Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl

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After a long battle I lost my wife and Olivia lost her mother. Olivia was almost eighteen when her mother died, leaving a large hole in her heart. I could see that she changed. She didn’t want to go to school, hang out with her friends, or talk about her pain with me. We were always close, but became closer once we knew Bridgett wasn’t going to be with us long. I did my best to prepare Olivia for this day, but nothing I could do would really fix the devastation this death brought to our family. I knew something had to change, and change fast or I was going to lose my little girl too.

With Bridgett’s passing six months old now, and no change in Olivia’s behavior, I decided we needed to have a fresh start. We were going to move from the busy suburb of Los Angeles to a quiet town in Oregon. On Olivia’s last day of school was when I broke the news to her.

“Hey Liv? Is that you?” I called from the kitchen.

“Yes Daddy, I just got home from school.”

“Come in here baby, I need to talk to you about something.”

She slowly wandered into the kitchen with her long red hair pulled back into a loose ponytail that bounced when she walked and her green eyes glowing like shining emeralds.

“What’s up Daddy? Shouldn’t you be at work right now?”

“Not today honey, I had some things I needed to take care of here. Sit down, we need to talk.”

She walked over to the kitchen table and took a seat.

“Listen babe, I’ve decided we need to make some changes around here. You just haven’t been the same young lady since your mother passed and I’m worried about you.” Olivia’s eyes welled up as she listened.

“I know Daddy, I just miss her.”

“I know baby, so do I, but there is nothing we can do to bring her back so we need to accept her death and become stronger because of it.”

The tears streamed down her face, making her green eyes glow. She gently wiped the tears from her cheeks and asked with a quiver in her voice, “What’s the change Daddy?”

“Well babe, we are going to move.”

“WHAT? Move? NO! I don’t want to move, I want to stay here in this house. Mom would be upset if we left.” Her tears were large and leaving streaks on her face from where they had washed off her make-up.

“Your mother is gone sweetheart, and we need to make a change, staying here isn’t going to help us get past all this.”

I leaned over and gently put my hand on her knee. She was crying terribly hard. I knew she wasn’t going to take the news well.

“Listen sweetie, I thought about this long and hard, we will be okay, just think of this as a new adventure in your life. You can take the summer to get to know the new city and meet some new friends.”

Her tears were starting to let up, I think she understood what I was trying to say and why this was the right decision. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her.

“It’s going to be okay babe; I will make sure that you are happy and safe. I will always take care of you.”

For the next month we spent our time packing the things we wanted to keep and selling or donating the rest. Something else also happened in that month, something was different with Liv. She seemed more lighthearted, happy, and loving. It was then I noticed she had blossomed into a vibrant young woman overnight.

“Hey Daddy?” she hollered from across the house.

“Ya Liv?”

“Can you please bring me that last load of laundry from the dryer so I can get it packed?”

“Sure, give me a minute.”

I walked into the laundry room and pulled the clothes out of the dryer. I put them on top so I could fold everything while it was fresh. That’s when I noticed…These were clothes I’d never seen before, black lace thong panties, matching bras, slinky see-through nighties. I was carefully running my fingers through my daughter’s lingerie.

That’s when I realized my cock stirring under my jeans. I had noticed before that my lovely daughter was growing up, how her perky breasts seemed bigger, her tight, round ass giving her the perfect hourglass shape, but it wasn’t till this moment I knew she was a woman and how much that turned me on.

I held up a pair of the panties and brought them to my face, smelling deeply in hopes that the wash hadn’t totally snuffed out her intoxicating smell. That’s when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I quickly bundled the clothes up in my arms and walked towards Liv’s room, trying to calm down so that she wouldn’t notice how turned on I was. I met Liv halfway down the hall.

“Thanks Daddy,” she said as she took the clothes out of my arms, dropping a couple bras on the floor.

She bent down to pick them up and brushed against my aching member. I froze. Oh my God, did she do that on purpose? No, she didn’t mean to, I told myself. She stood up and turned back down the hall. As she walked away I noticed she didn’t have any pants on, just a long white shirt that barely covered her round ass. She walked into her room and closed the door behind her.

