Darla Ch. 03

Darla Ch. 03

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After Darla went to bed that first night, I was horny as hell. I made my way to my bedroom and jerked off contentedly to the image of my naked former daughter-in-law. As I played with myself, in the quiet of the house I could just discern the sound of Darla’s own moans. The enormity of the situation fell upon me like a summer cloudburst. Now that I knew that Darla had a passion for me that was equal to mine for her, I realized that I had a duty and an almost sacred responsibility to progress slowly and with supreme gentility.

Apart from the age difference, there was the issue of Darla’s history of bad relationships. If I made a hash of this situation, Darla would come to despise me and her life would be more of a muddle than it currently was. I did not want to be just another toxic guy who seeped between her thighs and moved on after using her. I was not naive enough to believe that Darla would ultimately end up with me. Our history was such that I could never fully move from the paternal role to one of romantic lover and peer. What I COULD give Darla however, was the best love she had ever experienced. A mature relationship that valued her and showed her what a real man could provide.

I could foresee a day not to far distant, where I introduced Darla to men carefully selected for her. They would be a few years to a decade older than her and they would all be well established, sober, yet adventurous men. I would be handing her off to a new, fulfilling life. The memory of the sex that the two of us shared lingering in our memories like rare incense, to be recalled with joy. It was not beyond the realm of possibility that for the rest of my life, Darla would return to me to recharge her batteries, so to speak.

Our next morning’s breakfast was quiet as an awkward silence hung between us until I admitted,

“Darla, I have to confess, that last night after you went to bed I played with myself while thinking about you.”

Darla, grinned and said, “I did the same thing, Daddy. I could not help but envision myself in your big strong arms,”

We stared intently at each other, a mountain of words unsaid. At last I mustered,

“We have to go slowly, Darla.Everything should be perfect before we actually sleep together. We can not let our patience lapse.”

Darla. closed her beautiful eyes, thought a moment and replied,

“I quite agree, Daddy. In the past, I have slept with guys too early on. For the first time in my life, I want to build up to the big event. I had to get away from the noise and distractions of the world to finally realize that. I had just begun dating about the time you and mom broke up. Last night the words of advice you gave me then replayed itself in my mind. Do you remember what you said?”

“If I recall correctly, ” I replied, “it was something along the lines of ‘make sure a man has value as a human being before you sleep with him.’ I probably followed that with things any father would say, don’t submit to a pretty face or his pressure.”

Darla beamed from ear to ear, “Almost word for word, Daddy! And me, fool that I was, slept with four guys in quick succession and then complained when I heard people call me ‘easy’ behind my back.”

Darla’s expression then turned and tears filled her eyes.

“Oh, Daddy, I don’t deserve you! You are too good and too kind and too loving for a little whore like me.”

“Darla! I will not have you talk like that! That Darla is DEAD. That Darla was not permitted entry into this house. You are the furthest thing from a whore. You just need a fallow season. A time of renewal and rebirth. I will provide that for you. When you are ready to reenter the world you will be a new woman in every sense,”

Darla stood, crossed the floor, and embraced me. After a long passionate kiss she said, “Daddy, I want you so desperately, but I also want to wait with the same intensity. It is all so confusing.”

“I want you too, Darla, but this is one relationship neither of us should rush into. We can either have a brief streak of lightning or we can build to an intense steady flame that warms us in ways we can not imagine. I for one want the slow steady flame.”

“I want that, too, Daddy,” said Darla as she kissed me once more and pulled away from me.

She indicated her nudity she said mischievously, “Then I’d better work on earning some clothes, for BOTH our sakes!”

With that, we shared a laugh and finished breakfast.

Darla was as good as her word. She absorbed her lessons, with rapt attention and applied herself to her studies with an intensity that warmed my heart. I could tell that Darla understood this was her last chance and she was not about to fritter it away. For the first time in a long time, she was using her intellect and reveling at discovering how to use it. In most cases, all I had to do was point her in the right direction and she would sail out on her own, a brave little sailor, undaunted by any weather.

In no time her wardrobe expanded. The clothing I bought her, or rather, she earned, Uzun porno was both practical yet sexy. Silks and satins, cotton and muslins and lots of pairs of nylon stockings. Under ever dress or skirt, I required her to wear stockings and garter belt to emphasize her femininity.

