Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 13

Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 13


I quickly discovered that you don’t learn the ins and outs of human resources during a few hours spent on the internet. I was somewhat concerned that Mr. Smith’s associates would see through my ruse immediately so I’d have to rely on my brilliant smile and awesome looks to get me through the luncheon later today.

Mr. Smith was expecting appropriate business attire so after slipping into a black satin thong and matching bra I smoothed a pair of black thigh high nylons over my shapely legs. That took care of my appearance for Mr. Smith after the luncheon when I assumed we’d be alone. A pale blue cotton blouse and form-fitting black slacks topped with a black suit jacket fit the bill as business attire. I opted for a medium height pair of black pumps to finish my ensemble for the luncheon.

I applied just a hint of eye shadow and a very light shade of pink lipstick. I considered leaving my wavy blonde hair spread evenly over my shoulders but decided to go with the ultra-conservative look of tying my hair up into a messy bun just above the collar of my jacket. I liked the look of this hairstyle and it had the advantage that when I got Mr. Smith alone I could undo it while I seduced him.

Late morning traffic was heavy as I drove across town to Casa Grande to meet my client, Mr. Smith, causing me to arrive five minutes late. I found a parking spot across from the entrance to the restaurant and shifted my Benz into park. A quick glance at my reflection in the visor mirror confirmed that my hair and make-up fit the request of the client. As I slipped out of the driver’s seat and straightened up I looked toward the portico extending from the building and noticed an older portly gentleman with pattern baldness and very white hair. As I walked in his direction I forced a smile hoping he wasn’t my client for the afternoon. My hopes were dashed as I approached when he said. “You must be Angel?”

I forced a second smile then replied. “I am, and you must be Mr. Smith?”

His somewhat confused expression told me that Smith wasn’t his real name a fact he confirmed when he said. “Do not call me Mr. Smith call me Larry.”

“Ok, Larry I can do that.” I answered then added. “Are we meeting anyone for lunch?”

Larry let his eyes roam over my form as he replied. “Yes, there are two associates joining us, Frank Reynolds and Ian Simmons both work with me. We are the human resources department at a local manufacturing company.”

“And I am supposed to be some kind of outside consultant?” I asked wondering how I would pull off the ruse of being an expert in their field.

“That’s right Angel.” Larry answered.

I paused a moment before saying. “Larry I know very little about human resources and the knowledge I was able to gain the past few days is most likely rudimentary compared to three men who have worked in the field for a long time.”

“HR is all about fair and equal treatment of all employees, if you keep that in mind you’ll do fine.” Larry said trying to reassure me.

As we waited for Frank and Ian to arrive Larry continued checking out my body. I felt a little uncomfortable having him for lack of a better phrase, size me up.

“Is my outfit what you had in mind?” I questioned him trying to draw his attention back to my face.

“Oh yes, it’s perfect.” Larry replied realizing I’d noticed his lecherous stare.

I smiled then offered something to keep his attention. “Hopefully you will enjoy what I’m wearing underneath just a much later.”

“I’m sure we will.” Larry replied.

His use of the word “we” confused me somewhat. My appointment was with one man but his answer led me to believe I’d be pleasuring more than just him.

Before I could ask him about it, he said. “Here’s Frank and Ian.” As he pointed toward a gray four-door sedan driving across the front of the portico.

I wasn’t expecting to pleasure three men but I knew I could handle it and if that was the case I’d expect a more sizable tip than Larry alone would provide.

A minute or two later Ian and Frank rounded the corner of the building. One of them was about Larry’s age but not nearly as overweight while the other appeared to be ten or so years their junior. Larry introduced us as the approached. “Angel this is Frank and Ian; guys this is Angel.” Both had wide grins on their faces. The younger of the two extended his hand first. “I’m Frank it’s a pleasure to meet you, Angel.” He said.

As I shook his hand I glanced at Ian who was still grinning but as Larry had done earlier his eyes were roaming all over me. I wasn’t all that happy about how these two old dudes were sizing me up and I let them know saying. “Maybe you’d like to take some pictures.”

Ian instantly shot back. “I might just do that later.”

His answer led me to believe that at least he and Larry both knew I was no HR consultant and I suspected Frank knew also judging by how long he continued holding onto my hand.

“I need a drink.” Larry announced as Frank finally let my hand slip from his.

