Daddy’s Little Call Girl

Daddy’s Little Call Girl


“You would not believe the things this girl could do with her mouth,” Fred told me over dinner. He was describing the hooker he’d had up to his room the night before. Or is escort the proper term? Can she be an escort if she only escorts you to the bed?

“I don’t think I care what she could do with her mouth,” I told him between sips of wine.

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you’d been there. I’m telling you, this girl was unbelievable. She made it clear that for the right price I could have had anything.”

“I am sure she was great. Really. But I just can’t see myself doing something like that. I’m a married man and it sounds like she was young enough to be my daughter. Or yours for that matter.”

“Hey, just because I’m pushing fifty it doesn’t mean that I find twenty-year-olds any less attractive. Gimme a break, Rich, I know the young girls still turn your head. I think your eyes were glued to the new receptionist’s ass for the first couple weeks she was at the firm.”

That was true enough. It wasn’t that I couldn’t appreciate a pretty young thing, but even if I wasn’t married I don’t think I could fuck someone that young. My daughter is only nineteen. It would be like sleeping with one of her friends, not that she didn’t have some cute ones. Aimee went to school in the town Fred and I were in for business and I’d just had lunch with Aimee that afternoon. I picked her up at the sorority and seeing all that young flesh parading around barely covered had stirred things I hadn’t felt in quite sometime.

“Okay, I won’t lie, there are some very attractive young women. But I’m married, a fact you seem to forget every time we go on a business trip.” I said.

“Listen, Rich. I’ve been married for almost thirty years and I know you have too. And I also know you’re having some of the same problems I am. I still love my wife, but she is more interested in being the wife of a successful executive in public than she is in acting like a wife at home. Hell, our housekeeper does just about everything in the house. I think if Marg could get Marisol to take care of our once a month fucking she would do that too. Now should I leave my wife and give up half my shit, or should I just take care of things when I am out of town? Marg will never know and no one gets hurt. You really should give it some thought. You must be so backed up at this point that you could explode any second.”

Fred had a good point and I realized maybe I’d confided in him more than I should have, but sometimes I was so frustrated that I had to blow off some steam. I truly loved my wife and I would never think about leaving her, but it was frustrating that things had become so chilly at home. I would have been happy for sex once a month. I couldn’t remember the last time Lorraine and I had made love. It had been that way for the last few years now. I’d hoped that when Aimee went away to college and we had to house to ourselves again things would heat up. When we were first married, Lorraine and I couldn’t get enough of each other. We made love just about every morning and every night and sometimes I even ran home from work during lunch when she called and told me she was laying in bed wearing something skimpy and waiting for me. But over the years that passion had died and Lorraine and I were more like brother and sister than husband and wife now. What made it even more frustrating was the fact that Lorraine kept herself in such great shape. She was the same size 6 she’d been when I married her and still had the same honey blonde hair. Aimee was the spitting image of her mother and it wasn’t uncommon for my wife and daughter to be mistaken for sisters. Sometimes I wondered just who Lorraine was keeping herself in such great shape for if it wasn’t for me.

Fred went on to tell me how amazing this escort Trinity was for the rest of dinner, not caring that I didn’t want to hear it. He told me that fucking young girls like her made him feel like a young man again. He did make it sound tempting, I’ll admit. But even if I was going to step out on Lorraine I think my pride would prevent me from paying for it.

Before we parted company that night, Fed told me, “Just think about it, Rich. Tomorrow night’s our last night here. We’re a thousand miles away from home. No one would ever know and you’ll go home feeling much more relaxed. Just stop being so uptight and do something for yourself.”

Unfortunately, I did think about it. It was about all I thought about that night. I called Lorraine around eight o’clock, but I got the machine. She must have been out at one of those club meetings she was always going to. Between the charities and the book club it seemed that Lorraine was hardly ever home anymore. I tried to watch CNN for a bit, but I couldn’t concentrate on it, so I shut off the TV and laid there in the dark. I was thinking about how Fred said that being with young call girls made him feel like a young man again. I guess I could understand that. I can Gaziantep Cumhuriyet Escort still vividly remember the rush I felt whenever Lorraine and I were together back in college. She was a freshman and I was a senior when we met. It only took me two dates to get into her pants, which was fast and amazing to me at the time.

