Coming Home

Coming Home


So today I decided to surprise my mistress. When she came home from work, I greeted her on my hands and knees just inside the door.

She seemed not only pleasantly surprised and maybe even a little shocked. Not only was on my hands and knees, I was naked except for the emerald green bloomers she loves to see me in. On top of that, my ankles and knees were bound together, hobbling me.

Around my neck was a new spiky leather collar and a chain leash. The matching leather handle in my teeth, waiting for her.

Not missing a beat, she bent down and took the end of the leash from me and walked me, slowly, into the living room. She was able to drop her stuff in the hallway on the way there. She kicked off her high heels, rubbing her tired feet on the deep carpet.

Mistress then sat in her favorite overstuffed chair where I had a glass of brandy. As she picked up the glass, I crawled in front of her and she rested her tired but stocking covered feet on my back. I also got a peek up her skirt and saw she had no panties on, interesting. I wonder if there is a story there. If so, I am sure to hear about it, later.

So she took a sip of the brown booze. Holding the chilled glass to her forehead, she let out a long sigh.

Motionless, I stayed there while mistress relaxed after a long day.

She took her time, relaxing and finishing off her drink. Then she got up and motioned me to Sit and Stay. So I sat on my feel. She smiled and walked up stairs.

I wait a bit. I could hear the shower come on and later off. I could her closets opening and closing. I could hear her moving about. After a long time, I heard her come down the stairs.

She stepped off the last step and she was a sight.

She wore a naughty little black nighty. It was satiny and tight over her large perky breasts and below the under breast elastic, it was nearly sheer lace down to her mid-thigh. Just sheer enough to be a tease and hide her pussy from me. If anything, this made her legs look even longer and her womanhood, just out of reach.

She was also wielding a riding crop and beckoning me to hobble to her. She seemed very pleased with me.

She walked forward to me, riding crop extended. Then using the crop, she made me bow my head Kadıköy Fetiş Escort down. Continuing to walk forward, she embraced my head between her knees.

With a whush, the crop came down on my backside. Low on my back. Light at first but building as she continued. Delicious stinging as the weapon swung at me. I could feel my skin burning and tingling.

I squirmed and shook as the torture built up. At this point they were raining down so fast, I lost count. Moans, groans and grunting. The intensity was so great, if not for mistress legs, I would have retreated.

Then it stopped. She knew me so well. Taking me just beyond the edge and not getting there too quickly. My backside was on fire and I loved it.

Relaxing, I go back into control. I could only guess how much precum was soaking my satin panties from my hard cock.

I brushed her leg with my right hand to let her know I was okay to proceed on.

With that, she released me. I watched her walk and sit in her chair. Then poured a second drink and moving the brown liquor around the chilling rocks in the glass.

After a sip, she beckoned me to her feet. Now I am not a foot guy, she loves the attention in give them. Hobbling over, I grab on of her feet and begin to lick.

She loves me licking around her toes and nibbling them. Long licks from heel to toe. Tickling her arch with my nose. All while carefully cradled in my hands. First the right foot and then the left.

I could watch her while I lavished on her toes. She would jump from time to time making he boobs sway about. I loved watching her and the girls dance. Sometimes I would wait until she takes a sip to tickle her just so and get a playful scorned look back.

Once the glass was half empty, she set it back and took her feet away from me. She sat up and looked at me. Looking into my eyes. She used the crop to indicate she wanted me to sit up and I obliged her by sitting on my still bound feet and legs.

She leaned forward and flicked the crop around my hard cock. Moving my penis from side to side all around the wetness. It always sprang back and pointing at her. She loves seeing it wrapped in silk, satin, or lace.

With a gleam in her eye, she slapped Kadıköy Gecelik Escort the crop across my balls. I jumped as the pain lanced up from my jewels all the way into my kidneys.

Deep breaths and I soon get myself back in control.

Cracking a smile, she smacked the other ball from the other side. This time harder than the first. Jumping, I lost balance and fell to my side. Awie my balls were on fire.

I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing, not an easy task as she slapped me twice more.

Pant, pant. The pain was glorious and all consuming.

She let me rest for I do not know how long but then I felt her palm messaging the jewels. Soft and with great dexterity the flowed left and right under the light pressure. She loved the feel of them moving under her delicate touch. This quickly took some of my focus off the pain.

Can I say, I really like her massaging my nuts.

She moved off the chair and sat on my legs to be able to use both hands. One to stroke my damp, satin clad cock and the other rolling my balls too and fro. Mmmmm.

While continuing to slowly stroke my cock up and down. She carefully began pressing three fingers on one of my balls.

Lord knows with one. Must be the left one because the pain was shooting mostly into my left kidney. She stopped pressing harder but kept the pressure on. I was rocking back and forth. My hands bouncing on and off the floor.


Suddenly she stopped the pressure and messaged them again but did the pain lingered on and on. Seeming to massage the pain away.

Soon I was able to focus again. She was smiling broadly.

“I love you hun.” I was able to pant out.

With that, she moved my panties to the side and freed my humble cock. Just a mere seven inches but broad in width. A width that leave everyone feeling well filled.

Scooting forward, she arranged her pussy just above my hardness and pressed herself down on my but with my cock laid down on my belly. This allowed her to rub her womanhood along my cock.

She let out a deep sigh and rubbed her clit and pussy up and down my cock.

Slowly at first and in short movement. Her pussy was very wet and warm.

Slow Kadıköy Genç Escort and steady, back and forth, she rubbed herself off on my cock. She must have been quite turned on already because she had to work at not coming. She liked to keep herself on the edge for a long time.

Back and forth, her hands pressed onto my chest for balance.

It must have been enough because she jerked her hips further forward and my cock popped enough and she then deftly moved her hips back. My cock pressed her pussy lips. Rocking herself backward, my cock began to slide in.

She was so warm and inviting.

Pushing off with her fingertips, she leaned back further and my cock slid all the way into her. She leaned back trying to get the maximum penetration of my cock. Clenching her teeth her breath hissed out. Holding it in deeply and unmoving. Legs on each side of me, arched back, and my cock deep into pussy. It was heavenly.

The pause had to end at some point. She leaned forward and place both hands on my chest. Then she began to raise her hip, beaming her gorgeous smile down on me. Slowly she rose till my cock almost came out then back down quickly.

A second pause and she rose up my cock slowly again and back down swiftly, on and on. She knew how to adjust her hips just right to maximize her enjoyment. Granted this help me keep from cumming quickly. She just feels that good.

I decided I needed to give her a hand. I reached forward and extended my index finger to rub her clit. I had to sneak past the lace fabric and I soon found it poking out between her lips. It was wet and slippery. It made it easy to tease it, flicking my finger back and forth.

This was too much for my mistress. She exploded in climax. Up and down she went faster and faster. Clenching hard on my cock, breathe panting, building and building up.

With a loud gasp she slammed one final time down on my manhood, cumming hard. The pulsing of her clenching and the passion was too much, I exploded deep into her. As my climax jetted into her, she raked my chest with her long nails from her fingers.

My hips buckled up and down from the floor with each injection. She just rode me out and was in the throes of her own climax.

Later as we both came down, she looked down and ran her fingers gently over the eight reddening scratches, lightly like she was reading braille. Her smile warmed my heart.

Then she signed to me. “Love you much. Needed that so much.”

She might be a mute but she is still the best mistress.


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