“You have to be transformed inside, Darla, as well as outside. It is very important that you no longer see yourself as you were. The stockings and garter are a visible and emotional symbol to yourself, and, yes me, that you are not the immature, promiscuous girl you were, but are a new creature. An older, more mature woman. The old Darla was a bit careless with her fashions. Just as you are improving your mind, you are also gaining a better fashion sense. In a real way Darla, you are wearing the uniform of the person you want to be. Trust me you will grow to adore your new uniform.” I paused a moment and told her most sincerely, “You are pretty enough to be a model, Darla, you should dress like one.”

Together, we absorbed one Great Courses unit after great another on video. We talked about what we learned that was deeper than a simple professor-student relationship. Despite the overwhelming temptation to make out during class time, I fought the urge and remained professional, The sexual tension was thick and heady, however. To ease it a bit, Darla and I allowed ourselves daily ninety minutes make out sessions. We had firm ground rules, We had to remain fully dressed and upright. I hadn’t made out like that since I was a teenager and Darla had almost never experienced a make out session that did not end with her either horizontal or straddling some guy. The experience was a joy for both of us, Having curbs on the highway gave us both freedom to explore and love each other in an unhurried easy way. We knew where we were heading, but there was no reason to drive the car faster than a gentle sightseeing pace. The only word to describe it was scrumptious.

Some things simply floored both of us. Despite Darla being Bonnie’s daughter and having no connection to my genes, we both liked many of the same things. Our taste in cinema and literature were surprisingly in sync. She seemed to have a good grasp of how I had earned my living. I even taught her a bit of computer coding, at her request, so that she would get a better sense of who I was. She seemed to have an aptitude for it, but lacked the passion a career in coding required. To demonstrate what she had learned, she secretly created a screen saver and loaded it on my computer. I sat down one day to discover that month’s calendar appear only to fade out and be replaced with a naked picture of Darla with censor bars in the form of ribbons about her loins and breasts with the phrase, “Don’t open until…” I was so proud I could have burst.

About several months of intense work, she had performed so well on her classwork that I sent a letter to my alma mater requesting her admission. Along with her test results and progress reports was a massive check that was sure to get noticed. Unstated, but obvious in my missive was the implication that a matching check would materialize the day Darla graduated. Even with my wealth, however, there was only so much I could do. Darla had been such a terrible student at her old schools and had also been such a distraction, that my university was leery of admitting Darla to campus until she had demonstrated that she was capable of the work. Before she would be allowed to physically set foot on campus she had to excel at a full boat of telecourses. At first, I was upset, but Darla explained that it was the best deal she was likely to get. She was just grateful for the second chance. A new little fire of intensity crept into her eyes that I really liked.

To celebrate, I decided to take Darla out to the finest restaurant in town the next week. It would be our coming out party. Aside from a few jaunts around town to stores and the mall, this was the first time we would be out in public as a couple. We decided to go all out. I bought Darla an obscenely expensive dress, with the sexiest undergarments money could buy. I even splurged for Darla to get her hair and nails done. She looked smashing. I wore my best suit. She took my arm and I walked her to the car. Her long, shapely legs looked fantastic in her sheer black stockings as she slid into the seat. Like a gentleman, I hid my stiffy, gently closed her door, and made my way to the driver’s seat.

The eyes of every man in the place focused on Darla once she entered the restaurant. Darla realized that she was the center of attention, but she only had eyes for me. I was curious as to how we were perceived. Darla did not in any way appear to be a lady-of-the-evening. Yet there was no family resemblance between us so it was not obvious that we were father and daughter. I ignored the rude stares of the other patrons and focused upon Darla. At one point, a drink arrived at the table for Darla. She gazed towards the bar. A handsome college boy wore a hopeful smile. Darla raised her glass towards Öğrenci porno him but shook her head when he made a move to step towards our table. His crestfallen expression was priceless. Under ordinary circumstances; the young man was just the type Darla gravitated towards in the past. He had an athletic build, I pegged him as a lacrosse or Rugby player. That she had turned him down in favor of me, said a great deal about Darla, and about our relationship. I felt Darla’s nylon clad toe, tenderly brush the leg of my trousers and was harder than at any previous point in my life. The evening passed as, perhaps the most pleasant of our lives.

