Easy A

Easy A

Black Stockings

Rachel couldn’t believe it. She had worked hard preparing for this psychology test. She had passed up more than a couple of social engagements just to put in extra time studying and she was certain she knew the material. As mad as she was, she had played it cool when she approached Professor Jackson about the score.

“Excuse me Professor Jackson, I would really like to discuss the test results with you.” she said softly as she approached the big desk as the rest of the students cleared the room.

“What seems to be the problem? I am sure you will tell me how I made a mistake in my grading, you students always do.” he said with bitterness.

“Oh! No sir!” she said feigning shock. “It’s just, well I really thought I knew the material and obviously I do not understand it at all because I cannot understand where I lost points. I was hoping that I could come by and see you tomorrow in your office to go over it. I am sure with a little bit of time with you one on one I will much better understand this stuff and be better prepared for the final.”

He was quite taken aback by this statement causing him to stammer over his response, “Umm…uh….yeah….yes, of course we can meet. I…umm…let me see….yes, I have classes until 3:30 tomorrow. We can meet at 4:00. Does that work for you?”

“Of course it does Professor Jackson. You are doing me a huge favor helping me out, I will do whatever it takes.” she said with a sly smile and then added, “To make the appointment I mean.” she then turned And walked out of the room.

That was all yesterday and Rachel had spent the day planning for her meeting with Professor Jackson, there was no way she was leaving his office without an improved grade. She had noticed the special attention he gave to girls in class when they wore certain outfits and she had strategically selected her outfit for the meeting. It was a pleated skirt that came to just above mid-thigh. She wore a nice form fitting white short sleeve sweater and had on a pair of black heels.

Rachel made certain she timed her arrival correctly, she did not want to be too early or too late and put the professor in a bad mood. She knocked on his office door promptly at 4:00 and heard the voice on the other side say, “Come in.”

As she stepped into his office she noticed he was sitting at his desk busy at work.

“Professor, did I come at a bad time?” she asked in a quiet voice. “I thought you had said today at 4:00, but I may have been mistaken.”

“What?” came his gruff reply and for the first time he looked up. Judging by the sudden change in his expression she was certain she had picked the right outfit. “Oh, I must have gotten caught up in my work and forgotten.”

“I can come back later if you want me to”

“No!” he almost tripped over himself saying it. “I mean it will not take but a couple of minutes to finish up. You can stay and make yourself comfortable.”

“Thanks.” she said and with that she sat down in the seat opposite him cause her skirt to rise a little and then crossed her legs causing it to rise a little more. He was staring intently at her and she just asked, “Don’t you need to finish that?”

“Oh, yes” he replied.

He had been working for only 30seconds when she spoke up. “I love your office! It is so masculine and mature. Normally I am just hanging out in the dorm rooms and all the guys have posters up of naked women and beer.”

“What?” he asked startled. As he looked up at her again.

“Naked women and beer! You know those cheap posters you get on the quad. It is nothing like your office, so elegant, mature and masculine. It really gives the feeling Beylikdüzü Anal Escort of a man who knows himself and is secure in that. I think it’s very sexy, I bet you really know how to take care of a girl.” she almost immediately buried her face in her hands’ “Oh my god! I can not believe I just said that.” behind her hands her mouth had curled into a devious smile. “I am really sorry I just broke up with my boyfriend and I am afraid I am a bit out of sorts right now.”

“it’s okay,” he said reassuringly, “I will take it as a compliment.”

“What’s that?” Rachel asked as she fixed her sight on an object on the highest shelf to the right of his desk. Truthfully she did not care what it was, it was the positioning she was most interested in. She got up and walked to the shelves stood on her toes and stretched her body out as far as she could making sure to lift her skirt as high as she could in the process. She knew he was looking and her plan was working perfectly.

