Dad’s Trip Made My Mom Strip

Dad’s Trip Made My Mom Strip


Based on an il-lust-ration by Pandora’s Box,

If sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose, what does a good gosling get?

Lena was furious, Lena was horny. Lena was hurt, Lena was frustrated. Lena was unhappy, Lena was in heat. Lena had a husband; she hadn’t had sex in two weeks. Lena hadn’t seen her husband in that time because of a business trip, now he had called to say he had to stay a few extra days, unexpectedly. They had a good boy, Jeff; they didn’t have a good marriage.

Lena sat on the love-seat sofa, waiting for her husband to call from his hotel before his ‘evening business meeting’. She suspected her husband was cheating on her out of town and that was the reason for the few extra days delay. He was going to shack up with some bar-bimbo he picked up and bedded on the company expense account. She was going to confront him today when he called. She expected him to ring in about a half hour, after Jeff got home, so he could say hi to the boy too.

As Lena sat there with her mind on her libertine husband and her libido’s hunger, she began to daydream about her first boyfriend. She loved making out on the couch when her parents weren’t home. Today she had dressed casual around the house since she was alone. Her hand crept up under the loose blue blouse she was wearing to her bra-less breasts as she continued to remember her sensual past.

Making-out was so much fun! How her sweet tender young beasts had been suckled, and the nipples stood out so red and hard. Her boyfriend had loved going down on her. She raised her skirt and put her other hand on her panty-less pussy, as she reminisced about the talented tongue of the tender-aged teenager who so sweetly tortured her from titty to clitty. Oh! She was sooo horny! Her finger found the button then slid down to dip in the well of her womanly weeping cunt, just like her boyfriend had petted her.

Her first boyfriend had, back then, been the same age as her son was now, just 18. They even sort of looked alike. Maybe that was why she had been attracted to her husband. Only he didn’t like to eat pussy, at least, not the way her first sweetheart did. Lena pitied the lady – no, make that slut, which her cheating spouse was screwing. That gal would not walk away bowlegged like when Lena’s teen lover had made ravaging sex to his nubile girlfriend. She wondered briefly if her son was as big between his legs as her boyfriend had been.

Yes, she had proof now of hubby’s infidelity. When Mr. ‘screw more days longer’ called yesterday, Lena had heard a young female voice laugh, then answer the door and call out that room service had brought another bottle of Champagne. So Lena was madder than hell. Here she was a hot momma (yes a middle-age mom, but still a very attractive woman, in short a MILF), a red hot momma ready to rumble and rock and roll and raise the roof and break the bed and raunch all night long; and he was wasting it on some tramp that likely didn’t have half Lena’s experience in pleasing men.

Lena wished for her school days again, when boys and girls played doctor and explored each other’s bodies. Then when you get older you grope each other’s bodies, then progress to lips kissing, then lips kissing everywhere, lips and tongues all over each other’s bodies. Until finally on that day you play the game past the limit, you go all the way, you do it. It never seems planned but it always seemed inevitable in retrospect. That the trip down the slippery slope to having sex was something that was ultimately unavoidable. Was it like that for her husband’s affairs? Was bursa escort he trying to recapture his youth, like that answer to the same question in “Moonstruck”.

When the hell was ‘Dumb-Fuck’ going to call? She had wanted a chance to give him hell before Jeff came home from school, but he said he would call when Jeff was in. Maybe she should have an affair with a younger man, to recapture her own youth. To be like a kid again, making out on the couch, with no one else but only them. Just the two alone; to kiss, and grope, and lick, and taste, and make sweet love to your sweetheart. Lena continued to tug her long pink nipples and stroke her slick crotch. She drifted off into the fantasy of being laid by her first boyfriend, with fingers guiding her body toward a release. A climax she had saved up for the Cheat’s homecoming, but now was just a mass of tension needing to be unsprung.

Just then she heard Jeff come in. She quickly sat up and pulled her dress down. Lena gathered her blouse closed and tucked it in a bit with the waist band of her skirt. Jeff came into the room with a huge grin on his face. “Boy, have I got good news!” the youth couldn’t contain himself. “I got my first A of High School! Now I get that reward Dad promised! A whole night of miniature golf with dad. I bet I’ll beat him, just like last time. We haven’t gone in 6 months! Dad’s going to be home tonight right mom?”

