Crimes , Punishments Ch. 02

Crimes , Punishments Ch. 02


Beware: Contains BDSM and incest.

How did I learn about the submissive mother and her dominating son’s lurid scene during the week, when I’d been away? When I arrived on Friday afternoon, Janice, my insolent, disrespectful girlfriend, refused to tell me anything about her week with her hot teen son, Matt. So as soon as Matt, left to hang with his friends, I bound his mother to her bed, legs splayed wide, clamped her nipples, clit and cunt lips, hooked her clit chain to her nipple chain, attached long shoelaces to her pussy clamps, stretched her lips till she yelled, tied the shoelaces around her thighs, and flogged her cunt.

As the hits became harder, she started writhing and began cumming after the tenth blow. I wouldn’t stop until she told me what had happened with Matt. When she’d finished, I plunged a vibe deep into her cunt and twisted a greased dildo into her ass. She came within a minute, bucking and shouting from the dual penetration she so craved.

Later, when I threatened to cane her cunt instead of using the crop or flogger, she relented and told me the details of her debauched bondage, tit torture, cocksucking, facial bath, fucking and the anal dildo flashlight fucking and with her son.

A little later, Janice was so humiliated by her confession that she left to go shopping. Matt arrived from school soon afterward. He and I had a long, frank talk. I was delighted to find we were in complete agreement about moving forward. He could barely contain his excitement as we discussed a detailed agenda for our upcoming scene with her.

That evening, a full moon, was stifling with humid summer heat. At dinner, we were all charged with energy. Janice drank a fair amount, searching our faces for a clue to the tension in the room. Once the three of us finished eating, I spoke to Matt and his mother. She was wearing a gauzy, provocative blouse. I thought I could see part of her big dark aureoles exposed above her transparent black bra. She’d been expecting a change in the household, but couldn’t anticipate what it would be.

“Starting tonight, your bad behavior will no longer be tolerated. We are beginning an indefinite period of discipline and punishment in which Matt will participate as much, if not more so, than me.” She stared at me, mouth agape, and immediately began perspiring more heavily and squirming, already excited. The more she perspired, the more the filmy blouse clung to her chest, revealing the slutty black bra. She drank more vodka with a gulp. Matt just stared at me, stunned, and looked back and forth between his mother and me. Although she was obviously humiliated, her arousal was glaringly obvious.

“The duration is indefinite because of your years of bad behavior,” I explained. “Do I need to itemize all the no-shows, late arrivals, broken promises, apologies and excuses, and all the times you’ve embarrassed or disappointed Matt?” She shook her head and I slapped her left breast. Thwack! The heavy flesh juddered.”Speak up.”

“No Sir,” she mumbled, eyeing Matt suggestively and wondering whether he would slap her other tit. He didn’t disappoint her.

Whack! The mound of tit flesh wobbled under the harsh impact. “Say it loud and clear,” he ordered. She stared at him, incredulous that the two men she lusted for were both abusing her – and not in her bedroom, but at the kitchen table.

“No Sir, I know I’ve been bad.” I poured her more vodka.”Very bad,” she muttered.

“But that’s not all,” I continued. “You’ll be clamped and whipped for cockteasing Matt for years by shamelessly exhibiting yourself to him. And Matt told me all about your session with him.”

She looked at her son and new Master, aghast. Greedily, she swallowed more vodka. “So I know from you both how you got off on sucking your son’s thick cock, how you couldn’t even retain his load in your big mouth, and how quickly you came when he fucked you in your cunt and used a dildo in your ass.” So you’ll have to pay the price for manipulating and seducing your son—and enjoying it.”

Janice nodded, beside herself with arousal. “Since I’m not here during the week, I’ve asked Matt to continue your training and discipline after this weekend. You are now his pain-slut and cum-slut, as much as you’re mine. He and I agreed that you will be disciplined at least once during the week, while I’m away, but I hope he’ll do much more than that required minimum.” She closed her eyes, swooning so much I was afraid she’d keel over.

“At home, you’re to wear your collar, a baby doll, negligee or one of your slutty bras, panties, garter belt and stockings, or stay-up stockings. Being a teen, with those heavy balls of his, I know for sure that he’ll make you suck his cock – or fuck your face – at least once a day, probably beginning as soon as he wakes up.

