Damn Red Shoes

Damn Red Shoes


Let me introduce myself. My name is Terri and I am the 41 year old mother of an 18 year old daughter and a 19 year old son. My husband left when the children were 10 and 11 years old respectively. With my ex’s financial help I have managed to keep us fed and with a pretty nice roof over our heads. I am a big believer in recognizing the difference between wants and needs. I have taken care of the kid’s needs as best I could, and we pay less attention to our wants.

My son, Jeff, is in his 2nd year of college. His sister, Alex, is in her first year. With both of them away from home during the school year, I have been able to spend a lot more “Me” time. I must admit I haven’t been happy with my physical looks over the past few years. So when Jeff left for college I joined a gym and got serious about getting myself back in shape. It was also time for me to get back in the dating scene, which I had pretty much avoided since my divorce. Although I have periods of sexual frustration, I have managed to keep myself content by pleasuring myself with the help of my hard rubber friend.

This brings me to my story. I can’t believe I am writing it, much less that I have a story to write. I suppose anything could have created the first spark, but I blame it on a pair of high heeled pumps.

My story begins early this summer, a short time after Jeff came home for the summer. You see, after putting in about 9 months at the gym, I decided I wanted a tan to go with my revived body. What better than a cute little bikini to allow the sun to do its magic on the biggest part of your body? Each day I would rush home from work, change into my bikini, and catch an hour of good sun in our back yard. What I was not prepared for was the fact that my son had never seen me in this state of undress. Seeing me like this had a rather unnerving effect on him which showed in his tongue tied conversations with me. His eyes seemed to be taking in every inch of my body. I felt embarrassed at having him stare at me the way he did, but I didn’t make an issue of it. Even his sister noticed and teased him about “checking out” his own mom. I tried to ignore her teasing so not to make Jeff feel uncomfortable, but I couldn’t totally ignore the tingle that the situation was creating in me.

I lay in bed at night thinking that I would have to watch what I wore while he was home. After all, he was young with hormones running wild. I caught myself giggling wondering if I had given him an erection? Oh my, where did those thoughts come from? My arm moved across my breasts to discover blood gorged breasts with the most sensitive nipples. Oh my indeed! I told myself to get my mind out of the gutter, but sleep wouldn’t come until I had masturbated myself to an intense orgasm.

The next day at work I caught myself feeling guilty. Guilty! Guilty for what, wearing a bikini at my own house? I decided right then and there that I would not compromise my lifestyle just because my son had a problem with it. Besides his sister wore bikinis showing just as much or more. Holy shit, now I was worrying about him staring at his sister. I’d have to keep an eye on that boy.

Things settled down pretty much after I had that little battle with myself. I did catch myself watching Jeff to see a lifted eyebrow or any other indication that he was checking out me or his sister. If he was, he was certainly discreet about it. Damn, was I disappointed that he wasn’t? Maybe I have an overactive imagination? He even offered, and I accepted his invitation to massage tanning oil into my back. He made no move to cop a feel. Was I disappointed that he didn’t?

As had become tradition at our house, with all three of our birthdays falling within a 2 week period, we planned our joint birthday party for the end of July. I let the kids make the plans. They decided on a family cookout with a couple of movie rentals for later in the evening. This was fine with me, I secretly wanted every minute I could manage with them before they went off to school and left me alone for the year.

Our gift choices were always somewhat predictable. Because we concentrated on the needs the sanal rulet rest of the year, birthdays and Christmas gave us the opportunity to buy something that could only be described as a want. I bought Alex an I-Pad which she had been saving for. For Jeff I picked out a new monitor for his computer at school that I overhead him and his sister discussing.

The party was laid back and both of my gift choices were a hit. Then it was my turn to open my gifts. Alex said that I needed to open Jeff’s gift first. I could tell by the box and weight that it was clothing. As I unwrapped it, I saw that it was from my favorite store. I opened the box and folded back the tissue to find the most beautiful little black dress that I had ever seen. I looked at Jeff and he said, “Alex helped me with it, but it was my idea. I know you plan on dating some, and I thought you might like it”. I could tell that he was quite pleased at his choice and so was I.

“Open mine now” said Alex. She handed me a box which could be nothing but a pair of shoes. That was exactly what they were, but what shoes. The shoes were red pumps with 5″ heels. I laughed, “you expect me to walk in these”? “They will go great with Jeff’s dress. Come on mom, let me help you try the outfit on” Alex said, pulling me to my bedroom. She was so excited I thought she was going to totally undress me. I had to remind her I was old enough to undress myself.

