Dick in an Elevator – I’m Not Gay!



Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


This story is told in real time from the mind of the main character. For clarification, thoughts will be between apostrophes. Example: ‘What a great smile.’

Dialog will be quotation marks with the character designation in front. Example: Ken: “Hi, good to meet you.”

Added narrations or descriptions will be in parenthesizes ( ). I hope you enjoy…

(The Story begins with our main character (Ken) returning to his office on the 47th floor of a New York high rise for a potential all-nighter to complete a major project for work. He holds a director level position at his company and hopes this project will launch him to the next level. He just had a quick dinner with his wife, put her in a cab and entered the mainly empty building around 8:30PM on a Thursday night.)

(He has a small duffle bag with a change of clothes and some toiletries, just in case, but hopes to wrap up by midnight so he can get home for a few hours’ sleep in his own bed. He passes security waving his badge at the guard.)

Ken: “Hey Jorge, Good evening.”

Jorge: “Evening Mr. Bantham. Working late again I see.”

Ken: “Jorge, I told you, you can call me Ken,”

Jorge: “Yes Sir Mr. Bantham.” (He laughs).

‘Gotta love it, he will never call me Ken. (Ken pushed the elevator up button.) OK, need to update the timeline, review the forecast and put in the plan change. (He looks at his watch) Meeting tomorrow, 10:00AM do I need anything else? I don’t think so. I wonder if I can get out by 11:00. That would be ideal. Kenny my friend, time to focus.’

(He pushes the up button and the doors open immediately, showing him his reflection in the mirrored back wall.)

‘Damn I look good! Jan is so lucky to have me! I love this time of night; the whole place is mine! Ok 47, 47, Ok got it. (He pushes the button). And away we go…really stopping already? Second floor? Why?’

(The doors open and a fairly young African American man in an expensive suit steps on holding an expensive top open brief case.)

Ken: “Evening.”

(The man gives a quick nod, staring at an I pad and turns to face the doors to the elevator. He is standing against the opposite wall as the doors begin to close).

‘He seems nice… or… not… looks like a pricey suit and brief case. Oh 68th floor, must be top level exec. Doesn’t look any older than me! I’ll be upstairs soon buddy.’

Ken: “Working late?” (The man glances, does a half smile, and looks back at the I-pad.)

‘All righty then, too good to talk to me. So, I guess, I’ll call you Suit. how’s it going Suit… Good to hear. You realize you’ll be working for me in another year or so right?… well good discussion suit… 9, 10, 11’.

(Ken looks at his watch)

‘8:38…I can do this… Out by 11:00PM. 21, 22… You scored brownie points tonight Kenny! Gonna get some tomorrow night… Focus Kenny. Won’t be good working with a woody all night.’

(The elevator jerks and stops causing Ken to stagger and regain his balance. The lights flickered and came back a little dimmer)

‘Holy Fuck! what the hell! Not again!’

Ken: “It’s OK, this happens. I know the drill.”

(Ken pushes the call button and a phone ringing sound blasts out. after 2 rings it’s answered.)

Voice: “This is security, I see the elevators have stopped is everybody OK?”

(Ken looks at suit and he smiles and nods looking back at the I-pad.)

Ken: “Yes, we’re fine, I think we are about on the 25th floor, but all the buttons are no longer lit and the floor indicator light is out.”

(Suit is focused on the I pad, touching the screen apparently working on something.)

Voice: “I’ll radio Rasheed from Maintenance and get him on it. He was up on 59 so it may be a little while, hang in there. He will need to reset the system and it will bring you down to the ground floor when the problem is corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Ken: “Please hurry, I have some major work to do this evening”

Voice: “Understood, we will get it taken care of as quickly as possible.”