On the way home, we started necking in the parking lot. Darla was so beautiful and felt so incredible in my arms that I wanted to throw her across the back seat and take her right there. Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of myself and drive home. I was drunk behind the wheel, but not from alcohol. I drove home slowly to savor the feeling and to stare at Darla. “I love you, Daddy! You are the only man for me! Oh God, are you good for me” her words were the sweetest music I had ever heard.

No sooner were we home, the front door closing behind us and Darla was on the floor, fishing my erect rod out of my suddenly tiny underpants. I can not even describe how wonderful her succulent pink lips felt around my shaft. The bodice to her dress shifted and her spectacular breasts came into view. I saw her nipples pucker and felt like I had entered heaven without the interim step of dying. I wanted Darla and she wanted me. But suddenly I realized that this was not the right time or place. We already knew how we felt about each other, was a night on the town and dinner really the right preliminary to our intimacy? With a sudden realization, I knew that it was not. As if by telepathy Darla seemed to read my thoughts She stopped her wonderful gifting of her tongue on my shaft and pulled her dress back over her tits.

“Darla this is NOT the right time I said softly.”

Darla gazed up at me with her huge teary eyes, “Oh Daddy, I hate to agree, but you are right. I want you but most of all I want the right time for BOTH of us. We have time to build up to things.” After a moment, Darla’s face lit up. “New Year’s, Daddy, let’s go away for the Holiday and then give ourselves the best gift possible when the new year falls. I have to focus on my studies. I have to earn the life you promise, Daddy. The time has to be right.”

I swept her up in my arms and we both wept tears of joy. We had found each other after so long. The joy and the anticipation hit us as it never had before. We kissed deeply for a very long time. These were not the kisses of simple romance, I realized in a way I had not before, that I was head over heels in love. Darla was right, we needed just the right place and just the right time. That night we shared the same bed for the first time. Nothing happened. Darla wore one of my sweatshirts and a pair of my track pants. We just had to be close to each other. To see the dawn as a couple. Just to spend the night knowing that the person we loved most in all the world was lying next to us. In all honesty, in some ways it was better than sex.

With the dawn, we now knew what our future would be. It really was like planning for and anticipating a honeymoon. I asked Darla if she had any place in particular in mind. She got that beautiful far away look in her eyes and said, “Daddy, you are so good at making decisions, surprise me.” After a moment she got a mischievous glimmer in her eyes and said, “There IS one thing you can do, Daddy, let me have your credit card so I can order something very special for when you unwrap me on New Year’s Eve” I didn’t even have to think about my answer to that request.

Things were going swimmingly. Darla still had some time before her classes began so we studied, picked each other’s brains and enjoyed each other’s company. And then Bonnie, my ex-wife tracked Darla down. Somehow, she obtained my cell phone number.She was madder than a wet hornet, accusing me of “stealing” her daughter and “corrupting” her away from the wonderful mother Darla had. Even though Darla was an adult, Bonnie could have made trouble for us. I had to produce Darla and demonstrate that I was not up to some nefarious purpose or the two of us would never be rid of her. Darla and I agreed to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Bonnie’s house. Both of us were dreading the encounter, however, Bonnie and Darla NEEDED to face each other. My step-daughter had to give my ex-wife the big kiss off.

I helped Darla come to grips with the emotional baggage Bonnie had saddled her with. My ex-wife had trampled over my heart as well. In some respects, we were comrades in arms in a battle that left deep scars. We talked a lot, she cried a lot, and I comforted her as much as possible. For the occasion, I bought Darla a simple dress from a department store. For the first time since living under my roof, Dara would not be wearing stockings and garter under it. When the Holiday arrived, Darla, and I were as ready as we would ever be.

I rented a down market coupe for the day. If Bonnie had any inkling of how much money I now possessed, she would burrow into my life like a tick or a burr under a saddle. We had to get in. get out and wash the day from our memory. That was the plan anyway.