Lena looked at her son and knew she would have to disappoint him. “Oh, Baby, He had to stay a few days longer on his business trip. So your putting will have to be put off.” She could see the pain in her son’s eyes, of not having the immediate gratification he had hoped for, so proud of an A. He had worked so hard for it she was sure. What could she do to make it up to him, for his father’s failure to be home to congratulate his son on a job well done? Maybe something appropriate to the course he got the A in. She asked the downcast kid, “What subject did you get the A in, Jeff honey?”

“In Health Class, Mom.”

“And what were you learning about in health?”

“This semester we studied sex education!”

“Well! No wonder you took an interest in your studies and got a good grade. So . . . an A in sex class – ehh? . . . Do you want to become a gynecologist?”

“A what?”

“A doctor who takes care of women, helps them have babies and so on. You get to look at women’s crotches all day long! Then for some crazy reason she didn’t consciously understand, Lena lifted her skirt and spread her legs then closed up everything again, giving her son the best, if brief, beaver-shot of his whole life.

“Mom! What was that!?”

“You tell me, you’re the whiz-kid that got an A in sex-education!”

“Well, I haven’t seen many, and I only caught a glimpse, but I believe we have the parent of a bush-baby, a mommy-bush.”

“And mommy-bush is missing daddy-shrub!” Lena blurted out inadvertently.

“Is that why your nipples are so pointy mom?” her boy asked.

“Yes, you learn that in Sex Ed?” Then suddenly, Lena knew how she could reward her child for the A he had brought home. “Did they show a picture of a woman’s breast in class, Jeff? Have you ever seen a woman’s, a grown woman’s naked breast, Jeffy?” The last was spoken in a lilting, breathy tone which obviously offered a peek at her peerless peaks.

“They showed a sideways cutaway, not like looking at Dad’s girlie-magazines you guys let me gawk at. I never have seen a breast nipple erect, not live and poking out, . . . ready to be touched . . . like yours are.” He had returned her implied invitation to gander at her bursa escort gabonzas, with a gambit to cop a feel. It turned Lena on, she felt her body responding to his tentative advances, like a kid again herself, ready to make out on the couch.

“Could I, mom?”

“What?” Lena was brought out of her romantic erotic reverie.

“Can I see you breasts, see your nipples erect? Open your blouse and let me see your mammaries, please, mom!”

Still in a dream-like state Lena re-opened her top to display half-inch rosy spikes atop of the full fruit of peach colored pendulous pillows. Bold as a broker’s brass balls, Jeff reached out his right hand and cupped her left tit and gently squeezed. “Are you going for extra credit?” The hot momma whispered as her thighs began to spread.

God did he remind her of her sweetheart of long ago, he was her sweet boy, why not reward him. It sent a gush to her cunt thinking about what she might do, to provide a suitable substitute for the Putt-Putt fiasco. Perhaps he might be interested in playing with a different kind of putter, balls and hole?

Once more the youngster broke into her thoughts with a surprising statement. “My shrub is growing, want to see?” and he pulled down his pants. Sure enough the once fuzzy was turning furry. (And what mother wouldn’t be proud of a stalk like that on her son?) Lena thought to herself. Jeff’s dick was like a double to her boyfriend’s. She had had such fun with it, it had such fun in her.

Oh, to recapture the first taste of love, the sweet kisses, the thrill of the first push past her hymen, making her a woman, the exhilaration of her first cum with a cock in her cunt! Her son would have all that adventure before him. She was sure that he would love couch cuddling as much as his mom. Maybe even with his mom!

Her child stood before her in just his shirt now as he stepped out of his jeans, which lay in a wad on the floor. His penis was a preternatural large organ for his age, putting his father to shame with the man-size club he carried. It was already hard, thrusting up from his loins like a thick flagpole with a red knob at the end that had the daintiest hole at the tip. A spout for baby-making cream, and now thanks to the school, he knew how to use his tool. Or the theory thereof, until he got the practice down pat, he still had things to learn.

