Date Night

Date Night


Alex chewed his lip as he glared at the anatomy test in front of him. After a grueling week of finals and all night study sessions, this was finally his last test. Freedom was so close he could almost taste it. His leg bounced anxiously as he filled out another set of answers.

Why does there have to be so many damn bones in the skull, Alex thought. Twenty-two seems excessive.

Finally, he turned over the last page of the test and sat staring off into space for a few moments. I’m done, he thought. He grabbed his backpack, placed his completed test on the professor’s desk, and practically ran out of the classroom. Bursting through the doors to the outside, he sucked in a deep breath and sighed in relief. The cool autumn air had never smelled so good.

Oh, thank god it’s finally over, Alex thought, running his hands through his hair. He began making his way across campus, basking in his newfound freedom. It was the end of Alex’s first quarter at college and he was eagerly thinking about how he was going to spend his week off. He was planning on staying with his mom for the week. Most college kids would probably be horrified by the thought of, even temporarily, living with their parents again, but not Alex. After months of living in a cramped apartment and eating off of dollar menus, the thought of his own room and his mom’s home cooked meals sounded like heaven. His daydreams of his mom’s cooking were interrupted when an arm suddenly wrapped around his neck and pulled him into a headlock.

“Hey shrimp, you finally home free?” the arm’s owner asked as she tussled his hair. Alex squirmed out of his captor’s grip and glared at her as he tried to get his hair back in order. Standing nearly a head taller than Alex, something she absolutely loved pointing out, Zoey was unaffected by his anger; she simply wore her usual smug grin. Her tight workout clothes showed off the toned muscles of her body and her dark skin glistened with sweat. Sweat that was now smeared across his face. He wiped it off with a grimace. “Hey, don’t do that. You need all the sweat and exercise you can get, pretty boy.” She laughed and pinched his arm. “Maybe we can work out together this week, put some meat on these bones. You’re never gonna get any girls being so scrawny.”

Alex didn’t know why Zoey enjoyed messing with him so much. The two of them had been paired up as lab partners early in the school year, and Zoey seemed to think it was hilarious how much smaller he was than her. He remembered one particularly embarrassing moment when Zoey had goaded him into an arm wrestling match. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t move her arm an inch. She’d just yawned theatrically before slamming his hand down onto the table to the laughter and cheers of the other students.

“No thanks, Zoey,” Alex grumbled. “I’m spending this week with my mom.” Immediately, he realized his mistake.

“Aww, I didn’t know you were such a mama’s boy, Alex. That’s adorable.” She reached out to grab him again, but he was able to duck out of the way. “Well while you’re hanging out with mommy, know what I’ll be doing?”

Why did he have to open his mouth and give her more ammunition? “I have no idea, Zoey. What will you be doing?” he asked with a heavy sigh. When she got like this, it was best to play along. Attempting to resist just made her push harder, he’d learned.

“I’ve got a hot date tonight,” she said, grinning wolfishly. “Something you wouldn’t be familiar with.” Alex rolled his eyes. “But I’ll be sure to give you all the juicy details when we get back,” Zoey continued, ignoring his impatience. “We both know that’s the closest you’ll get to getting laid yourself.”

She snickered as he blushed and headed off to continue her jog, patting him on the head as she walked past. “Say hi to mommy for me,” she called back to him.

Alex dropped his head into his hands wondering what he’d done to make Zoey hound him the way she did. Eventually he decided it wasn’t worth thinking about and continued his trip back to his dorm.

After packing up the few belongings he would need for his week off, he started the drive to his mom’s house. Fortunately the drive wasn’t too long, as Alex felt himself almost nodding off behind the wheel. When he finally pulled into the driveway of his old childhood, he wanted to weep for joy.

This early on a weekday, his mom would still be at work, so Alex let himself in. He trudged up the stairs to his old bedroom and, without even bothering to take his shoes off, collapsed on the bed. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


Alex woke a few hours later. The first thing he noticed was that someone had pulled a blanket over him and taken his shoes off. He got out of bed, rubbing his bleary eyes, and headed downstairs. He found his mom sitting in the living room. She was flipping through TV channels with a bored look on her face, but when she heard him on the stairs, she turned and her face brightened into a smile.

Despite being in her mid-forties, his mother, Jessica, was still beautiful. When he was younger, Kartal Anal Escort Alex’s friends would tease him about how hot his mom was, and Alex grudgingly had to admit they were right. His mom was smoking hot. Her long, chestnut brown hair framed a lovely, mature face that only showed the slightest hints of middle-age. She had bright blue eyes and a beaming smile that revealed the cute dimples in her cheeks. She was tall, even slightly taller than her son, and the tight blouse and skirt she wore showed off the generous curves of her statuesque body.

