Enchanted Palace

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“OK Sara, let me get this strait, Enchanted Palace is a bar where middle aged women go to meet boys for sex?”

“Grace, it isn’t kiddy porn, they have to be twenty-one to get into the place. Other than that, yes you have it right, its fun and with no commitments, except for safe sex.”

When Sara saw the wispy smile cross Grace’s face, she knew she had convinced her, she told her she would pick her up at ten. She didn’t mention that she needed her to be her wingman but she would find out soon enough.

As for Seth, he was hoping that Jason wouldn’t back out, he had promised to take him to this new club where he was guaranteed to score and after Lisa had dumped him his confidence needed this. When Jason picked him up, he could tell right away how nervous Seth was and he just hoped he didn’t blow this sure thing. They got to the club early and Jason thought a couple of drinks would calm Seth down before the girls arrived. Seth was surprised of the decor and the soft lighting. Instead of loud music, blasting there was a jukebox playing ballads softly in the corner. They went to the back and sat in a booth, large and overstuffed, it looked as if it came from an old Frank Sinatra movie. They sat down and the first thing Seth laid his eyes on was a bowl of condoms sitting on the table. When the server came to their booth, Seth ordered a beer but Jason changed his order to scotch.

Jason had already talked to Sara and she said she had a hot chick for his friend. He just hoped she put out as easy as Sara did as his friend needed to get laid. When he looked up to see the two women walking toward them, he let out a sigh of relief, and he nudged Seth and pointed to them.

“That blonde is your date tonight, now don’t blow this if she is anything like her friend she will rock your world.”

Everyone was introduced, drinks ordered and the men let the girls sit together in the middle. They received their drinks and small talk was made although it was mainly Jason and Sara doing keeping the conversation going. Finally, Sara grabbed Jason’s hand and told him they needed to dance.

“I don’t know whose more nervous, your friend, or mine, do you think they’ll ever warm up?”

“I was kind of hopping your friend would take the initiative, Seth is so shy, he just doesn’t know what to say.”

“Grace is a bit unsure of herself too, I’ve got an idea, why don’t you and I switch, you take Grace, and I handle the shy one.”

“You mean you wouldn’t mind if I banged your hot friend?”

“Honey I wouldn’t care if you banged her hot daughter, remember, this is just about sex.”

In Ankara travesti reality, this is what Sara wanted anyway; ever since her divorce she had been on a quest to safely sleep with as many different men as she could. It was just she had married as a virgin and after twenty years her husband had run off with some slut at work leaving her home and alone.

Back to their booth, Sara slipped in next to Seth and Jason next to Grace. Grace looked to Sara who merely said they were switching partners for a while. Sara wasted no time as she put her hand high on Seth’s thigh, she whispered in his ear,

“Seth, are you really shy or are you just toying with me?”

Seth’s mouth went so dry he couldn’t answer so he just shook his head. This only encouraged Sara to be bolder and she ran her hand even higher up his leg to take a firm hold of his erection. She made the old joke about the banana in his pocket getting him finally to speak as he told no he was glad to see her.

Grace watched her friend mauling the boy, thinking there was no way she could be that forward. Jason took her hand,

“Don’t let Sara bother you, it’s just my friend is kind of shy. Don’t worry he’s loving all this attention.”

He put his arm around Grace drawing himself closer, than as he kissed her cheek he asked if she was shy. To Grace as odd as it all was, it still felt so good to have a man pursue her and she felt tingles down her spine. Yet when Jason and Sara talked about getting one of the Palace’s pleasure rooms, she felt her moral code blocking her. She watched the boy following Sara and she thought it looked cute but she didn’t feel right about her doing it.

“It’s OK Grace I won’t push you past where you feel comfortable. This is your chance, but only if it’s something you want.”

For some reason she believed him and with a nod of her head she then followed Jason to the lobby desk.

The Enchanted Palace was not a hotel, per say. You could rent a room for the night if you so desired but most rooms were rented for a quick tryst and then the couples returning back to husbands or just maybe home. Still to Grace this was an embarrassing ordeal and she hung her head in shame as the desk clerk checked them in and gave them a key. The room was Spartan but clean with a bathroom the same way. They sat on the couch,

“I’m sorry Jason I know you came to the club for action and here you end up with me.”

“No its OK we can go as slow as you wish, I like the company so I’m in no hurry.”

He sat next to her and he noticed she was now a little more relaxed.

