Do the Holey Pokey

Do the Holey Pokey


“Morning, Babe” my husband said as I began to wake up. “I made you a cup of coffee.” I fought to clear my head enough to reach for it. Last night had surely been one of the wildest times of my whole life-partying, dancing and too much drinking. My company’s Christmas party was one for the ages. The boss was called out of town because his mother was sick and, for the first time, we really had a good time. I was amazed that Rob was so chipper, though I did remember he had restrained his drinking a little because he was to be driving us home.

“Rob, could you get me some aspirin? I feel a headache coming on. What time is it anyway?”

“It is almost eleven. Two enough?”

“Better make it three. I definitely had too much to drink last night.”

“Yeah, you were going at it like you were dying of thirst. Why don’t you take a shower? I’ll make some bacon and eggs. That’ll probably help your head.”

“Ok, I’ll be down in a few.” Between the aspirin, coffee and the shower, my head was feeling better by the time I got downstairs for breakfast. I was really hungry and when I had finished, my headache was gone.

“Mary, I saw you last night at the party-when you kissed that black guy you work with. Charles, isn’t it?”

“Ah, yes, Charles. I did get a little carried away with him. We danced together a lot and as the drinks started to hit me, I let him get pretty touchy-feely. He began nibbling on my neck and he danced me over to the corner, and I let him kiss me.”

“That’s not the time I’m talking about. I didn’t see that. I’m talking about when you went to the lady’s room and you kissed him in the hallway. You were all over him and I watched as he grabbed your tits and your ass.”

“Oh, I didn’t know anyone could see us. That was pretty hot. He wants to have an affair.”

“It looks to me that you wouldn’t object.”

“Well, he has been after me for a while. I do think he is pretty sexy and good-looking.”

“You know, we have talked about things like this, and I wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted to play around a little.”

“You wouldn’t want me to get pregnant, would you?”

“No, but a little risk would be fun.”

“What kind of risk are you talking about?”

“I could handle the kind of risk that we take. It has worked alright for us for the last two years.”

“You mean I could use condoms during the six days close to my ovulation and go unprotected the rest of the month? That still is quite risky. Women can get pregnant anytime during the cycle. It’s just a lot less risky if you stay away from the fertile time. And you would be ok with taking that risk?”

“I think it would be fun and you haven’t gotten pregnant with me yet.”

“True, but having a black baby wouldn’t exactly be like having one with you. That’s what people would expect.”

“I know, but women having mixed babies isn’t all that uncommon nowadays. Mary, I think we should give it a try. Why don’t you call him and tell him that you can’t get him out of your mind and that you want to see him as soon as possible?”

“Well, he’s probably at home right now. Would today be too soon?”

“I think today would be great. You can tell him that you told me that you were going out to do some last-minute shopping. I bet that even if he had something to do this afternoon, he would make time to see you.”

“And since my period ended two days ago, it would be a pretty safe time.”

I called Charles with Rob right by my side. I told Charles I wanted to see him that afternoon if possible. He was delighted to hear from me and that I could come over if I gave him about an hour to get cleaned up. Rob was hopping up and down with excitement. An hour later Charles was opening his door to let me in. As soon as he closed the door, he kissed me hard and I melted into his arms. “Oh, Charles, I can’t get last night out of my mind.”

“I know. I wanted to take you into one of the offices so we could be alone. But your husband was there and I didn’t want any trouble. I’ve been fanaticizing about this ever since I first saw you years ago.”

“Well, as it turned out, Rob told me that he saw us the second time we kissed. He liked it and, in fact, I’m here with his permission. He is ok with us being together.”


“Ok, enough talk. Let’s go make love. Actually, you have been my fantasy for a while, too. Ever since you told me that you wanted us to have an affair. I just wasn’t sure about Rob’s response. But talking to him this morning told me that it could have happened a lot sooner. We’ll just have to make up for lost time.”

In no time we were undressed and climbing into his bed. Those clean sheets sure did feel good. We began kissing like we had done the night before, only he was not in the least bit hesitant with my tits and ass. We kissed some more and I reached down and started rubbing his cock. He was very hard already and when he slipped his finger in my pussy, I almost came.

