Cuck Preparation

Cuck Preparation


When we entered the adult store, the electronic chime announced our presence. I recognized the familiar layout of the windowless store. Many toys and accessories lined one side, while the other side displayed sexy lingerie and costumes to sexing up the bedroom. My wife Rhonda led the way, walking with me to the cashier who was adjusting one of the displays.

Why is it that almost every cashier at these types of stores are really sexy Big Beautiful Women? Not that I’m complaining because the employee looked very much like by own wonderful wife. Rhonda is 5′ 6″ tall, has a glorious 44-36-44 curvy Italian body, with long black hair. She is a strong-willed woman and I love it, and at her job as a chief financial officer for a Fortune 100 company, she rules the roost because she knows exactly what she wants. We can look like a bit of an odd couple, as I am 5′ 3″, pale skinned with a receding hairline. I barely weigh 135 pounds, and I continue to wonder why this vivacious, sexy woman wants to spend her life with me, but she does.

“Hi there, I’m April. How can I help you folks?”

Rhonda, my hand in hers, approached the buxom blond and said, “Hey, April, I’m Rhonda. It is nice to meet you. I have a date with a really hung black man tomorrow night, and I need to find something to keep my husband here from getting overexcited and spoiling the evening. Can you help us with that?”

As my wife explained the circumstances, I turned crimson. There was no need for her to say all of that. Couldn’t she have just said to show us some cock cages? At any rate, April looked me over as my wife spoke, and smiled knowingly.

April offered, “Oh, I see. You’re afraid that he’s going to play with himself, while you’re having fun with your bull, and lose his spunk on the bedroom carpet?”

“Exactly. Larry just can’t keep from touching himself when he gets dirty thoughts in his head.”

“Oh, okay. Has that happened before?”

“Oh, no, he hasn’t. Tomorrow is our first time for him being my cuckold, but Larry has been feeling very anxious, and, well, he’s a quick cummer on a good day, aren’t you, Babydoll?” Rhonda looked to me to confirm her comments and I just nodded. She continued, “A friend of mine told me that if I allow him to cum too quickly, he might panic after he comes down from his high, and that might spoil things for me and my bull.”

The cashier wore a black cocktail type skirt that hugged her exaggerated ass and hips, plus a sheer white blouse that tried to contain her 46- or 48 -inch bust. April had been nodding all through Rhonda’s comments, and added, “Oh yeah, you are SO right. My Robby did that to me on our first night of cucking, and it was horrible. I made Robby wait in the car the next time. I was so upset with him, that he wasn’t allowed to be in the same room for a long time. It was so much better fucking my bull without his nonsense, and Robby was just a bundle of nerves. It nearly killed him not knowing, but I promised him that he would still get to clean me up when I got back.”

I couldn’t believe that this woman and my wife were talking about their men so openly like this.

“So, to answer your question, I have a few items that I use with my boyfriend that can help you out. Wait right here.” With that, the young lady walked to the front door and turned the sign on the window from OPEN, COME ON IN, to, CLOSED, PLEASE COME AGAIN. She locked the door latch, and turned toward us. On her way back to us, she added, “Its almost closing time, so I might as well lock up so I can help you two out personally. Follow me.”

She had a quick pace and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her plump ass cheeks as they swayed with every step. My wife and I caught up to her, just as April stopped at a shelf and pulled out a stainless steel cage, complete with a tiny lock. When April removed the cage from the box, Rhonda began chuckling. “Oh my God, girl, that won’t work for Larry. His little dick will swim in that.”

April scowled, and looked at me with pity. “Oh, I’m sorry. This is for an average sized men, say, five to six inches.” She gave an obvious pout, and added, “Aren’t you that big, sweetie? Rhonda caught on immediately.

“For God sake, Larry, show April what we are working with.” I looked at my wife, pleading without saying anything. Her contemptuous look told me to comply, so I began to unbuckle my pants, looking around that there weren’t any others around but April to see my lack of manhood. April placed her hands on her wide hips, awaiting the sight of my plight.

As my pants fell to the floor and having hooked my jockeys with my thumbs, I recognized the other witness – the CCTV surveillance camera pointed down at us. My heart raced as I let them fall as well, and my already aroused dicklet, as my wife refers to it, protruded barely four inches from my balls. April brought over the regular sized cage and slipped it easily over my cock, and the head was still almost a half inch from the steel cap.

