Emma’s Lust Pt. 02

Emma’s Lust Pt. 02


A great big thank you to Todger65 for his editorial skills again; and big thanks for those of you who read, favourited and commented on part one.


Ballet Bitch Pirates refuse to free the Semen.

For once I had managed to rip myself away from my studies early. I’d had enough of CSS, attributes, Java and XHTML. Numbers, symbols and tags danced in my head as I stepped out of the University doors and descended the steps to the large car park.

The warmth of the sun immediately began to massage away object orientated analysis, servers and design patterns. Slowly I was becoming human again. I pulled out my phone to see if I had any missed calls. I had two from friends, one from Stacey and one from Patrick. I’d call them later once I’d got home and relaxed for a minute.

I also had a text from Emma. I read it as I crossed the car park heading for the bike sheds; It read; ‘Hope ur hungry, Babe. Bin shoppin n rustled up a lovely ballet bird buffet 4 u. 🙂 x U got double pussy, 2ce as much titty n array of licks, kisses n tonguin + metres + metres of smooth, tight flesh to enjoy. We at K’s. Cum xxxxx’

“Fantastic.” I smiled to myself. I hated ‘text talk’ but I forgave her, as always.

I sent messages to Stacey and Patrick telling them I was on a promise and wouldn’t be out and one to Emma saying I was on my way.

Shifting the strap on my satchel over my head so it crossed my chest I sat on my tatty Lambretta and pulled my helmet on. I wasn’t dressed correctly to be riding but in my suit I looked the part on the classic LI mark two.

It took several kicks to get the engine started. While I gave it a moment to wake I fastened my suit jacket and pulled on my gloves. I walked the machine backwards out of the shed and then zipped off heading for Karen’s place.

I enjoyed the journey until I hit the city streets. It never was a particularly pleasant experience due to the lack of attention paid by a lot of drivers. Some with heavy agendas on their mind, others, because they just didn’t give a damn. At least I was headed for one of the, hopefully many, ‘times of my life.’

I reached Karen’s apartment block and parked inside the gated car park. I walked the hundred yards or so to the foyer pulling off my helmet and buzzed up to Karen’s flat.

“Hello?” Came a crackled reply.

“Karen it’s me. I’ve come for the buffet.” I chuckled.

“Yes Sir, certainly Sir, come on up Sir.”

I raised my eyebrows impressed with her playful obedience and wondered what they had in store for me. The door lock clicked and buzzed. I pushed through it heading for the lift. I was excited but also apprehensive. I didn’t like the way that I some times came before Emma, today I could imagine letting down two girls on more than one occasion. Still; I’d give it a damn good try. I was young and fit enough to have no problems retaining or regaining my erection. As for my stamina; I could hold my own with one lithe ballet dancer, two would be a challenge. One that may well kill me, but what a way to go.

Turning left out of the lift I rounded the other side of the shaft and knocked the door. My stomach rolled which seemed to start movement in my crotch.

The door opened to a most fantastic sight. Emma stood in her light pink and black lacy boy-shorts with matching bra. Her arms wrapped around Karen’s waist, her thumb tucked in the waist band of Karen’s shorts, pulling them down slightly. Karen wore a similar set in dark red and had her arm around Emma’s shoulders.

“Did I pass the top floor and continue up to heaven?” I smiled.

“Come on in, Sir.” Karen instructed.

I stepped inside and started to lift my bag off.

“Let me take that for you, Sir.” Emma took my bag hanging it on a coat hook directly opposite the door.

“Your jacket, Sir?” Karen offered.

I was already in my element. Getting spoiled by two scantily clad hot bodied women. It was going to be a good evening if this charade was kept up. I wondered what I could get them to do while they were waiting on me.

“Oh let me Sir.” Emma added undoing my shirt. She lifted up on her toes, I had to bow a little, and pecked me on the lips.

Karen had taken my jacket while Emma pushed my shirt off my shoulders. Once it hit my wrists I heard a sound I recognised but was unfamiliar with.

I turned to Karen as she grabbed my arm. The same sound came from my left. I turned to Emma and felt a dull thud on my right wrist as Karen cuffed me. I turned to see if I was right in my assumption, which was when Emma cuffed my other wrist with a separate pair of shackles.

“What you…”

“Really? Did you really think you were going to get what you wanted so easily?” Emma laughed.

“Silly boy.” Karen added as they both led me towards her bedroom.

“What?” I asked surprised, happy but surprised. “It was your idea.”

“Was it really?” Karen asked Emma with intrigue.