We were kissing in the back of my car and I had my hand under Lorraine’s sweater with her bra unhooked. I’ll admit it, I was kind of a square. I had the sex drive, but not the nerve to go with it. I was rubbing Lorraine’s chest, she had great breasts, still does, and I noticed that every time I pinched her nipples she would moan and push against me, so I was doing a lot of that. At twenty-one I’d never put much thought into foreplay. Just about everything I know about pleasing a woman I’ve learned from my wife. So as I was pinching and rolling her nipples, Lorraine just shoved her hand down my pants and grabbed me! I was amazed. Here was this beautiful, innocent looking eighteen-year-old girl and she just went right for my cock. I’d never known a girl so forward. She pulled my cock and went down on me with a wicked grin and then even more shockingly, she didn’t pull away when I warned her I was cumming. I’d only ever cum in one girl’s mouth before and she’d been so disgusted that she almost threw up on me. But not Lorraine. She sucked me until she’d gotten every last drop and then she kept sucking until I was hard again. We fucked the first time right there in the back of my car. And the second time was only a couple hours later back in my room. Like I said, things were really hot between us back then.

If my Lorraine was still like that there was no way I’d be thinking so much about the things Fred told me. But that Lorraine had become a mother and then a respected pillar of the community and somewhere along the way her fire had burned out. But mine hadn’t. So what was I supposed to do? Was it fair for me to be basically celibate because my wife had lost interest in sex? Maybe Fred was right. If getting a little discreetly on the side would take some pressure off me and Lorraine never found out maybe it was ultimately good for our marriage. All I knew for sure was that thinking about sex so much had me really fired up and there was no way I was going to get to sleep without firing one off, so I went into the bathroom and thought about that first night in the back of my car while I pleasured myself.

The next morning at breakfast Fred must have seen a change because he started right in on me about this Trinity.

“I couldn’t get her last night, she said something about having to study. She claims to be a college student. Can you believe that? I’m sure she makes enough money that she does not need to worry about college. Anyway, she sent a friend in her place, some sexy brunette called Darla. Darla had that same clean-cut, college girl look too, but more lean. Sort of a runner’s body, you know? Anyway, she was pretty good too. Trinity promised me she would be available tonight. I was thinking maybe I would order both of them and we’d have us a little party. What do you say, Rich?”

“I don’t know. I mean, yes, it does sound appealing, but I just don’t know if I can go through with it. Let me think about it and I’ll let you know this afternoon.”

“Don’t wait too long, I don’t want Darla to book someone else. Hell, since I’m such a nice guy I’ll even let you have Trinity tonight.”

That was a big temptation, because the way Fred described Trinity it sounded like she looked just like Lorraine did when she was that age, honey blonde hair, nice curvy body. Fred told me her tits were so nice that he would have sworn they were fake before he touched them. Lorraine had a nice C-cup that had always drawn stares.

I was distracted all through our meetings that day. Even thinking about the possibility of fucking this Trinity had me feeling like a young man again. In my mind, the voice shouting, Go on, do it, was drowning out the other one that admonished, Don’t even think about it, you know it’s wrong. I thought about how I would feel if Aimee dated a man my age, but then this wasn’t dating we were talking about, was it?

I knew I was leaning toward joining Fred for his little party, so as a last ditch effort to stop myself I called Aimee and asked her if she wanted to have dinner.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Aimee said. “I have plans tonight that I just can’t break. I would love to see you again, but I can’t swing it.”

“That’s okay, honey. You’re young, you should be out there having fun, not spending all your time with your old dad. Just don’t have too much fun. Is it a boy?”

Aimee’s laughter through the phone was musical. “Daddy! You don’t wouldn’t want me to tell you I had a hot date even if I did. And besides, I’m nineteen, I like men, not boys.”