“Oh baby, it’s so good to see you,” Jessica said, as she pulled him into a tight hug.

“I’m glad to see you, too, mom,” Alex said, returning her hug. “It’s good to finally be done with school for a while.”

“I’ll bet. You were sleeping like the dead when I came home,” Jessica laughed. “Now come on, tell me what you’ve been up to.” Releasing him from the hug, she sat him down on the couch and turned off the TV, giving him her full attention.

Alex sighed and leaned back onto the couch. “I don’t know what to tell you, mom. It’s nothing that exciting. A lot of lectures and lots of long nights studying.”

“Oh, come on, hon. You’re in college!” Jessica said. “You’ve got to be doing something fun. Any crazy parties? Underage drinking?” She gasped scandalously. “Premarital sex?”

His face turned beet red. “Mom!”

Jessica laughed. “What? You gotta have fun while you can and trust me, that’s some of the most fun you can have.”

“Can we please not talk about this?” Alex begged.

“What’s the big deal, honey? It’s just sex. Everyone does it.” She grinned mischievously. “You know I had sex or else you wouldn’t be here.”

Alex clamped his hands over his ears. “No, you didn’t; I was brought by the stork. Can we please, please, please, stop talking about this?” He couldn’t believe his mom was being so shameless about this.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop embarrassing you,” his mom said, giggling.

Alex put his hands down and sighed. “Thank you. And to answer your question: no, I haven’t been doing any of that stuff. I guess I’m one of the boring kids.”

His mom playfully swatted his arm. “You’re not boring. You just need to come out of your shell a bit,” she said.

“You’re my mom, you have to say that,” he said.

Jessica leaned over at put a hand on his leg, soft and reassuring. “Really, sweetie. I know your grades are important and I’m glad you’re taking school seriously, but you have to live a little, too. I want you to be happy.”

Looking into his mom’s kind blue eyes, Alex saw a slight sadness there that he had never noticed before. His parents had gotten divorced a few years back, and his mom had taken it pretty hard. Then Alex had left for college and she’d been all alone in the house. He felt a pang of guilt go through him. She was probably lonely.

He pulled her into a hug, which she gratefully returned. “I know you do, mom. I love you.”

She squeezed him tight. “I love you, too, baby.”

They pulled back and smiled at each other. “So what do you want to do tonight?” Alex asked.

His mom winced. “I’m sorry, honey, but I already have plans tonight. I have a date.”

“Oh,” he said, a little surprised at how disappointed he felt. Crap. Zoey might be right; I am a mama’s boy.

“Are you okay? I can cancel if you want,” she said softly.

“No, no, no, you go ahead,” Alex said quickly. The last thing he wanted was to see her sad. “I’ll be fine by myself. I’ll just go see a movie or something, you go and have fun” he reassured her. “I want you to be happy, too, mom.”

“Thanks, hon.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Well, there’s still a few hours before I go. Want me to make you some lunch?”

Alex smiled. “Mom, you have no idea how good that sounds.”


Jessica had headed upstairs to shower and get dressed for her date. Alex was lounging on the couch, flipping through pages on his phone when the doorbell rang.

“Can you get that, hon?” Jessica called from upstairs. “I still need a few minutes.”

“Sure, mom,” Alex said. He rolled off the couch with a grimace. He had been hoping his mom would be ready in time to greet her date herself. Making awkward small talk with the guy going out with his mom was not something he was looking forward to. But when he opened the front door, it wasn’t a guy on the other side. It was the last person he would’ve expected.

It was Zoey.

Alex almost didn’t recognize her without her usual sporty clothes on. She was wearing a brown leather jacket over a white dress shirt and a pair of dark jeans that hugged her toned legs. Her shoulder length hair was out of it’s usual ponytail and was combed neatly to frame her face.

“Hey, baby. You ready to goooo….” She trailed off as she recognized him, her jaw dropping. For a moment, they both just started at each other in stunned silence. Zoey was the one who caught on first. “Holy shit,” she said, as she held a hand to her mouth to try and suppress a sudden fit of giggles. Kartal Yaşlı Escort It took a few more seconds for Alex’s brain to reboot, but when it did his face flushed scarlet.

Zoey was his mom’s date.