Liv giggled when she got into her Gaziantep Vatan Escort room. She knew her dad was turned on by her lingerie and also noticed his huge member bulging in his pants. Liv tried not to touch it but she couldn’t help herself and hoped that her dad didn’t notice, or at least thought it was an accident. Standing at the side of her bed she neatly folded her lingerie and put it into a box, but she couldn’t help to think about what had just happened.

She desperately wanted to touch her dad’s cock, to feel it, stroke it, taste it. But she knew that it was wrong to feel that way about her dad. But she just couldn’t help it. Liv loved the way he smelled, his strong muscular arms, his toned body, his slightly graying hair and the way his light brown eyes lit up when he saw her. He was extremely fit for being forty, and didn’t look a day over thirty.

These thoughts were starting to get to Liv; she could feel her panties growing moist between her toned thighs. This wasn’t the first time she had this reaction in response to thoughts about her father. Her favorite memory was of just after dad broke the news to her that they were moving.

Liv came home from school early and noticed her dad’s car in the driveway so she quietly snuck into the house so that he wouldn’t hear her. Seeing that his bedroom door was open, but just a crack, she left her bag and shoes by the kitchen table and slowly walked down the hall to her dad’s doo, looking in, she saw him sitting on the bed with his big, strong cock in his hand stroking it feverishly.

Her eyes focused on his strong member, she could feel her young pussy getting wetter and wetter each moment. When Daddy started panting and groaning she knew he was about to explode. She wanted to go help him, but was frozen in place. Liv reached down into her shorts and gently fondled her wetness. Her pussy was very sensitive and she almost screamed out in pleasure at her own touch. Before she knew it Daddy’s cock was squirting out hot sticky cum all over his stomach and chest, then he collapsed back onto the bed. Liv hurried off into the kitchen to announce that she was home.

“Daddy, I’m home,” she yelled, but got no response.

“Daddy?” She walked towards his room again, but noticed the shower was running. Opening his bedroom door she yelled in, “Daddy, I’m home.”

“Hi honey, I’ll be done in a minute,” he called back from the bathroom.

Liv knew he was going to be at least ten minutes and she really needed to feel the release of her sexual frustrations. She walked into her room and closed the door, stripped off her clothes and lay across her bed with her legs open and her wet, aching pussy exposed. She began to probe her juicy cunt with her fingers, sending pleasure throughout her body. Her fingers found her clit and rubbed it. After only a few moments her body contracted with pleasure as an orgasm swept through her. She lay there motionless for a few minutes hoping that her daddy would come in and see her like this, naked, wet, and wanting more.

Before Liv knew it, her panties were totally soaked and she was frustrated again. But she couldn’t risk having daddy walk in while she touched herself… Or could she?

I still can’t get the day my daughter brushed up against me in the hall out of my head. Every day I masturbate to the thought of my young daughter sucking my cock; I just can’t get her out of my head. I always leave the door open just a crack because I know she likes to watch. But if she only knew that I was thinking about her.

Liv seems to be happy here, I’ve given her free rein to do as she pleases, but she tends to stay home a lot. Not that I mind, I do enjoy watching her prance around the house in her little night shirts, her tight ass cheeks peeking out from under. I decided it was time to take Liv out for a night on the town.

“Hey Liv?” I said as I poked my head in her room.

“Yes Daddy?” she said sweetly.

“Want to go out for a night on the town?”

“Sure Daddy, can we go into Portland and have dinner?”

“Sure, that’s what I was thinking anyways. Get dressed; put something nice on, we are going all out tonight. Be ready in one hour.”

“Okay Daddy,” she agreed with a slight giggle.

Liv knew this was going to be the night that she seduced her daddy. She just couldn’t hold back any longer, she wanted to feel Daddy’s cock probing the inside of her virginal cunt. Liv jumped up and started going through her closet to find her sexiest outfit. She knew that she had to wear something sexy, but not slutty because she didn’t think daddy would like her to look like a slut.

In the end she pulled out her favorite black dress; it was simple, yet seductive with a plunging neckline that showed just enough cleavage. She put on matching black lace panties, bra and garter with silk stockings and black stiletto heels. Liv had been saving this outfit for a night just like tonight. After getting dressed she touched up her hair with a few curls and freshened up her make-up.

Thinking to herself, “Daddy isn’t going to be able to keep his hands off me tonight,” she giggled and gave herself one last look in the mirror. Happy with the outcome of her efforts she strolled out of her room.