“I agree.” I replied knowing that I’d need more than one for what I now suspected was going to sakarya escort be an afternoon of intense sucking and fucking.

All three scrambled to grab the door for me, the younger Frank moving quicker than his two older co-workers. He smiled widely at me as I walked past and into the restaurant.

I could almost feel all three pairs of eyes scanning my legs and ass from behind as I followed the hostess to a table toward the back of the dining room. I made sure to give their eyes something to enjoy allowing my hips to sway seductively from side to side as we walked.

Larry won the scramble to help me with my chair which meant that Frank and Ian were able to grab the chairs on either side of me leaving Larry to sit across the table from me. As we ordered drinks all three were clearly undressing me in their minds. I ordered a martini knowing I’d want to be a little tipsy later when I would be pleasuring them.

I decided to carry on the human resources ruse at least for a little while and asked all three. “How long have you all been working in HR?”

“I got my bachelor’s in labor law at Cal State in 75” Larry quickly and rather proudly replied.

Ian and Frank answered almost simultaneously. “I’ve been an HR manager for…” Ian said “Fifteen years.” And Frank said. “Twenty years.”

I knew I was in way over my head with the few hours I’d spent studying human resources on the internet.

Frank gave me an opportunity to continue my ruse and asked. “Where did you study labor law, Angel?”

I took a healthy sip from my martini and looked him straight in the face as I replied. “Let’s not carry on this charade any longer. We all know why I’m here, and it has nothing to do with labor law.”

Ian and Frank sat back in their chairs with wide smiles on their lips but Larry looked a bit confused as I took a second sip from my cocktail. “I have no idea why Larry asked my employer to have me act as if I’m some kind of HR consultant but I know that what I’m really here for is to provide all of you with the best fuck you’ve ever had.”

Frank immediately chimed in. “It’s all about having the entire day go against our expense account.”

I laughed before I said. “So the company is footing the bill.”

“That’s right hun.” Frank replied.

Ian leaned forward his smile now matching the two other men’s smiles. “So you’re gonna have sex with all of us?” He asked.

I smiled widely at him as I unbuttoned my blazer and the top two buttons of my pale blue blouse. “That’s right and since I’m the best cock sucker on the planet you’ll all enjoy the pleasure of feeling the back of my throat.” I replied.

He sat back in his chair and looked at Larry. “You set this up?” he asked.

“I sure as hell did.” He answered then quickly added. “One of the perks of being HR manager and you can expect more between now and next year when I retire.”

I slipped off one shoe and stretched my foot across under the table to run my toes along the inside of his leg. Larry’s smile widened as my toes toyed with calf.

“I need another martini.” I announced as my empty glass hit the table.

A second round of drinks was quickly ordered followed by our lunch order.

While we waited for our food I decided to find out exactly what I’d be dealing with later and again leaned forward after slipping my shoe back on. My left hand slipped under the tablecloth and onto Ian’s thigh. He lurched a little but quickly settled back in his chair and moved his legs further apart.

My hand slid up and over his thigh and to my pleasant surprise I was greeted with a substantial bulge in his pants leg. I grinned at him and in a seductive voice said. “That’ll be enough to tickle my tonsils later.”

His buddies knew I was stroking his cock. “If you two have as nice a package as Ian I’m in for a very enjoyable afternoon.” I commented to Frank and Larry.

I only picked at my lunch opting instead for a third martini as I watch them plow through their meals like they only had twenty minutes for lunch.

“So Larry, where are we going to continue our HR conference this afternoon?” I asked.

He smiled as he replied. “The company has a condo a few blocks from here that is used when higher ups from home office are in town.”

I giggled and answered. “Let me guess it’s not being used today.”

“It will be shortly.” He quickly replied.

I tipped my martini glass finishing my third then said to them all. “Let’s get it on gentlemen.”

Almost before I finished Frank stood up. The bulge in his pants confirmed that at least two-thirds of them had cocks that would keep me happy most of the afternoon. I smiled at him as I stood up and said. “Looks like you’ve got a tonsil tickler there too.”

Frank quickly adjusted his cock so it stretched down his pant leg then walked around the table offering me his arm as I stood up. “I like that a big fat cock and a gentleman too.” I said quietly to him as we followed Ian and Larry toward the front door.