“Don’t tell me stuff like that, you’re going to give me a heart attack.” Did I really want to hear about that sort of thing from my daughter? Like I said, she is the spitting image of her mother, just a little taller, almost five nine, and her curves are a little better. Yeah, I have noticed, so shoot me. I just try not to notice too much, if you know what I mean, though Aimee’s made that hard sometimes, parading around our pool in her little bikinis. I would never have let her wear some of the clothes she picked out, but Aimee’s mother always overruled me. She liked men, did she? Little comments like that made me wonder about my little angel sometimes. I knew what her mother was like at that age and I wondered if Aimee followed in her footsteps. That was a scary thought! But there were a few times when Aimee was in high school that she came in late and her clothes were dishelved and her lipstick was smeared and I wondered what my daughter had been up to.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t be silly. You’re going to have to accept I’m growing up at some point.”

“I do, honey, I do. Just don’t make me a grandfather anytime soon,” I told her.

We rang off and I knew that I was going to let Fred call Trinity and Darla and that I was going to fuck a woman other than my wife for the first time in twenty-eight years.

Fred and I had rooms on the same floor of the hotel, several doors apart. The plan was to meet them in his room and then Trinity and I would go down to my room. He had a huge stack of cash waiting for the girls and told me that they got six hundred each. I thought that was unbelievable and tried to give him half, but Fred told me it was on him and that I could get the girls next time. I didn’t think there would be a next time, but I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t even sure there was going to be a this time. I felt more and more nervous as the time got closer and thought I was going to throw up. Fred found all this funny and pressed a scotch into my hand, telling me to calm down. The scotch did help and I had a good buzz when the knock on the door came.

I was sitting on the bed while Fred went to answer the door and I couldn’t see anything but his back. First a tall, brunette came into the room and I knew she must be Darla. Fred was right, she did look like a runner. Darla was all legs and had a very tight body. Her breasts were small, but hard as softballs as they pressed through her blue, glittery halter-top. Her flat stomach was pierced and her brief skirt looked like it could slide off her slim hips at any second. Her dark hair was cut into the stylish bob a lot of girls wore these days and she was a very pretty girl. Aside from the slightly trampy outfit she looked like she could have been any of my daughter’s sorority sisters. Darla came over to me and I stood up while she introduced herself.

“I’m Ben,” I told her. Fred said that we had to use fake names for safety’s sake, but I found the cloak and dagger stuff to be a little ridiculous.

Darla pressed herself against me and whispered in my ear as she nibbled on it, “It’s a shame Trinity gets you tonight. Maybe if you’re not too worn out we can switch off later, I wouldn’t mind spending some time with you.”

I was very flattered and even turned a couple shades of red, even as I reminded myself that she was only doing her job. Darla let her hand brush across the front of my pants as she stepped back and I saw Fred closing the door. There stood Trinity and when I saw her my heart just about stopped.

Trinity was the very image of my Lorraine at that age. Her honey blonde hair fell over her shoulders in soft waves and a dusting of freckles painted her nose under arresting green eyes. Her full lips were painted a pretty pink. Trinity was dressed more demurely than her friend, though still very sexy. She was definitely going for the coed look. Her cardigan was a size too small and was left unbuttoned far enough to show a valley of cleavage and the pink lace fringe of her bra. Her skirt was well above her knees and I bet her stockings ended right above the hem. Trinity’s resemblance to Lorraine would have been shocking if not for the fact that she was my own daughter, Aimee.

The room felt like it was spinning and I stood there slack-jawed, trying not to pass out. I blinked a lot because I knew it had to be a trick of the light. My guilty conscience had to be playing tricks on me by making me think this young hooker looked just like my daughter. But no matter how many times I blinked all I could see was Aimee standing in front of me, looking as shocked as I did.

“Don’t be rude, say hello to the young lady,” Fred told me, walking over to put his arm around Darla.

Aimee, or should I call her Trinity, recovered before I did and came over to me. “Hi, I’m Trinity,” she said and put her arms around me. She ground her curves against me and I stood there like a statue.

“I’m…uhhh…” I stammered.

Trinity pressed her breasts into my chest and whispered, “Come on, Dad, snap out of it. Just try to act normal until we can get out of here. Please, don’t fuck this up.” She pulled my face down into her neck and she smelled of fresh soap.

“Mmm, nice to meet you, Rich.” My daughter said, still rubbing against me. I knew that Fred must be thinking I was an idiot for telling the hooker my real name, but there was no way Aimee could know my fake name, even if I now knew hers.