April chuckled, touching me gently on kütahya escort my shoulder in consolation, “Well, you’re right. That won’t do at all. Let me see…” She looked above and below, and reached to the back of another shelf. She pulled out a smaller box aptly named SIZE ZERO, and flipped the box top open. Out of it came basically a steel ring and a metal cap with a hasp for a lock. “You might be a bit big for the Size Zero, but half the fun is watching you try to stuff it in. It might even make you feel a bit manly to know you’re a little bit too big for something.”

My wife remained shaking her head as the young lady bent over to help me with the cage, her ample breasts keeping me aroused. “Hmm,” she said, looking at my hardness, “We are just going to have to get you out of this mental state, cuz as little as you are, it will really hurt to jam your little guy in this.” April lowered herself on her haunches, and I couldn’t keep myself from peeking up her skirt into her creamy thighs. I know she intentionally parted her thighs for me. The girth of her thighs prevented me seeing what color panties, if any, that she was wearing. The sight of both her meaty thighs and her ample cleavage didn’t help with my hardness dilemma.

April slid her hand along the underside of my already leaking shaft. She looked up to Rhonda and asked, “Do you want me to fix this?” She added an evil smile.

“Do what you’ve got to do to get this thing on him. We need to make sure it fits.” Rhonda’s wink at April was all a part of their little game.

April cupped my tightened balls in her fingers, teasing me so well, and then glided her fingers back along my length. I saw the glistening glob of precum dripping from the head of my penis, and she wiped that away with her middle finger. Just then, her other hand came down and spanked the head of my cock from the topside.

“Bad boy!” she admonished. I jerked back in shock.

She followed that with another sharp slap, and then another, stinging my oversensitive penis right near the tip. I looked down in horror as my cock responded by the blood quickly leaving my groin. I’ve had Rhonda spank my dick when we are in bed, but never has a stranger spanked me like that. I thought something like that would make me harder, but my dwindling dick proved me wrong when the head began to hide within my shriveled foreskin.

The cashier wasted no time sliding the ring over one nut and then the other, and her deft fingers pulled my wiener through the ring as well; all of my junk poking through the metal ring . She picked up the thin steel cap and placed it on the post, pinning my softened penis tightly against my ball sack. The lock slid in easily and she stepped back, proud of her ability to place me safely inside. There was three holes in the lid that made it look like the cap of a saltshaker.

“That’s perfect, April,” Rhonda commented.

“Aren’t those holes for peeing? Won’t it make me spray all over the toilet?” I asked, in dismay.

April chided me, as though I should have known, “No, silly. Those holes are there to make sure that you sit down to pee like a girl. It will make a real mess if you try to stand up like a man.” Both women laughed out loud at my plight.

Rhonda turned to me and said, “Listen Babydoll, if you don’t want to do this, we can take this thing off right now, and I’ll cancel my date with Roderick tomorrow. And I can just learn to live with that.” She pointed to my crotch, reminding me of her dissatisfaction with my male prowess. “I guess I can get used to only being orally satisfied.”

I stood there with my pants on the floor, seeing the silvery metal pan caging me, and replied, “No. This is okay.” I knew that we had talked about this, and I already had so much angst about knowing that my wife would be getting a real man fucking her like I can’t. I just didn’t think I would have to go through all of this to get there.

April broke the awkward silence by saying, “So, I have some other items you can use if you like? Would you like to see?” I had no idea what she might be referring to, but, as I waited for Rhonda to reply, she looked at me, shaking her head in disgust.

“Pull your goddamned pants up, Larry. Are you going to stare at that thing all night?”

I hurriedly pulled the jockeys up while they talked.

“Sure, April, show me what you think might help me.”

“Right this way, then,” she offered, hastily moving around the corner. My wife right behind her, I actually tried catching up to them as I had my pants halfway up.

As I neared them, April asked, “So, will you need to keep him in place? I have some handcuffs here, or ropes over here.” Rhonda fingered the ropes, and looked over the metal restraints.

“Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Oh, and this,” the girl offered, holding up a ball gag. “Robby tried to tell us what he wanted to see, but I stopped that shit right away.”

Rhonda seemed intrigued at the idea, but offered, “No, I think Larry malatya escort will behave himself. Right Sweetie?” Her hand caressed my balding head as I acquiesced silently.

“Rhonda, will you be needing condoms?”