I told him I was ready for his big black cock so he rolled me on my back and climbed aboard, mersin escort sinking all the way in with only two strokes. After only a minute or two, my orgasm had me locking my arms and legs behind his back. He slowed down a little but I told him not to stop and he started to really hammer me. “Oh, Charles, I’m going to cum again. Are you close?”

“I’m getting there.”

“It would be sweet if we came together for our first time. I can’t hold it back any longer.”

“Just let it go-I’m cumming right now!” His jerking told me that he was filling me up with his cum. I loved it and he gave me a great kiss that just about blew my mind. I knew right then that I wanted to see him as often as possible.

“Charles, that was the best loving I’ve had in a long time. Can you go again?”

“Just give me a couple minutes and I’ll be recovered.” Five minutes later, I was riding him like a bucking bronco. It took a little longer this time, but soon we were cumming again, not quite together but close enough.

“When can we get together again? I’m pretty sure that Rob will let me anytime so it is up to you, Charles.”

“Well, we probably need to keep this on the down low from the office. However, since we both schedule appointments outside the office at times, we could dummy up our schedules once in a while. You did notice that my apartment is only a block from the office, so maybe we could slip out of the office early sometimes.”

“That sounds great. I can hardly wait. I suppose I should be getting back home soon. Rob is probably dying to find out how everything went. You can be sure that I will give him a glowing report. I’ll see you at work on Monday. Maybe we can schedule something for this coming week.”

Rob was excited like I thought he would be and he wanted to know when I would see Charles again. I told him we both wanted it to be soon, and we would try to set something up on Monday. He asked me how Charles reacted when I told him about the condoms.

“I didn’t tell him. I thought that I would wait until it was necessary. I think he will be disappointed because doing it bare is better.”

“I know. I don’t really like it when you are in your danger time, and I have to wear a rubber. Sometimes I wonder if avoiding the risk is even worth it.”

“Well, we could dispense with the condoms altogether and let nature take its course.”

“No. We probably shouldn’t do that. We are taking enough risk as it is.”

“You’re right. But the little bit does make the sex more exciting. And I’m not sure I want a baby now anyway. Maybe later.”

We were very busy at work the next week and things didn’t work out to see Charles. Rob and I had company over on the weekend so that was out. Charles and I did leave the office early on the next Tuesday and I went to his apartment. That was day seventeen of my cycle so I didn’t ask Rob for the condoms and I didn’t tell Charles either. Once again the sex was outstanding and we decided to see each other over the weekend-twice-Saturday and Sunday mornings.

We managed to get together next on Wednesday, and my period started on Saturday. I discussed it with Rob if it would be ok if I stayed overnight the next Friday. He never batted an eye and it was set. I would change clothes after work and go back to Charles’ apartment. I gave Rob a big kiss as I left and he told me to have a good time.

“Oh, I will. See you about noon.” Charles and I didn’t get much sleep that night. We both kept coming back for more. He came in me five times and I think I had about eight orgasms.

We decided to have another date on the next Tuesday, day eleven of my cycle. Monday night I told Rob that I needed the condoms for the next day. He went into the bathroom and a few minutes later, came back out and handed me three condoms. As I was putting them in my purse, I felt that they were a little wet. I looked at them closely.

“Rob, there’s something wrong with these condoms.” I looked at them real close in the light. “They’re leaking. You poked holes in them. What the hell is going on?”

“Damn. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. I’m sorry but I want you to take a little bit more risk with Charles.”

“You mean get pregnant, don’t you?”

“No, not really. I just thought that more risk would be more fun.”

“Maybe for you. You didn’t even ask me. I can’t believe you want me to get pregnant with Charles.”

“I didn’t think that one little drop or two in a month would mean you’d get pregnant.”

“Rob, each one of those little drops would have thousands of sperms and it only takes one.”

“I’m so sorry. Here, give them back and I’ll get you some new ones.”

“Oh, no, Buddy. Since you are so hell-bent on more risk-go ahead and poke another hole in each one. We’ll play this risk game together.”

“Mary, are you sure? You don’t have to. I can see that you are upset.”

“Do it, Rob, or I’ll just break it off with Charles.”

“Ok, ok. I don’t want you to quit seeing Charles. I’ll poke another kocaeli escort hole.”

