Erotic Story Come True?

Erotic Story Come True?


I usually spend my free time on the computer looking for porn. Recently I was looking through some of those erotic stories and found them much more stimulating than other pictures on the internet. It’s probably because I can actually make a mental picture of me being the person who is involved in the story. After reading several of these stories I had decided to write one of my own, but not just any story, I wanted to write one about my secret fantasy, my mom.

I eventually finished the story and decided to keep it on a floppy disk, never taking into consideration that my own mother might somehow get her hands on it. I left the disk on the computer disk and left for school. At the time I was going to a local college and still lived with my parents. I had always secretly admired my mother, she was 38, and was very attractive. She had brunette hair, was about 5’7, and had great tits along with a great ass.

It all started when I got home from school. When I checked the computer screen I noticed that someone had opened the file where my story had been kept. I was surprised and afraid that someone might have read this story. I was going to try to erase the file, but suddenly I noticed that the file had been copied several times. As I tried to erase all of them I suddenly felt someone put their hands on my shoulder. As I turned around, I saw that it was my mom.

“Um, mom, this isn’t mine, it’s belongs to one of my friends, I really don’t like that stuff, I mean, It’s not mine,” I said trying to frantically explain how this story had come up on my disk.

“Well Tom, if it isn’t yours, then why does it have your name, and how did you get it from one of your friends, if they haven’t even been over here and this disk has been here all the time,” she said in a strong tone which just made me want to disappear.

“Mom, to tell the truth it is mine, I’m really sorry about it, I mean, erzurum escort I never meant to do any of the stuff in the story, it’s just a fantasy, I’m really sorry about it mom,” I said trying to explain this whole mess and hoping my mom wouldn’t get real pissed at me.

After I told my mom that it was a fantasy she just looked at my in a weird way, not in the usual way she looks at me when she is pissed of. She was kind of flushed and said the most unexpected thing.

“Tom, I really didn’t know you felt that way, I mean, how could an attractive young man find an old women like me that attractive,” my mom said while she shyly looked at the floor.

“Well mom, you are real attractive, I mean, I.., I’m more attracted to you than I am to women my own age.”

My mom then shyly leaned over to my ear and whispered, “Tom how would you like it if I made that fantasy come true.”

I rapidly got a hard on as I heard my mom say that. She noticed my hard dick and then slipped her hands under my pants and started to jack me off.

“How do you like that, I read in your story that you would love to have your dick sucked dry,” my mom said as she unzipped my pants and pulled my hard dick out, ” I also heard that you would love to see my naked body full of your cum after I sucked your dick.”

My mom then got up and took her shirt and skirt off. She then pulled her panties down and unhooked her bra.

“I also heard that you would love a shaved pussy, so I shaved it just for you son,” She said as she gently brushed her pussy.

“Wow mom I never, ooohhhh… yeah… you felt that way about me, ohhhh, uhhhh,” I said as she kneeled in front of me and starting sucking my dick. She first started by circling my head, teasing me each time she licked my dick. She then started to put my whole dick in her mouth, sucking harder each time she took it in her mouth.

“OHHH…yeah bodrum escort mom, I never imagined that you could, uhhhh…suck, uhhhh…dick so good,” I said as she sucked my dick.

“I’m going to cum…,” I said as she started sucking harder and harder.

As I came she swallowed some of the cum, and then she took my dick out of her mouth and let my cum run down her body, down to her tits and gently down to her stomach.

“Is that how you fantasized me in you story, with me full of you precious cum all over my body,” she said as she licked her fingers.

“No mom, this is much better than any fantasy.”

“Well son you also said that you would love to fuck me, is that right?”

“Yeah mom, I would love to fuck you.”

My mom grabbed my hand and took me to her room. She stripped me and then pushed me on the bed. She pointed to her beautiful shaved pussy, I automatically understood and started to lick it.

“Oh Tom you’re such a great pussy eater, come one, make your mother cum, ohhhh, yeah!”

I just kept on licking her pussy while sticking my tongue deep into her pussy and circling my tongue all around it. I then started to feel my mother orgasm.

“Ohhhh…Tommmmm…I going to cum, uuuuhhhhhhh…ohhhhhh…you so great son, uhhhh…”

She had an orgasm and I ate all her tasty juices. When I had finished I went next to her and asked her if I could fuck her through the ass. I had gotten hard again with all this pussy sucking.

“Son, to tell you the truth, I’ve never really tried it, but for you, I think I’m willing to try.”

I went to the restroom to get some lube, and as I walked in I saw that my mom was already on all fours waiting for my dick. I gently leaned over and started to put some lube all over her tiny ass hole. As I put some lube on her I put my fingers deep into her ass and she started to scream in eskişehir escort pleasure. When I finished applying the lube, I spread her big ass apart and pushed my dick into her tight asshole.

“Tommm, oh…that feels so good, come on Tom, deeper,” my mom said as I banged her harder each time I went into her tight asshole. My balls hit her ass harder each time.

“How do you like that mom, your son fucking you from behind, you’re enjoying it aren’t you,” I said as my dick went deeper into her tight asshole.

“Oh Tom your so great, fuck your mommy like in your story, make me cum so hard,” she said as both of us came. All my cum shot into her asshole, which then ran out of her asshole down her thighs. We both laid down for a minute trying to recover from the events that had just happened. She then went down to my dick and started to suck on it, which made it hard once again.

“Tom, I want your tasty dick inside my pussy,” she said as she lie on the bed and spread her legs wide open to show me her pussy.

I then leaned over to her and lay on top of her as my dick brushed her pussy. I started kissing her passionately, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth. I then finally put my dick into her pussy, which to my surprise was very tight.

“Tom, ohhhhhh…., Tom, fuck your mother, your mother loves your dick in her…uhhhhh…her pussy, come on Tom fuck your mommy hard.”

“Oh mom your pussy is so good, uuuuh…oh yeah, your so great mom, ohhhhh…come on how do you like that,” I said as I started to fuck her harder.

“Ohh…son, I’m about to cum, fuck me harder, put your whole dick into your horny mommy, oh yeah Tom, just like in the, uhhhh…story, where I uhhh…cum so hard.”

“Mom, I’m about to cummmmmm,” I said as my mom had started to have an orgasm. As she had an orgasm her pussy tightened on my dick and made me cum inside her.

“Oh son, I have never been fucked like that before, you’re so great.”

“No mom, you’re the great one, you made my fantasy come true, and yet the fantasy could never compare to this.”

We went to sleep after that intense session, which has to be the best I have ever had.

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