She helped me into the dress. It was backless and was to be worn with no bra. I wondered if my smallish “B” cup breasts would hold it in place? As Alex zipped the short side zipper it pulled the front tight so that I needn’t worry. I looked into the mirror and had to admit I looked damn good in it. The shoes came next and Alex had been right, they were perfect for the dress. I stood at the mirror looking at myself and liking what I saw. Alex said, “you know what we call shoes like that don’t you?” “No”, I said. “We call them fuck me shoes”. “I don’t think I want to hear that from my daughter who is getting ready to leave home for college” I said in the best authoritative tone that I could muster, but I could tell that she knew I was smiling inside.

“Come on, let’s show Jeff” Alex said almost running toward the family room. I’m not used to heels, so I made a more cautious entry. I looked at Jeff and saw the same look on his face that I had seen the first day he saw me in my bikini. “Mom, you look incredible” said Jeff. “No she doesn’t, she looks hot” piped in Alex, “just look at how great her ass looks”. They both laughed as I felt my face flush. I hugged Alex and gave her a kiss on the cheek as I thanked her. I turned to Jeff and put my hands around his neck to pull him down where I could kiss his cheek and hugged myself against his chest. It was then that I realized my nipples were erect again.

The next two weeks flew by with us getting Alex ready for her early freshman orientation. She had to report 10 days before Jeff had to report to class. You probably guessed that I cried like a baby when Alex left. But I wasn’t alone, Alex cried almost as much as me. I even saw a lone tear running down her brother’s face. Although I was going to miss both of them, I wanted them to make their own ways in the world.

Sending Alex away, brought Jeff and I closer than ever before. We held hands as we took evening walks around the neighborhood, although I tried to make sure we didn’t when we were near any of his friend’s homes. It didn’t seem to be of concern to him. Our conversations seemed more mature and we even discussed the fact that I needed to start dating. I have to tell you, it certainly feels odd to have your own son tell you that you need more male companionship. I promised to start putting myself out there. The fact was there was an older doctor friend who had recently been showing some interest in me.

It was just two days later that the good doctor called and invited me to dinner and dancing. This would be my first opportunity to wear my new dress and shoes. Or would this be seen as too forward for a first date? I decided to go for it.

The appointed evening blackjack I came from my bedroom to a wolf whistle from my son who was lounging in a tee shirt and sweatpants. I felt like I had left off some piece of clothing with only the dress and a thin pair of panties on. I felt as if my son was well aware of my near nudity as his eyes took in every inch of me. I felt a quickening of my pulse and a stiffening of breasts inside my dress. I joked not to wait up as I heard my chariot pull into the driveway.

I won’t bore you with the details of dinner which was nice. I felt as if all the men in the restaurant and half the ladies were looking at me. I’m sure it was just my over active imagination but I felt the men envied my date and the women were jealous. It made me feel sexy and I loved it. Donald, my doctor friend, ask me to dance to a nice slow tune. He was a good dancer, and for the first time I began to wonder if this evening could lead to something? That is what I get for thinking.

Just as we returned to our table, Donald’s pager went off. He excused himself to call his service returning shortly to tell me that there had been an accident involving a patient of his who had been taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. So goes the social life of a doctor. He apologized and made me promise a rain check before paying our bill and hailing me a cab.

I felt a little down as the cab delivered me to my doorstep. As I entered the house Jeff immediately asked, “what happened, why are you home so early”? I explained what happened and he told me he was sorry and put his arm around me as I sat next to him on the couch. I told him that we had only one dance before Donald had received the emergency call. Jeff thought for a moment and then jumped up crossing the room to our CD collection. The next thing I knew the voice of Johnny Mathis, my favorite singer, was softly coming from the speakers. The lights in the room were already low.

Jeff approached me and offered me his hand. Still in his tee shirt and sweat pants he said, “I’m a little underdressed for the occasion, but do you think you would do me the honor”? How could I refuse? I let him pull me to my feet and as we found a small open area he held me as we started to dance. One lovely love song played after another as we swayed to the music, neither of us speaking. I felt myself melting against his strong body. With me in heels and him without shoes my head still only reached to his chin. I felt his lips touch my forehead with a tender kiss. He pulled me closer.

If I had been thinking clearly, I would have thanked him for his thoughtfulness and called it a night. But all of a sudden there was something that kept me from thinking clearly. As Jeff held me to him, between my stomach and breast rested my son’s erect cock. There was no mistaking it. Should I have pulled away? Yes, no doubt, but I didn’t. I kept telling myself that at the end of the song we would break away from one another, of course it didn’t work that way.