As we walked through the portico Larry suggested. “If izmir escort we take one car we can park in the garage.” I quickly added, “So no one will know we’re there.” He looked over his shoulder and grinned at me.

Frank and I followed the other two across the lot to Ian’s sedan. As we walked I used my free hand to reach up and undo the bun in my hair shaking my head and allowing my wavy blond locks to cascade down over my shoulders.

Frank quickly opened the rear passenger door then stared intently as I sat down in the car and lifted my feet over the rocker panel.

Ian and Larry got in the front and Frank wasted no time circling around the back to jump in next to me.

“This is going to be so much fun.” He announced as he settled in beside me and pulled the door closed.

I turned a little toward him and undid another button on my blouse giving him a preview of my lush soft cleavage. “I can’t wait to feel your hard cock sliding between my tits.”

Frank licked his lips and let his eyes drop to the mounds of flesh straining to escape the confines of my black lace bra. His eyes returned to mine as he said. “They look absolutely incredible.”

I reached over and slid my hand over his erect cock before replying. “This feels so fucking hard.”

Up front, Larry turned in the passenger seat and watched as I stroked Frank’s rock hard cock. Ian tried to catch a glimpse in the rear view mirror but couldn’t see as he drove to the company condo.

In a few minutes, he turned into a condo development and then into a short driveway where the garage door was opening a moment later the garage door was gliding down behind and as the daylight disappeared I leaned over toward Frank and said. “I wanna suck your big hard cock first.”

The martinis had the desired effect and as we all walked into a nicely furnished apartment I was feeling a little tipsy and very sexy. I couldn’t wait to strip out of my outfit and show off my shapely body and seductive lingerie. As we moved through the kitchen all three men slipped out of their suit coats and hung them over the kitchen chairs. I kept my blazer on wanting to give them a full strip tease in a couple minutes.

The living room was furnished with white leather furniture a love seat and a full-size sofa arranged in and L shape with an oval coffee table in front and matching end table between the two sofas.

“Make yourselves comfortable guys I need to use the bathroom.” I said looking around for the bath.

“It’s upstairs.” Ian offered.

I turned and made my way to the open staircase that led to the loft of the condo knowing that all eyes would be glued to my form as I walked up the stairs. “I won’t be a minute.” I promised assuming they all wanted to get the party underway nearly as much as I wanted to start pleasuring myself with three rock hard cocks.

Once in the bathroom, I quickly used my fingers to comb through my hair spreading it even more evenly around my head and shoulders. I applied a fresh coat of brighter red lipstick and a bit more mascara lengthening my eyelashes. A squirt of my favorite perfume on either side of my neck and into my cleavage completed my preparations for what I was anticipating would be an afternoon of very hot steamy sex.

The loft had half walls that allowed a view of the living room below. Other than a large king size bed the only other furniture in the area was a white leather chair that was tucked into the far corner of the open space. I envisioned being fucked from behind later with my arms resting on the back of the chair and looking down at whoever might still be downstairs.

I stopped at the top of the stairs giving the three men below time to focus on me and letting the anticipation of my strip tease build a little. Three pairs of eyes were glued to me as I slowly removed my blazer and draped it over the handrail of the staircase. I released the garment allowing it to slide down to the bottom but none of them followed its descent.

As I started down the stairs I slowly undid first the buttons on each sleeve then the remaining buttons down to the waistband of my slacks. With each button I opened the fabric first revealing the rest of my soft cleavage and bra then my creamy white belly. Each step moved me closer and closer to my goal, three erect rock hard cocks to pleasure and use for my own pleasure. I was halfway down by the time I’d opened the last button then stopped mid staircase to pull the tag ends of my blouse from the waistband of my slacks. The final button slipped through its hole and the pale blue blouse hung completely open. I smiled at the three men staring at my tits and asked. “Enjoying yourselves?”

Two nodded their heads, yes, but Frank said. “Fuck yes!”

The blouse slipped easily off my shoulders then made the same slippery descent down the hand rail to join my blazer at the bottom.

Ian who was seated alone on the love seat and apparently had an erect cock since I first stroked it at the restaurant could wait no longer. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock through the opening. He mersin escort sported an impressive erection perhaps eight inches of rock hard shaft topped with a sheathed head. As he stroked it for the first time the foreskin pulled taut revealing a deep purple blood engorged cock head. I knew his would be a beautiful cock to pleasure with my lips tongue and mouth.