Act normal? What was she talking about? I wanted to drag her out of the room and drive her straight to a convent, but instead I let her show me to a chair and push me into it. “What does a girl have to do for a drink around here?” Trinity asked.

“Allow me,” Fred said and made a scotch for each girl. My daughter sucked her drink down like it was water and I wondered when she started drinking the hard stuff. Like that was a concern now.

“So what would you guys like?” Darla asked. “Is it going to be the four of us here, or are we going to separate rooms? Or, sometimes men like to see me and Trinity first, but that’s a little extra.”

“Separate rooms,” I blurted out, snapping out of my fog. The room felt like it was closing in, I had to get out of there.

“Don’t be in such a rush,” Fred interrupted. “I wouldn’t mind seeing a little of the girls together. If you girls don’t mind, of course.”

“We don’t mind at all, do we Trinity?” Darla said, turning to face my daughter. Darla caressed Trinity’s breasts through her sweater and she swayed, leaning into the brunette’s hands. Darla plucked open another button on Trinity’s sweater and slipped her hand inside, letting us both see the lacy bra beneath.

“Mmm, I know I don’t mind,” Trinity breathed and tilted her head back as Darla kissed her neck. It was weird that I was thinking of my daughter as “Trinity”, but I think that was the only thing letting me keep a hold of my sanity. Trinity started touching Darla too and then pulled her halter down past her small breasts. Right before my eyes my daughter leaned forward and began kissing the hooker’s breasts. Darla had small nipples too, and Trinity caught those pink buds between her lips to suck them.

“Ohh, baby,” Darla cooed, holding Trinity’s face to her chest. My daughter kissed back and forth between Darla’s breasts until the brunette lifted her face up and kissed her. It was no friendly peck either. I saw Trinity’s mouth open and take Darla’s tongue inside. Now the girls were rubbing against each other. Trinity was grabbing Darla’s ass and even pulled her skirt up to reveal a blue thong. Darla, meanwhile was popping the remaining buttons on Trinity’s sweater.

I glanced over and saw Fred rubbing himself through his pants and wanted to scream, Stop that, that’s my daughter! Of course Fred had no idea. We’d only worked together for a few years and we really didn’t socialize outside of the office. If he’d ever seen the pictures of Aimee on my desk he obviously hadn’t taken much notice. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. How could I tell my colleague that my daughter was a hooker and that he’d already fucked her?

When I saw Fred playing with himself I realized with shame that I was aroused too. Even though one of the girls was my daughter, I couldn’t help but be turned on by watching them together. My cock was throbbing, but I did not touch myself. I just sat there and passively watched.

Darla had her hand up Trinity’s skirt and by the way she was swaying and gyrating I didn’t need more than one guess to know what she was doing. I saw Trinity’s big chest, dusted with freckles just like her mother’s, rise and fall as her breathing got heavier. Somehow I didn’t think my daughter was just putting on an act as her friend touched her. Trinity was really into the other girl.

Trinity tore her mouth away from Darla’s and let out a gasp before the other girl took her hand out of her skirt. Trinity’s pale skin was flushed, something that happened to her mother when she was very turned-on. In fact, how many times had I seen the look that was on my daughter’s face on her mother’s? Whenever Lorraine gave me that look I knew I was in for one wild night. “I think the guys might be feeling left out,” Trinity said, coming over and sitting in my lap.

“I think they were just enjoying the show,” Darla said and went over to Fred’s lap. Her top was still down and Fred began pawing her breasts at once.

“Hey, I love a good show, but I always prefer hands on experience. How about you, Rich?” Darla giggled and cooed as he pinching her nipples.

“I…” I still hadn’t quite recovered the power of speech.

“Something tells me Rich here is the shy type,” Trinity said, playing with my hair in the back. Of course it wasn’t as thick as it once had been and it was shot with gray, but I always loved it when her mother did that to me. Trinity took my hand and put it on her hip and wiggled in my lap. To my horror my cock surged forward and I knew she had to feel it.

“Good thing you know what to do with them,” Darla said as she casually unbuckled Fred’s belt. She pulled his face to her chest and he started right in on her breasts. “I don’t think my guy has that problem, though.”

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