As we continued our dance, I use that term loosely because our feet were barely moving, I felt Jeff’s fingers lightly tracing the edge of my open backed dress. There seemed to be a direct connection between my back and the core of my being. Did that low moan come from me? I felt his fingers on the short zipper of my dress and felt it sliding down. As the zipper hit bottom I could feel the dress noticeably loosen. The only thing holding it in place was our bodies pressing together.

It was time for me to be the adult and end this before it had gone too far. But I soon understood that I wasn’t the one in charge of the situation. Jeff pulled away and I held the dress against my breasts with my hands. Jeff only smiled as he pulled my hands from my breasts allowing my dress to fall away baring them to his sight. I watched his eyes as they surveyed my swollen breasts with the stiff long nipples that pointed toward him.

I glanced down to see his cock tenting his sweatpants in a way they were not designed. I felt that I had been on display to his eyes for an hour, knowing it was no more than a bingo few seconds before his hands reached out to caress me. I closed my eyes and gasped as he took a breast in each hand. His eyes moved from mine to my breasts as he fondled both at the same time. I knew I was at his mercy at this point. Whatever was to happen, I would be a willing participant. I was not the least bit surprised when he slipped my dress down over my hips and helped be step out of it.

Standing now in only panties and red heels (those damned heels) my son again surveyed my body. My panties were thin, clearly showing the small patch of pubic hair that I kept well groomed beneath. As if reading my mind that he was now overdressed, he quickly stripped off his tee shirt. I looked from his well defined chest down to his tenting sweats where a small wet spot had developed. He removed them showing that he wasn’t wearing underwear. His cock looked absolutely perfect in every respect. It was so hard I feared it might just snap in two.

With the sexy music still playing he pulled me to his naked body. My swollen breasts plastered against his chest my hands around his neck. His hands cupped my ass through my panties. We stared into each other’s eyes until he lowered his mouth to mine and we kissed, really kissed, for the first time. I know that I should be telling you how confused I was, but the truth is I don’t remember it that way. It felt so right. As I tried to stick my tongue down his throat I felt myself being picked up and my legs locked behind his back as he moved toward the couch.

He lay me down with my ass on the edge of the couch. We continued to kiss until he broke the kiss and began kissing his way down my neck and found my breasts for the first time with his mouth. I remember thinking that I was being taken on an exciting adventure and let him spend all the time he wanted on our journey. I gave up trying to control my moans. Jeff knew that he was pushing all the right buttons as I dug my nails into his shoulders when he hit the right spots.

Lower he moved until his tongue circled and dipped into my belly button causing me to giggle with a mixture of amusement and passion. His mouth kissed his way between my opened legs. There was no hiding my aroused state as my panties had long ago become drenched with my juices. I watched Jeff inhale my scent which was strong in the air. Jeff moved his hands to either side of my panties and I lifted my rear as he slid them down and off one leg, leaving them dangling around the ankle of the other which rested on the coffee table. His attention and mine now focused on my pussy which lay open to him like a flower opening to a rain.

I felt his warm breath softly blow across my pussy and I felt myself tremble with excitement. I wanted him to have me. I wanted him to have his own mother. His mouth began to kiss my outer lips. My hands pulled his head against me. I had no control, I was humping his face. His tongue lapped along my slit sending an electrical shock as it tickled across my clit.

One finger then a second slowly sank into me as Jeff continued his assault on my swollen pussy. My breathing became more labored as I reached toward a climax. I had never wanted to cum so bad in my life. Then as his fingers fully entered me, I felt his thumb move to my anus where it softly tickled me. My god, where did he learn to do this? Although never having much experience with anal, his gesture sent me over the edge and as my thighs trembled I came. I could actually feel my juices flowing onto his fingers and mouth. I felt like fireworks were exploding around me. I caught myself pumping my hips as hard as I could against my own son.

Before I could catch my breath my legs were lifted onto Jeff’s shoulders and I felt the fullness of the head of his cock press between my open pussy lips. No thoughts of stopping entered my mind as I felt him push inside of me. Although my rubber friend had kept me somewhat stretched, I felt every inch of my son’s cock as it entered me. He paused as he bottomed out before starting a pumping action which I returned with as much vigor as I could. Our pace quickened as we both approached orgasm. Jeff was now pounding into his mother with all his length and strength. As my body shook with each of his mighty thrusts, I looked up to see my panties dangling from one ankle and those damned red shoes still on my feet.

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