Deep Dive Pt. 03

Deep Dive Pt. 03


(Part 3 – EDITED)

Author’s Note: This is the third instalment in the Deep Dive series. I recommend that you start with Deep Dive Pt. 1, and then work forward chronologically. This is especially true if you want to find out who ‘Margot’ is. Part 3 deliberately starts off more slowly than the first two chapters, but hopefully you’ll find it worth it by the end


It was mid-September, but the weather was still unseasonably warm. There were no signs yet of autumn colour.

Kate and I had now been seeing each other for almost three months, and I’d started introducing her to some of my closer friends. This weekend, she was set to meet Ethan and Jenna, who I’d known for more than 20 years.

They were a long-term couple that owned a small, ‘farm to table’ bistro in Tofino, on Vancouver Island. After a hectic summer, they’d shut the business down for a month, and were taking a well-deserved break to travel and visit old friends. This weekend, they were staying with me at my house in the country.

They arrived on Friday afternoon, and settled straight in. They’d been to my home before, back when I was still married, and knew the place well.

Kate was due to arrive at mid-day on Saturday. I was looking forward to the four of us spending a beautiful fall weekend together.


Just before 1 PM on Saturday, Kate arrived. I heard the front door open, and she walked in with her overnight bag.

“Heyyy,” she sang out.

“Hey there,” I called back, stepping into the front hall.

As usual, she looked fabulous. Deeply tanned after a summer of swimming half-naked in my pool, she was dressed simply: a casual silk dress cut low at the back, her hair pinned loosely above her neck. She smiled at me, her blue eyes sparkling. She looked tired, though.

“Everything OK?” I asked, concerned. She wasn’t her normal bubbly self.

“A bit bagged,” she admitted. “The film shoot last night was a bitch – we didn’t wrap until after midnight.”

Kate worked as a senior stylist at a top-end salon in the city. Her skills were always in demand, and she did a lot of fashion shows and film projects on the side.

“Grab a nap,” I said. “The living room’s cool and quiet. Why don’t you kip down on the couch for awhile?”

“You sure?” Kate replied. “I mean, your guests are here, and…”

“Absolutely,” I cut in. “You’ve still got the rest of the weekend. Come out to the pool, meet them, and then come back inside for a snooze. I’ll keep them occupied.”

Kate nodded, smiling gratefully, and dropped her bag in the hallway. She followed me outside to meet my friends.


As we walked out on to the pool deck, Jenna and Ethan stood up eagerly to greet us.

“Kate – meet two of my favourite people. Jenna, Ethan – meet my new favourite person.”

Kate smiled shyly.

“Hey!” they said in unison. They each gave Kate a big hug.

The three of them stepped back and looked at each other warmly. Kate had heard so much about them from me – and they about her. They already seemed like old friends.

Ethan, in his early ’40’s, was lean, athletic and quite good-looking. Outgoing and confident, he stood about 5’10”, with thick black hair that was already beginning to display traces of salt-and-pepper gray. Apparently, he was considered quite a catch.

Jenna, in her late ’30’s, was almost his polar opposite. She was more reserved: quiet, and less impulsive. Easy on the eyes, she stood about 5’4″, with mid-length auburn hair. She had a voluptuous body, with full breasts and hips, and a firm, flat belly. Her most remarkable attribute was her brilliant, moss green eyes. I’d been secretly attracted to Jenna for as long as I’d known her, but had never acted on my feelings.

Kate, as usual, looked smashing. Standing there barefoot in her sheer silk dress, she was the perfect picture of a late summer day. Her pert, firm breasts, thin waist, and small tight ass were all in perfect proportion. There was something about her that just exuded sex.

I watched her looking at Ethan and Jenna, quietly assessing them. As usual with Kate, it was hard to say exactly what going on behind those deep blue eyes.

“Drinks?” I asked, introductions now out of the way.

“Swim!” replied Kate. “And then a little nap, if that’s OK?” she asked apologetically.

“Right,” I said, remembering. “Kate’s just come from a late night shoot. She could desperately use a lie-down.” I looked at Kate. “So – a swim, and then a nap?”

“Mmmm,” she responded, nodding. She looked at Jenna, and seemed to make a snap decision. “I’ll just go change,” she said, smiling faintly and giving me the subtlest of nods. She turned, and stepped lightly back toward the house.

