Dancing for a Special Audience

Dancing for a Special Audience


We are in a semi-crowded club and I have the opportunity to put on a show just for you. My hair is laying softly down my back as you like it, my skin is nicely sun-kissed, my thighs are strong, and my navel pin and property tag are clearly visible against my elongated midsection and trim abs. My sperm-filled pendant rests delicately at the base of my throat, seeming like a natural set with my property tag. My nipples are hard, the color of caramel, drawing attention progressively down my body. My lips are wet with deep red lipstick. I’m wearing 5″ black satin strappy heels with a hint of silver and sparkle, outdone only by the glitter highlighting my eyes and the natural gleam in my eyes from being able to please my man. I have nothing else on.

The pole off to the side of the room isn’t generally intended for dancing, but that’s its only purpose tonight. My thighs are wrapped around it, crossed at the ankle, right leg higher than the left. As the music begins slowly, patiently, with a hint of the energy to come, my shoulders come alive. I sway up to the pole, then dip away, caressing the pole with my hand as if it were your gorgeous dick. My eyes are closed, my tongue wets my lips, and the vibe of the music is accented by the rise and fall of my breasts, my shoulders, my hips and my abs as they tease the pole and dip away.

The music picks up, my right leg is on the floor, and my left remains wrapped on the Betturkey pole. I bend backwards and my left knee rises on the pole, showing you your wet pussy. I return to standing, the music is up, and the dancing begins. Both legs on the floor, spread wide, I bend at the hips, ass against the pole and my flat back begging you to drink to rest on her. I rise again, turn into the pole, wrapped like a snake from ankles to shoulders. I wet my lips with my tongue, touch a finger to your wet pussy, and use my deep red lips to clean every drop of wet. Your pussy is dripping down the pole, clearly marking where she’s been and how wet you make her, marking for all to see. My ass pops from side to side, showing the shape and curves you so enjoy. She shimmies for you and for anyone else who dares to watch. The music overcomes me, and I grab the pole with both hands, swinging around it twice and coming to a restful pause with both ankles locked around it, bracing my body as it gently sways to the pole and dips away, my back bent over, arms outstretched over my head to the ground. I pull my body back up, remaining connected to the pole.

My hands caress the pole, gently gliding up and down, making your pussy wetter and wetter, wishing the pole were daddy’s dick. I unwrap my ankles and stand in front of the pole, my ass kissing the pole and my eyes searching the crowd for a good dick to suck. You point Betturkey Giriş one out; I coax him up. Still bent at the hips, ass kissing the pole, legs spread wide, lips deep red, and pussy still dripping, I ask him if he would help me please my daddy by allowing me to suck his dick. He is kind enough to help me out and I suck his dick for a few moments, cradling his balls, licking from base to tip, dancing my tongue around the tip of his dick. I feel his dick growing in my mouth, and I give it a final suck, a gentle lick goodbye.

I stand thoughtfully, my finger in my mouth, scanning the room for another good dick to suck. I take a few sips of a drink, return to the pole, and climb a chair to get even higher on the pole. I wrap my ankles and thighs tightly, sway my upper body to the music, and caress my ass, just to make sure it’s still there. I caress my breasts, play with my nipples and stroke my thighs, all while my hips sway and respond to the music that invigorates my soul.

I lean back on the pole, hands paying attention to my hair, throat, breasts and nipples. I show you your clit and your pussy, wet with anticipation for daddy’s gorgeous dick. From this height, you can see her perfectly, and she calls out to you. I bend backwards, take the pole in my hands, and gently unfold my legs over my head and slide down toward the floor, legs out wide to the sides, sliding Betturkey Güncel Giriş your pussy along the pole. I come to rest on the floor, legs resting split wide open, and scan for my final guest dick of the night. You point one out, he needs no coaxing to come to me, and I ask the same favor of him: would you help me please my daddy by allowing me to suck your dick? He agrees, gives me his dick, and I invite him to join me on the floor. He sits in front of me, and I lay between his legs with his dick in my mouth. He reaches for your pussy and I quickly let him know that your pussy is off limits to him. He lays back and allows me to enjoy his dick, as I suck it and lick it and taste the bit of cum he can’t hold back. I won’t drink him, so I move to lick the shaft and tease his balls for a moment. I return to sucking his dick, give a final gentle lick, passionate suck, raise my head, thank him, and send him back to where he was.

The show is over, I take another sip of my drink, and I walk gently, with purpose, right to you. You give me your dick. I kneel at your feet, and suck, lick and drink of my daddy until he tells me to stop. Everyone watches you take control of your pet, watch you play with her, watch you fuck her and watch her so happy to submit to her daddy. You give me your dick to clean and I lick off every drop of us. I cradle your balls, lick you some more, and probe for more sperm. When you’re all clean, you kiss me deeply with a gentle choke so everyone who wasn’t convinced of my submission from watching me get fucked is certainly convinced now. We now have a fan club and guys are asking you where they can get a little slut like the one you have. I glow with pride, and you walk me out of the building.

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