(Ken looks at Suit who is still looking at the I-pad)

Ken: “Great, I have a major project run through tomorrow. I really don’t need this…I am Ken by the way, good to meet you, since it looks like we might be here a little while…”

(Suit shakes Ken’s hand smiles and returns to the I-Pad)

‘Wow, nice Hercules grip, I get it you are a macho man…Really, back to the I-pad, what a prick! Not so easy, suit, a little respect is in order here.’

Ken: “So I didn’t get your name?”

(Suit looks up and smiles a dismissive smile and back to the I-pad.)

‘OK suit, well fuck you too! What a fucking arrogant fucking asshole’

(Ken looks at his watch. 8:45. He fidgets and rocks.)

‘Fuck 59th floor and he is gonna have to walk down to the basement level for the elevator. Fuck it’s gonna be a fucking hour! Lucky, I got Suit to keep me fucking company…’

(Ken looks xnxx at his cell phone knowing the inevitable. To prevent people from being rude to fellow passengers the elevator is a perfect signal blocker.)

‘No fucking signal! Suit must have a Wi-Fi connection or he’s playing fucking solitaire. I’m fucking losing it…calm the fuck down Ken. It will be over soon…I wish I could talk to Jan. I am getting tired of the suit and his constant yammering.’

Ken: “So, do you work here? I am not sure I’ve seen you before.”

(Suit looked at Ken and shook his head and went back to the I-pad.)

‘Mother fuck, what an asshole! Fuck you suit! I really ought to tell this shithead off. But, it’d be my luck he works for the CEO or something. I don’t think we even have any space on 68…Relax Ken, he could be a member of the board or something.’

(Ken looks at his watch 8:48)

‘What the fuck, three minutes!”

Ken: “I’m sorry, I don’t want to be inappropriate but do you have some kind of speech or hearing problem?”

(Suit looked at him and shook his head and returned to the I pad.)

Ken: “Was there something I said or did that made you angry?”

(Suit looked at him a little irritated and shook his head and went back to the I-Pad.)

‘Oh my God, what a world class prick. I ought a punch his fucking lights out.’

Ken: “At the potential risk of my career, I gotta say, you are coming off like a snobby SOB.”

(Suit did an combination eye roll, shoulder shrug and back to the I-pad.)

Ken: “You are a world class prick!”

(Suit lowered the I-pad, slid it into the flap of his brief case and began to unhook his belt.)

‘What the fuck is he doing…he is a fucking perv queer…Oh God it’s fifty shades of Gay!’

(Suit continued to unzip, open the flaps.)

Ken: “Dude, what the Fuck! This is not the men’s room. No pissing in the elevator!”

(Suit reached into the waist band of his underwear and pulled out his cock and slid the underwear under his balls. It hung down about 8 inches, 5 inches of it past his balls. He leaned back against the wall and folded his arms across his chest and looked Ken in the eye.)

Ken: “Joke’s over man, put it away, I am not gay…fine whatever, I will leave you alone.”

‘What a fucking freak. I really pissed him off…maybe humor?’

Ken: “OK I misspoke…”You HAVE a world class prick,”…Ha, ha!”

(Suit did not react, he just kept staring.)

‘Fuck! he’s crazy, I gotta call security!’

(Ken pushed the call button trying not to look at the perv with his exposed monster.)

Voice: “Occupant of the elevator….”

Ken: “Yeah, Hello! You gotta help me out here. Call the police please, this guy is crazy! I need help!”

Voice: “…as soon as possible, please remain calm…”

(Ken kept an eye on suit while trying to talk to security.)

Ken: “Calm, he’s got his dick out…what the fuck!”

Voice: “Occupants of the…”

Ken: “A fucking recording? There are people in hear assholes! Hello…Is anybody listening to this?”

Voice: “…is underway, we will get to you as quickly…”

(Ken hit the call button to end the call.)

Ken: “Listen whoever you are, I promise I will report your perverted ass to the police whenever this is over.” (Ken was fidgeting wildly and looked at his watch.) “Fuck 8:54!”