“Yes.” I nodded. “You join us for me, One of my mates…” I stopped as Karen was shaking her urfa escort head with a beaming smile.

Emma laughed and turned scarlet. “Err…” She laughed again. “Okay, okay, so I wanted to fuck you. Is that so bad?”

“It’s marvellous either way girls.” I beamed.

“Shut up!” They chorused forcing me into single file and leading me into Karen’s bedroom.

I didn’t care. I really was in for a great time. They escorted me to the bed and pushed me on to it.

“If you’d have said you wanted me before.” Karen said clamping my right wrist. “We wouldn’t have had to invite him.” Emma clamped my left as Karen continued talking. “We could have focused all our intentions on each other, but no. You had to bring cock didn’t you?”

“I like cock, what can I say?” Emma shrugged matter of fact.

“Mostly mine?” I queried cheekily.

Emma nodded with a smile.

Karen huffed. “She likes anything that makes her come. She’s a dirty slut!”

Emma spat a laugh. “I’m a slut? Hark at Miss elastic knickers.”

“At least I manage to get mine up past my knees.”

“Fuck knows how.” Emma fired back. “Your ankles are never together.”

Karen reached out quickly grabbing Emma by one of her pig tails. Emma stumbled pushing out both of her hands forcing Karen to fall onto the bed.

I laughed. Had I not known them both I may have missed the playful humour in their tones. If I even thought half of what Karen was saying about Emma being so promiscuous was true, my heart would break and I would simply crumble. She was more than everything to me.

I whipped my feet out of the way just in time for Emma to jump on top of Karen and plant her hands firmly on her breasts. Karen responded in the same way from beneath. I watched with open mouth and stretching shorts as bras were pushed up over small firm, perky tits. A wonderful contrast of Emma’s long thick dark nipples on pale skin and Karen’s smaller pink nubs with large areola sitting atop of her larger breasts. They were in view for only a moment before they disappeared beneath groping hands.

Karen made the first move away from Emma’s little mounds. She moved her left arm putting it on the left side of Emma’s head forcing her to be facing away from me. With her other hand Karen slapped Emma’s arse hard. I had a heavenly view.

Emma whooped out, definitely not in pain. Karen rained several more blows reddening the skin all to Emma’s vocal delight. On the last Karen began to rub her hand between Emma’s legs. Her fingers on her pussy and her palm between Emma’s sweet cheeks.

It was then that Emma stopped struggling, Karen’s legs parted a little. Emma was obviously, by the angle of her arm, applying the same hand to Karen.

“Yeah.” I nodded appreciatively. “Looking great girls but err: aren’t you forgetting someone?” I asked cheekily.

Karen released Emma who reluctantly got to her knees placing her own hand where Karen’s had vacated, rubbing herself.

“Is he going to talk all the time?” Karen asked.

“Probably.” Emma nodded.

“You best gag him then.”

“Why should I gag him?”

“You wanted him here.” Karen told her.

Emma shrugged. “Okay.” She tugged Karen’s panties down, Karen raising her hips to help her. “You don’t think they’re a bit big do you? I mean there’s an awful lot of material here.”

“You cheeky bitch!” Karen hissed.

I laughed. Emma was obviously joking. Karen was noticeably bigger than Emma, granted, but using Emma, a size six – occasionally an eight, as a guide I guessed Karen was barely a ten. I’d argue a perfect ten.

Karen grabbed both Emma’s pig tails this time and dragged her up to her crotch. Emma took no time in pushing her face in between her best friends legs to start lapping away at her shaven pussy.

I moaned agreeably as I watched. Emma had dropped Karen’s knickers and was now fingering her hole. I couldn’t see all that was going on but I could see Emma’s elbow moving quickly and the results were blatant on Karen’s pretty face. Her eyes closed and her mouth open.

“Go on, Em'” I encouraged. “I’d like to see what Karen looks like when she’s coming.”

Emma lifted her head with a wry smile. “Really?”

For a second I wondered if I had said the wrong thing, either way I found I was still nodding.

Emma withdrew two fingers out of Karen put them in her own mouth to suck them dry and moved to me. She kissed me hungrily feeding me the taste of Karen’s sweet nectar from off her tongue. She tasted good. I couldn’t wait to sample her first hand.

“Err, excuse me.” Karen tutted. “You were busy.”

Emma merely smiled at me and from nowhere brought Karen’s smalls into view stuffing them in my mouth. There was more material than I thought there would be but I had no problem with them fitting in my mouth. Apart from the luscious taste of Karen’s cunt I could also smell her musk and perfume. Both were enough to stir the loins of a dead man.

