Enslaved Roommate


My last class for the week let out at 4, and I packed up my books to go back to the dorm. As I headed out of classroom, a boy I recognized from another of my classes called out to me and came to talk.

“Hey Tina,” he mumbled, mostly staring at the ground but occasionally sweeping his gaze up over my breasts, briefly into my eyes, and back down to the ground, lingering a little more on my breasts each time. I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the ‘double pass,’ over the years with my 36Cs. Between my auburn hair, perky tits, and round ass I’m most nerds’ fantasy, with just enough extra meat on my bones that they think they have a shot. Not that I can blame them; I’d fuck the shit out of myself. And I really would because I’m gay, which made the question I saw coming all the more depressing. “I was wondering if you’d want to get dinner with me and then study or something,” the boy continued.

Classy… I thought. Who could possibly suspect “or something?” “Sorry,” I lied, “I have plans with my girlfriend.” He gulped and scurried away as they always do. Unfortunately I wasn’t very good at holding down girlfriends as I had an unfortunate tendency to go down on every dyke who’d let me. My last girlfriend left me when she came home and found her neighbor rubbing her wet cunt up and down my face. I sighed and headed back towards my dorm. I didn’t have a girlfriend, but at least I still had porn.

I arrived at my room and saw my roommate Diana at my computer wearing a bathrobe. “Is there something wrong with yours?” I asked, trying to mask my annoyance.

“Sorry,” she said turning towards me in my chair, “I needed to check my email in a hurry and yours was already on.” She cocked her head sideways and pouted a little with a look that I’m sure would get her anything she wanted from men. Goddamnit I hated having a roommate prettier than me. She had a perfect hourglass figure with firm, heaving breasts. Her black hair framed a slender face and fell halfway down her back. Her usual clubbing outfit of thigh-high boots, short skirt, and halter top made my pussy drool. Did she have any idea how frustrating it was to see her in her underwear? How long afterwards I’d picture those perfect breasts slapping my face from side to side?

“Ok, well are you done? I need it.”

“Well it’s funny you should mention that because I found some interesting stuff on here.” She smirked and pulled up my web history. She thumbed through a few dozen tabs of lesbian bdsm porn. Women on women flogging, foot-worshipping, strapon-fucking, cunt-licking; picture after picture before coming to rest on one of busty brunette smothering a redhead beneat her ass. “I bet you liked this one, didn’t you? They look an awful lot like us. Do you want to eat my ass, Tina? Lick my feet? Be my slave?”

“I’m getting an RA, you had no right to invade my privacy like that,” I spat as I grabbed the door handle and pried it open.

“I’d let you, you know,” she added with a cock of her head.

Every muscle in my body froze, and paused for just a moment staring out the half open door. Was she serious? I should run out of there as fast as I could, but still… was she serious?

It was too late, Diana noticed my hesitation. “Oh my god, you are such a fucking pervert,” she laughed and slapped her thigh.

“And you’re a fucking bitch.” I pulled the door open the rest of the way and tried to take a step out… but I couldn’t. Why would I walk away from this? It wasn’t normal? So? Neither was I. I stood paralyzed in the doorway for a few seconds more.

“Close the door, slut,” bursa escort Diana ordered in a commanding tone straight out of my fantasies. I let go, and the door slammed shut. “Good girl, turn around.”

I did as told and turned to see Diana toss her robe across the room. She stood naked and Amazonian, her left foot atop my bed. “You want to suck these, Tina?” she asked, gathering her breasts up and together, leaning over to flick her tongue over her own nipples.

“Yes…” I whispered, lacking any motivation to lie. Was Diana gay too? And a domme at that? Fuck classes, I’d never leave my room.

“No…” she teased shaking her head and dropping her breasts. “I think you want to suck on this.” She slapped her box with a wet, filthy smack. I gasped and nodded weakly, unable to speak. “Is that a yes, slave?”

“Y-Yes… mistress… but I, I didn’t think…”

“No, Tina,” she interrupted, “I’m not a dyke, but I can still appreciate a hot naked chick, and I definitely enjoy a good poon job here and there, and if you’re as big a lezzie slut as you seem like right now, I imagine you’ve gotten pretty good at them. Have you skank? Are you a slutty pussy pleaser?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I affirmed, still not sure if this was real.