“Daddy, I’m ready.”

“Okay honey, I’m in the living room. Come get your coat, it’s going to be chilly tonight.”

When Liv came walking into the living room I almost died. She looked gorgeous and very grown up, much older than her eighteen years.

With a huge smile and her emerald eyes piercing holes through me she asked, “How do I look Daddy?” As she slowly twirled around showing me her outfit, her eyes never left my stare.

I just stared at her trying to figure what I was going to say. I finally stuttered, “You, you, you look great baby, let’s go or we’re going to be late for dinner.”

It was about a thirty minute drive into Portland, and Daddy had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. Maybe it had to be the fact I let my dress ride up a bit showing off the top of my stockings and garter. I smiled to myself knowing that he wanted to pull over and take me right there.

We had dinner at an expensive restaurant on top of a big building in Portland. You could see all across the city. It was amazing. Daddy and I made small talk through most of the meal. We talked about the things we wanted to do to the house, and when I was going to start college. My heart was racing; I wanted to leave so we could go home. After a long silence Daddy asked me what I wanted to do next.

“Well Daddy, I thought we could go home and start a fire and open a bottle of wine.”

Daddy had never really been against me drinking before I was twenty-one, but I never asked to drink wine. Typically he offered me a glass while we had dinner.

“A fire and wine, huh? Don’t you want to do anything else while we are in town?”

“Not really Daddy, dinner was wonderful and I’m ready to go home and relax.”

“Alright dear, let’s pay the bill and get out of here.”

On the way out, Daddy wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. I loved it when he held me, I always felt safe. We talked on our way to the elevators and waited for the next car.

“Daddy, do you love me?”

“Of course I do honey, why would you ask me that?”

“Oh, I was just wondering, no reason.”

“You’re a silly girl,” he said and kissed my forehead.

The car ride seemed to take forever. Neither one of us said much. I could tell something was on Liv’s mind. I wanted to ask, but didn’t think I should. She would tell me if she wanted me to know.

“Daddy, when we get home will you start the fire? I will get a bottle of wine.”

“Sure babe.”

We pulled into the driveway and walked up to the house holding hands.

“Thanks for dinner Daddy, it was really good. It was a wonderful date.”

“You’re very welcome my dear. Yes, it was a wonderful date, and we will have to do this again.”

After we walked into the house Daddy went to start the fire and I went to get the wine. My heart was pounding, and my pussy was throbbing. I wanted to rub it right there in the kitchen, but knew that I shouldn’t and I needed to save these feelings for Daddy.

When I walked into the living room Daddy was already sitting on the couch by the fire; he had kicked his shoes off and seemed to be deep in thought.

“Whatcha thinking about Daddy?”

“Oh, I was thinking about how lovely you look tonight and how you’ve grown up into a beautiful young woman.”

Blushing Liv said, “Oh, thank you Daddy.”

“Come sit down Liv, let’s open that wine.”

Liv came and sat down next to me. I opened the wine and poured us each half a glass. We both sat there quietly sipping our wine and watching the fire. Liv snuggled into my side and I wrapped my arm around her, bringing her closer against my body. I liked the way she felt snuggled into me. My cock started to stir. Liv looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and began to rub my growing member without any hesitation. I was shocked and pleased, but moved her hand away from my crotch. She looked up at me shocked and disappointed.

“Daddy, I can see you enjoy having me close to you.”

“Yes, baby I do, but you shouldn’t be touching me like that.”

“But why, Daddy? I want to, and you like it when I touch you, don’t you?”

“Oh Olivia, I love it when you touch me like that, but I am your father and this isn’t what fathers and daughters do.”

“Daddy no one here knows I’m your daughter… And who cares if they do?”

At a total loss for words, I just sat there trying to process what my daughter had just said. Before I could even process her words she was stroking my cock again. I closed my eyes, trying not to get excited at what was happening, but there was no use. No one knew she was my daughter… Honestly I didn’t care. All I knew was that I loved her and loved the way she was touching me.

Before I put much thought into my actions I picked up my lovely daughter and laid her down on the area rug in front of the fire. I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her hard, letting her tongue dart in and out of my mouth. My hands roamed her body, touching those perky tits, feeling for her nipples to harden at my touch.