Karen appeared beside balıkesir escort Emma and began undoing my trousers.

“I’ve been waiting to see what all the fuss is about.” She told me staring into my eyes until my trousers were down to my knees. She gripped the bulge in my shorts and bent to kiss the damp patch of pre cum. She raised her head smiling.

Emma hooked a finger beneath Karen’s jaw gently pulling her gaze to her. “All good things to those who wait, Karen.” Emma leaned in and they kissed.

I watched them, so tender and gentle. Hands weaving through the others hair. Emma was also stroking Karen’s cheek as their mouths opened and closed. I caught a glimpse of their tongues touching, encircling one another’s.

My cock wanted in on the action and produced a little more pre cum, maybe in the hope of enticing lips to it, not unlike a Venus fly trap did for flies. Neither girl seemed to notice. Tits were squeezed and fondled. Nipples were pulled. Their lips moved back together in what proved to be a hungry, needy kiss.

Behind Karen’s self scented boy shorts I moaned, longing to be entwined between them. Aching for the girls’ attention. I knew Emma inside out and wouldn’t swap her for the world but Karen; oh Karen. I longed to delve deep into her and I wanted nothing more than to shoot my cum all over her pretty face and watch my wonderful girlfriend eat it off her, preferably while I was balls deep inside her, forcing her growling vocals to stutter and stammer at every thrust.

They suddenly separated and Karen held Emma at arms length.

“I want to suck his cock.” Karen told her.

“But I want to.”

I tried to say “Both of you.” but the lacy shorts stifled my words. Thankfully they seemed to understand.

Emma pulled the waist band of my shorts down. I continued to shuffle with her so I was flat on my back with my arms above my head.

“That does look quite tasty.” Karen hummed.

“Try it.” Emma offered shifting her self so she too could taste my cock. I was confronted with her lace covered arse cheeks. The gusset darker showing her excitement.

She pressed her bum against my face filling me with new scents. Her firm cheeks squashing my nose, her wet gusset dampening my lips with her flavours. I tried to force the underwear out of my mouth so I could taste her but my gag was going nowhere.

Emma sucked on my cock head while Karen nibbled my length. A hand cupped and gently squeezed my balls. It was bliss for a moment until they both rose together kissing. Once more leaving me to just watch the show. I had no complaints but I certainly wanted in.

Karen’s hands wondered down the sides of Emma’s smooth pale body following her slight curves. She tucked both of her thumbs in Emma’s shorts and pulled them down, just enough to expose her cheeks but neither of the possible goals I knew were concealed beneath.

I stretched forward in a vain attempt to place my lips on her heavenly skin but the handcuffs restrained me. I sighed desperately raising my hips for a mere touch of her tight flesh, but again I was out of reach.

Emma finalised the removal of her underwear. I could only liken the sight to that of the delights Vincent Vega discovered in Marcellus Wallace’s brief case in Pulp Fiction. I couldn’t wait to slide inside her.

The girls had a different plan.

Karen slowly lay back down as they kissed. Emma fell with her swapping Karen’s thick lips for a nipple. I had to tilt my head to see Emma’s lips curled around it. She raised her head and I saw her using her teeth to tug the pink nub, much to Karen’s delight.

“Oh yes. Bite it.” Karen hummed scratching thin red lines down Emma’s back as her hands journeyed to those pert buttocks. Her fingertips dug into the firm flesh spreading them wide teasing me with her glistening labia and the tightest, pinkest little puckered sphincter I had ever had the pleasure to see.

Pre cum dripped onto my belly as I gawked. Emma manoeuvred down Karen’s stomach, teasing her navel before moving further down to feast and please.

“You’ve done, you’ve done this before you dirty, ooh, dirty little bitch, haven’t you? Haven’t you?” Karen moaned.

I watched Emma’s pig tails bob as she nodded her head. Karen’s moans grew louder and her hands moved quickly back up to the swinging pig tails. She gripped them pulling Emma tighter into her.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Karen gasped. “Here it comes. Oh yes!” She screamed out loud, bucking and writhing beneath Emma who was lapping at her pussy relentlessly, ensuring she didn’t spill a drop.

I was completely shocked as to the speed Karen had come. I made a mental note to get more practice in.

Karen seemed to be getting further and further away as she dug her heels into the duvet. Suddenly she was gone. She whooped loudly just before she hit the floor with a thud. She laughed out.

Emma slithered snake like off the bed to continue her feast.

“No!” trabzon escort Karen called. “Oh you bitch! Yes, yes. Eat me Em’… Oh shitting hell. No stop, stop. Please.”

