Daddy’s Day with Daughter

Daddy’s Day with Daughter

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WARNING!! Only read if you are into incest, pee and poop fetishes, and virgin sex.


John is a regular dad who leads a pretty normal life. Being 45 with a good job as an architect. Not an eccentric architect with piles of cash, but certainly not poor. John has always been a pretty level headed guy, but he has always held one secret from everyone. He is the father of young 18 year old Emma. Emma is just starting her senior year in high school and is home a lot studying. She has never really been the outgoing girl that most are at 18. She has always earned great grades, but at the cost of never going out with friends. Emma’s mom, Lisa, is a translator. She travels around most of the time and isn’t really home a lot. Lisa makes most of the money for the family. She used to be very cute and had a good sex life with John, but in the past three years of marriage they have only had sex five times. Lisa has also gotten very impatient with her husband and they fight a lot. They are a mostly typical white family with nothing to hide…except for John. One day around three o’clock, John was in his office working on some blueprints for a new commercial building in the city. Emma walks in the door as she always does and says hi to her dad on her way up to her bedroom upstairs. ” Hey dad I’m home!”

“How was school?”

“It was pretty normal today. I have a lot of studying to do though”

“Ok. Should I leave you alone until dinner?”

“Yes please daddy. I’ll be upstairs in my room.”

She walks up to her bedroom and closes the door for her studying and homework. As she walked up the stairs, John saw her from behind. He saw just a glimpse of her pink panties under her school skirt. “Damn” he whispered under his breath. He went back to his office and sat down. He admired how sexy she was becoming. Her long brown hair and size C tits. Even her cute butt was getting better and better every day. He started thinking about her and how badly he wanted her. He started to think about how badly he wanted to dominate her. His own daughter. He had almost evil thoughts of what he wanted to do to her. He had to go back to work though. So he worked until about 6:30 until he got a call from Lisa.

“Hey John, I won’t görükle escort be back tonight. I’m sleeping in a hotel for a few nights. Just working. Won’t be home for about a week.”

“Oh well ok. I miss you.”

“Ya I’m sure you do. You never call or text me.”

“I’ve just been working a lot you know that.”

“Oh you don’t have time for me. I’ll talk to you later John.” She hangs up.

“Ughhh! What a bitch!” He says quietly to himself. He is to mad to work anymore so he decides to make dinner. Once he sets up the table and cooks the food, he calls Emma down to eat.

“Emma, food is ready!”

“Ok I’ll be there in a second!” He hears from upstairs. She comes down in the same clothes she had on at three.

“Have a seat.” John says as he puts the plate of food down. He sits down on the opposite side of the square table and asks “How’s the studying going?”

“Oh it’s a bit hard but I’ll get through it.”

“That’s how it is sometimes.” John replies as he sees Emma’s beautiful cleavage on her low cut shirt. He has an idea. John drops his fork on the floor “Dammit dropped my fork” and goes down to get it. While he is down there he takes a peek at Emma’s skirt and sees an amazing camel toe through her pink panties. He sits back in his chair after picking up his fork. “Oh my goddd. I can’t resist it anymore. I have to do it.” he thought to himself. After Emma finished eating her chicken and salad she told her dad she had to take a shower and go to bed. So she left the table and walked back upstairs to her bathroom. John had a plan. A very perverted and fucked up plan.

He heard the shower turn on, and the curtain close upstairs. “This is going to be great.” He walked upstairs to her bathroom door and opened it quietly. He saw the majestic bathroom. It was quite large and had a shower as well as a hot tub. It had a toilet and a little block about 4 feet long, 3 feet tall, and 3 feet wide. It didn’t really serve a purpose, it was just there for sitting. The room was white with a little bit of dark pink on the wall trim. John walked inside and locked the door with a key. The only way to get out was with that key. There were no windows. He walked to the shower glass door eskort bayan and opened it. Emma was surprised and didn’t know what to do.

“Dad what are you doing in here! Get out!”

