Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX


I was seated in the lounge waiting for you to come down from the room that I had told you to get at the Crowne Park Central in Dallas. The hotel is shaped like a triangle, with three glass elevators in the center. The lobby was split into a lounge area, a dining area, and the front desk and business area. I was seated at a table with a view of two of the elevators, waiting to catch a glimpse of your arrival.

This was our second outing of this fashion. We had discussed the thrill of exhibitionism many times, but only last month had we acted on this sensual form of foreplay. It had been in New Orleans and had seemed mild compared with the partygoers who crowded the city streets of Sin City.

Now we were in Dallas to re-ignite the passion that we had felt when we discussed the possibility of you being exposed to strangers. Just the idea of others being exposed to your charms was enough to make my cock begin to grow inside my slacks. I glanced impatiently toward the ninth floor where I knew you were preparing yourself for our night out.

There you were, on the walkway that extended from the rooms to the centrally positioned glass elevators. You press the button and I see that the elevator closest to my table is responding. I see the glass enclosed lift approach, slow and stop where you have disappeared from view.

You have prepared yourself very well from what I can tell from my vantage point. I can see the long flowing silk dress that I bought you for this occasion. It is a bright blue color, full at the hem yet tight around your small waist and large breasts. The long slit is hidden from view as you fall toward the lounge in the glass encased box.

As you approach I can see that you have had your hair done and the makeup your wearing is meticulously applied to bring out the best of your beautiful features. The dress fits you like a glove, showing off the attributes that are a result of an exercise regimen that would kill most women. The ample amount of breast spilling from the top is just the beginning of the nights show for me.

I stand and you slip into the chair that is closest to mine, offering me your mouth and our tongues dance in anticipation of later that evening. We make some small talk and order some wine as we discuss our plans for the evening.

We catch a cab and head toward the Westin Hotel for dinner. The restaurant is fairly crowded and all eyes follow your sensual gate as we are led toward a table near the front windows. The evening begins as you slide into the booth and your dress is pulled slightly apart and exposes your knees and the dark skin just above them. You do not move to cover the exposed area.

You are animated as we go through the menu, moving around a bit more than is necessary and ensuring that I get a good view of those luscious mounds of flesh that are your breasts. The waiter seems a bit preoccupied as he takes our order, his eyes glancing continuously toward your chest in hope of seeing just a millimeter more to where those succulent nipples are hidden from view.

The meal is delicious and we eat slowly enjoying the food and the ambience of the room. I run my hands along your thighs and stomach, sometimes just brushing your lower breasts. Your nipples harden slowly throughout the meal until they are clearly visible when we order our desert.

As you enjoy your triple chocolate cake I run my hand under the silk and slide my way to the tight vee that is your womanhood. I can hear your breathing quicken as my fingertips slip and slide görükle escort over the thin cloth that is covering the lower lips of your sex. You slightly part your thighs to allow me more access and to gain more pleasure fro my ministrations.

I lean over and begin to whisper into your ear about how sexy you are and how I want to see you come fro my hand. I continue to talk to you as my fingers play around your engorged clit and slowly circle the opening of your hole. You slide down into the seat and your knees part further as your breathing becomes slightly uneven.

Do you like this I ask and your nod encourages me further. I slip a finger into your womanhood and rub your hooded clit with another finger. Keep eating I tell you as I watch the blush of sexual excitement move up fro your breasts to your neck. I keep moving my fingers around in the slippery juice of your sex and you continue to bring the fork to your mouth in an attempt to enjoy your desert.

You nod to me as I describe your excitement to you. I tell you how slick you are between your legs, how your juices are covering my fingers and running from your cunt. I can tell how the dirty words are doing their job as your hips begin to rotate on my hand.

I want you to come I tell you I want you to release your energy, I want to feel your body convulse and your juices run from your sex. You can do whatever you want to but I want to see you come right there in the booth of this fancy restaurant with all these people around you.

You are responding, your hips increasing their speed and pressing with more force against my probing fingers. I increase pressure inside your hole, rubbing up and down on the rough surface of your g-spot.

I see a drop of sweat form between your full heaving breasts and lower my face toward it. My lips lightly graze your skin as I capture your sweet sweat in y mouth and your body immediately convulses. You gasp loudly, louder than you should in such a place, your hips gyrate back and forth, and your knees spread wide apart under the table.

Your cheeks are now red with excitement, the make-up not enough to cover your condition. I maintain y pressure on your clit and watch your face. Your eyes are closed, your mouth open in sexual bliss. Thoughts of the other patrons and their views of our game bring a smile to my face as I slowly pull my fingers from your sex and release the pressure on your clit.

As you slump into the seat you open your eyes and realize exactly where you are and what has just happened. You immediately return to your desert and lower your eyes toward your plate.

You should close your legs I tell you as you try to hide fro the prying eyes that are focused on us. And maybe just pull your dress closed, but only a little.

Our check is taken care of and I rise first, offering you a hand to help you slide fro the seat. As we walk toward the hotel entrance we can hear the loud whispers from the jealous couples that have witnessed our escapade. My hand grasps your ass just before we turn and exit through the doors.

In the cab I drape my arm over your shoulders and stroke your breasts openly for the benefit of the cabbie. You lay back into me and enjoy the caress. I slide my fingers below the bodice and rub the sensitive skin of your hard nipple. You lean harder against my body and move your hand to my cock, rubbing it through the slacks of my suit.

Our ride is only minutes long and we are at the theater. I give the cabbie a ten-dollar tip and bursa escort bayan he smiles knowingly toward us as we exit onto the sidewalk. The show is the Blue Man Group, a comedy, and our seats are in the balcony, a semi-private balcony.