Meanwhile Antalya travesti while our other couple was going at it hot and heavy and Seth was worrying more about premature ejaculation than anything else. However Sara new just what to do about that little problem and she put her hands down his pants.

“Come on baby; let’s make you cum first, just to take the pressure off. Don’t worry I’ll make you hard again real fast.”

Seth couldn’t believe how good her hand felt wrapped around his dick as she unfastened his pants with her free hand. Soon he was sticking out and when she talked about his magnificent manhood, he shot across the room. She instructed him to watch her undress and as she casually put a foot up on the couch, he couldn’t help but glance up her skirt as she unfastened her shoes. He knew she would soon be naked but that glance up her skirt to see her panties already had his cock twitching. She noticed this but continued the tease as she put her other foot up. Now with both shoes off, she stood and turned to face Seth, she slowly pulled her skirt up to where her stocking tops were exposed.

“What do you think baby is it OK to leave my stockings on or do you want me completely naked? You want them off, well then will you give me hand with these pesky garter hooks?”

She put her foot between his legs then leaned forward to allow the fumbling boy access to her thigh. She watched his eyes glaze over as she lifted her foot to rub his new erection. She enjoyed this and always thought of it as a conquest the way she could get a reaction from a man so young. She had him help her to undress and by the time they started on him, he was throbbing and ready for action. Sara pushed him down on the couch and once she had a condom on him she straddled him when she then sat he entered her easily. She held his shoulders and stared into his eyes as she used her trained muscles to milk him and hold him tight. She then took his head and put him on her breast, as they were so sensitive to her. She rode him hard and he pumped with equal vigor. Soon she could feel that tingle and she knew she was close. She told him she wanted him to cum and he told her he was ready so she held on until she could feel him pulse inside her. Her release was almost violent as she shuddered in orgasm. She didn’t know what it was about cumming with a new man but it gave her the finest orgasms no matter how mundane the lover was.

Our other couple, Jason and Grace were just now starting to make out. Grace felt like a schoolgirl on a Friday night date, both excited and worried İstanbul travesti about going too far. Still Jason was a complete gentleman never going too fast sensing her speed and she began to relax. He began to kiss her neck just below the ear, this had always been an erotic spot to her and only now did she realize how long it had been left out of her lovemaking. Soon she was breathing heavy and when he put a finger to her breast to caress her nipple, she heard herself sigh. From there it didn’t take long to have her blouse open and Jason’s lips upon her breasts. She found herself beyond excitement now and wished he would hurry, as she needed more. In a move she didn’t know she was capable of she reached down to grasp his turgid member yet it was her who moaned again as it pulsed in her hand.

There was no stopping her now and as Jason sensed this, he began to undress her. Naked and on the day bed she spread her legs in anticipation. She kept wishing he would hurry and yet he seemed to have stopped and was now fiddling with a packet. When he turned back around, she saw he had been putting on a condom. She started to say that she was safe and could no longer get pregnant but then realized safe sex no longer just meant birth control.

Her lover was a master of the female form and took her to heights she never achieved. She lost count of her orgasms as each one exceeded the last in intensity. Just when she thought, she might pass out from the release of all the pent up feelings and emotions he came with a grunt and then collapsed on top of her.

She wrapped her arms around him as he laid on top of her his head on her breast. She wondered what he would do next, get up, and leave without a word, or maybe get a drink and start all over again. She hoped it was the later for he had awakened feelings long dormant. Yet what he did was the strangest, most unbelievable, the one she didn’t imagine.

“Grace, I know this is supposed to be just a hookup for sex but I find I really like you and I would like to see you again.”

“But I thought you and Sara were…”

“Sara is only looking for notches on her belt, and honestly I was too but now it all just seems so shallow and I would like to try out a relationship.”

“What if we do it just like we did sex, slowly one step at a time, what if you came to my house for dinner?”

It’s funny how some things change over time. Jason and Sara are now dating and neither has been back to the Enchanted Palace. They don’t even seem to notice the age difference between them. Seth has become a regular and although he and Sara see each other there, other than a drink and small talk they don’t get together. Seth will forever be grateful to Sara as she took him in and showed him the ways of the world. Only Sara is still the same, still looking, not for that special one, oh no she is just looking for that next one.

“OK Sara, let me get this strait, Enchanted Palace is a bar where middle aged women go to meet boys for sex?” “Grace, it isn’t kiddy porn, they have to be twenty-one to get into the place. Other than that, yes you have it right, its fun and with no commitments, except for safe sex.”…

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