“No, Larry and I have talked about that. My bull has been tested, so he will definitely be doing me bareback..”

April chuckled a bit and said, “Um, no, I was referring to Larry. Some of us like to keep our pussy free of cuck sperm, when a real man is available. I’ve got some Junior size condoms if you want.”

Rhonda looked at me for a long time, studying my face, and then announced, “No. Not today anyway, but I’ll keep them in mind.”

“So, we have some fun items for him over here, Rhonda,” encouraged the young attendant. We followed her to the other side of the shop, where the lingerie was on display. “We have these,” she offered, fondling a pair of neon yellow bikini panties with a built in pouch for a guy’s junk. “With his cage, he might even be able to fill up the pouch.” Rhonda fingered the silky undies, looking me over from head to toe.

“Hmm,” said Rhonda, “Maybe…”

April jumped in, “Or these…” pulling a pair of black bikinis with lace trim. When she turned them around, there was a lacey hole in the back center, and a pink frilly font below the waistband that read: RETURN TO WIFE WHEN FULL.

I closed my eyes, hoping this moment would evaporate. Instead, the silence was broken with Rhonda smiling at me and saying, “Oh, they would look so cute on you, Babydoll. Do you have the neon ones in a Boys Large?” April looked through the hangers and found a small pair, and held them up to my crotch. Rhonda added, “Aww, they’re sweet. Put these on.” Both women watched as i let my pants and underwear drop and then stepped into the bright panties, pulling them up over my caged dick.

Rhonda then said, “Just leave your pants off for now. I like the color.” I picked up my underwear and slipped them into the pocket and then hung my slacks over my arm. I looked at my black socks and shoes and up along my bare legs and thighs. The neon was just another reminder of how these women enjoyed my emasculation.

“Okay then, what about aftercare? Have you two talked about that?”

“Well,” Rhonda replied, “we don’t have any rules about that yet. We’ve watched some videos, and found there are a lot of men who go down on their wife after, but I haven’t made it a rule. I think it would be quite hot to cum that way. What do you think, Babydoll?”

Before I could answer, April interrupted. “You know, Rhonda, I can tell you from my own experience with Robby, that once Larry sees you in that messy state, and he hasn’t been able to cum, there won’t be much holding him back from experiencing that. He will lose all of his senses until he is able to cum. “

I knew she was right, I had fantasized about going down on Rhonda as soon as her bull pulled out, but I couldn’t admit this in front of a stranger. Then, finally, I said, “I’m not really sure how I will feel if he is still there with us. But I will want to make you cum.”

April, never missing an opportunity for a sale, suggested, “I do have something that you can use if Larry gets a little shy in front of Roderick. It’s something you can do after he sees your bull to the door. Do you want to see it?”

“Sure,” said Rhonda.

April took us to a wall lined with whips and chains and paddles, and pointed to a very odd looking stool on the floor. It had very stubby legs, maybe five or six inches high, and most of the seat was cut out of it.

“What is that,” I asked, perplexed.

“Well, Larry, it is very clear to me that Rhonda is truly your queen, isn’t that true?”

I looked at Rhonda, feeling our connection. “I’ve never used the term, but she is everything I live for. I love her and adore her like a queen. So, yes, I guess that is true.”

“Well, this is what is called, a Queening Chair. If you will lie down, I will show you both how it works.”

I looked to Rhonda and her stare gave me no option. I got to my knees and then rolled onto the floor, on my back. April stepped over my body to get to the chair and leaned way down beside me to pick it up. Her feet were on either side of my head, and I could see up her skirt. As she picked up the chair, her naked cunt came into view, the meaty pink petals garnished in her rolls of flesh. April set it on over top of my head, two legs butted up against my shoulders and two more behind my ears. I could see her creamy thighs and cunt lips as she turned around to face my wife. “Would you like to try this for yourself?” asked the salesgirl. Rhonda looked down at me, grinning broadly.

Rhonda replied, “You know what, April? You know all of its features. Why don’t you use Larry to show me how it works?”

The chunky blond female looked down at me, then back to Rhonda. “Sure. I’d be happy to.” With that, she hiked up her skirt to her hips, showing us both that she wore nothing beneath. As she began to squat, her manisa escort pussy opened up as her thighs parted, and April reached down to the rails on top of the seat, to balance herself as she lowered herself on me. Her ass cheeks separated as she squatted, pulling against the tight pucker of her anus. Most of the light disappeared as her sweet ass and cunt closed in on me, and all was now lit by whatever light came in from beneath the seat.

