Dyked in Prison Pt. 05

Dyked in Prison Pt. 05


Cami’s final days in prison were fast approaching. She’d become used to the lifestyle, and she already knew she would come out as a changed woman. Of course she wanted to leave, get her life on track, even if it never really was to begin with. Cami had made some friends though, listened to their advice and such. Sandy was the first thing on her mind though. She still had a year left on her sentence and she didn’t know what to do when she got out.

Cami managed to find a table alone to eat with Sandy.

“Good morning, Sandy.” They kissed. “So, you know, I’m getting out soon…”

“Yes, and?’ she replied.

“Do we have a plan for what happens after?”

“I mean, I don’t mind if you fuck other girls while I’m still locked up. But no guys, okay?”

Cami laughed. “But seriously, do you think we’ll still feel the same after we get out?”

“I don’t know.” Cami thought about girls she knew who had served jail time. Most seemed like different people, but she wasn’t sure about their lesbian preferences. She hadn’t asked.

On Cami’s last night, she went to bed early, seeing if she could sleep at all. Cami sat down, but felt something in the bed.

“Hey!” Sandy whispered.

“Sandy! What are you doing here?” she whispered.

“Don’t you want some fun before you go?” Sandy asked.

“But you’re not going? What if you get caught?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be. I could get put back in solitary, but that’s the worst case scenario.”

Cami didn’t want things to get too out of hand. She let Sandy use her hands to play around with her. Thankfully, both of them knew by now how to be quiet when fucking- no screaming each other’s names, not making too much noise with their bodies, trying to keep their orgasms quiet. In the dark, they had to rely on touch only. Thankfully, the two knew which places to touch.

It was a long night, so they could get every place. Cami quietly spread her legs so Sandy could dive in. She first used her fingers, than bursa escort the palm of her hand. Sandy then moved her head in for a bit of oral. Cami silently masturbated Sandy afterwards, covering her mouth as this was where she was loudest. Both of them jumped under the bedsheet following that. They got naked under there, as it was cold the two had to huddle for warmth. They weren’t trying to get to sleep though, as more lovemaking occurred. Cami and Sandy got very little sleep that night.

Finally, it was time for Cami to get freed. She had gotten in contact with one of her aunts. They didn’t know each other well, but the aunt had an extra room. Cami would have to pay rent though, so that was the unsure part. Her aunt came to pick her up in her car. She wasn’t sad leaving. She just thought about Sandy.

Cami managed to find a job. It took up most of her time, so not much time for romance or sex anyway. She eventually did have a night off, so she headed to a local strip club, outside of the city.

“You looking for a job, sweetheart?” a stripper asked. She still had her underwear on- it was early in the night.

“No, just here for the entertainment.” Cami replied. She had been saving money to impress the performers.

Cami sat through a few dances. Having never been to a strip club before, she began to get a bit impatient waiting for them to get naked. In prison, she saw naked women frequently, so she didn’t understand the big deal. Still, the strippers were sexy- a few had gotten topless, and the rest of the audience seemed to be into it.

She ordered another drink (it tasted about the same as prison alcohol), and the bartender said to her, “You should ask for a private room.”

“You can do that?”

“Yeah, I’ll set you up.” he responded. “Give me a minute.”

Shortly afterwards, Cami was in a private room with Dahlia. Cami had noticed her beforehand and was excited about it. Dahlia seemed excited too, but she could just be acting. Cami escort bursa gave her a tip anyway, and Dahlia got on her lap. She was topless by this point, but Cami kind of liked how her lace underwear felt. Cami herself was wearing a skirt, which was a welcome change and her own underwear was rather flimsy. Dahlia noticed this and danced accordingly. She wasn’t allowed to make Cami orgasm, though she respected her. Cami picked this up, as the stripper gyrated on her pussy parts, better than a toy could.

“I don’t get many women, my dear. Is this your first time at the club?” Dahlia asked while holding Cami tight.

‘Yes, I haven’t been into women long, I just got out of prison.” Cami replied.

“One of the other girls here was in prison. I’ll have to introduce you.” Dahlia said.

The next time Cami was at the strip club, Dahlia did introduce them. They became friendly and she gave her a few private sessions of their own. This became Cami’s sexual outlet for the time being. She found a lesbian bar, but nothing really happened there. She also watched some lesbian porn, but most didn’t cut it. She did find a good French movie about women who went to prison though. Meanwhile, she sent Sandy a letter.

About one year later, Cami returned to the prison- in her car, in the pickup area.

“Hey! You look different.” Sandy got in the car. Cami reached over and kissed her. “Wow, not wasting any time, right?”

“Great to see you!” Cami said, and drove off.

“Glad to see you too. You know, you could have visited me at some point.” Sandy said.

“I didn’t really want to see the prison again. Too soon for that.”

“I can understand that. Your aunt is letting us share a bedroom?”

“Yes, and hopefully I might make enough to get us an apartment soon. I’ll see if I can get you a job too, that can help.”

The two made it back and upstairs to Cami’s room. Sandy stopped for a moment. “Well, it’s certainly bigger than my cell. Not a big decorator, bursa escort bayan are you?”

“I suppose not.” Cami gave her a little time to get settled. “So… what did you do for the last year?”

“I guess nothing out of the ordinary. I’m still in one piece, that’s all I can ask for. Some new blood in the house.”

“Did you… y’know, do anything with them?”

“I did, but I explained the situation. They were alright with it.” Sandy replied.

“That’s good.” Cami talked about more about her year. Sandy had never gone to a strip club either, but looked forward to going based on Cami’s descriptions. Like Cami, she wanted to restart everything.

The night came. Not having had pussy in so long, Cami was hungry. But she was polite and let Sandy do some things with her first. Sandy did fuck other inmates and a guard but she missed Cami’s boobs, and her pussy, and so forth. She gave her far more intense kisses that were thankfully reciprocated. Of course, the more intimate parts of her body couldn’t kiss back, but felling them still turned Sandy on. She moved Cami to her side. She always thought Cami had a beautiful ass. Cum was starting to come out of Sandy’s pussy. She put some between her lover’s cheeks.

Sandy made sure to leave some for Cami- and with how hot the naked woman was that wasn’t a hard task. Cami was eager to start finding every inch of her lover’s cum between the folds of her pussy. She remembered where her clit was exactly- it was easy to remember. She saw Sandy moving around on the bed. Cami quickly realized she was getting into the numbered position. It was a special occasion, after all. It was the some of their best work- their hands were sure to keep busy too. Their tongues were getting the real workout. It was only the best orgasms for the two of them. For only the first night back, they had achieved a new level of sex.

Their passions were able to continue. Sandy got a job too, and they were able to find an apartment together. That was the point were they officially started calling each other girlfriends.

One day, Cami asked, “Do you think we’d still be girlfriends if we hadn’t met in prison?”

“I think we would.” Sandy replied.

“Yes, I think so too.”

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