I looked at Ethan and Jenna. Wordlessly, Ethan gave me the ‘two thumbs-up’ sign, and Jenna nodded in agreement, her mardin escort eyes shining with approval.

“Join us?” I asked them as Kate walked away to the house.

“Absolutely!” Ethan replied, looking at Kate’s bare back as she disappeared inside. Jenna nodded distractedly. She seemed totally focused on Kate as well.

They disappeared into the guest room to put on their bathing suits.


Five minutes later, we were standing poolside with fresh glasses of cold white wine, waiting for Kate.

Ethan wore his customary loose black swimming trunks, and Jenna was in a fashionable – if not particularly revealing – two-piece bathing suit that almost matched the colour of her eyes. I was wearing khaki shorts – the ones I always swam in when we entertained what Kate referred to as our ‘non-naked’ guests.

Making small talk, we turned as we heard Kate approaching. She came around the corner of the house, and our conversation stopped dead.

She was wearing a skimpy, almost see-through beige bikini that perfectly matched the colour of her skin. From where we stood, it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything at all. The suit literally left nothing to the imagination.

I heard Ethan and Jenna both inhale gently.

“Ready!” Kate sang out. Suddenly, she didn’t look tired at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

She walked past us, breasts bouncing slightly, her ass as firm and shapely as a fashion model.

Walking over to the deep end, she stopped, raised her arms almost sensuously in the air, and dove into the pool.

I looked back at Ethan. He stood, transfixed. Jenna too. Interesting, I thought.

A minute later, all four of us were in the water, lazily floating in the late summer heat.

Kate’s wet bikini was a miracle of camouflage: it had simply vanished. Her firm nipples almost poked through the fabric. The thin wet material that (barely) covered her crotch clung closely to her cleft. Her pussy lips were clearly defined, and the dark shadow of her neatly trimmed bush was unmistakable. Jesus, I thought, she might as well be naked. Which, of course, was exactly the idea.

I looked over at Jenna and Ethan, studying them as they watched Kate float lazily on her back.

Jenna’s nipples were clearly harder than they were two minutes ago. The water isn’t that cold, I thought.

Ethan, looking oddly flustered, stood in the shallow end, slightly hunched over with his hands loosely positioned in front of his trunks. I was pretty sure I knew why.

Suddenly, I realized that this was not shaping up to be a run-of-the-mill weekend.


Later, standing poolside, the four of us discussed our plans for the afternoon.

Kate was going to take advantage of the quiet living room and grab some badly needed sleep.

Jenna and Ethan planned to explore the gardens, and then take a walk in the forest.

I had chores to complete – firewood to finish stacking, and tools that needed putting away.

We all agreed to meet up again in a few hours.

Upstairs with Kate, we changed out of our wet suits. “Sooo tired,” she sighed, as she put on a light, knee-length skirt and a tight spandex top. She headed downstairs to the living room. I heard her throw herself down on the couch with a deep, exhausted sigh.

I put on my work clothes and headed outside. Out in the garden, Jenna and Ethan looked at the late summer blooms before walking off into the woods.


Forty minutes later, I was soaking with sweat. I finished stacking the firewood, and headed to the pool to cool off. Dropping my clothes on the deck, I dove into the shimmering water. Not many more weeks of this, I thought, sadly. Fall is just around the corner.

Climbing out of the pool, I walked to the outdoor shower to wash off the stink of work. Standing under the rainfall showerhead, I soaped my body, enjoying the view and the privacy. Kate still slumbering on the couch… Ethan and Jenna still out wandering in the woods… it felt good to have a few minutes alone.

As I washed, I thought again of the bikini that Kate had been wearing, and how wonderfully ‘in your face’ it had been. And then I thought of Ethan and Jenna’s reaction. They definitely seem to be getting off on Kate, I thought.

My mind drifted further back – to July – when Kate had brought her close friend Dana for a visit. I remembered their half-naked bodies splashing in the pool…

My cock began to stiffen.

I looked quickly around. Satisfied that I was alone, I reached down, generously soaped myself, and slowly started stroking my slippery shaft, picturing Dana on her knees behind Kate, the strap-on slowly thrusting in and out of Kate’s cunt. My stroking accelerated, and I could feel cum stirring in my balls.

Ummm. I closed my eyes and rapidly jacked van escort myself in the afternoon sun.