“I assume that he’ll use at least some basic bondage on you every day, especially tit bondage, and he’ll fuck you daily as well. Whether he lets you cum is entirely up to his discretion. rokettube And if I’m any judge, he’ll whip or tawse or flog or cane a different part of you every day, in rotation, so that you’re usually marked, but never too harshly.

“Like his mother, Matt likes toys, so you can expect him to use clamps, clothespins, suction pumps, chains, weights, dildos and vibes. Starting now, you’ll reduce the protein in your diet, since you’ll be eating his cum several times a day.

“Matt and I have outlined a program for your ongoing submission, which includes servicing others at any time and place. They could be Matt’s friends, teachers, neighbors or total strangers. Janice was in shock at the news that she would be forced to submit to more Doms than her boyfriend and son. “At some point soon, three guys will punish and fuck you in the same session.” She closed her eyes, envisioning the depraved scene.

“First, you will be on your knees, a cum dump for the first part, a facial. Then, your tits, belly, ass and thighs will be whipped, caned or flogged – all at the same time. Finally, after clamping and weighting, you’ll be triple penetrated in a rotation, so anyone who wants two or all three of your holes can do so.”

“Matt will contact me whenever he has a question about your midweek program. Is all this clear?” Mutely, she nodded, wondering if this was all a dream come true. “Any questions?”

Matt shook his head, but Janice asked, her voice hoarse with anticipation, “When do we start?”

“Right now.” I paused to stretch out the moment. “Stand up and strip.”

“Right here?” she asked, flustered by the suddenness, by the lack of time to adjust to her new servitude, by being in the kitchen rather than her bedroom. Two depraved and harsh Masters, one of them her own son. Two big cocks. Two thick, sweet and slightly salty, creamy white, huge loads of fresh hot jizz.

“You’ve just earned yourself a fresh punishment for questioning my order.” I extended my arm to her chest, her dark nipples well on their way to tumescence. I glanced at Matt and he followed my lead. I pinched Janice’s swelling left nipple through the damp blouse fabric and Matt began imitating everything I did. In tandem, he and I pulled the fat dusky nipples and twisted the elongated stalks till she cried out. I had a lot more plans for those bulging stalks.

“Okay, I’ll strip,” she gasped. We released her nipples and Janice stood shakily, unbuttoning her blouse as if a sleepwalker in a trance state. She removed the blouse to reveal an expensive, charcoal demi-bra and expansive, swarthy aureolas twice the width of a dollar coin. She seemed unaware that earlier, I’d positioned the table and her chair so they were in front of a large, floor-to-ceiling window, which could be directly viewed by Gus, the slovenly, lecherous older neighbor with a beer belly who’d been fantasizing about the flirtatious MILF since he’d moved in six months earlier.

“Now the skirt,” I said. She removed it, revealing stockings, a garter belt and a prominent camel toe beneath the tight, thin, French-cut panties, all of which matched the bra. I noticed that, as stipulated, she’d worn the panties over the garter straps so she could bare her shaved pussy while leaving it framed in the garter belt.

While I took a few intro photos, Janice asked for another vodka rocks and I poured a double as she stood in front of Matt’s grinning, lustful and slightly sadistic gaze. She drank down half in a gulp. “Pull down the bra so we can see how aroused your nipples are.”

Fortified by the rush of icy alcohol, she slowly pulled on the tight cups, freeing her swollen nipples and pebbly aureoles, posing till her next command. “Lose the bra.” Taking her time, she stripped it off. “Now the panties.” She made a show of ever so slowly lowering the tight panties below her stunning mons and ass and clasped her hands behind her. She exulted in her nudity. I rotated the chair 180 degrees so the rear was facing Matt and me. “Sit,” I said.

She sat, spread her legs beyond the width of the chair and hooked her heels along the dowels that connected the sides of the chair. This posture spread open her thick, shaved labia, exposing her obviously wet cunt to her son and to me. She looked challengingly at me, proud that she would brazenly show herself before I could command her to do so.

She bent over till her chin was resting on the rear of the chair, supporting herself on its arms, thrusting her ass backward to the edge of the seat, her heavy tits hanging below her. “I’m ready,” she said in a low, husky tone of acceptance, feebly trying to cover the wave of excitement course through her. “Do what you will.”