He got up and was walking to where she was stretching, answering her question. She could tell he was craning his neck trying to get a better view of her ass. Just as he got near she “lost her balance” and fell toward him. As she expected he caught her as she feel against his shoulder. As he lifted her up she was pulled close to him so she could press her body against him. He was a good foot taller than her so even in her heels she looked up into his eyes.

“Are you alright?”

“Thanks to you.” she said as she put her hands on his shoulders and smiled. “If you had not been there I would have ended up on my hands and knees on the floor” as she said this she felt something twitch against her. “Are you alright, professor?”

“I am fine, why do you ask?”

“Well I have been nothing but a distraction since I arrived today. And now it seems I am creating other problems for you.” He looked at her in a confused way. “well it seems your test is not the only thing in this office that is hard.” and with that she moved her hand and began caressing his cock through his trousers. “Maybe I can make it up to you.” she cooed.

Rachel continued to stroke his hard cock through his trousers as she lowered herself in front of him so that the zipper of his trousers was right in front of her. She leaned in and took the zipper with her teeth and began to tug, slowly lowering his zipper all the while caressing and striking him. Once she had gained full access to inside his trousers she slid one hand inside. She looked up at him and her mouth opened and she let out a little gasp as hear hand found his stiff member and realized there were no more layers of clothes between her hand and his hard manhood.

“Professor! Your not wearing anything under here! I never would have guess you go commando.”

She then pulled his hard cock out of the fly she had just opened and began stroking his as she stared at it. There was a little drop of precum leaking from the head of his cock. Rachel leaned in and gently licked the precum. As she pulled away she made sure a string remained to connect her tongue to him all the while she looked him deeply in the eyes. He moaned as she did this. She then reached up and undid the buckle of his belt and quickly followed by undoing the button of his trousers. As she did this she let the trousers fall to his ankles. With his cock now fully free Rachel leaned in and begin to flick her tongue over the tip as she continued to stroke his shaft. With her other hand she began to fondle his balls as she lifted his cock slightly and let her tongue trace down the underside of his shaft. Rachel looked up and saw him Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort looking down at her. With her eyes locked on his she began taking him into her mouth. She heard him moan. She continued to work her mouth up and down his cock as the stroked him with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. She moved further down his shaft with each motion and had his cock well lubricated with a mixture of her saliva and his precum. Rachel pulled away from him just to catch her breath a little and she looked up at him.

“Am I making up for the distraction?” she teased, but he did not answer he simply reached behind her head and pulled her mouth back to his cock. That was all the confirmation Rachel needed and immediately began working him even harder than before. As she pushed further down his cock she felt the tip press against the back of her throat. She held there just a bit longer and withdrew to catch her breath again. She then opened her mouth a little wider and pushed down, this time as she felt his cock press the back of her throat she continued to push. She felt his cock begin to slide down her throat and as it did Rachel reached under her skirt and began to play with her wet pussy. As she rubbed her clit she moved her head up and down sliding his cock in and out of her throat. She heard him moan deeply and he reached behind her head and began to push her further down.

She was so turned on it felt as though her pussy was leaking. She began to rub herself harder and faster. Soon she was so focused on rubbing herself that she had all but stopped working on the professor. Not prepared to let that ruin his time he began to slide his cock in and out of her on his own. He completely withdrew for just a second and Rachel was thankful as she needed a breather from the throat penetration, but the reprieve was short lived. Just as she had caught her breath and began sliding two fingers inside her dripping pussy he pushed his cock back into her mouth. He wasted little time and within a couple of strokes he had his cock back down her throat pushing deeper down.

His pace was picking up as he fucked her throat with both hands behind her her. His assertiveness was getting the better of her and as she rubbed her clit and slide her fingers in and out of her pussy she felt an orgasm wash over her body and let a muffled moan push through her throat. This must have been all the invitation he needed because as she moaned the professor pushed completely into her mouth. She could feel his balls against her lower lip and she loved the feeling. As much as she was enjoying herself she needed more. Rachel pushed back against the professor and managed to withdraw him from her mouth, but before he could object Rachel had spun around and was there in front of him on her hands and knees, skirt thrown up on her back and her bare ass and pussy up in the air.