Now on the edge of release, I could feel a spasm move like lightening up my cock. I spurted, dripping thick, white drops of semen onto the shower deck. Ahhh, I thought, this is heaven… My toes curled with pleasure.

And then I heard something that sounded like a gasp. Opening my eyes, I thought I saw Jenna disappearing quickly around the corner.

I froze, my hand still gripping my erect cock.

Oooops, I thought, wondering just how much she’d seen.


Stepping quietly through the house with a towel wrapped around my waist, I headed upstairs to dress. Kate was still sound asleep on the couch.

Walking past the kitchen, I could hear a whispered but urgent conversation taking place between Jenna and Ethan. I kept going, not wanting to run into them right now. Hopefully, this will blow over, I thought. After all, I didn’t know Jenna was there…

I walked into the kitchen a few minutes later. They were now standing out on the front deck. Ethan had his arms around Jenna, and she was looking up at him, smiling, her face flushed. They kissed passionately, and Ethan’s hands ran tenderly down Jenna’s ass, squeezing her shapely cheeks.

Good. They’ve moved on to other things.

Rummaging in the liquor cabinet, I realized we were getting low on wine. Shit. I was going to have to drive to the village store.

Grabbing my wallet and keys, I headed out the side door, calling, “Off to get more wine. Back in a bit!”

I walked to the truck, glad at this point to be putting some space between Jenna and myself.

They waved goodbye as I drove off down the driveway. In the rear view mirror, I saw them turn and head back towards to the pool deck.


Thirty minutes later, I was back at the house, wine bottles in hand.

I walked into the kitchen, and found Kate standing there, looking distressed.

“What’s up?” I asked, immediately concerned that Jenna had said something about the shower incident.

Silently taking me by the hand, she led me upstairs to the bedroom. She shut the door, and sat down on the side of the bed. Even upset, she looked stunning.

“We may have a bit of an issue…” she started.

“What?” I asked.

“Well… while you were out, something happened, and I’m soooo sorry,” she continued.

“What?” I repeated. I thought about Jenna and the shower again.

“OK… So I woke up at one point, and then couldn’t get back to sleep. I looked around, and no one was there. The house was completely quiet. I thought you were working outside, and that Jenna and Ethan were still on their walk.”

I nodded.

“After the nap, I was feeling much better, and a bit randy… Ethan and Jenna have fabulous bodies, you know…” she looked at me, smiling sweetly.

“Anyway, you know me… I thought I was alone… and I wasn’t wearing any underwear… so I thought I’d give myself a quick one. I pulled up my skirt, and started doing myself. I came like gangbusters in no time…”

My cock had stiffened with amazing speed as I stood there listening.

“And?” I asked, not sure yet what she was getting at.

“And then I fell back asleep…” She looked dismayed.


“With my skirt still hiked up, my legs apart, cum dripping down my thighs… and my fingers still on my clit.” She stopped, grimacing.

Ah ha.

“And then what?” I asked.

“And then I partly woke up again. I had the feeling that someone was in the room with me. I opened my eyes ever so slightly, and saw Ethan and Jenna standing in the doorway. Looking at me. Really… you know… looking at me.”


“I pretended to still be asleep. I could hear them both breathing hard, and then Jenna whispered ‘Let’s go.’ They tiptoed away back to their room. I lay there for a few minutes, absolutely mortified. And then I started hearing noises…”

Hmmm? I thought.

“I listened really carefully. At first, I thought Jenna was crying or something. I was worried that she was upset by what she’d seen. Then the sounds got louder, and I heard Jenna saying, “Harder! Harder!” Kate looked at me, her pupils large. “And then… I heard what definitely sounded like Ethan moaning.”

They were fucking, I thought.

“They were fucking,” Kate said. “To be honest, I was starting to get really turned on again. Ethan seems to have great stamina…” she added wryly.

“You dirty little bitch,” I joked.

“It doesn’t end there,” Kate continued. “I was listening to their fucking get more and more intense…” she paused, “Jenna really likes talking dirty by the way…”

I blinked in surprise. Jenna?

“And then I heard her come. She basically just screamed. She didn’t seem to be trying to hide anything at all…”

“Huh.” ankara escort I said. My stiff cock was throbbing in my jeans. “They must have really enjoyed seeing you on the couch…”

Strange, I thought, I didn’t think Jenna was into women.