“And I want you to poke holes every time I see Charles during my fertile time. You can sleep on the couch tonight.”

“Come on, Mary, don’t be mad.”

“Good night, Rob.”

I lay awake for several hours, mulling things over. Rob had basically given me permission to get pregnant with Charles. I wasn’t sure what I thought about it all. I finally dozed off into a fitful sleep. When I awoke in the morning, I had pretty much decided to go along with Rob’s silly game.

At work I had eight more hours to think about the situation. If Rob wanted to play this game, I held the deciding card. Just before I left the office to go to see Charles, I slipped into the lady’s room and flushed the condoms. And I would never say a word to Charles about condoms.

When Charles opened his door, I almost jumped into his arms, kissing him madly. I knew right then that pregnancy-risk sex was going to be better for sure.

Charles couldn’t believe the extra passion I had that day. I told him that I missed seeing him and that I wanted to make the most of our times together. He agreed and proceeded to plant his seed in me three times. Every time that I felt him spurting, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was getting me pregnant. I’m not sure I understand it but the orgasms I had that day were out of this world.

When I got home I told Rob that he was absolutely correct. That more risk was more fun. I told him that I wasn’t mad anymore and that he could be in charge of the hole-poking from then on. He was relieved that I wasn’t mad at him. “So I don’t have to sleep on the couch tonight?”

“No. Let me take a shower and we’ll go to bed early.”

“Great, I’ll get the condoms.”

“No holes, Rob, only with Charles.”

“Of course. Only with Charles.”

And so it went for the next couple of months. No pregnancy. In February, Charles and I couldn’t get together during my fertile time. But in March, we saw each other twice during this time-on the first and the last day of my window. Rob dutifully prepared the condoms and I dutifully flushed them.

In April, Charles nailed me right on the day of my ovulation. Still my period came.

On May first, John, our boss called all eight of the sales people into his office. “As you know, every year the company sends the sales person with the highest total for the previous year to the national home builders convention. This year, it is being held in Dallas, and, as you probably remember, Donald has gone the last two years. This year, I am pleased to announce that Charles had the highest sales for last year. So, Charles gets to go this year, all expenses paid. Our sales were up for the year and I really appreciate everyone’s efforts. Good job everyone. Charles, I’ll get with you later to discuss the details.”

Everybody clapped and patted Charles on the back. As we started to leave the boss’s office, John called me over and said he wanted to see me alone in his office.

“Mary, did you know that your sales were up by over forty per cent last year?”

“Actually I have noticed that my commission checks have been pretty good lately. I really felt I was doing better.”

“You have been. You showed more improvement than anyone else. As a matter of fact, you finished only sixteen dollars behind Charles. I feel bad that I can’t send both you and Charles to the convention. The budget only has so much allotted. What I could do is let you take one of your weeks of vacation in June and I would go ahead and pay for your ticket for the convention. If you could somehow arrange for the transportation and hotel stay, you could also attend. If you decide that you can go, I would appreciate that the rest of our sales people not know about it. That trip is a good sales motivational perk.”

“I’ll see what I can come up with, and mums the word. Thank you very much.”

That night I told Rob about the opportunity. He was quite supportive with the idea. When I told him that the convention dates were June sixth through the tenth, he said he wouldn’t be able to go with me because that was the busiest time of the year for his company. I then mentioned that Charles had won the all-expenses-paid trip, and that he had said I could go with him if it was alright with my husband.

“I bet you’d really like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, yes, it would be nice. Is it ok with you? I really want to go.”

“I don’t see why not. Go ahead and call Charles and set things up.”

I got off the phone a little later and asked Rob if it would be alright if I ran over to see Charles for a quick roll in the hay. I got back home about nine, and said that everything was set. Charles had said that I shouldn’t even tell our boss about our arrangements. I could just tell him that I had everything taken care of.

“Charles and I would like to get together on Friday for an overnighter and then again after work on Tuesday. I will need condoms for both samsun escort times.”

“Ok. You know, Mary, I was wondering whether your ovulation would be around the dates of your trip. Could you check your calendar to see?”

“Rob, it looks like my ovulation will be on that Wednesday or Thursday-right in the middle of the trip. I hope that won’t be too risky. That could be several drops of sperm if Charles and I have several rounds of sex.”