Zoey wiped a tear from her eye as she recovered from her laughter. “Well, this is probably the last place you expected to see me. Huh, Alex?” she said as she leaned against the doorframe and grinned down at him. Alex wanted to slam the door in her face. Just slam the door and tell his mom the person at the door had the wrong house. His mom would feel bad about being stood up, but he could fix that. They would stay up late watching movies and eating ice cream, like they had when he was a kid, and they would forget all about this awkward moment. Before he could act on this impulse, his mom came down the stairs.

Jessica was wearing a black dress that showed off her generous curves and had her chestnut hair pinned up, revealing the sparkling rings in her ears. Her makeup accentuated her high cheekbones and the fullness of her lips.

“Wow, you look gorgeous,” Zoey said.

Jessica beamed. “Thank you. You look pretty good yourself,” she said. Alex attempted to say something, to implore his mom not to go, but he couldn’t get his mouth to from the words. Jessica planted a quick kiss on his cheek and breezed past him. “Bye, honey. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

Zoey offered her arm and Jessica took it. As she led his mother off the porch, Zoey looked back over her shoulder and winked at Alex.

Alex was left standing in the open doorway, staring after them as they walked away, wondering what the hell had just happened.


This was Jessica’s first date in nearly a year and her first date ever with another woman, and she was starting to wonder if it had been a mistake. This girl had to have been half her age, probably around the same age as her son. They had met in a bar a few days earlier and she was immediately attracted to Zoey and her cool, easy confidence.

But as their date went along, Jessica’s worries were assuaged. Zoey was kind and charming. It had been a long time since Jessica had felt so comfortable on a date and felt such a connection with the other person. Probably not since Jessica had been Zoey’s age. They ate dinner all the while flirting constantly with each other.

“Well I hope you had fun tonight. I know I did,” Zoey said, as she led Jessica back up to the front porch of her house.

“It was wonderful, but who says the night has to end here?” Jessica said, with a small, somewhat nervous smile. “Would you like to come in?” Zoey grinned and gestured for Jessica to lead the way.

The house was dark. Jessica had noticed Alex’s car wasn’t in the driveway and knew she and Zoey would have the house to themselves. “Make yourself comfortable; I just need to go freshen up a bit,” she told Zoey. She closed herself in the bathroom and turned on the faucet in the hopes it would prevent Zoey from hearing her. She looked into the mirror and took a few slow, deep breaths to try and steady her nerves. “Come on, girl, you can do this,” she said to her reflection. “Stop acting like some jittery schoolgirl. You’ve done this before.”

Jessica unpinned her hair, letting the chestnut waves fall around her shoulders. Planting her hands on her hips, she turned sideways and struck a sultry pose in order to admire her own voluptuous profile in the mirror. She drew her hands up her sides to heft up her breasts. They were more than a handful, and even in her mid-forties, they still sat high and firm on her chest. Her big girls had always gotten her plenty of attention from both men and women alike. They’d been working their magic earlier tonight, as Jessica had noticed Zoey sneaking a few peeks at dinner. Her hands slid down to her waist; her tummy wasn’t quite as tight as she would’ve liked (a few too many late nights eating ice cream), but her wide hips still gave her a lovely hourglass figure. Turning slightly, she looked over her shoulder at her plump bottom which led down to a pair of thick thighs and long, smooth legs.

“You still look damn good, girl,” she said with a smirk as she gave herself a playful little smack on the ass. She broke into a fit of giggles. There, see? Happy and confident; nothing to be worried about. Her little impromptu pep talk having done it’s job, she went out to rejoin Zoey.

Taking Jessica’s invitation, Zoey was lounging on the couch. Hearing Jessica’s approach, she looked over her shoulder and, with a little smirk, patted the seat next to her. Jessica sat down, but when she opened her mouth to speak, Zoey interrupted her. “Can I be blunt here, Jessica?” she asked.

“Of course,” Jessica said, caught a little off guard.

“I had a lot of fun tonight, but let’s be honest, you didn’t go into that bar last week looking for just a dinner date.” Zoey scooched a bit closer and draped a long arm across Jessica’s shoulders. “And you didn’t invite me in to just chat some more.” As Zoey stared at her with those piercing hazel eyes and cocky Kartal Zenci Escort smirk, Jessica felt her newfound confidence starting to shrivel. She swallowed nervously.

“Well, actually, I uh…” Zoey interrupted her again, this time by grasping the back of her head and pressing her lips to Jessica’s.