“I guess!” Kate said, suddenly brightening. “A spent, wonton damsel, legs splayed out, sound asleep after frigging herself silly… I’d get off on seeing that too.” She giggled.

I was still standing in front of her as she sat on the bed. She glanced at my bulging crotch. “And obviously… so would you!” she chortled.

She reached out wordlessly, quickly unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down my zipper. My prick sprang out to attention.

“It looks like you’d enjoy it a lot,” she chuckled.

Taking me in her hand, she looked up at me and asked “Fast or slow?”

Thinking of our guests waiting downstairs, I replied hoarsely “Fast, this time.”

“No lube?”

“No,” I breathed.

She squeezed my prick, and then began rapidly pumping it, her hand moving almost in a blur. A faint keening noise began coming from her as she jacked me faster and faster. When I exploded into her hand a minute later, she squealed with pleasure, and then slowly continued milking me.

“There we go,” she murmured, like a mother speaking to a young child. “Much better.”

After we cleaned up, I sat down beside her on the bed and said, “Now let me tell you about what happened in the shower earlier…”


It was late afternoon. We were all back outside, sitting in wicker chairs around the patio table. A bottle of freshly popped Prosecco fizzed quietly nearby.

Looking over at the pool, I realized the sun was going down earlier now. By 7 PM it would be twilight. If we swam this evening, we’d need to turn the pool lights on.

We were all casually chatting, pretending that nothing had happened.

Kate, initially nervous, had relaxed when she realized that Ethan and Jenna had moved on from the incident in the living room. I felt more at ease too, now half-convinced that – just maybe – Jenna hadn’t actually seen anything when I was in the shower.

“So,” Jenna suddenly piped up, looking at Kate. “What was it that attracted you to this guy?” she asked, gesturing towards me.

“Hmmm?” Kate replied.

“Well you’ve known each other for years. What triggered the move to the next level?” Jenna pressed.

Kate paused for a moment, looked at me, and said, “Well… he tells great stories.” My heart lurched. No, I thought, don’t go there…

“Stories?” Jenna pressed.

“Really interesting ones,” Kate responded, looking at me slyly.

“Like what?” Ethan chimed in.

“Well… there was one about Margot that really caught my attention”.

“You told her the ‘Margot’ story?” Ethan blurted out, incredulous. One night, years ago when we’d been blind drunk together, I told Ethan about the threesome I’d had with my first girlfriend. I was regretting that now.

“What Margot story?” Jenna demanded.

I squirmed in my chair, at a loss for words. Kate just sat there, smiling happily, like the cat that ate the canary.

Sensing my discomfort, Ethan scrambled to change the subject. “I’ll tell you later,” he said to Jenna. The tone of his voice clearly said, “Drop it”. He looked at me and shrugged.

Great, I thought. Just great. I knew that once Jenna set her mind on something, she’d pursue it until she got at the truth. Well, at least Ethan’ll have a fun story to tell her in bed tonight, my cock said to me silently.

Kate shifted in her chair, her face slightly flushed and her eyes sparkling with mischief. She glanced over at me. And here we go… her expression seemed to say.

We quickly moved on to other, less risky topics.


After dinner, we headed back out for the final swim of the day. It was getting dark now, and I’d turned on the pool lights. The tall white pines around the pool shimmered with reflected light. It was a beautiful, calm evening, still quite warm for September.

“So… a swim and then a soak in the hot tub?” I asked.

The three of them nodded in agreement.

Kate suddenly piped up, “Do we need to wear our bathing suits?”

Ethan and Jenna both looked at her, surprised.

I jumped in. “Umm, normally Kate and I just skinny dip,” I stammered. “No neighbours around… but don’t feel obliged…”

Ethan’s pupils seemed to have grown in size. Jenna looked uncomfortable, but didn’t immediately demur.

“If you’d like,” Kate said, glancing at Jenna, “we can swim with the lights off. Right?” Kate looked at me.

I nodded, letting Kate run with it.

“It’s just feels so much more – natural – swimming naked,” she said pleadingly.

There was a long pause. “OK…” Jenna responded. “With the lights off…”

Kate quickly stepped over to the control panel, and flipped the switch. The pool, and the trees around it, went dark. It was deep twilight now.

Walking over to the pool, Kate reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress. She quickly pulled it up off over her head and stood, facing the water. Her beautiful bare ass shimmered in the fading light.

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