . .So . . . Fucking . . . Full!!!!”

Raising up and sitting back on his heels, N’keese slid his big, strong hands behind Randi’s legs, raising her ass up off the bed, pulling her hard against him. Now balls deep, he let Randi grind against him, her ass writhing in a circular motion as she came, her face and chest flushed, her feet pushing down into the mattress.

“FUCK MEEEE . . .!!!” she screamed her head thrashing back and forth on the bed, her eyes screwed shut. “FUCK ME BABEEEEE!!!!!”

She frantically reached up to pull him back down on top of her, her lovely frame writhing beneath his. Locking her ankles over his strong calf muscles, and her arms up under his arms to grab the back of his shoulders, it felt like she was trying to pull herself completely through him as her orgasm peaked, her entire body starting to spasm before it blissfully went slack, consumed by her passion for young cock.


Andrea was on all fours, her knees near the side of the bed, as Phil stood behind her, holding her slender waist, plunging his thick rod deep into her steamy pussy. Andrea’s big tits swung beneath her, keeping time with the rhythmic slap of his thighs against her ass. She arched her head back,moaning out loud, his wonderful cock magically hitting all the right spots bringing her closer to another delicious release.

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