“Stop talking Emma.” He pulled her out of the shower while it was still running.

“Dad what the fuck!”

“Listen to me. This is very important for you to hear. I have been thinking about you for a while now and how beautiful you have become.”

“Dad ewww get out of here!”

“Listen! You’re mine now. I am going to do whatever I want with you now. I suggest obeying me!”

“What?! No!”

John grabs her and pushes her against the wall and starts to kiss her while holding her left breast.

“Get the fuck off! What’s wrong with you!”

He keeps kissing her. He puts a little chloroform over her face and she passes out. He moves her body to the stone block in the middle of the room and ties her hands and feet together. He gags her with a towel as well. She wakes up soon after the tying is done. John is standing above her. “Do you believe me now? You’re my slave and you will do what I tell you. Do you understand?”

Emma frightfully nods yes. He goes behind his naked helpless daughter and rubs her virgin pussy. Getting it wet. “First I have to break you in.”

He undresses himself and rubs his hard cock against her wet pussy and grabs her hips. “One, two,”

“Daddy please don’t!” Emma cries out in a muffled scream.

“Three!” He rams his big 7 inch cock all the way in her tight virgin pussy.

“Oh my fucking god!!” Emma cries in pain.

John sees blood but keeps going and fucks her for about five minutes. After cleaning up her pussy blood, he bends down in front of her to talk. ” I know that hurt. You did a good job Emma. Now it’s time for more. He unties her and Ungags her. She sits on her butt on the cold stone floor. “Get on ur hands and knees on this platform.” She does. He puts a little lube on her asshole and his cock.

“Daddy please don’t hurt me”

“It will hurt a little but you will get used to it.”

He pushes the tip of his bare cock into her ass as she screams “Ow dadddd!”

He pounds her ass for a few minutes and then altıparmak escort he pulls out. “Get on your knees. You need to taste your own ass.”

“Ewww dad that’s disgusting no!”

“Do it slave!!”

She obeys and he puts his cock in her pretty little mouth. “Suck it.” She starts sucking his cock and choking on it.

“I bet you have to shit huh?” He pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Ya, so what”

“Go shit in the toilet.”

“You’re gonna watch me? That so gross!”

“You have no idea yet. Do it.”

She goes and sits on the toilet. He can hear the shit hitting the water and a little bit of pee. She finishes and grabs the toilet paper. “Don’t wipe or flush.” She obeys and stands up. “Get on your knees in front of the toilet.”

She obeys unknowingly of what comes next.

“What are you doing daddy?”

He walks over to her and grabs her hair hard. “Put your fucking hands on the rim of the toilet and your head above it.” She does it scared of what’s coming. John pushes his daughters face into the toilet that she just shit and pissed in. He can hear her choking underwater. He pulls her back up and she is coughing with toilet water in her throat as well as pee. Her little girly shit is smeared on her face and lips. He grab some of it out I the toilet and pushes it onto her face and smears some on her tits. “You fucking like choking on your own piss and having your own shit all over you?”

She tries to say no but is choking. Her lays her down on the plat form and ties her up. She can’t move. He looks at his own shit covered daughter all tied up. “God damn you’re getting so sexy.”

He squats above her mouth and holds her mouth open. He takes a huge shit right into her mouth and uses her nose to wipe his ass. She chokes and gags from her fathers shit. He puts her on her hands and knees again and fucks her in her ass. When he is deep in her ass he decides to pee in her. He lets all of the owe he has fill up her ass. And then cums on her shit covered face.

He unties her and she immediately spits out his shit. “Now listen to your master Emma. You will not tell anyone about this ok. And if you do. I’ll make it worse next time ok. You’re daddy’s little slave now ok. Get yourself cleaned up.”

He leaves the room and takes a shower himself. Emma then cleaned herself up. They had fuck sessions every time kiss was gone. And she grew to like it. She grew to crave her fathers cock. And she grew to become a perfect little daughter for John.

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