When April set her ass on the seat, her ass cheeks parted wider and wider, and the puckered opening stretched tightly until her ass and cunt lay within an inch of the tip of my nose. I felt the tension of my cock trying to react to this erotic scene, but only felt the squeeze of the lid pressing down onto my purplish helmet. I swear I could feet the soft skin of my helmet as it pushed through the tiny holes in the lid.

“So, if you sit straight up, he gets an intimate view of your ass, and if you do this,” she said as she squirmed her cheeks side to side, “you force yourself into him like so.” I felt the tight ring pushing outward, almost in touch with my tongue.

Rhonda called down to me, “Larry, can you taste her ass without lifting your head up?” I reached out my tongue and easily licked at her sweaty, perfumed bottom.

I called out, “Yes, Dear.”

“Can you bury your face in her ass if you lift your head up?”

I did as told, and my nose pressed into her cleft, my cheeks rubbed along the cheeks of her warm, smelly ass. I inhaled the musky, sweaty scent and I licked at her anus as she ground her ass in small circles. I relaxed once again and offered, “Yes, I can, Dear.”

April continued, “Now, if you want him to access your pussy, you just lean way forward.” As she showed Rhonda this next move, the petals of her pussy parted and droplets of her juices trickled along the pink folds. And all of it pushed downward, trapping my head beneath her cunt. Her clit pushed into my lips. “And, once you’re over this far, your lover’s cum will easy fall onto his waiting face and mouth. Unfortunately, I don’t have any to offer him tonight.”

Rhonda said, as she looked down on my scrawny body trapped beneath the heavy blond, “He does look kind of cute under there.”

A short pause followed and then April offered, “And… I’m in a perfect place to eat your pussy, Rhonda? Would you like me to be a bad girl for you?”

Rhonda was quick to respond, “You mean, you want me to feed you my pussy while you feed Larry your ass?”

The girl immediately rocked back and rested at the back of the chair. I heard Rhonda unbuttoning her slacks and felt the thin material fall at my feet. Then I felt Rhonda’s feet push into my underarms as she moved closer to the hot blond. April’s tight, puckered hole shimmied its way into the chair opening and her ass cleft pushed into my nose.

“I don’t see April smiling. Are you eating her ass yet, Larry?”

I raised my head into the sweaty, heady pucker, pushing my tongue round and round the rippled opening. April immediately moaned as I teased her. I heard slurping noises from above, no doubt the girl was using her tongue on Rhonda’s pussy and clit. I showed appreciation by tonguing the girl in the same way, pushing against the tightly banded anal muscles.

Rhonda began moaning and I felt my own arousal, still stymied by my cage. “Oh, fuck,” came from above, my wife showing signs of an impending orgasm “Fuck my pussy with that tongue.” I pushed my own tongue into the girl and then licked up and down her cleft, drawing her syrup from the base of her vaginal lips and used it to lube her abundant ass.

Rhonda’s grunts, three of them, told me that she was ejaculating into this very hot woman’s mouth, and then I felt April lean way forward, pushing her clitoris into my face. I tilted my head into it, drawing the nubbin into my mouth and lavished it with my tongue and lips. Soon, I heard her own cooing begin, and then her cunt humped at me like a bitch in heat. She, too, grunted deeply and washed my face with her liquid honey.

The girl fell forward, off of the seat and ended up on her hands and knees, her ass and cunt gleaming with my copious saliva. The lights of the store assaulted my eyes after the darkness beneath April. My wife was standing back a few feet, pulling her thong back in place, and then pulled her slacks up, re-buttoning them.

My wife said, “I love that seat. We’ll take it.”

April got back to her feet and I saw my wife’s slick juices from her nose to her chin and all around her lips. “Will that be all?” she asked.

“I think that’s everything for tonight,” said Rhonda. I got back up and my wife looked at my well-used face. She kissed my cheek, and said, “That will be so much better tomorrow night.

As April tallied up the items at the register, I noticed my wife reach into the bowl of Junior Condoms next to the till, and pulled out 3.

I read the label on one. It read: FOR A BOY SIZED PENIS ONLY.


Rhonda handed them to the cashier and said, “Don’t forget these,” winking at me as I waved my credit card over the reader.

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