I slid her dress up so I could see the lingerie she chose to wear this evening. I planted my knee against her young mound and pushed gently. She let out a muted moan and started to grind her wet pussy against my leg. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I pulled the black dress off to expose her young body.

“Daddy, will you make love me? I have been dreaming about the day you would take me.”

My daughter’s words rung in my ears, they were sweet words to hear.

“Yes my sweet girl, I will make love to you, but not yet.” I kissed her again.

I pulled her bra off to show off those perky breasts. I used my tongue to make each nipple hard by first licking then blowing.

“Daddy, please fuck me,” she said again, with a slight bratty tone.

“I will dear, I am enjoying exploring your body.”

“But Daddy, I want you to fuck me now.” The sweetness in her voice was totally gone and now she was acting like a spoiled brat.

Shocked by her tone, I got a little rough with my brat daughter.

“You want me to fuck you, huh?”

“Yes daddy, I want you to fuck me now!” she demanded.

Her tone angered me. Since she wanted me to fuck her, I decided to fuck her like a little brat slut would be fucked.

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “If you want me to fuck you, then I’m going to fuck you like a little brat slut that you are.”

Her body slightly stiffened underneath me. I don’t think she knew what she was getting into when she demanded me to fuck her. I kissed her on the mouth hard; she tried to pull back, but was unable to escape my lock. I grabbed her bra and tore it off. Her eyes got big with the excitement and fear. I still had my knee placed against her mound, which had now soaked through my pants leaving a nice wet spot. I worked my way down to her panties and tore them off, exposing her dripping cunt.

“Is this what you want my little slut daughter? Huh, is it?”

My hand found its way to her wet pussy, rubbing it roughly while her juices lubricated my fingers. I spread her pussy wide with my fingers as she bucked against my touch.

“Yes Daddy, this is exactly what I want. I want you to fuck me,” still in a bratty tone.

I slapped her pussy hard, making her yelp.

“You little slut, you will NOT talk to me like that.” I slapped her pussy again with a little more force. She bucked and yelped again like she was in pain, but I knew better, her pussy gushed each time I did that.

“Do you understand me?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand.”

“Good girl”

I unbuttoned my pants and allowed my cock to fall out, her eyes filled with excitement when she finally saw it.

“Sit up and open your mouth my little slut daughter, I’m going to fuck your face.”

Liv sat up and parted her rosy lips, slightly sticking out her tongue. I leaned forward and pushed my now-throbbing cock deep into her little mouth. I could feel her gag slightly at the size of my cock. Holding her head I fucked her mouth, watching spit drip down her chin.

“You wanted to me to fuck you, so I’m fucking you. Do you like me fucking your face?”

I let go of her head so she could answer me.

“Yes Daddy, you cock is so big, I like the way it feels when you get it deep into my throat.”

I allowed her to suck my cock without my help. She feverishly lapped at the head, allowing her tongue to encircle the top and then took it deep into her throat, making herself gag.

“That’s my good girl, suck that cock. You have a natural talent for blowjobs. Prepare to suck my cock whenever I tell you, because you are my little slut daughter.”

“Yes, Daddy, I will suck your cock whenever you want,” she mumbled with a mouth full of cock.

I was ready to violate my daughter’s tight virgin pussy. I could tell she was ready.

“Stand up baby. Go sit on the couch and keep your legs wide open so I can see your pink, dripping cunt.”

“Yes Daddy.” Liv got up and rushed over to the couch and opened her legs up, showing me her bright pink pussy.

“Like this Daddy?”

“Yes honey, good girl.”

I stood up, took off my pants and shirt, and walked over to my little girl with my cock in hand. Liv rubbed her pussy as I walked over to the couch.

“Oh Daddy, I can’t wait to have you inside me. I want to feel your cock fill up my tight pussy.”

I smiled and slapped her pussy again.

“Do you like that? Do you like it when I slap your pussy?”

“Yes Daddy, I do like that. I like it when you call me your slut daughter too.”

“Well you are my little slut daughter.” I smiled.

I was standing with my cock just inches away from her pussy; I could feel the heat of her cunt calling me to enter it. I spread her pink pussy lips with my fingers as I began to bury the head of my cock into her.

“Oh Daddy, your cock is so big and I know it’s going to hurt, but please fuck me. Please!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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