‘Oh it’s still gonna be a fucking hour. Tell me that thing is not growing… Don’t fucking look at it. That’s it, turn and look at the buttons…But I can’t see the perv then… You can’t let him think you’re scared. Look him in the eye. Fuck he keeps staring, he’s gonna think I like him or something!’

Ken: “Listen Perv! You’re not that big…”

‘Oh fuck yes he is big’

Ken: “I mean, compared to me…”

‘You’re 6 fucking inches hard jackass!’

Ken: “Body wise I mean. I can defend myself so put that fucking thing away before I get really pissed! And knock off the fucking staring. Whatever point you were trying to make, I get it. I will leave you to your I-Pad.”

(Suit continued to stare and when Ken’s eyes met his, he looked down, nodded his head down subtly and stared again.)

‘The fucker keeps staring, OK staring contest… what’s with the head twitch and eye thing… I can do this… he keeps doing the eye thing. I am not looking at your dick perv. OK enough staring, I’ll turn this way… Oh God, dick’s in the mirror, don’t look at it! Oh shit do you see yourself, you’re twitching like a crack head… Stop rocking… Don’t look at it… He sees me looking and he’s smiling…turn away from the mirror… Try the call button!’

(Ken turn’s back to the call button and pushes.)

Voice: “Occupants of the elevator…”

Ken: “Hello, is anyone there!…”

Voice: “…rest assured help is on…”

(He hit the call button, hanging up.)

‘He is still staring, stop with the eyes, I am not looking… Fuck it’s growing… This is like a bad porn movie… I think I’ve seen that thing in one before… Stop thinking about porn… Shit now I can’t stop… Some bimbo brazzers blond sucking the shit out of that thing… Stop it’

Ken: “Listen, man please put that thing away, this is not fucking funny.”

(Ken was twisting and rocking his body nervously and Suit kept staring.)

‘How can he keep staring and keep that straight fucking face. What is this fucking game! He’s a well off, good looking guy, he could get all the action he could want, how the fuck did he pick me to fuck with? Don’t look at it… Shit, it’s definitely growing… Stop looking at it… Stop with the fucking look down head bob Mr. Suit, I am not gonna look at your fucking big black cock… I guess the stereotype is true!… Shit your looking on command, stop looking at his eye’s then… Look at the buttons…’

(Ken turns too look at the buttons. Still none are lit up. He looks again at his cell phone, no signal. He tries anyway and gets the “Call Failed” message.)

‘OK just breath and calm down. (looks at his watch). 8:58! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

(He peaks over his shoulder, startled he spins around toward Suit.)

‘Oh shit! He’s closer, and fucking smiling like a psycho. Stop with the look down thing, I’m not… Fuck it’s pointing at me!’

(Suit looks at Ken and brings his hand toward his own open mouth like he is eating an invisible banana. When his hand gets close to his mouth, his cheek puffs out on one side. He lowers his hand and brings it back up for another bite, tilting his wrist, he puffs out the other side with his tongue.)

‘Mime blow job…really!’

Ken: “Listen man, I am not sucking your dick! You need to back up or I’m gonna…”

(Suit slowly steps back and leans on the wall again. He points at Ken, repeating the blow job pantomime. Then looks down and bobs his head again. Ken’s eyes follow.)

‘Fuck it’s hard, and huge. It’s pointing right at my face! It really is a porn cock! Women would beg for that thing. Stop thinking about porn… They would go to town on that thing.’

(Ken fidgets like a junky and looks as his watch.)

‘8 fucking 59! Please help me somebody… Why is the image of Jan riding that cock in my head! Stop thinking porn… Oh god my dick is getting hard… Think of something else… The project, think about your project… Not Jan sucking his dick… I gotta get out of here… Call box!’

(Ken pushes the call button staring at the speaker.)

Voice: “Occupants of the elevator…”

Ken: “Mother Fuck, is anyone there?!!!”