We make our way to our seats and find that we will be alone with over a thousand people spread before us. I comment on the situation and you just smile at my remarks.

As we take our seats in the upholstered furnishings I pull your dress apart to expose your thighs all the way to your hips. You do nothing to cover yourself, instead you spread your knees slightly, inviting me to further excite and tantalize you sexually.

Did you bring the toy I bought you? Yes you did, and I ask you for it. When you hand it to me you also spread your legs further, allowing me access to put the sex toy in place under your tight thong. You slide down into the seat as I slip the toy into place, a string of beads in your anus, a small crooked cock like fixture in your cunt, and a v-shaped arm cradling your already hardened clit. With the sex toy in place, you sit up straight in the chair.

The show starts and we watch it in silence, laughing at the comedy but otherwise engrossed in our own thoughts. You wonder how long before I turn on the implement of torture that you can feel invading your body between your legs.

An hour passes before I click the remote and send just a slight vibration into your loins. I enjoy the way you jump at the initiation of your pleasure. For five minutes you resist the excitement and continue to watch the show, then you sit back and slide slightly lower in your chair, your legs parting slowly and your eyes just drooping. I smile as I increase the vibration just a little on your sex.

I can see again the blush of excitement on your tits and I sit back to help you with your discomfort. My hands go to your breasts and I rub the hard nubs of your nipples through the silken fabric of your dress. You begin to suck air between your teeth and your hands go between your legs to hold onto the pleasure toy that has you impaled. I watch your head fall back and your eyes close as I pull your breasts free.

You do not complain about being exposed, instead you further spread your legs and begin to breath heavier. I further increase the level of vibration and your hips begin to undulate against your hands. I can now see your crotch fully, the fabric of your thong is embedded between your lips and the shaved skin of your pubis is exposed to anyone who looks your way. You do not care as you begin to lose yourself in your second orgasm of the night, both in public. You cry out slightly as your stomach convulses and your legs cramp, your body trembling in sexual bliss. I pull on your nipples and tits, squeezing and pulling the soft and tender flesh increasing your enjoyment.

I turn off the vibrator and you come slowly out of your trance. We kiss sensually and before we finish the crowd starts to applaud. No it’s not for us but for the comedy troupe. We share a laugh.

As we walk back to our hotel I tell you to feel my cock and your hand wraps around my hardness. I tell you I want to fuck you and we enter into a parking garage.

In a far corner I press you against the trunk of a Cadillac. We kiss and grope each other through our clothing. I force you back and pull your dress above your waist, grasping your thong and pulling it until it rips from your waist. I put the torn cloth to your lips and you open your mouth for the bursa escort gag.

My fingers roam around your slick slit once again. I rub your clit and push my fingers ito your hole. I trace a line to your ass, pressing against your sphincter until it gives and the tips of two fingers invade you back there. You moan through the gag and put one foot up on the bumper of the car.

You’re my whore I tell you and you smile. I tell you that you look like a street slut, a lowly cunt with your dress bunched around your waist and your cunt opened for whoever wants it. You thrash against my fingers and palm as I press hard into your crotch.

You feel the head of my cock against your hole and cry out through the wet panties in your mouth. I press into you, then thrust, embedding myself deep in your womb. We are there in a public garage, my cock inside your cunt, your tits pulled outside of the tight bodice of your dress, your bare ass against the cold hard metal of the car trunk we decided to use.

I begin to thrust in and out of you hard. Your ass bounces off the caddy, then your pushed against it once again, rhythmically; I begin to fuck the trailer trash that I found this evening.

I call you a cunt, a slut, a wanton bitch that gets off with a cock between her legs. You are thrashing against me, pushing yourself toward my hips to increase the pressure on your little man and coaxing your orgasm from deep within you.

A car enters the garage but it turns to go the other way. You graon and scream against the gag inside your mouth. I feel you contract against me, your pussy coaxing my sperm from my balls.

I announce my orgasm with a loud scream of words and I pound you into the trunk, my cock spurting inside your convulsing pussy. You grasp my nick and force me as deep as possible into your body. We both bump and grind, emptying ourselves of our longing for each other.

Another car enters the garage, this one turning towards us. The driver has a view of us, your legs wrapped around my hips, your dress above your waist, your chest exposed. We are both covered with sweat and breathing hard. Neither of us cares and we stay interlocked as the car slowly pulls alongside us and then passes.

I pull my softening ock from inside you. You are still on the trunk, our juices sliding down your ass and pooling on the shiny blue paint. Your pussy is bright red, the lips spread wide apart from our sexual liaison.

I help you from the car and we begin to walk to our hotel once again. We enter the lobby and bypass the lounge where we see two or three couples. One of them interests us, the woman dressed very sexily in a short mini-skirt and a low cut shirt, but we continue on to the elevator.

I push you against the back glass and pull your skirt slowly higher on your body. I see the couple with the woman dressed sexily watching us. I lift your dress higher, slowly exposing your ass to their view. They smile and wave; I wave back and lower my hand to your bare cheeks. You moan as my fingers explore between the full globes.

We make our way to the room and you strip as soon as we enter. I look at you and notice that the make-up is no longer perfect, the dress is grossly wrinkled and has wet spots where our juices have dripped from inside you, your hair no longer remains fixed in place.

We fall into the bed and your mouth finds my cock. After I am hard you climb aboard, straddling me, and begin to slowly slide yourself up and down my organ.

For thirty minutes we slowly screw. I feel my release build. You help yourself along with your own fingers. We talk to each other; tell each other how much we enjoyed the evening. You feel my cock swell; I feel your cunt pulse. No hurry this time, we can relax and release ourselves into each other slowly.

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