Should she show him? Well at least she could show him hers, since he was showing her his. She flipped up her skirt again to reveal her narrow band of dark hair crowning the coral gash of damp feminine fecundity. Why not? Her husband, his father, was out tom-catting around; why shouldn’t the home pussy get some fun? The kid was missing out on putting while the old man was putting it into Miss Affair-of-the-Month. Jeff was gazing down at his mother’s exposed privates, whose pubis was so publicly splayed and displayed before him. His erection bobbed with yearning for haven in his mummy’s honey-pot. He had to have her and he was sure she had the hots for him too.

The sex-starved mother wiggled her finger at the boy with the over-size toy, indicating he should get into position. Jeff knelt between his mothers wide angle limbs. He resumed clutching her left breast and placed his left hand on his mom’s right thigh. The tip of his penis hunted her hot-spot like a heat seeing missile. Just like when she was an innocent girl, once more with a boy about to lose his virginity in her body. Yes it was her son, and daddy wasn’t home to know what was going on ‘back at the ranch’. After all, who would know if a little naughtiness happened? A little diddle bursa eskort on the divan, ‘When the cat’s away . . .’, just then ‘the cad who was away’ rang.

“Hi! Honey, it’s me, I miss you! The phone made his voice sound even less sincere. “How’s Jeff? Is he home from school yet? Let me talk to him.”

Jeff froze as he heard faintly the quite distinctive sound of his father’s voice on the phone, asking for him. How could his father know he had been at the very portal of his mother’s vagina, at the moment before passing into manhood and entry to paradise, just about to be the man of the house while papa was away? Then he realized that the moment was just a coincidence. His mother had not come to her senses but was smiling and holding her skirt high so it wouldn’t get in the way of their impending passion. She nodded her readiness to fuck and closed her eyes as she held the phone to Jeff’s ear.

“Hi, Jeff!”

“Hi dad! How’s your trip?” Jeff’s cock tip nuzzled in his mom’s damp neither lips.

“Fine, I have to stay a couple of extra days to finish up some details the company wants me to personally handle, and then I’ll be back. Meanwhile you take real good care of your mother. How’s high school?”

“Yes, I’m taking good care of mother.” Jeff replied as the plum colored head of his fat dick slid into the anxious, eager, open, willing, waiting, wantonly weeping womb of his mother. Both parent and child smiled at the sweet moment. “And dad guess what! I got my first A! Don’t worry about taking me out to miniature-golf. Mom is taking care of things.” Lena could now feel the meat of her son’s love-muscle slither to be half way in, and then it twitched. She loved when they do that! “She’s giving me a special reward for getting an A in health class.” Jeff concluded, with a push of his hips.

He thrust the rest of the way into his momma’s jam-jar, to the hilt, root to clit, balls to bottom, tip nudging womb; a deep, hard, tight, hot, throbbing, hairy, animal, happy connection. A union which was spiritual as well as physical, love bolstered by lust, lust emboldened by love. Mother and son as one; again and again and again as the boy banged his beautiful kid cock into his mommy’s cunt. “Yes, darling,” Lena brought the phone back to her face, “You might say I’m giving our son an extra boner, whoops! I mean bonus for his achievement in class. Good-bye, darling I have to cum, oops! I mean go.”

Jeff’s hips picked up the tempo and the sound of crotch flesh clapping together became louder and louder. The voice on the phone sounded both a little confused and just a little suspicious. “Just what class did he get an A in? And what’s that sound I’m hearing there?!”

Lena laughed at his questions and with the rising of her long awaited orgasm. She managed to gasp out an answer to the first question, “It was an A in Sex education.” Her giggles turned into moans as she finished, “And he’s teaching me everything he knows!”

As she fumbled for the disconnect button, Jeff hit his peak and could be plainly heard by his father saying, “Here I cum mom, right in your sweet pussy!!”

What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose, and the gosling gets to baste his giblet into the gravy as well!

Lena was no longer furious, Lena was humping, Lena was in heaven, Lena was fulfilled, Lena was happy, Lena was fucking, finally. Lena had a husband she hadn’t had seen or had sex with in two weeks. They had a good son, and right now Jeff was being very good to his mother, as she climaxed a second time and began to build to a third. Lena always loved making out on the sofa, and now she had a teenage sweetheart lover again to always make love to her on the couch, or wherever they wanted to. Especially, when their parent/husband was out of the house!

And that’s how his dad’s trip made Jeff’s mom strip, and Jeff got his first A and first dip, all in one day!

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