“I’m ok with the risk if you are. Nothing has happened yet so I’m good. But it is up to you. As for me, I would love to be home thinking about you coming home pregnant. How many condoms will you need?”

“Well, let’s see. I’ll be gone six days so maybe I should have about twenty, just in case. Surely that would be plenty.”

“And you are sure you want holes in them? Two each?”

“I’m comfortable with two.”

“Comfortable? Then you don’t think there is really that much risk with two.”

“Rob, you are the one who wanted me to have risky sex with Charles. I told you that you were in charge of the holes.”

“What if I put more than two?”

“You’re in charge.”

“Well, I might just surprise you.”

“I should be afraid, but I’m not. Maybe you should get a bigger needle. I think you want me to have Charles’ baby.”

“Not really, but I do like the idea of more risk. It turns me on every time you are with him.”

“Then you are going to like this trip-six days and nights, probably with multiple times each. We do like having sex a lot. Maybe twenty condoms won’t be enough. What if we run out?”

“Now you are just teasing me.”

“Maybe.” If Rob only knew, I thought to myself-I could very well end up pregnant at the convention. I hoped that all those condoms wouldn’t clog up the toilet.

Since Dallas was only about four hundred miles from our office, Charles wanted to drive his SUV. We were going to leave on Sunday and the trip would take a good part of the day. On Saturday night, Rob gave me a sandwich bag full of condoms.

“I got you twenty-four, but I did something to add a little excitement. Twenty have our usual two holes, but two others have three holes. And the other two have five holes. I don’t think you can tell them apart so you might really be taking a big risk.”

“Rob, are you absolutely sure about this?”

“Yes. I get hard just thinking about the five-holers.”

“Well, I said you were in charge of the holes, but I hope you know what you are doing.”

I was a little ticked off with Rob’s lack of concern with the idea of my getting pregnant. Inwardly I was actually excited and felt that I would definitely show Rob that risk really is risk. Of course he had no idea about what kind of risk I was actually taking. I knew that I would be all over Charles during the middle of the convention.

Charles was at our house at eight on Sunday morning. Rob shook his hand and was very nice, wishing us to have a good time. I was wearing a short little number, wanting to tease Charles with a good view of my legs while he drove. I decided to go without panties so that I could flash a little pussy if I felt like it.

We only made it to the third rest stop before we were climbing into the back seat for our first go-round of the convention week. We arrived at the hotel at five, got checked in and grabbed dinner in the hotel restaurant. Then it was up to our room and right into bed.

Charles wasted no time and we were going at it hard and heavy. I was having orgasm after orgasm, and Charles let go with a tremendous load. I thought to myself that if he kept that up, I would be giving Rob a surprise in a few weeks.

After our second time Charles said, “I’m not sure if I even want to go to the convention. We could just stay in our room for the whole week.”

“That sounds really good but I think our boss wants us to catch all of the seminars and sales presentations. I’m sure that he would be pissed if we didn’t come back with some knowledge. Besides, you will need time to recover.”

“Yeah, I know you are right, but as sexy as you are, I won’t be needing much time to recover. This week is going to be like a honeymoon.”

“Big talk. Prove it right now.”

“Well maybe I should save something for the morning. We don’t have to be there until nine. You are an early riser, aren’t you?”

“For this I could stay up all night, but you are the leader of the pack. I don’t want you to get worn out. I didn’t really come here for the convention-I came to be with you and I like the idea of a honeymoon. You know-all sex all the time.”

“Ok, in the morning.”

We took off to the convention with my panties crammed full of tissues. The first thing I did after we got checked in was to go to the ladies room and get some sanitary napkins from the machine. I couldn’t help thinking that I was probably the only female there with a pussy full of cum. And not my husband’s, either.

I called Rob that night while Charles was in the shower. “I found the two five-hole condoms, and I think I might use them on Wednesday and Thursday.”

“Oh. I didn’t think you could tell them apart. That will really be risky on those two days.”

“That is what you want, isn’t it? Or are you just talking big to get yourself off? Oops, I’ve got to go-I hear Charles getting out of the shower. I’ll try to call you later. Have fun.”

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