Rachel looked back over her shoulder at him and said, “I need your cock in my pussy now.”

The professor did not need a second invitation and quickly took a step forward, dropped to one knee and began to line his cock up. He slid the head of it over her lips feeling how wet she was , he slowly slid the tip inside of her and then with one thrust he fully penetrated her, Rachel gasped as she felt him fill her. He begin immediately thrusting in and out of her slamming agains her ass each time. She felt his hands as he held onto her waist, it was not long before he had established his tempo and as sliding in and out of her well lubricated from her juices. She felt as he ran a hand up her back sending chills down her spine. He reached around and Beylikdüzü Elit Escort began to cup her breast, pinched her nipple. She moaned in ecstasy. As she steadied herself with one hand against his thrusts she reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit. The sensation of his thrusting and pinching coupled with her rubbing sent her over the edge. She shuddered as the orgasm took over her body.

Rachel collapsed forward, barely holding herself on her elbows as her face pressed to the carpet causing her ass to stick further up into the air. The professor took this as an invitation and withdrew his cock from her soaked pussy and she felt the head of his cock press against her ass. Rachel simply moaned as he began to slide into her. It had been so long since she had been fucked in the ass she forgot how much she liked it. As he stretched her she felt the juices begin to flow in her pussy once more. Once he had fully penetrated her he begin to slowly withdraw and then slide back into her. He was not matching the aggression he had before, whether he was being gentle for her sake or his she didn’t know, but she did know it was no good.

She looked back over her showered, ” Fuck me in the ass professor, fuck me hard. Fuck me like you mean it.”

This was all the encouragement he needed and began to thrust harder and faster. Rachel had gone back to rubbing her pussy as she felt his balls slapping against it. She was beginning to moan again. She could feel his cock deep inside her ass pounding and stretching. It was amazing and Rachel did not know how much more she could take, then she felt the professor grab her hair and begin to pull her hair. He pulled her head back and kept thrusting this was the final straw and Rachel begin to buck and felt her ass clinch around his cock.

Just as her orgasm subsided she felt the professor push deep inside of her one more time and she knew he was about to cum.

Immediately Rachel leaned forward withdrawing his cock from her and she spun around to take his cock into her mouth. Rachel had just closed her lips around him when she felt the first stream hit the back of her throat. The professor let out a deep moan, pushed her head further down and continued to pump his load into her. She did her best to keep up, but some began to drip from her mouth. Just as she thought she could not take any more he began to subside. Rachel ran her tongue around his cock and sucked as she withdrew. As his cock popped free from her mouth she wiped her chin with her finger and pushed his cum into her mouth and swallowed. Seeing just a little bit of cum oozing from the tip of his cock she suck the head back in and continued to suck him until he had no more to offer.

Fully spent he collapsed back in the chair and looked down at Rachel. She smiled at him and said, “Now, let’s talk about that test!”

“What?!” he said startled

“The test. The one on the psychology of manipulation. After all professor that is why we are her, remember” she teased. “Let’s see, positive reinforcement and playing the victim got me in here. Knowing your vulnerabilities and playing innocent got you set up for the seduction. I would think I have shown a pretty good grasp of manipulation. Certainly better than that D.”

The professor sat shocked. “Yes, but I can not just change the grade like that.”

“Come on professor, you got what you wanted, surely you can do something for me. Besides, there is one more method of manipulation I haven’t tried.” she looked at him coyly, ” Blackmail!”

“Ok fine. You have demonstrated a working knowledge of the material. I am sure we can work something out.

“Work something out?”

“Well you have demonstrated knowledge of this material, but what about next time? There is one other thing you have shown me today.” he said and a smile spread across his face, “You are much better suited for oral exams.”

Rachel smiled back at the professor. This class was going to be an easy A.

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