“So here’s the deal. I’m not doing any gay shit, but if you’re so eager to be some lesbian slut, then I can see some advantages in having a slave for a roommate. You do want to be my slave, don’t you Tina? To be a submissive and collared pussy-pleaser like all these dykes you’re looking at?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said again, still whispering but excitedly. I began sinking to my knees, the proper position for a sex slave.

“Stand back up, bitch!” she stopped me. “If you’re a sex slave, dress like one, then get back on your knees.”

I nodded and stood back up before disrobing as fast as I could. She wanted me naked, was she bi-curious after all? Or did she just like the power trip? I was so excited to show off my tits to my new owner that I nearly ripped my shirt. I unsnapped my bra with my trademark lift to bounce my boobs in the process. I stopped briefly to circle my small areolae and pinch my long, hard nipples. Finally, I peeled my panties off, a long ribbon of juice extended from the panties to my shaved cunt and dripped onto my jeans.

“You’re creaming your panties this much just from being degraded? Diana asked? “And you shave your pussy? You really are a filthy slut, aren’t you?” I nodded assent and waited for her to continue.

“Right, here’s the deal. From now on, while in this room, you’re not permitted to wear clothing. Oh, except for a collar. I bet you have one of those, don’t you, whore?” I nodded again, my cheeks burning and my cunt overflowing in shame. “You will do all of the cleaning. You will expect nothing from me, understand slut?”

“Yes, Mistress Diana, of course.”

“Good, now I’m sure a dyke as filthy as you has quite a toy stash, go get them for me, Tina-bitch.”

I crawled to my closet to retrieve my hidden stash of sex toys and brought it back before my owner. I rummaged around to find a leash and leather collar studded with gaudy red stones, and I offered it to Diana. “Good girl, this will do nicely,” she said as she clasped the collar around my neck. “Now let’s see if you’re as obedient as those sluts you watch online. Kiss my feet.”

I marveled at her bare feet and her emerald green nails. She lifted her feet and rubbed them over each side of my feet. I gasped and fell onto all fours, barely able to stop myself from sticking my fingers escort bursa as deep in my cunt as they’d go. “Suck those toes, Tina-bitch.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” I gasped again and sucked her whole left foot into my mouth, basically fellating it.

“Why aren’t you playing with yourself, cunt? Aren’t you into this shit?”

“I’m sorry, Diana, I didn’t know I had permission.”

“Holy shit, Tina, permission? You’re a pretty fucked-up cunt. Yes, you have permission to finger yourself. I expect you to come before you get any further than my feet.”

“Mhhmm” I moaned as I reached a free hand down to furiously rub my snatch.

“Oh, that’s it bitch. Moan for me, show me how fucking pathetic you are. A fucking lezzie skank lying on the floor sucking my fucking toes. God this is so fucking hot.” I glanced up and saw her hand inside the hem of her skirt fidgeting with her pussy. I quickly looked away but the sight filled me ecstasy, was there a chance I could turn this goddess? To make her my lesbian domme?

“Tell me, Tina! Lick the soles of my feet and tell me how pathetic you are!”

I licked as long a path as I could, winding from heel to ball across to the little toe. “I’m worthless, Mistress Diana. I’m immensely privileged just to have the honor of being your property. Of licking your gorgeous feet. I thank you for a gift that I don’t deserve.”

“Oh that’s the stuff, slut. There’s nothing sexier to me than humiliation. Get lower! Rub your cunt on the floor like a dog, like a bitch in heat. That’s all you are, isn’t it cunt?”

“Yes, Mistress!” I gasped “I’m nothing to you, I’m less than a dog, I have no purpose beyond worshipping you. Oh god, your feet. Mmhm. Uhh.” I continued licking as my orgasm approached, stealing any coherency in my speech. “Do I have… permission… to come,… Mistress?” I asked in desperate gasps. I looked up to see her lips parted in rapture, a finger clearly moving in and out of her cunt beneath her skirt.

“Actually, this permission thing is a neat idea,” she laughed. “No, slut, you can’t come. Not yet. Turn over on your back.”

I nodded desperately and did as told. She placed both feet down on top of my face, nearly smothering me. “I want my Tina-bitch to get as close as you can, then grope your tits and beg ‘Please, Mistress Diana, fuck my cunt with your foot.”

I moaned at the filth of her order and continued slowly pleasing myself, getting inches from my climax as I licked her soles. She moved one foot from my face to my breast and played with it, slapping it from side to side and pinching my engorged nipple between her toes. When I couldn’t take it anymore I rasped “Please, Mistress Diana, I beg you! Please fuck my filthy whore cunt with your beautiful foot.”