Voice: “rest assured…”

(Ken hung up and turned toward the mirror. Suit was looking at him through the mirror, smiling and pointing at the obvious hard-on and wet spot on Ken’s pants. Then he gave the pantomime jack off gesture to Ken, through the mirror.)

Ken: “Listen perv, I won’t be jacking you off either. I am not a queer so get over yourself…”

(Suit turned to face Ken, shook his head and pointed at Ken’s chest. Then gave the jack off pantomime.)

Ken: “No I won’t jack off in front of you either, you sick fuck!”

‘I gotta calm down, my fucking heart is beating a hundred miles an hour… Breath… Close your eyes and breath… Stop thinking about him cumming on Jan’s tits! Fuck I am hard… Open your eyes… Fuck his dick is moving on its own. I think it’s breathing… It’s gotta be 12 inches…Twice as long and twice as thick as mine…Fucking bastard…Maybe if mine were that big, I’d whip it out in public too…Smug bastard, just standing with his arms crossed…Oh Shit, he’s swinging it back and forth, with his hips… Hey batter, batter…Well now you’re obviously staring at! Look at the…”

(Suit waves Ken to come over and does the eye roll toward his hard-oozing monster.)

Ken: “Would you please put that away. I see you are twice as big as I am. I surrender to your superior cock. Are you happy now?”

‘Arrogant fucking bastard, wipe that smile off your face, and stop shaking your fucking head… Both of them! He just keeps waving it back and forth… It must weigh 5 pounds not counting the cue balls hanging there. Ken, dude you’re not even trying to look away… How does he not pass out when he gets a hard-on? Now it is starting to drip, look at that it must have been a two foot string hanging before it dropped. I can’t imagine how much cum he shoots…On Jan’s Tits! Stop it! You already soaked through your pants, stop thinking about porn shots… What time is it?”

(Ken looks at his watch and then his wet spot.)

‘9:00 really… WTF… Oh shit that wet spot is getting huge… Turn away idiot. Look at the buttons and do something about the spot before they get here.’

(Ken turns toward the control panel to block Suit’s view while he adjusts his boner. When he turns around, Suit is smiling now holding his cock in his right hand shaking it and looking him in the eye and licking his upper lip.)

Ken: “Please give it a break. I am not going to suck your fucking dick, I told you I’m not gay.”

(Suit points at Ken’s boner and raises his eyebrow giggling, then he looks down and nods his head toward his cock sikiş izle twice, licking his lip again slowly.}

Ken: “Enough already, I see it and I am not going to taste it no matter how yummy YOU think it is…”

‘Shut up moron, you’re not helping… Stop pointing at my boner, Suit… Why is my fucking dick throbbing, it’s just encouraging him… Stop with the jack off motion you arrogant prick… I wish I could jack off, I need it… He’s shaking it at me again… Damn it looks hard… How can you stand there waving it in the air and keep that fucker hard…’

(Suit does the pantomime blow job again and nods his head for Ken to come over. Ken snaps and stomps over to him, eye to eye.)

Ken: “That’s it asshole, I am not gay, and I am not going to suck your fucking horse dick, so knock…”

‘It’s touching my cock…’

Ken: “Th, this shit off pl, plea”

‘Oh fuck he’s rubbing it against me. Get a grip!’

Ken: “Please, what do you want to knock this off?”

(Suit looks at him nose to nose and looks down toward his oozing cock, and Ken’s eyes follow.)

‘It’s oozing again…And it feels so warm pressing against me, I wonder what it feels like in the flesh…Oh shit, it is warm… and smooth…my hand looks so small holding it.’

Suit: “Mmmm…”

‘It’s rock hard and silky soft at the same time. I need to feel it all…It’s so long smooth, oh shit his balls are fucking soft, I think I might cum in pants…Don’t squeeze them, I bet they’re sensitive…He likes it, listen to him breath. My cock is on fire, oh God he’s humping my hand, but I want to feel those scrumptious balls some more…Did I just say scrumptious balls?’