Before starting the remainder of my descent on the stairs I undid the button at the waistband of my slacks. I moved slowly and very seductively down each step until I reached the last one where I stopped smiling first at Frank, then looking toward Larry and finally Ian who continued stroking his rock hard cock.

My pussy was growing wetter with each passing moment. The combined effect of the martinis and the anticipation of three hard cocks made me horny beyond belief. I turned away from them facing up the stairs again my hands moving to the waistband then slowly sliding the fabric down over my silky smooth ass cheeks. One of them gasped out loud as my slacks slid down my legs revealing the contrast between my milky white flesh and the black straps of my thong riding up over my flaring hips and between my cheeks.

With my slacks puddled around my heels, I bent at the waist reaching out with one hand to steady myself on a step above and reached around with the other hand slide my red tipped fingers over the now nearly naked flesh of my ass.

“Fuckin A.” I heard one of them say as I gained my balance and moved the other hand from the step to join the first so I could spread my cheeks apart.

Without turning to acknowledge the compliment I said. “I love being ass fucked.”

“Yes!” The same voice exclaimed.

As I straightened up I lifted one foot and slipped out of my shoe letting it fall to the floor behind me. The other shoe fell off and I stepped out of the pile of fabric around my feet.

“You are going to put those back on aren’t you?” Larry asked as I turned and stepped from the final step.

I reached behind me and picked up my slacks hanging them over the hand rail where my other garments had slid to earlier.

I smiled at Larry as I used my foot to straighten out the shoes and slipped my feet back into the heels as said. “Every good whore always fucks with her heels on.”

I stood before these three for a moment giving them all time to capture the mental image of my seductive body. As I began moving toward them I slid my hands up to my hips and stretched the black bands of my thong higher on my hips then up to run red fingernails across the exposed flesh of my stomach and even higher over my tits oozing from the confines of the black lace bra.

I moved toward the larger of the two sofas but turned to look at Ian who was stroking his cock at a slow methodic pace. The head appeared and disappeared under his foreskin with each stroke and it seemed to be an even darker purple color.

“Isn’t anyone else going to show me their cock?” I asked as I turned my attention to Larry and Frank.

Larry instantly unzipped and pulled a much smaller but equally hard cock from his pants. He stroked it using only his thumb and index finger and I knew my forehead would be pressed against his paunchy belly when I took him completely in my mouth.

I turned my attention to Frank expecting him to unzip and proudly show me his cock. He smiled and said. “I’ll let you be surprised.” His hands continued to rest on the white leather on either side of his legs.

I looked toward Ian and Larry as I said. “I did promise to suck his cock first.”

They both shook their heads in approval knowing that soon enough my red lips would be surrounding their cock heads.

Moving closer to him I slipped one leg between his and moved Frank’s legs further apart. As I bent at the knees before him he spread them even wider and lifted his hands to his shirt starting at the top and undoing the buttons slowly. His chest was hairless and twin points of hard flesh formed his nipples. I knelt before him my hands slowly sliding along the top of his thighs toward the clasp of his pants. He yanked his shirt from the waistband and let it fall open before me. I knew from the bulge in his pants that Frank had a big cock and I could hardly wait to grasp it and feel it pulsing in my hand.

My hands reached the waistband of his slacks but instead of moving my fingers in to undo his belt and the clasp I arched my fingers and drew them slowly up over his naked stomach and chest. My index fingers circled his taut nipples several times before I scratched his quivering flesh with the tips of my nails. Frank’s eyes were glued to mine as I teased him the unbridled lust in his stare told me I shouldn’t wait too much longer to release his cock from the confines that surrounded it.

As my fingers worked to open his pants Frank reached up and slid the satin straps of my bra off my shoulders allowing them to hang loosely around my upper arms. His fingertips moved slowly down my chest where the straps had been caressing lightly over the naked flesh of my upper chest. I thought for a moment he would hook his fingers inside the lace cups and pull them away but instead, he just traced along the top of my lace garment until his hands met in the center of the exposed cleavage. I smiled at him trying to relay my permission to tug the cups free but he just removed his hands and placed them beside his legs as I worked the clasp of his pants undone.

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