I reached both hands to my tits and mashed them together while she moved a foot down to my crotch, leaving the other on my face. She pushed down on both and mashed my cunt with her foot. It was indelicate, almost painful, but I was so far gone it didn’t matter. I clutched my thighs around her foot and humped it for all it was worth as my orgasm began. I started moaning louder and louder until Diana thrust her toes into my gaping mouth, gagging me as I came.

“Holy fuck, slave. Do you always spray like that?” I looked up at her in confusion before following her gaze down to my feet. Sure enough, drops of glistening cunt juice marked a trail across the room and onto the side of my bedsheets. “I hope you like the smell of your own cunt, whore, because it looks like that’s what you’ll be sleeping with. bursa escort bayan But more importantly, it’s time for you to go downtown.”

She stood and tugged the leash, bringing me stumbling back up to my knees. She took two steps forward, jerked my face toward the ceiling with the leash, and lowered her crotch onto my face. Her thighs wrapped around my head, blocking out the rest of the room. Her crotch was my entire universe. The air in this universe was humid, no saturated with her cunt juice from her masturbation. The scent was intoxicating, I nearly hyperventilated trying to smell as much of her aroma as I could.

She kept her pussy trimmed, but not bare, and her bush scratched against my cheeks and nose. As I drew in her musk. “Suck that cunt, whore,” her voice boomed from outside my miniature heaven.

I mashed my mouth as far into her folds as I could go, bathing in her juices. If I wanted to turn her, this would have to be the best orgasm of her life. Painfully neglecting my need to rub my own clit, I reached one hand up to finger her hole, and one to tickle her asshole while I French-kissed her clit.

“Oh fuck, you’re even better than I hoped, skank. Fuck, I’m going to cum!” NO! Fuck! I swore in my head. It was too early, I hadn’t accounted for how close she got herself just watching my humiliation. I changed my licking to cover her whole labia, pushing vigorously so she wouldn’t suspect I was stalling.

“What the fuck happened, slut?!” She reached down and viciously slapped my bare ass. “You trying to squeeze out a little extra time in my cunt?”

“No, Mistress Diana, you’ve just been so generous to your worthless slave that I wanted to make sure to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

“Well it had fucking better be if I’m letting you dyke out on me for it. Now show me what those lezzie-lips can do you pathetic carpet-muncher, you cunt-lapping dyke whore.” Her insults took the last bit of my self control as I sucked her clit between my lips and pressed. “Oh that’s it, you fucking lezzie bitch, you pussy-pleasing skank! Suck that fucking clit like only a dyke could. AhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Her knees gave out as she came, bringing her full weight down through her cunt onto my face. I struggled to hold her there and lick her juices as she came down from climax. She stepped back and sat down, propping her feet on my shoulders like I was an ottoman. “Goddamn, dyke, you keep that up and maybe I won’t need men after all,” she said catching her breath.

My heart stopped. Was she serious? Certainly she at least considered it, right? I’d have to take it slow, once she felt this was how sex should be, she’d be mine. Well… I’d be hers, but perhaps I’d get those lush full lips onto one of my tits. Tits… “Mistress, may I please suck your perfect tits?”

She pulled me sharply forward to the ground. “What did I tell you about expecting things from me, cunt? If I want you to suck my tits, I’ll fuck you in the mouth with them. Until then you stay on the ground like the fucking worm you are and thank your lucky stars I enjoy humiliating you enough to let you eat my cunt.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress, you’re right of course. Shall I start cleaning our room?”

“That’s more like it, Tina-bitch.” She reached into my toy bin and pulled out a riding crop. You can start by organizing my desk. She delivered a sharp crop to my ass and I hurried to complete the chore for my owner, my pussy dripping anew at my naked maid service.

“Mmm, a slave is definitely an improvement on a roommate,” she said turning back to my computer and continued browsing my history. “Let’s get some more ideas on how to degrade you, slut.” I smiled behind her back. That’s it, Mistress. Watch as much lesbian porn as you want. Anything to take you from humiliatrix to dominatrix.

My last class for the week let out at 4, and I packed up my books to go back to the dorm. As I headed out of classroom, a boy I recognized from another of my classes called out to me and came to talk. “Hey Tina,” he mumbled, mostly staring at the ground but…

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