It was working wonders for me to watch my girlfriend giving another woman such pleasures, not that I could actually see at that moment. I couldn’t wait to start joining in the fun. But I did, I had no choice. I listened to the sloppy sounds of kissing, heard subtle moans and squelching cunts, but I could see nothing with my eyes. In my mind however they were having a fantastic time while I throbbed and ached, completely helpless to satisfy even myself.

I tried to call out but was muffled. They heard though and both of their heads appeared at the bottom of the bed, one either side of my feet. Their smiles were almost unnerving.

Karen crawled up to me first. She kissed my prick helping herself to my sticky tip, then noticing the dab of cream on my stomach, lapped at it with her tongue. All the time she kept eye contact at every possible chance.

Finally the action was headed my way. Karen placed a leg either side of me and took my rigid cock in her hand. She crouched nudging her pussy lips apart with my tip. She was quite literally dripping. I could see her inner thighs glistening with come.

My eyes rolled back in my head as she sank down on to me. “Oh fuck, yeah” I sighed heavily into her underwear gag as her cunt slowly swallowed my pole. She moved back up and even more slowly, slid back onto me. I thrust into her and we grunted together.

“I wonder how that tastes.” Emma asked raising her eyebrows.

“Try it sweetie.” Karen invited, unsheathing my length.

I missed the sodden warmth immediately. Emma licked at my shaft sucking the base, teasing her way up with that tongue stud. I hummed as she engulfed me. She slurped all Karen’s juice from me before lifting her head. She moved placing a leg either side of me and, as Karen did, teased me at her entrance for a second or two before sliding all the way down, moving painfully slow. Up, down, up and off.

“Oh please!” I begged incoherently. I made a mental note to thrust into the next cunt that slid onto me. Patience may well be a virtue but I was too hyped to wait.

Karen bent down taking over from where Emma had begun, using an expert tongue on my hardness. She included my balls in her play, sucking them in one at a time. She took me in her mouth grazing her teeth all the way down until she nuzzled my trimmed pubis. My cock head wedged down her throat. I thrust my hips. She shook her head violently expelling a growl from somewhere before she coughed me out spraying me with spittle.

Her streaming eyes met mine. “Mmm. I like.” She straddled me again slipping me inside her, fucking me slowly again. She felt so good I could have stayed there for ever. At the same time Emma took one of Karen’s pink nipples in her mouth and dropped her hand to Karen’s clit.

I thrust into her hard and she moved off me.

“No!” She ordered. “Slowly, or not at all.” Again she slid onto me taking too much time to completely immerse my cock. I ached to thrust but for the hopes of the finale I had to restrain.

It sincerely was a dream come true when Karen began bouncing up and down my cock quickly. It was incredible how different their insides felt from one another. Many people I’ve known have said a pussy’s a pussy. The truth was not so.

“You want to eat it?” Karen asked Emma.

Emma raised her head nodding, but before she sucked Karen’s juice off my cock they kissed some more. It was much more than erotic. I loved seeing Emma with another woman.

Karen tensed up inside and rose until I was clear of her sodden cunt. My pole sprung out of her slapping my stomach before Emma took a hold of it. Her head bowed but I felt nothing. I watched as she lifted it and met my eyes with her own. She smiled. “Actually.” She straddled my cock with her back to me and sat down sliding her wet snatch up and down my length before nudging it inside her. I felt her muscles gripping me as she too moved quickly and expertly up and down me. “Try them both.”

Emma rose off me and backed up stuffing her cunt in my face, wiping the slick juices all over. She smelt like heaven. I longed to push my tongue out and lap at her tight hole but for now I had to be content to have her smeared on me. Soon I’d be able to taste them.

Karen’s mouth was sliding up and down me bringing me ever closer to orgasm. Realising this she stopped and I voiced my disappointment. Karen wanted more though, more of their juices and began to feast on the cum the girls had dribbled onto my shaft.

My eyes rolled in pleasure but it wasn’t long before she was gone again. Emma also moved, turning to face me gripping the bed head behind me to keep her balanced. Karen’s hands appeared on Emma’s tiny tits pinching and twisting her thick nipples.

Karen’s right hand walked down across Emma’s toned stomach to her pussy where she began to play her fingers, one at a time, between her cunt lips, spreading them a little before gliding a finger over her clit, rolling the digit and poking the tip of her finger inside her folds.

“Make me cum in his face, Karen. Rattle me raw and make me cum all in his fucking face.” Emma growled moving up to me, hovering mere centimetres above me.

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