Ken: “Oh God that feels good.”

‘He’s touching my cock, oh fuck it feels good, please slow down or I’m gonna cum in my pants.’

Ken: “Oh God, your gonna make me cum… Oh God, please, don’t stop. What?”

‘Fuck he let go why…Not the head nod again. (Ken sighs and looks down.) It’s so warm and smooth to the touch, the rim on his head is like satin and the glistening pre-cum looks like honey… I wonder… Am I really doing this… You should stop… Oh God, I need to taste it… Just lick that pre-cum off and see how it taste… Oh God, it so warm and sweet, it is like honey. Both hands on the monster and still room for my mouth!’

Suit: “AAuuhhhhh.”

‘It actually feels hot…Fresh from the oven…It’s so fucking hot and silky on my lips, can I fit the head in my mouth…Oh yes, I can and it’s making my cock harder, I really need to cum. Fuck, I love the fucking taste. His sweet pre-cum and a hint of salt…I feel it in my balls! The skins so smooth and my tongue loves the silky hard rim. I need to lick all of him!’

Suit: “AAuuhhhhh.

‘The tip of my tongue fits so well in the ridge around his head, oh yeah trace your way around and now back up to the tip…Oh yeah, a touch of his sweet juice. I need to lick his whole length. He likes it, I can feel it move! I want to make him cum.’

Suit: “AAuuhhhhh. AAuuhhhhh. AAuuhhhhh.”

‘Oh yeah pressing wiggling his tip on my tongue seems to work. I know I love it. I wonder if I could make him cum just doing this…Shit, look at me in the mirror. Damn his cock is big! Gotta see what it looks like in my mouth… Look at my stretched lips, I look like a porn star. Oh God I could cum.’

Suit: “Mmmmm.”

‘Pleasing this asshole turns me on so fucking much. I need to make him cum! Let’s see how much I can take in my mouth…Barely half, this mirror is too much, look what you’re doing! I can barely breath and my cock is fucking throbbing, and, I can’t stop watching myself with his beautiful black cock in my mouth. If fits so good and tastes so damn good, and his scent just makes my fucking balls dance.’

(Suddenly Suit pulls out of Ken’s mouth!)

‘Now what, did I bite him or…’

Ken: “What’s wrong, did I do something wrong?”

‘Could you please fucking talk! No, so what’s…Really jack off pantomime again.’

Ken: “You want me to jack you off…”

‘No? then what the fuck do you want? I am sucking your fucking cock and its hard as fucking rock.’

(Suit points at Ken and repeats the pantomime.)

Ken: “You want to jack me off?”

‘Works for me, I’m about to blow anyway’

Ken: “No…Then what the fuck. You’ve already won, I am on my knees sucking your dick in an elevator. Could you please fucking talk!”

(Suit shakes his head and points at Ken.)

Ken: “You want me to jack off.”

‘Really! look at yourself Ken, on your knees waiting for him to put his dick back in your mouth and pulling your hard-on out so you can masturbate…why is it getting me excited!?’

Ken: “Can I have it back now, my dick is in hand.”

(Suit looks down at him smiling and hold a hand cupped to his ear.)

‘Mother fuck, you can hear just fine asshole.’

Ken: “You want me to beg for it or something?”

‘Arrogant fucking smile, you prick. Why the fuck is this exciting me!’

Ken: “Can I please jack myself off while I suck your cock?”

(Suit cups his ear again.)

Ken: “Please let me suck you big fucking cock while I jack off. You make me so fucking hard, I can’t stand it! Please let me cum with your dick in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth please!”

EDITED FOR GRAMMAR Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex. * This story is told in real time from the mind of the main character. For clarification, thoughts will be between apostrophes. Example: ‘What a great smile.’ Dialog will be quotation marks with the character designation in front. Example: Ken: “Hi,…

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