As we pulled up in front of the house I used to own. I could tell that things were not well. The lawn was a mess, dead grass and mounds of leaves that had not been raked. The recycle bin was overflowing with beer and vodka bottles. The house needed a paint job, probably a new roof, and a lot of little touches. It was obvious that the duties I had performed when married to Bonnie had gone undone for quite some time.

Bonnie greeted us at the door with a sauced smile. Her tight blue dress was no appropriate for a woman in her middle forties. There was quite a lot of exposed leg and decolletage. I noted, hating myself, that Bonnie still had fantastic legs and fine tits, but time was running out for her. She would not be able to attract young guys at all in only a few more years. My ex-wife was wearing too much makeup and cheap jewelry. Her nose was just beginning to wear the redness of alcoholism. Her eyes still sparkled but not with the luster I remembered. Bonnie welcomed us in and introduced us to Matt, her current boy toy. Matt looked only a few years older than Darla. I DETESTED the way he looked at my step-daughter.

To be sociable, Darla followed her mother into the kitchen to help set the table and prepare the meal. I sat as far away from Matt as possible, and the two of us watched football. We talked, after a fashion, Matt was monosyllabic at best. It was not long before the sound of elevated voices could be heard emanating from the kitchen. I got up and prepared to be the referee, a chore I had had to perform between Bonnie and Darla far more often than wanted to recall. Matt remained seated, an inert lump.

“I’m not living here, MOTHER because it is not healthy for me. Whatever you are, whoever you are, you were never my mother. Daddy cares about ME, MOTHER not booze and young guy’s cocks.!”

Bonnie turned to face Darla and spat, “He’s poisoning you against me. He was never any good.”

“That’s not true, Daddy LOVES me!”

“Daddy? He’s NOT your father, Darla.”

I never felt so good as when the next word issued from Darla’s lips. “Yes he Is, MOTHER, he most certainly is!” I wanted to kiss her. Instead, I got them to agree to bury the hatchet for the sake of dinner.

As diplomatically as possible, I lied to Bonnie and told her that I had no designs on her daughter and that I was merely interested in seeing her get back on her feet again. I’m not sure she entirely believed me, but the actual truth was so alien to her consciousness, that Bonnie never suspected what was really going on.

A short time later we all sat down to dinner. Bonnie, despite her many faults, was always a world class cook. The way Matt inhaled his turkey, I concluded he was probably as equally interested in Bonnie’s culinary skills as he was her pussy. “It all down hill from this guy.” I thought to myself before I focused on more ennobling things. Darla was on her best behavior, I was as well. Darla and Bonnie remained civil throughout the course of the meal, although the effort obviously tore at both of them. With agonizing slowness, the hands of the clock crept to the point where the two of us could excuse ourselves and not simply be rude dashers.

The sight of my old house in the rear view mirror was as pleasing as the gates of Valhalla. As we rounded the corner, Darla confided to me that on one of her trips to the bathroom, Matt had cornered her and made a rather inelegant pass. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her.

“You know why, Daddy. If I had said something mother would have accused me of trying to seduce her boyfriend, of “leading him on.” I could not stand to hear her call me a tramp again.” And with that she teared up and I tried to find some soothing music on the car’s radio. Once we had gotten a few miles away, I reflected that, had I not intervened, Darla could have easily become Bonnie in twenty years, seeking the love she never had, a string of meaningless affairs, and drugs or booze to numb the pain. I shuddered at the thought I might have turned Darla away.

When we got home we both felt like we needed a shower. So that is just what we did. Together! It was the first time I was completely naked in front of Darla. I was self-conscious about my middle-aged body, but my step-daughter did not even bat an eye. What, under other circumstances, would have been an erotic experience was anything but. Neither Darla nor I, after dealing with Bonnie, were in anything like a mood for love. Wrapped in towels we had a gripe session about my ex-wife. Both of us let off a great deal of steam. Perhaps intimacy would have flared up between us then, but we both considered the promise of the New Year. Bonnie had to be a million miles from both our minds when we made love and that sure as hell was not the case at present, so we both got ready for bed. For only the second time since Darla had moved in, I did not jerk off to her image before I drifted off to slumber.

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