Dark Red Rope Ch. 02

Dark Red Rope Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Getting Ready

I relax as I climb the short steps to the door, letting a week’s worth of stress float away as I twist the key and step across the threshold. The moment the door swings shut my mind is once again flooded with possibilities. How many days ago was it when I showed you those non-pierced nipple rings I wanted? I count back in my head and decided it’s been about a week or so, enough time if the shipping had been fast. Or maybe it was somehow connected to your jacket, still draped over my shoulders. And of course it could always be a new toy!

I rush to the bedroom, tossing my keys onto the counter and leaving my bag on the floor in the entryway. I attain the bedroom door only to be stopped by a small piece of bright white paper taped to the front.

“Take off everything but my jacket and send me a picture. Then you may open the door.”

I practically rip my clothes off in my hurry. A quick picture later, my hand reaches out to grasp the doorknob. I twist, excitement flooding through me. And, nothing. It’s locked. I run back to the kitchen for the key, my heart racing by the time I finally manage to open the door. Flicking the light on, I squeal in delight at the lace panties and choker sitting on the bed. They’re matching, dark burgundy fabric decorated with black lace accents. I pick up the choker first, admiring Kurtköy Esmer Escort the intricate lace work, and notice another note tucked underneath it.

“I hope you like your gift, sweetheart, especially since it’s all you’re allowed to wear for the rest of the weekend.”

I shrug your jacket off my shoulders, securing the choker around my neck before picking up my new panties. Upon closer inspection, I realize they are even smaller than they looked, and that instead of cloth they boast a string of pearls to connect the front piece to the back. Sliding them on, I realize that the pearls aren’t meant to cover my folds, but sit between them. They’re cold at first, but the heat from my pussy warms them. An experimental wiggle confirms my suspicions as the pearls slide against me, sending tiny waves of tingling heat up my spine.

All dressed, I turn to head back to the kitchen for my computer and a snack when I notice another note taped to the back of the door.

“Wear these for me too.”

Taped underneath the words is a small bag containing a pair of metal flowers. The nipple rings I wanted!

I’m already so turned on it’s easy to slide the rings onto my hard nipples. Once they’re secure, all I feel is a small pinching sensation and I hope it will be enough to keep my nipples standing at attention Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort for you the entire weekend. With a smile on my face, I clean up the clothes still lying in a heap by the door before settling myself on a dining room stool to wait.

The moment I hear your key in the lock I jump up and bolt for the door. Luckily I remember said door is open, meaning anyone outside would be able to see me, and dart back into the kitchen at the last second.

“Kitten? I’m home!” You call from the entryway, closing the door with a loud thud. The moment the door swings shut, I shoot out of the kitchen, stopping in front of you with my hands clasped over my stomach, giving you a perfect view.

“There’s my girl. Come here!”

You stride towards me and I jump into your arms. Pulling me against you, you slide one hand down to give my ass a firm squeeze and a light smack before leaning down and planting a long kiss on my lips. Your lips are cold, but this last evidence of the frigid autumn air fades as you press them against mine. Breaking away, I cuddle up against you, enjoying the feeling of your hand as you run it through my hair, stroking softly.

“I see you followed my instructions, baby. Are you excited to wear this,” you pause for a second, appraising me, “I suppose it’s almost an outfit, for the Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort rest of the weekend?”

I nod eagerly as you slide one hand down my stomach, pushing the pearls aside to gentle caress my folds.

“Oh, I think you’re really excited.” You purr, your hand sliding through my wetness. “Such a good slut, already wet and ready for me. Now, why don’t you go and get what’s in the top drawer of my nightstand while I get comfortable.”

I help you settle onto the couch before running off to the bedroom. I make sure to let my hips sway as much as possible, giving you a good view. The moment I open the drawer I gasp in delight. Grabbing the contents—a large, glossy book and several bundles of dark, burgundy rope—I rush back to you. Setting them down on the coffee table in front of you, I make sure to bend from the waist, maybe a tad lower than necessary, to give you a good view of my ass, completely on display in the barely-there panties. Before I’m fully upright, you reach out and wrap an arm around my hips, pulling me down next to you. In the same movement you manage to grab the book off the table, thumbing it open with one hand.

“You don’t mind if we cuddle for a bit while I decide how I’m going to tie you up, do you?”

I let out a small whimper, looking up at you with pleading eyes. I’ve been waiting all day and of course I mind. Seeing the look in my eyes, you chuckle and pull me in closer.

“Aww, poor baby. I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day, haven’t you?”

“Yes sir.” I nod earnestly.

“Here,” you angle the book so that we can both see it clearly, “why don’t you help me decide?”

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