Janice, my disrespectful, teasing, cock- and cum-crazy girlfriend, was sitting nude in a kitchen chair, waiting for her son and me to bind, punish, humiliate and fuck her for years of transgressions. Proud of her lush body, taunting us with her heavy tits hanging free, goading us with her legs asyalı porno spread over the sides of the chair, she was proudly provoking us to punish her.

She was also vaguely aware that she was naked in front of a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked her slovenly neighbor Gus’s apartment. I took more photos. Considering what an exhibitionist she was, and how photogenic she appeared in photos, and how pleased she was with them, I knew that she’d relish more images.

I don’t believe in straining mouth muscles, just in preventing cries from being heard by neighbors, so I put on a bridle gag, a dowel padded with black leather, and a bondage collar. It featured four D-rings, which we might not need to use, but the black leather looked great, augmenting her mouth gag, glossy black hair, charcoal nipples and dark gray aureola. Matt and I added wrist cuffs and bound her hands to the arms of the chairs.

“Could we oil her up?” Matt asked.

“Good idea. Go ahead.” Matt grabbed a bottle of oil from her bedroom vanity and slapped the liquid onto her face, arms, legs, back, ass and belly, saving her slit and tits for last. But he didn’t massage the oil into her mounds and her mons, he slapped the unguent onto her 34C’s and onto darkly prominent pussy lips. The pain slut loved it. Her smooth Mediterranean skin looked so good in the light sheen that I took a few more shots.

“We might as well start with a double dildo. Matt, would you?” I asked. While he went back to Janice’s bedroom for the sex toy, I removed a large container from the rear of the refrigerator, poured some of the thick off-white contents into a bowl and put it in the microwave till it was very hot. When I opened the microwave door, the kitchen immediately reeked of semen. Janice’s excitement increased when she smelled the pungent odor of hot cum.

Matt had returned with the black double dildo and many other toys, as we’d agreed. Each of us dipped a 2-inch wide, black velcro band into the steaming bowl. It was hot enough to hurt my fingers, so I could imagine how much more it would affect Janice’s sensitive big tits. We applied the hot, dripping bands to the base of both sweating breasts. The heat, almost burning, was so intense that Janice bolted upright in her chair and moaned, turning and twisting in pain and unrelieved excitement.

We cinched the bands tightly closed so her tits bulged outward and were forced slightly upward. Janice stared down at her big bound tits, with which she’d shamelessly flaunted us. The steaming spunk oozed out from the black bands and slid down the tops of her heaving, oiled tits to her hardened, dark nipple stalks. The hot gunk also slid from the underside of her tits down her taut glistening belly and onto her shaved mons.

“Follow me,” I said to Matt. I grabbed one of her cum-covered nipples, which would have been trickier if it had been a standard size. Even so, I had to squeeze hard to get a grip. Matt squeezed her other stalk. The pain slut moaned quietly and shamelessly ground her groin into the chair. Very slowly, I pulled the greased nub and Matt did likewise. She groaned more loudly and her hips began rotating, trying to press her thick labia into the seat. I twisted the dusky stub and she started shaking.

With my other hand, I grabbed two hollow metal cylinders from the kitchen table and handed one to Matt. As he watched carefully, I placed the round base of one of the nipple stretchers over the base of her nipple and forced the nipple bud into a slot at the top of the contrivance. The nipple stalk was now within the hollow metal tube, stretched a full inch beyond its unadulterated length when fully erect. Matt dutifully imprisoned her other nipple. Janice’s chest was heaving in pain and excitement, the big cum-slickened tits capped by the merciless stretchers. She was on the verge of cuming. I photographed her, including some close-ups.

I took two nipple suckers from the table and gave one to Janice’s son. She stared at the devices incredulously, incapable of believing that there was yet another bondage device about to be added to her seriously suffering nipples. After all, her hands were bound by wrist cuffs, her tits were squeezed by black bands, her nipples were stretched inside metal devices, and she knew that the double dildo was about to be shoved inside both her holes. Dimly, she wondered what other hardware I would be anointing her with.

I fitted the clear tube over the nipple stretcher till it was snug against her areola and waited for Matt to do the same. We simultaneously pressed the suction buttons, all three of us amazed to see the already stretched nipple sucked outward, pulled a quarter inch with each press of the buttons, smearing the transparent sides of the tubes with thick, greasy cum. That was enough for her. She came. Matt sat back, admiring the spectacle of the four lurid nipple attachments bouncing madly around on her jerking, sweating torso. The suckers swung and azeri porno shook so much that I thought they’d fall off, but they stayed firmly attached.

