Erotic Story


It was a brisk fall day, the sun starting to set. I could feel the cool breeze on my face as I walked leisurely around the lake. As the sun set and the darkness engulfed the earth I decided to stroll back home. As I walked unaccompanied, I began to feel moisture overwhelm my vagina. Ignoring the wetness, I continued walking. After ten minutes of walking, the moisture intensified and I could feel the blood pumping through my clitoris; a bead of sweat dripped down the back of my neck, sending chills throughout my entire body. Knowing I had a friend waiting for me at the house, I continued walking, attempting to ignore the intense arousal I was feeling. As I reached the house I took a deep breath, trying to calm my hot, aroused body. When I opened the door I was surprised to find the house empty. Taken aback that the house was vacant, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to take care of my overwhelming urges.

Immediately I ripped off my clothes and headed for the bedroom, fighting to keep my hands away from my hot, moistened vagina. It seemed like an eternity before I reached the bed, but finally I was there. No longer concerned with where my friend had gone, I began caressing my clit. Starting out in slow circular motions then pressing harder as I flicked my finger up and down. My hips started moving to the rhythm of my finger. Panting and moaning, I could feel my body ready to explode. I heard a noise outside and immediately stopped. I looked out the window to find nothing short of the perfect woman swimming around in the Jacuzzi. Again, instantly aroused by this I started flicking my clit side to side, up and down. As I watched the beauty and gracefulness of this woman, touching myself as I watched her every move, my moans became louder and more consistent. Needing to know who this woman was, I jolted out of bed and threw on my bathing suit as swiftly as I could. Forgetting to grab a towel, I swung open the back door and to my amazement, the woman in the Jacuzzi was my friend.

Taken back by this I looked at her as she greeted me with a warm smile; my stomach dropped with a feeling of excitement, but I knew I had to regain my composure. If she knew her luscious body aroused me, it was sure to devastate our close to perfect friendship. She stood up out of the Jacuzzi, droplets of water dripping down her body, accenting her every curve, god how I want this woman I thought bursa escort to myself. She said to me aren’t you going to give me a hug? Clearing my throat I walked towards her and pressed my aroused body against her hot, wet body. Feeling the moisture from my vagina increase, I pulled away. I asked her if she wanted a drink, she expressed that a cold, thick drink would be perfect. Without hesitation I walked back into the house and starting making daiquiris. I could not stop thinking of the excitement I felt from looking at the friend I have known for so long. I brought the drinks outside, handing one to her as I stepped into the Jacuzzi. We engaged in small talk for a while as we sipped down our drinks, starting to become intoxicated. I could not stop staring at her body, her chest, her perfect lips. Looking into her beautiful eyes sent me to another world. I looked up at the stars, and I could feel her eyes fixated on my chest. I looked directly at her, as she jerked her eyes back up to mine she said to me, I like your bathing suit. Feeling brave from the alcohol, I asked her if she had ever hooked up with a women, a little startled by this comment, she said no. It became quiet for a few minutes; trying to break the tension I started to complain that my suit top was beginning to bother me. I asked her if she would mind if I took it off. Looking for any sign of encouragement from her, her soft lips spoke the words, no, it’s not like I haven’t seen another woman’s breasts before. I slowly removed my top, my breasts fully exposed to the outside air. Instantly my nipples became erect. Amusingly she said to me, a little cold? I took the last sip of my drink, looked up at her, and said something like that babe. She said, you know I turn you on. Jokingly, or at least trying to portray it that way, I said oh yeah. She then asked me if I would mind helping her take off her top, she couldn’t seem to unhook her snap. Looking at her bathing suit I noticed there were no snaps, the back of her bathing suit was tied together by a string. I moved closer to her, our bare legs touching, and started to pull on her string. She looked up at me and mouthed, be gentle with me. A little confused by this comment, I pulled her string very slowly until completely exposing her breasts. I could no longer hide my attraction, our bear bodies touching, her breasts uncovered completely. Fighting the urges, bursa escort bayan I started to go to the other side of the Jacuzzi, she grabbed my hand asking me where I was going. Nervously stuttering I said over there. Not before you kiss me, she whispered. My heart racing out of my chest, I gazed into her eyes, clearing my throat, I said huh? Again she whispered, kiss me. I moved my face closer to hers, feeling her warm breath against me excited me like nothing I’ve felt before. Although it seemed like forever, our lips finally met. We brushed our lips softly against each other, our mouths opened and our tongues began to wrestle in the heat of passion. The stroke of her tongue against mine caused me to go into overload. I was kissing the woman of my dreams. Lost in her kiss, she slowly moved my hand up to her white milky breast. I caressed her breast in my hand, slowly flicking her nipple back and forth. I could sense her excitement by the hardening of her breath. I started to caress her breast more firmly, flicking her nipple back and forth, up and down. Her body jerked in excitement. I pulled my lips away from hers and began kissing down her neck. Running my tongue up and down the perfect pillar. My tongue started to wander down her body, the heat of the Jacuzzi water only intensifying the effects. I took her breast into my mouth, lightly sucking, swirling my tongue around her erect nipple. I pulled away from her breast, taking the other in my mouth in attempt to not make it feel neglected. Lightly sucking, again swirling my tongue around her erect nipple. Moving my hand down her flat stomach, I explored every inch of her body. My hand ran up and down her thighs, her flesh in between my fingers heightened my arousal. I slowly ran one finger up her inner thigh, and back down again. She let out a soft moan. After minutes of teasing, she took my hand into hers, placing it on her vagina and said, please baby. I could not resist her soft request, nor could I resist her flawless body. I began running my hand up and down her vagina from the outside of her suit bottoms. I could feel the wetness from her juices. Without delay I pulled off her bottoms, exposing her bare vagina. Captivated by the sight and scent of the nectars of her flower, using her moisture to help glide my finger along smoothly, I fondled her clitoris. She let out a louder moan.