Jessica squeaked in surprise, but Zoey’s hand held her firmly in place. She felt Zoey’s tongue press against her lips and immediately opened her mouth to the kiss. Jessica closed her eyes and completely melted into the kiss as she felt Zoey’s tongue begin to play with her own. She moaned softly and Zoey chuckled. Jessica was putty in her hands and Zoey knew it all too well. They broke apart with a gasp. Zoey licked her lips. “That wine you had with dinner tastes pretty good,” she said with a wink.

Then it was her turn to be surprised when Jessica slammed their lips back together. She recovered quickly and pulled Jessica in tight against her. Their groans grew louder as their tongues danced and their hands began to explore each others bodies. Jessica’s mind was quickly fogging over with lust. It had been so long since she’d been kissed like this. And she wanted more.

Zoey leaned back on the couch, pulling Jessica down on top of her. The hand that was holding Jessica’s head trailed down and began pulling the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Jessica pulled back from the kiss, both of them gasping for breath. A thin strand of saliva still connected their lips. Jessica flicked out her tongue and drew it into her mouth, letting out a throaty purr. Seeing the lust in Zoey’s eyes grow made her shiver.

Jessica sat up, straddling Zoey’s waist, and began to slip her arms out of her dress. Zoey’s hands slid down her sides to grip her waist as she watched with rapt attention as Jessica’s enormous breasts were finally freed. Zoey just stared in silence, like a deer in the headlights. Jessica swallowed nervously, “Well, what do you thi-“, she was interrupted by Zoey lunging forward and catching a nipple in her mouth. Jessica’s yelp of surprise quickly turned into a gasp of pleasure as Zoey began to worship her breasts.

“I guess that means you like them,” Jessica laughed.

Zoey pulled her head back and let the nipple drop from her mouth with a loud pop, loving the way the big tit bounced back. “Oh god, I love them,” she gasped. “I love big titties and these are the biggest, most perfect titties I’ve ever seen.” She pulled Jessica in close and pressed her face between the bountiful breasts. Jessica shrieked with laughter and shook her chest back and forth, bouncing her breasts against Zoey’s face, who moaned in pure happiness.

After a few minutes of motorboating, Zoey came up for air and went back to feasting on the ripe tits. Jessica cooed in delight as Zoey’s clever tongue played with her nipple. She arched her back, pressing her chest more firmly into Zoey’s massaging hands; the soft flesh of her tits being too much even for Zoey’s long-fingered hands to contain. As much as Jessica was loving the titty worship, she thought it was Zoey’s turn to get some loving.

She somewhat reluctantly pulled her breast free of Zoey’s hungry mouth. The younger woman let out a little whine. “I was having fun with those,” she said, pouting like a kid who’d just had her favorite toy taken away.

“I know you were and I promise you’ll get them back, but don’t you think you’re a little overdressed?” Jessica asked with a naughty smile. Zoey’s usual smirk returned and she began to unbutton her shirt. Jessica caught her hands. “Let me,” she said.

“Anything you want, baby,” Zoey chuckled. She laid back on the couch, striking a pose like the heroine on the cover of a cheesy romance novel. “Ravish me,” she said in a breathy whisper.

Jessica snorted. “Dork. You’re lucky you’re so sexy.” Zoey laughed, but quickly quieted down, biting her lip in anticipation, as Jessica began undressing her.

Jessica leaned down and started placing soft kisses along Zoey’s neck. She moved down as more buttons came undone and more of Zoey’s smooth caramel skin was exposed until she reached the younger woman’s covered breasts. Jessica reached around to unclap Zoey’s bra, all the while leaving kissing softly along the tops her chest. When the bra came free, she pulled it off and tossed it away, and sat back to admire Zoey’s modest breasts. “They’re not nearly as big as yours,” Zoey said, pouting softly. Jessica swooped down and caught a nipple between her lips, relishing Zoey’s gasp of surprise.

Jessica started kissing all around Zoey’s tits, leaving no inch of them unloved. She spent several minutes softly kneading them and bouncing them in her palms. “These are fun. No wonder everyone’s so eager to get my shirt off.” Reluctantly she moved on, kissing down to Zoey’s toned belly. “Oh, wow,” Jessica said in a shaky voice, as she caressed the firm abdominal muscles. The boobs had certainly been fun, but muscles had always been Jessica’s weakness. As she planted soft kisses all along the hard abs, her hands frantically worked at Zoey’s belt. Distracted as she was by the gorgeous muscles in front of her, it took her several seconds to unfasten it. When she finally got it open, Zoey lifted her butt up off the couch and Jessica yanked her jeans and underwear down. This was the part she’d been looking forward to all night.

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