While her cum slowly tapered off, I took several photos and we prepared the next toy. The double dildo’s pussy penetrator was five inches long and the anal prod was four inches in length. As Matt heavily lubed the anal part with more hot jism, I ordered her to get up. When she was too dazed to obey, I grabbed her short head of hair and pulled. She yelped but staggered up till she was half standing. Matt quickly taped the double dildo to the seat of the chair.

I slipped my arms under her armpits, preventing her from greedily getting the entire length of the double shafts at once. Janice gasped as her son positioned the fat cockhead at her asshole, forced the blunt knob inside, in the process spreading the copious, hot white cum all over her puckered, charcoal ring. He worked the lubed anal dildo farther into her bottom, then sank the vaginal half between her fat distended labia and into her juicing cunt.

As I let go of supporting her, Matt pushed down on her shoulders. At the same time, I pulled her squeezed tits, trying to fit those big ones between the wood chair slats. She cried out as the rigid slats squeezed her swollen globes. The openings were too narrow, so I slapped more oil onto her tits till they were thickly coated, the oil mixing with the spunk from her tit bonds. The viscous mixture dripped onto the seat of the chair. With Matt pushing on her back and with me grasping (with difficulty) her slippery mounds, we managed to push and pull them them through the opening between two slats till the tits – the huge nipples still stretched and suctioned – protruded obscenely, now blotched and more swollen, trapped in an impromptu breast press.

Dazed, Janice stared down at her imprisoned tits, as if surprised that they were actually hers. Two strands of drool escaped from the corners of her gagged mouth and extended down three of four inches, like matching spider’s threads. The saliva swayed back and forth, then splattered onto her tits, gathering for a moment on top of the oil and cum, until gobs slid down to her massive nipples. The oozing sludge clung to the base of her nipples even longer, then an even longer strand descended from each stalk. Riddled with shame, Janice shook her body so the mucilaginous drippings would fall off, but her gyrations had no effect whatsoever on her restrained tits. The sticky strings simply hung, swaying slightly. I grabbed the camera and took a dozen images.

I wanted to do more with her nipples, but the current devices prevented me. Reluctantly, we pressed the button on the nipple suckers that relieved the vacuum and removed the tubes, although the nipples barely retracted. The suffering mother sighed gutturally. When we pulled her twisted nipples out of the slots of the nipple stretchers, Janice hissed as blood rushed back into the misused nipples. I loosened the gag, pulled it out of her fat lips, and gave her some vodka to drink but had to prevent her from gulping too much. I reinserted the mouth bit and tightened its strap. I knew how much she loved being the center of attention, proud of her freakishly big nipples and insatiably curious to see what was coming next.

With Matt watching, I dipped my fingers into the bowl of cum, confirming that the jism was still very hot, and slapped the gunk onto a now naked nipple, although the hanging rope of cum finally dropped off. She writhed with the pain and her son slapped more spunk onto her other bulging nipple, the second swaying string of spunk splashing onto her thigh.

I looped a thin, black leather shoelace around the base of the sore, slippery left nipple, greasy with the hot cum, and fastened it tautly. The thick jizz oozed out from below the shoelace, between the charcoal color stalk and the black leather. She groaned, but this time with pure pleasure. Matt made his nipple noose even tighter around her other raw, dripping nubbin. Once he pulled it tautly she grunted, on the verge of crying out, but still made no protest. We paused for a few seconds as the thick cum ran off her nipples and dropped to the floor to join the body oil, sweat and saliva already there.

She was too proud to protest, showing off her innate submissiveness, her capacity for punishment as a pain slut, and admitting the correctness of her long overdue discipline. Time for a few quick photos.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the curtains in Gus’s neighboring window had been pulled aside. Right on time, just as I’d told him. His face looked stupefied at the lurid sight of Janice. Not only was he seeing his hottie neighbor nude for the first time, he had no idea that her tits were so big. He was drinking beers, had undone his pants and was watching raptly as he jerked off, his ugly cock veined, bumpy and twisted, but long. I sipped some cold vodka while Matt started a beer.

I asked Matt to reheat the bowl of her special lotion. Once he set down the freshly steaming bowl, he removed his jeans and underwear and stood next to Janice. She stared at her son’s thick dick, hanging below his shirttails and partially hidden. She wanted it desperately.

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