I took her by the hand and escort bursa led her naked body back into the house, where the only light provided was by the burning of the fire. I placed a blanket in front of the fireplace and gently laid her perfect body upon it. Looking intently at her body for a moment, lost in its perfection, I brought my mouth back up to hers, kissing her, our tongues again wrestling in passion. She immediately grasped my hand and moved it back to her vagina. Feeling the heat and the moisture, I began to run my finger up and down her clit. The intensity was overwhelming. I moved my mouth down to her breast, gliding my tongue over her nipple to the rhythm of my finger. Her back started to arch and her breathing became sharper. I gently placed a finger inside of her, slowly moving it in and out in a way that would not hurt her. She became captivated by my finger, her body swaying to its touch. I moved my mouth from her breast, licking down the center of her stomach reaching her belly button. I circled my tongue around it, moving my tongue back up her side, and down again. The soft moans coming from her mouth were becoming louder and more constant. Removing my finger from her vagina, I placed it in my mouth, sucking every last drop. With tasting her, I knew I could go no longer without having her. I placed my head in between her legs, softly kissing and sucking the insides of her thighs. Her aroma was stronger than ever now, I could no longer resist. I ran my tongue up and down her vagina, over her clit, around her lips, and finally inside of her. I pushed my tongue deeper inside of her, as she let out a loud moan, I moved it back and forth, in and out. I moved my mouth up to her clit. My tongue relaxed in order to move it rapidly, up and down, back and forth. Taking her clit gently into my mouth, I began to suck, still moving my tongue up and down. Her body now continuously jerking with excitement. She let out a loud moan and then softly said my name. Hearing my name intensified my every move. I began to move my tongue up and down, faster and faster, my fingers glided more rapidly across her nipples. The arch of her back again started to rise, the jerking motion more intense, her moaning louder with every touch, screaming oh god, oh god, over and over…she reached climax and exploded into my mouth. I gently kissed her clit, as to say goodbye, running my tongue back up her stomach to her neck. I kissed her softly on the lips, and said I hope you had fun. She smiled at me and closed her eyes. I placed a blanket over top of her still, naked body and said goodnight, going back to my bed to finish the job I had started.

It was a brisk fall day, the sun starting to set. I could feel the cool breeze on my face as I walked leisurely around the lake. As the sun set and the darkness engulfed the earth I decided to stroll back home. As I walked unaccompanied, I began to feel moisture overwhelm my vagina.…

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